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It Chapter Two

It Chapter Two is a movie starring Jessica Chastain, James McAvoy, and Bill Hader. Twenty-seven years after their first encounter with the terrifying Pennywise, the Losers Club have grown up and moved away, until a devastating phone...

Other Titles
Ça: Chapitre 2, O Bölüm 2, Chu He Ma Quai 2, It: Chapter Two, Tas 2, Eso: capítulo dos, To: Rozdział 2, 小丑回魂2, IT イット THE END “それ”が見えたら、終わり。, It - Capitolo due, Gã Hề Ma Quái 2, It capítulo 2, It 2, It (Eso): capítulo 2, Det: Kapitel 2, It capítulo dos, 牠:第二章, To: Drugo poglavlje, It: Capítulo 2, Ze: Khelek 2, It Chapter 2, IT イット THE END "それ"が見えたら、終わり。, It Capítulo dos, It del 2, Es Kapitel 2, Το αυτό: Κεφάλαιο 2, It: A Coisa - Capítulo 2, Tas - otrā nodaļa, It Capítulo 2, Ono: Drugo poglavlje, Ça: Chapitre deux, Az - Második fejezet, Tisto: drugo poglavje, To Kapitola 2, It: Capítulo Dois, It: Chapter 2, Se: Toinen luku
Running Time
2 hours 49 minutes
480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Horror, Drama, Fantasy
Andy Muschietti
Gary Dauberman, Stephen King
Isaiah Mustafa, James McAvoy, Jessica Chastain, Bill Hader
Canada, USA
Audio Languages
English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
日本語, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

Derry, Maine. A small town with a terrible curse. Every 27 years, an ancient being comes up from the sewer depths to feed off of the fear of children. Since it's defeat in 1989, Pennywise has grown hungry, and is now back with a vengeance. If the losers club doesn't defeat him this time, their worst fear will become a reality, with nothing to stop him. The clock is ticking. Who's going to be scared first?

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Helen Barrett photo
Helen Barrett

I went to see this movie last night and I was very impressed with how well it was done. The acting was superb, the script was great, and the production quality of the movie was superb. I felt like this was a perfect movie for a dark movie night. I am very surprised at the low ratings of this movie. The movie was dark, and it made you think. I think it was a great movie and would recommend it to anyone who is into dark movies.

Elizabeth Garrett photo
Elizabeth Garrett

I have just seen the movie "Atomic Blonde" and was very impressed. A great movie, a great cast, great direction and a great story. It is definitely a movie I will be buying the DVD on DVD, I will definitely recommend this movie to anyone that is looking for a good movie. The actors are great, the movie is very well made.I look forward to seeing more movies from all the actors.

Evelyn photo

This movie is not what I expected it to be. I was expecting something scary, but I didn't think it would be as good as it is. I think it's a great movie. It's not scary, but it has a great plot. I think that if you go see it with some friends, it will be an awesome movie.

Hannah photo

The Haunting is one of those rare movies that you must see to believe. It is one of the few movies that truly appeals to the senses. It has a really creepy atmosphere, and I've never been so terrified in a movie. The most disturbing thing about this movie is that it's only a children's movie, but it will scare the bejesus out of you. It's not scary, and it's not a film for children. But if you're the age of 8 or 9, you will get a thrill out of this movie. It's a shame that the film was so underrated. It's a real shame. I would have given it a 10 if I could have. It's a horror movie with a supernatural feel, that will scare the hell out of you. It's got that little twist at the end, that I didn't expect, and I was not expecting it. It's not perfect. But it's my favorite movie of all time, and it's one of my favorite movies of all time. I really recommend it.

Carol photo

I absolutely loved this movie. The story line is so strong and realistic. It has an amazing ending. This movie is definitely a must watch. If you have not seen this movie yet, I recommend you to go watch it. You wont be disappointed.

Janet B. photo
Janet B.

I have seen a few movies from this director and all have been average but I thought I'd give this one a try. This is a drama movie with a vampire movie twist and the twist is actually quite effective. The first half of the movie was pretty slow but once the vampires get in the movie and start killing everyone it is quite a ride. The actors were great and the music was great. The score was a little too over the top in the beginning but I kind of liked it. I really liked the fact that the film had a supernatural aspect and a horror element but this film had more than a couple of horror elements in it. I really liked how this film showed how the vampires were getting older and older and how they are getting weaker. I thought the acting was great especially from Harry Dean Stanton as well as Naomi Watts. It was pretty funny at times. Overall, it was a good film and I definitely recommend it.

Debra S. photo
Debra S.

Before watching this movie, I had never heard of this movie. However, I watched the DVD and I'm glad I did. This movie is very different from what most people know and I think it is very important. The director has taken a very different way to tell the story. It is a movie about faith. I really loved it and I am now reading the book. I hope this movie is a success, because I think this movie deserves to be in the top 250!

