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Restored Me is a movie starring Will Yun Lee, Steven Bauer, and Richard T. Jones. A troubled ex-con joins the colorful crew of an old movie theater and begins to rebuild his life, only to find his faith in God tested when he learns...

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Rhyan LaMarr
Michelle Turner, Rhyan LaMarr, Jon Knitter, Joe Turner
Richard T. Jones, Steven Bauer, Will Yun Lee, Nafessa Williams
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A troubled ex-con joins the colorful crew of an old movie theater and begins to rebuild his life, only to find his faith in God tested when he learns the theater he has grown to love is not what it seems.

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Joseph Harrison photo
Joseph Harrison

When I saw the trailer for this movie, I immediately was excited to watch it. I had never heard of this movie, so I had no expectations and I was pleasantly surprised. This movie is very original and had me thinking the whole time. I thought that it was going to be a movie about being an older person who has problems with the younger generation, but that was not the case at all. It is a movie about family, friendship and love. I can say that the movie does give you some good emotions and it does touch your heart. The actors in the movie are amazing, especially the one that played the younger brother. He is really nice and I like the way he played the role of the younger brother. Overall, I am very happy that I watched this movie and I recommend it to anyone who likes a good story and is looking for something that is different.

Jennifer photo

One of the most moving and real films I've seen in a long time. One of the most important films of the last decade. It is a story of friendship, redemption and hope. What you see in the film is what you will experience in the viewer. I found the characters to be fascinating. The film has a very profound effect on you. The idea of two young men finding each other, and still going on to the same old lives, seems to me to be a metaphor for the human condition. The film does not pretend to have a "happy ending". It is a story of loss, hope and redemption. I will not reveal the ending, but it is a film that you have to experience. It is a film you must watch with your family and friends.

Kathleen Flores photo
Kathleen Flores

What can I say about this movie that hasn't been said before? Well, first off, I love the music. Second, it's a very good story. Third, the cast is excellent. I thought the actress who played the mom was excellent. I thought the daughter was very good, as well. My favorite part was when she was in the closet. And then I thought that the scene when she was dancing was very good. I thought the dancing was great, especially when they were on the beach. I thought the beach scene was very good. I think that the movie was very good. I thought the ending was good. I thought the beginning was good. I think this is a movie that people should watch.

Jeremy J. photo
Jeremy J.

This is a great movie, with many themes. I've always thought that one of the best things about this movie is that it never really was about sex or any kind of sex, but rather about a family trying to deal with an unusual situation, especially a family dealing with a death in the family, but this movie does not take a backseat to anything else. A family dealing with a death in their family is a very interesting topic to me, as the deaths are not in a traditional way, but more in a random way. The acting is fantastic, especially from the lead actor, it is a great movie. There is a lot of sadness, a lot of drama, a lot of feelings. I recommend it, but I would only recommend it to people who like movies that are based on real life situations, and I think that this is a great movie.

Christina Austin photo
Christina Austin

I've always thought that the actors in this film were brilliant. A wonderful cast of actors, each giving their best. This film was a treat for all ages. The story of a family living in a trailer in the middle of nowhere. They are surrounded by darkness, in a way they never imagined. A story of finding something within yourself and finding it in others. And the way they struggle to stay alive. We see the strength and endurance of the characters and their struggle to find their place in the world. And we see the beauty of the landscape. The characters live a life that is both peaceful and vulnerable. They live a life that is both simple and rich. We see their love, their friendship and their struggle for survival. The scenery is beautiful and the settings are unforgettable. It is a beautiful film that I will watch again and again. We all know the story of the human spirit and the beauty of the human soul. The movie was beautifully shot and I hope that people watch it and see the beauty of the world that surrounds us.

Jennifer Davis photo
Jennifer Davis

I had the opportunity to watch "Restored Me" at the West Edmonton Film Festival, and I was completely taken aback by the film's brilliance. It is a gorgeous film that takes you into a world that most people never think about. A world where there are people with little or no means of survival, and are forced to face a world of bleak circumstances. The film is beautifully shot, and is filled with powerful imagery. The cinematography of the film is beautiful, and very memorable. The performances are also excellent. Kristina Ralston is beautiful as Lacy, the main character. She gives an amazing performance, and you can see the struggle in her eyes. I also enjoyed the performance of Tom Wardle as Joseph, and the way that he changed his appearance from the beginning of the film to the end. While he does not have much screen time, his performance is a great one. The other performances are also excellent. I recommend this film to anyone who enjoys a beautiful film.

Alice C. photo
Alice C.

