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Chung tin foh

Chung tin foh is a movie starring Daniel Wu, Ruoyun Zhang, and Jingchu Zhang. A security guard becomes embroiled in a battle to protect stem cell research, which can potentially cure cancer, from falling into the wrong hands.

Other Titles
Sky on Fire, 沖天火, スカイ・オン・ファイア 奪われたiPS細胞, 冲天火, Sky on fire, Sky on Fire: Ubawareta iPS Saibou
Running Time
1 hours 39 minutes
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Action, Thriller, Crime
Ringo Lam
Ringo Lam, Ringo Lam, Hiroshi Fukazawa
Daniel Wu, Ruoyun Zhang, Jingchu Zhang, Hsiao-chuan Chang
China, Hong Kong
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English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
日本語, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

A security guard becomes embroiled in a battle to protect stem cell research, which can potentially cure cancer, from falling into the wrong hands.

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Laura Jordan photo
Laura Jordan

Why do I like this movie so much? Simple. Because it is entertaining. I think most people are kind of disappointed by the films they see, and they go and see something that is really entertaining. This is one of those films. You will laugh, you will cry, you will be amazed. I think the reason why most people don't like this film is because of the cinematography. It is a real artistic masterpiece, and that is why I like it so much. I think the films director really put a lot of effort into this. I think that it is the most artistic film I have ever seen. I also think that it is the most creative film. I mean, how many people could have possibly come up with something like this? The idea is totally original and it is an absolute masterpiece. The film is very clever, and you can feel how the characters feel in the film. I think the acting was really good, and I think that the actors did a great job with their characters. I also think that the film is very well directed, and I think that the way the camera was used was amazing. I think the direction really fit the film and made it very interesting. I also think that this is the most beautiful and most original film that I have ever seen. I think it is the most artistic film that I have ever seen. There are a lot of movies that I think are just extremely boring and no one wants to see them. This is not one of those movies. I would love to see more films like this, but because the cinematography is so amazing, I don't think that there will be many more films like this. I give this film a 10 out of 10. If you are looking for a really great film that will make you laugh, cry, and think about a lot, and you don't mind a lot of violence, then this is a movie that you should definitely see. This is a must see film. You will not be disappointed.

Frank Berry photo
Frank Berry

Vietnam movies, if there were any, must have been a lot worse than this one. I am not saying this is a good movie, I am saying it is an excellent movie. The plot is a bit slow but still makes sense. The acting is great, and the action scenes are spectacular. The movie is very violent, with lots of violence in it. If you are a Vietnam fan, you will like this movie. If you are not a Vietnam fan, you probably won't like this movie.

Linda photo

My rating for this movie would not be worth giving it a ten. The movie starts out very well. It is very reminiscent of Bruce Lee movies and Kung Fu movies, but what made me like this movie was the story. It is very hard to tell the story in a movie, but this movie made it pretty clear that this movie is set in China. One of the things that really stood out for me was that the movie focuses on a family that is not the typical family that you would expect in a movie, and the two main characters in the movie are not the typical character that you would expect in a movie, but rather two boys. But the story is still really good. The movie will hold your interest from the start and it will not disappoint you. If you are looking for a great Kung Fu movie to watch this summer and you haven't seen "King of Thieves", then definitely check it out. If you are looking for a movie that will keep you on the edge of your seat and will give you a few surprises, then this is definitely the movie for you.

Kevin photo

Arne Jung is an expert at his craft, and he seems to have a wonderful idea of how to make films. This one is no exception. He makes us think that this could possibly be a good film, and the conclusion to his question is that it's just not. To this day, I cannot get my head around what people (mainly the American ones) want from a film. I understand that a film can be a bit of a puzzle, but if you've ever seen the Phantom of the Opera, or the Remains of the Day, you'll know what I mean. If you haven't, you'll have to see them to understand the movie you think you are seeing. This film has everything that a film should have. It's well-constructed, beautiful to look at, but it never really wants to be a film. It wants to be a great film. That being said, it's not a bad film. In fact, I think it's one of the best films I've seen in a very long time. The story, though thin, is great. The acting is just great, and the acting is just better than you could expect. The sound, while being bad in places, was as good as you could get. All in all, I think it's the best film I've ever seen, and I don't think it deserves to be beat to the spot. I loved it, and it's not even a bad film. It's a masterpiece.