Walter photo

I did not expect the movie to be this good. I like how the movie starts with the title, the music, the acting and even the actors. The beginning of the movie made me want to see more, but I was not disappointed. The story is not something that has been done before, but I do not think it is something that is out of the ordinary. The movie is not a typical Hollywood production. I like the acting and the music. It is not a movie that you will forget, but you will not be able to forget it either. I rate this movie 9/10.

Frank H. photo
Frank H.

Saw this movie on TV and it had a lot of hype, and I was excited to see it, but was somewhat disappointed, because the movie had many problems. I had a hard time connecting with any of the characters, it was hard to follow. The movie is a mystery and it leaves too much questions to be answered, there is no closure. The movie was a bit of a let down, and I wanted more, I didn't expect it to be so good, but it was. The movie is a bit of a mystery, and the ending was somewhat disappointing. I would recommend this movie to anyone looking for a good movie, and it will entertain you for a good while.

Kyle O. photo
Kyle O.

I was first taken by the hype surrounding this movie and had high hopes for it, but it never came. For some reason I was unable to finish it, though I was able to save it from being lost in the DVD folder. I know that this film is nothing special but I'm glad that I saw it. It is the best horror movie I've seen in a long time. It's the story of a group of people who meet at a festival and learn that something has happened. They decide to go back to their hometown to investigate, but they are faced with the same old problems that plague them. It's great to see that the story is not over-explained, but not at all the way I thought it would be. The characters are intriguing and the atmosphere is great. The music, the cinematography, the cinematography, the cinematography. Everything is awesome. There is one part where a character opens a can of beer and when he sees the beer he says "I'm gonna need this one". I actually found this quite funny and it is one of the better scenes in the movie. I also think that the setting of the movie is the best of the whole film. I'm not going to say much about it because it's not really important, but it's simply one of the best scenes. The movie is dark and scary. I think that it is the perfect example of a movie that is dark and scary without being confusing. I didn't laugh once and it's not a funny movie. It's very serious and I think that it is the best example of a movie that is serious without being silly. It is also good to see that people liked this movie. People seem to like this movie. There are many people that have given it a great rating. I think that the movie is very underrated. I rate it 9 out of 10.

Jane Romero photo
Jane Romero

I've been looking forward to this movie for some time now. I have to admit I was disappointed when the movie actually came out. I waited a long time and waited a lot of time and finally got to see it. This movie is different than all the others, it really goes a step further. It deals with much more than just death. It deals with the idea of reincarnation, a race of reptilian aliens that apparently have the ability to change their form. The movie has a lot of violence, which is appropriate for a movie about the ideas of reincarnation, and the knowledge of death. I thought it was very interesting. It also had a message. The movie talks about the human race as well as the universe and the mystery that surrounds it. I thought it was well written, very well directed, and very well acted. I thought it was a very good movie.

Jordan L. photo
Jordan L.

It Chapter Two is the final chapter in the zombie trilogy. This is one of the few films that actually builds up to the final scene. The movie is really nice and it really does make you think. The movie really brings a lot of mystery to it and the ending makes you want more. I highly recommend this movie to people who enjoy the zombies and the suspense.

Diana C. photo
Diana C.

I would highly recommend this film to any movie lover and if you like dark films then this is definitely a must see! It is the sequel to the horror film, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, which I have seen twice and seen all the sequels. It is set in New Orleans, Louisiana and the only way to get into the city is to be a lot the same as the protagonists in the film. Once inside, you will meet up with the same characters from the film and you will see them being chased by a man named Dennis Hopper. Hopper has a small town in his hands, which he is killing off one by one. He is being hunted by a preacher named Dr. Kersey, who also wants the town and everyone to be all the same, and he has his own very twisted mind. He is very vicious and will kill anybody that gets in his way. The only way to escape his clutches is to find the heart of the boy who is the last one standing. There are several other characters in the film that are playing parts and helping to the main characters, like Dr. Kersey's assistant, the priest who is trying to get back the town, and the town's mayor. I found this film to be very scary, and the characters were really creepy, especially the teenagers. I was very impressed with the movie, and I think that anyone would enjoy it. I would recommend this film to anyone who likes a good horror film and I am not exaggerating when I say that this is the best film of the year!

Johnny Patterson photo
Johnny Patterson

I'm usually a sucker for a horror movie, but this was really good. I really liked the movie, but the story was kind of predictable, but I liked the twists and turns in the movie. I'd recommend this movie for a horror movie lover. This movie has an interesting story and it's a must see.