It is also one of the best films I've ever seen. After the first viewing I thought it was excellent. It was so moving, it made me cry. I had not expected such a touching film. It really touched me. The story was very nice and the characters were very likable. The direction was excellent. The music was beautiful. The acting was superb. I loved it. It made me feel so emotional. I recommend it to everyone. The story is very emotional. I can't wait for the DVD to come out. The actors were superb and the story is very well done. The film is beautiful. It made me cry. I love it. It was wonderful.

Robert photo

This movie has a great story and the acting was wonderful. If you like movies about love and loneliness then this is a movie for you. The story was amazing and the characters were realistic. I recommend this movie to anyone who likes movies about the human spirit. My heart was in my mouth. I was literally in tears. I am not a big fan of Jennifer Garner but she did an outstanding job. I'm not sure if she played the character herself or if the director did but she did a great job. I would recommend this movie to anyone who likes movies about the human spirit.

Craig Riley photo
Craig Riley

I was told by a friend that "Only a handful of movies have ever changed my life" and I've heard many stories of this movie. It seems to me that it was a one-time story, but it actually happened. I was talking to a friend on the phone about the movie, and she said that "a lot of people have been in the theater talking about it for days." I could feel the emotion of the audience, and it was quite moving. I was shocked and also touched. It was a beautiful movie that I will remember for a long time. And it is one of those movies that if you have never seen it, you'll see it again. It's a great story of a person and a life that they are trying to make a success of and what happens when you're just trying to do something and don't know how to start. I really hope that this movie gets a wide release. The acting was great, and I loved the cinematography and the director's use of lighting. I hope that the director makes more movies like this, and that they find a way to get the rights for this story to be made into a movie. Hopefully the rights will come from the Director, and that the Director will make more movies like this, and it will be a part of history.

Aaron Hart photo
Aaron Hart

I am not sure what this film is about. It is definitely not a crime story, although I do see that crime element in some of the film. I think the film is about a single father with a child and a mother who is in an abusive relationship. I did not know what it was about, and I'm not sure I really want to know. It is a little different than other films I have seen. I think it is an interesting film. It was quite long, but I think it was worth it. It is very well acted, and there are a few interesting characters in the film. It was interesting to see an older woman who was abusive in her early life, and the relationship between the mother and father. I do not think the film is for everyone. I do not think it is very easy to relate to. The characters are a little unclear, and I do not think the film really gets going until it gets to the end. It is a long film, but I think it is worth it. It is definitely not a film for everyone. I think you will have to be a little bit of a person to understand it.

Victoria Taylor photo
Victoria Taylor

The title might give away the ending but I do not want to give away the ending. It is a film about the truth about a lot of things. I think it is a great film. The acting is superb. I don't think you can have a good film without great acting. And I think it is a great film. If you don't agree with me, then you probably don't like films. This film has great acting, very moving story, and a very good message. I would recommend this film to anyone. It is a must see!

Barbara photo

As a film student, I've been a big fan of Sean Penn's work in the past, and his performances have been my favorite, but I think he did a much better job here. As a leading man, he has always been too much of a comic, but as the lead in this film, he does a great job. And I really liked the chemistry between him and Melanie Griffith. I was very impressed with the relationship between the two of them. The two were very good together, and the film is not without its flaws. The acting is not flawless, and the dialogue was not perfect. The film is a bit overlong and the character development was not at the best. But I don't think that makes this film less good, and I'm glad to see Penn doing better work. It's worth watching. If you are a fan of Penn, I would recommend you see this film.

Jose P. photo
Jose P.

The movie is not bad, it's good. What I don't understand is the fact that so many people are complaining about the acting. It's just the actors doing their job. The story is good, it's not a masterpiece but it's entertaining. The characters are likable, but I don't like the idea of making a movie about a character that can change. Why does everyone have to have the same old, same old, I just hate that. And why did they have to show the dad having a heart attack? That just doesn't make sense. But, it's a movie and I won't ask you to take it seriously, but it is an entertaining movie. I'd recommend it to everyone who likes movies, or if you just want to pass a few hours, it's a good choice. The movie was quite dark, but it was not boring. If you're not a fan of action movies, you'll probably hate it. I still love action movies, and I enjoyed it.