Ryan Daniels photo
Ryan Daniels

I saw this movie when it first came out. My friends and I were in love with it. The acting in this movie is great. The storyline is also great. The movie was so well written and well directed. The action is great, and the car chases are amazing. The villain in this movie is awesome. The way he talks is so smart. The movie is great and so underrated. I definitely recommend this movie. Great movie. 9/10

Teresa photo

This movie is a must see if you like The Matrix. The story is original and quite a different from the Matrix. The movie is also very exciting, and action packed. The story is very good, and interesting. The movie is also very well written, and has some good twists and turns in it. The movie is not to predictable, and has some good surprises. The acting in this movie was also great, but not amazing, it was good enough. The movie had some good special effects, and good visuals. The special effects were good, but not amazing. The movie has an overall pretty good rating. The movie is worth seeing. 9/10.

Ralph George photo
Ralph George

I don't know why some people are criticizing this film. It was definitely one of the best movies of 2003. I really liked it, and I'm also glad that i've seen it before, so that i didn't waste my time to go to the cinema.

Lauren Pierce photo
Lauren Pierce

A highly anticipated movie in the Philippines, film fans and filmmakers alike should be prepared for an un-expected and often surprising action movie. The film begins with the usual core story of a heist, but the cast of characters doesn't last very long and they quickly realize that they have no idea what to do next. I enjoyed this movie as it held my interest and the story kept me interested until the very end. This is not a movie where the characters act like 'they're in a gang', they act like ordinary people with individual personalities and fears. This is not a film where there is a villain, it is a movie where there is a villain, but he is a criminal that is much different than most of the criminals in the world. The story tells of a drug lord that is so wicked that his 'heart' is very much twisted and that he doesn't care what happens to others if it helps him in his evil plan. This is the kind of film that has a good story and good characters that you will root for to the end. The plot itself is very interesting and the character development is not slow at all, there is a decent amount of action in this movie, that is what the movie is all about. This is a film that you can watch over and over again with the hope of the action going to be better each time. This is a film that can be watched by family and friends and it will appeal to all of them. This is the kind of film you can watch at least once in your life and you can't beat it.

Carl Pierce photo
Carl Pierce

When I heard about this film, I was expecting a ridiculous action/drama, and to be fair I'm happy to say that I was right. But this movie is much more than that. The movie takes you through many characters and their stories, both good and bad. You get to see the life and struggles of these people, while seeing the nice side of these people and being able to watch them without their problems coming through. As the movie progresses you find yourself also losing track of the main story, which I'll just get into here. The whole movie is about two people, and how they meet, grow and fall in love. But they're also a lot more than just people. They're both deeply interesting and their stories are very well-made, and you feel for them. I especially liked the dialogue between the two main characters, their points of view, and how they looked at the world around them. The movie had a great story-line and I found myself not bored at all, and even just thinking about the story at a later time. This movie is well-made and well-acted. I can't say it's one of the best I've ever seen, but I think it's very well-made.

Johnny R. photo
Johnny R.

This is an extremely violent film with a graphic story that will keep you in stitches. One of the most visceral moments I ever saw was the shootout in the courtyard. What I don't understand is why the one cop had a mustache and the other didn't, just because the American was the one with a mustache?

Judith S. photo
Judith S.

Let's start by stating that I have seen the original and the second one. I haven't seen the remake yet. But I will see it. The first one, that I saw was not great. However, it was my first K-Pax movie, so I didn't really care too much about the plot. The remake, which I will not say anything about in case it spoils the movie, is better. I just want to say that the first one was my favorite, while the remake is my favorite. It's a bit more realistic, but the acting is also a lot better. It also has more action. It also has more humor, which is a nice addition. Overall, I recommend this movie. If you haven't seen it yet, rent it!