Judy Clark photo
Judy Clark

Tarantino is a master of his craft, so far as I know, I only know what he's done with Kill Bill. I'm now viewing this film on the DVD and I find it has some really cool stuff. Like the title, which I won't reveal. The title is, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, which has the same "Dragon Tattoo" symbol as in the film. It also has "The Girl Who Played With Fire", which is the first film I saw, and I was so impressed that I watched the whole thing. This movie is totally different. The first one was so different in its concept and plot, that I was really annoyed and upset with the end, and this movie is different in the fact that it doesn't have the same ending, and is so different in the fact that it has a very different plot and concept. The film has a very good plot and there is a lot of cool stuff. It has a lot of good stuff, and I was never bored. The plot is really good and I'm glad the director didn't follow the same plot as the first one, which is a very bad idea. The acting is good, but not amazing, but it is good. The camera work is very good. The score is good, but not amazing. It's like, you have all the things that make a good film, but you have the opposite thing to make a good film. The end is really good, but the rest of the film is good, and is good. I give this film a 9/10. It's worth a watch, and it's really good.

David Curtis photo
David Curtis

Another of my favorite horror movies. I first saw it in the 80's on cable and it was absolutely incredible! I was terrified of the monster in this movie. The fact that there were actually monsters in this movie scared the hell out of me! I had never seen anything like this before and I really enjoyed it! The movie is great for children, and adults, it's great for all ages. It is extremely creepy and has a very dark and twisted story. The movie is not for the faint of heart. It is not for the weak of heart. I think anyone who enjoys a good horror movie, should check out this movie. I'm rating this 9 stars because the movie is great, but it's not for everyone. I give it a 9 out of 10.

Amy Cooper photo
Amy Cooper

My friends and I saw this at the Phoenix Horror Fest and we all really enjoyed it. The film is about the origin of the film itself. I saw it on a small screen but it is still good. It is not a horror movie but it is a very serious movie. The director uses a lot of effects and this gives the film a more real feel. The music in this movie is great. I think the best thing about the movie is the story. It is not a horror movie, it is a movie about religion, dreams, faith and demons. It is very real and very scary. I think if you like a good horror movie then this movie is definitely for you. I can't wait to see it again and again. The only problem with this movie is that there are a few scenes where it is a bit slow, but I have to say that it doesn't matter. The movie is very dark, dark, dark and very scary. The actors are great in this movie. The actors are not famous but they do a very good job. I also like the director's take on the movie. The movie is very scary and real. It has a very real story and very scary scenes. I recommend this movie to all of you who like a good scary movie. This movie is a must see!

Susan photo

The movie was great, i was really surprised when i watched the trailer. After seeing the movie i was not expecting to be surprised. The acting was great, it was like they were completely in sync, they really had fun together. The movie is a very dark movie, it's full of horror, and suspense. There are some good comedy moments in it too. The thing i liked most about the movie was the dark side, i really like the look of the movie, there was a bit of a dark feel to it. I think the movie did a good job, its a great horror movie. Its worth a watch, i think it's worth the $9.99 to rent it.

Mary photo

This is a movie that I could not get enough of. It took me almost two weeks to get through it and I'm only done. It's a great movie. The ending is perfect and gives you the feeling that it's all going to be okay. It's not like the ending of "Wrath of the Titans" which is a disaster. It's a great movie and I recommend it to all who are fans of the fantasy genre. It has the feel of an epic and will leave you breathless at the end of it.

Lori photo

THE REVIVAL OF MARS BAY (2009) is an interesting and engaging indie horror film that will make you think. The film has been made with an international cast, in English with English subtitles and is in English, Spanish and French. It has been dubbed into French and English and is currently being dubbed into Italian. The film was written and directed by Chris George. The film has been rated PG-13 for some violent scenes and language. The film is one of the better horror films I have seen and has a very strong plot. It is a young boy named Rylan (Shaun Brouillard) who is told by his mother that he is a ghost and his father has been killed by a demon. Rylan goes to a church and gets a visit from the man who was his father. The man tells Rylan that his father's spirit has been imprisoned in the church. Rylan finds the church and he is able to break the demon out. Rylan's father is a wealthy priest who has a habit of killing people and he has been waiting for the right moment to kill Rylan. Rylan kills his father and escapes from the church and is now a boy. He then goes back to his mother who wants to talk to him about her father. When Rylan meets the girl he knows he is a ghost he is able to tell her everything he knows about the demon. After this Rylan begins to think that he is a ghost but his mother still thinks that he is alive. The film has some good acting, the visuals are very good and the story is well-written. There is some dark humor in the film. The film is very well-made and the film is entertaining and well-acted. The film has a good amount of violence but it is very subtle. The film is dark and the violence is mostly subtle. There is some violence, but not enough to be considered graphic. The film has some humor in it and there is some good humor in the film. The film is very entertaining and well-acted. The film has good directing and some good production values. The film is a good indie film and is worth checking out. The film is a good indie horror film and is worth checking out.