Michelle Howard photo
Michelle Howard

This is not a horror film, but it's a psychological thriller about a man who's being stalked by a man who's mentally deranged and has already killed a man and his wife. The two make a deal and the man will give him a chance to leave town. The two make an attempt to escape, but are unable to do so due to the town's paranoid reaction to outsiders. The two end up staying in the same motel, and when the man comes to kill them, they escape. A couple of days later, the man returns to kill them. The two try to figure out what happened to him, and to get him to leave town. I've read a lot of reviews on this film and most of them were negative. The people who commented on this film have made it sound like it's an action film and not a drama. This is not an action film, and most of the people who have commented on it have commented on it as an action film. That's not what I saw. I didn't see an action film, I saw a drama. It was more a psychological thriller than an action film. The movie is not action-packed, and the action scenes are limited. The actors are great, and the director made sure the story stays true to the source material. I think the film has a lot of potential. I would love to see it again. This is a must-see for fans of the genre.

Roy W. photo
Roy W.

This film was very difficult to watch. I was in the front row of the theater when the movie started and was very uncomfortable. I walked out, I was embarrassed and embarrassed. The movie, although I was glad I had not seen before, was an incredible nightmare to watch. I would recommend this movie to anyone who has ever been in a relationship with someone who was cheating on them. I was afraid that I would go crazy, because I was always afraid of what I would do if I had ever been in that situation. It's like having a drink of someone's drink that you had to eat, it can make you crazy. I would recommend this movie to anyone, because it is so powerful and has so many parts that are very hard to watch. It is a true story and I hope it gets released. I also wish I had seen it when it came out. I know I would have loved it.

Billy Gomez photo
Billy Gomez

This is one of those movies where I was looking forward to the moment when it would hit the screen. I'm a sucker for anything starring Jennifer Garner and she is simply amazing in this movie. I'm also a sucker for any movie that features a character from The Hunger Games, and this is a perfect example of that. The Hunger Games is a good movie and I wouldn't mind seeing it again, but for some reason I was hoping for a better film than the one that came out this year. The ending of this movie is the best part of it all. I'd definitely recommend it to anyone.

Shirley Lewis photo
Shirley Lewis

In 1976, the late Charles Chaplin and Jackie Gleason took the stage together. In 2014, they reunited on screen. This movie was shot in 1977, so some of the cast members may be a little younger than in the 1976 movie. They also do a lot of impressions of the old TV series. The first impression I had of the movie was the fact that it was a comedy. I found that it was not a very funny movie. I kept wondering if they were going to be able to do a movie about the late Charles Chaplin and Jackie Gleason. I was disappointed. When they did do a film about the film, I found that the stars were a little too old. The only reason I gave it a 4 was because of the great performances of Charlie Chaplin and Jackie Gleason.

Eric B. photo
Eric B.

I watched this film at a screening at the 2003 Toronto International Film Festival. This is an interesting film. It is not one of the most compelling films I've seen, but it is well worth seeing. In the beginning of the film, it is clear that the two leads are not comfortable with each other. The film is centered on their relationship and their friendship. As the film progresses, the story goes in various directions. I was not entirely satisfied with the ending. It is an intriguing film. The film is very well shot and edited. The music and cinematography are very good. It is not a film to see if you are not interested in the subject matter. I enjoyed the film and would recommend it to anyone who is interested in contemporary film.

Harold O. photo
Harold O.

At first I was very sceptical about this film and it looked very low budget. But I was very pleasantly surprised by the great performances and the truth of the film. I had no idea what the film was about until I watched it. I really didn't want to watch it and then it just happened. The acting was superb and the story was very powerful and moving. It was very hard for me to watch this film but it really got to me. I was left feeling very sad and I don't want to ever go through something like this again. I really do recommend it. It is a good film and if you don't like it then don't watch it. I do hope that this film will go straight to DVD as it deserves to.

Judy Morgan photo
Judy Morgan

I just watched this movie and i loved it.The movie was funny and very original.I love the characters and i loved the story.The story was so funny and the acting was very good.They made the movie more dramatic and less funny.I loved the acting of most of the cast.I loved the way they made the movie and how they made it look like a movie.I also liked the ending of the movie and how they ended the movie.I think that this movie was very original and really great.I would recommend this movie to anyone who likes romantic comedies and also people who like to watch a movie with a plot that makes sense and is well acted.I think this movie was very good and I would recommend anyone to watch this movie.I think that this movie was a great movie and I would recommend anyone to watch it.

Adam photo

This film is a masterpiece of sorts. A first for all concerned. In many ways it's a dramatic retelling of the stories of the rich and poor of the 1920's. The story of the rich is presented in the same simple and straightforward manner as the films of Elmore Leonard. The story of the poor is very much like the story of poor people of the present. It's more nuanced than Leonard's film. Yet it's a powerful film that will touch you. It's a very personal film. It's about a man who has to confront his past and his present. It's about love, and about what it means to be loved. This film is a masterpiece. It's a movie for all of us.