Richard photo

What can I say. This movie is one of the few I have seen. Not even one of the films that has been played on Bollywood screens in the last few years. It is really good. The story is simple, it is about a hero who protects his daughter and when she falls victim to a gangster. The movie is full of action and there is also plenty of humor. It is a must watch.

Joseph photo

By the way, I've read many of the reviews here on IMDb. Many of them were negative, but I found that there are some positive reviews which is why I decided to post a comment. I believe that the overall rating here is a little too low. The film is very good in my opinion. The acting is superb. Ang Lee is a genius. The story is very compelling, and it will keep you interested from beginning to end. It is also very different from other crime films out there. I also believe that the rating on IMDb is too low. People can't seem to stand the movie. I think that people will like it if they like crime films. If you don't like crime films, you won't like it. So if you don't like crime films, I would say that you should give it a try. There are many excellent reviews here, and I think that the movie should be seen by everyone.

Danielle P. photo
Danielle P.

Saw it in Beijing. I am not very impressed by martial arts movies. I had very low expectations for this movie. However, I got a few surprises. This movie kept me guessing, and kept me guessing. I thought there would be lots of violence, but there wasn't. There was lots of fight scenes, and some nice art direction. But this movie is also about relationship. I really liked the scenes where the aunt, uncle and uncle's family related to each other. They were really good. Also, I really liked the scenes when the aunt was telling about her love life. I wish she told more about the man she loved, but I guess it would have spoiled the story. I didn't think the movie would have much action, but I was wrong. I was impressed by the way the action was choreographed, and the slow-mo sequences were great. I think this movie is a must see for martial arts lovers. The acting is good, but the story is not. It's a love story about a man who lost his love, but is made a better man by seeing her life through his eyes. It is a story that can be appreciated by anyone who loves art, or anything to do with relationships.

Edward photo

I knew I wouldn't like this movie. I saw it as part of the Taiwan edition of The Hunger Games and was disappointed. First I wanted to like it, then I wanted to hate it. I have to admit, I like The Hunger Games, but not enough to recommend it. The story is very good and the acting is good, but it's not enough to make it great. It's more than the movie is worth. The movie takes a turn for the worse after the first act. The movie becomes predictable. It's clear that the first act was designed to establish the characters, and it does a good job. But after that, the movie fails. By the end of the movie, the characters are all just somewhat interesting. I really wanted to like this movie. However, it was not enough for me to say it is the best movie I have ever seen. I would rate it slightly above the average. I have to admit that I think the acting in this movie was better than the acting in the other Hunger Games movies. The acting in this movie is better than the acting in The Hunger Games and Game of Thrones.

Matthew S. photo
Matthew S.

I'm not an avid kung fu fan. It just doesn't interest me. The movies, which are the pinnacle of kung fu and action films, that make me giggle just when I watch them, are the Hong Kong films. Of course, the films that made me laugh were the ones I had never heard of. I thought when I first saw the movie, I would be disgusted by the violence and sex. But the violence and sex were hilarious. In one scene in the film, a couple of women are talking, and they are talking about the sex they had. They say that one woman was having sex with a cow while her husband was killing the animal. And they look at each other with innocent faces, and then the woman looks back and laughs. I laughed as well. The films that made me laugh were the ones that I had never heard of. If I had to say one film that I've enjoyed, it would be "The Big Boss". It's the best film of the year. I loved it. It's a good film, and I think that the violence and sex is what makes it worth watching.

Sara photo

To describe this movie is difficult, you have to look at the movie in a different way. You can't look at it as just a kung-fu action flick, or even a film of two brothers. It is like "Chopstick" meets "Romeo Must Die", but this movie has a completely different twist. To me, this movie is like "American Snatch" meets "Escape from Alcatraz", and the ending is even better than that. When you watch this movie, just remember that it was only made a couple of years ago, and not since then have there been any other movies as good as this one. This movie had a purpose, it was made to satisfy the fans of Asian cinema, but it is also a movie that can satisfy the audience of any country, any era, for that matter. For all those who have read the plot, well, you will need to read the plot again, because it is quite different from other films of the same genre. This movie is one of those that you must watch more than once, because the story is so deep, the characters are so well developed, the acting is so realistic and the direction is so perfect. If you are in the mood for a movie to be shocked, then this movie is definitely for you. It is not like other movies, where you have the "fun" of the movie with laughs. This movie is a must-see for those who have a good taste for Asian cinema, and is an excellent movie for those who enjoy good film-making.

Kyle photo

I think the movie is good. I enjoyed the story and the action. It is a bit long but I don't think it's bad. The action scenes are really good and the movie is entertaining. I recommend it.

Nicholas photo

Pang Tong-a movie's plot is quite simple: The bad guys are seeking revenge, but instead of an army of soldiers, they have a taxi, a military helicopter and, guess what, a party of soldiers waiting for them on the opposite side of the city, and an innocent bystander in the middle. One thing makes it work, though: How do you take a simple plot and turn it into a great thriller? The answer is simple: the movie is just like a good soap opera, with tons of explosions and two robbers who usually are not smart enough to run away, at least not right away. Moreover, the movie manages to pull off a great plot twist, but they don't show it, so you'll have to guess it yourself. I don't know how well this movie will hold up in an age when action movies are getting too much money to waste. I'll bet that the sequels will be better than the original. All in all, I'd say that this is the best movie made in Hong Kong in some time. Pang Tong-a is great. If you like action movies, you'll love it. If you like soap operas, you'll love it. If you like action movies and need a good time, you'll love it. I give it 9 out of 10.

Gregory Carpenter photo
Gregory Carpenter

This is a great film with excellent acting and a fast pace. It was a delight to watch. The plot was engaging and a number of action sequences were very well choreographed. The main plot is the adaptation of an old folk tale which features a young man who uses his ninja skills to get his lover back and keep her alive. The film is fairly straightforward, but is very entertaining, and will entertain all ages. I enjoyed it, and would highly recommend it.

Alan photo

What a wonderful movie! The more I think about it, the more I enjoy it. It had an interesting plot and an interesting ending. At first I thought the ending would be cool, but that was when I thought it would be a stupid cop movie with a stupid story. I loved the movie and was quite shocked at some of the reviews. At first I didn't know what I was doing watching a movie like this. When I saw all of the negative reviews, I thought maybe I'm not the target audience. But I liked it so much I bought the DVD. What a wonderful movie.

Tiffany Rodriguez photo
Tiffany Rodriguez

This film is a great mix of action and comedy. The story is good and the actors do a great job. The only problem is that the action scenes are a bit too long. It is not too bad, but it does get a bit boring at times. The plot is good and the acting is good. The film is a little slow at times, but it does have some good action. The action is well done and the plot is good. Overall, a great movie that is worth seeing. I give it a 7/10.

Larry Stone photo
Larry Stone

This is a fun movie to watch. The action is good, the plot is interesting, and the acting is good. I like how the action is in a certain area, and then it switches to another area. The characters are good, and they are all likable. The acting is good, and it has a good pace. It is not as good as the first one, but it is better than the second one. I recommend this movie to anyone who likes action movies, and who likes the first one. 7/10

Christine Chavez photo
Christine Chavez

I saw this movie a few years ago and thought it was a really good movie. I thought it was very good for a Hong Kong action movie. I saw the sequel and thought it was even better. I thought that this movie was very good and the only reason I gave it a 7 out of 10 was because it was a bit slow in parts. But I thought it was very good and I recommend it to anyone who likes action movies. It is very similar to the first one but it is better because it has a lot more action and I think it was better because the director took more time to make the movie and he didn't have to make it to make money. It is a good movie to watch and it is not that bad.

Philip A. photo
Philip A.

I was really looking forward to seeing this movie. I've seen it in the theaters and it was a pretty good movie. It had a lot of action and it was good to see the Hong Kong setting. The action was good, but I didn't like the romance part of the movie. I also didn't like the ending. The movie was a good action movie. It was good to see the Hong Kong setting, but I didn't like the romance part. I give this movie a 7 out of 10.