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20th Century Women

20th Century Women is a movie starring Annette Bening, Elle Fanning, and Greta Gerwig. The story of a teenage boy, his mother, and two other women who help raise him among the love and freedom of Southern California of 1979.

Other Titles
Twentieth Century Women, 20'inci Yüzyıl Kadınları, Kobiety i XX wiek, Vuosisadan naiset, Femeile secolului 20, Alla tiders kvinnor, 20センチュリー・ウーマン, Huszadik századi nők, 20. gadsimta sievietes, Les femmes du 20e siècle, Alletiders kvinder, Mulheres do Século XX, 二十世紀的她們, 二十世纪女人, Mujeres del siglo XX, Femeile secolului XX, Jahrhundertfrauen, Moderne kvinner, Katapliktikes gynaikes, Neshot ha'me'ah ha-20, Le donne della mia vita, XX amziaus moterys, Mulheres do Século 20
Running Time
1 hours 59 minutes
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Drama, Comedy
Mike Mills
Mike Mills
Annette Bening, Greta Gerwig, Billy Crudup, Elle Fanning
Audio Languages
English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
日本語, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

The story of a teenage boy, his mother, and two other women who help raise him among the love and freedom of Southern California of 1979.

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Ashley photo

I liked this movie and I am giving it a 9.5 out of 10. The story was good and the characters were well developed. The main characters were played by women but that was not a bad thing. The story is about an actress who is searching for her own identity, because her mother died. The story is told from the point of view of the actress, and the audience is given a sense of who she is. The film is not about being a woman but about who you really are and how you want to be. There are no happy endings in this film, it is not about success or failure but about being who you are. I do not know if it is a movie for women but I think it is. I thought it was a good film for the first time I have ever seen it and I am going to see it again. I recommend this film to women and men. I do not know what else to say about this film.

Maria photo

As far as I can tell, I have seen this movie twice. The first time, I found it to be a pretty enjoyable and entertaining movie. I really enjoyed the film, but I didn't really understand the whole story. The second time I saw it, I really did like it. I still don't know the whole story, but I was still entertained. The movie is about a man who doesn't like his wife, and he is going to get rid of her. He doesn't know exactly what he's going to do to her, but he does know that he has to get rid of her. The movie has a lot of humor, and it's pretty amusing. I think the movie is very good, and it's a lot better than most of the movies that I have seen lately. I really like it, but I don't really know the whole story.

Jennifer M. photo
Jennifer M.

I thought this was a brilliant film, beautifully acted and written. The idea of the characters changing from a happy marriage to a new life is original, but the storyline is just as captivating. The cinematography was great and the music was just as good. The cast was great, especially the two lead actors. The character of Toni and her younger brother were very believable, I found myself caring about their characters. The storyline was complex, but it never became too complicated or confusing, I was always entertained by the story. The pacing was perfect. This was a wonderful film, and I recommend it to anyone. Highly recommended.

Madison photo

This is a terrific film. I'm not a fan of the Coen brothers, but this is a much better film than many of their other films. I would highly recommend this film to anyone, because it is truly a great film. The story is about a woman (played by Patricia Arquette) who works in a hospital and has been turned down for a promotion, but finds herself in a position where she has to pick up the pieces of her life. This is a very good movie, and I highly recommend it. It is a real shame that there is no DVD release, because this film is truly a great film.

Susan M. photo
Susan M.

The idea of putting together a movie that deals with the subject of women's rights, and does so with such style, is admirable. I can't help but wonder how much further we can go. This is a movie that not only talks about women's issues, but also talks about men's issues. It does so by showing how men can get themselves in the way of the women's movement. I agree with most of the points made in the movie, and I don't think it's completely biased. However, I don't think it's a movie that is particularly good. It's not an Oscar-winning film, nor is it a masterpiece. I don't know what the purpose of the movie was, but it did get me thinking about the issues women face today, and it did get me thinking about my own life. The acting is great, but it's not great by any stretch of the imagination. My only real complaint is that the movie could have used a little more humor. It was a little too serious for my tastes, and I thought it would be a little bit more fun. However, I'm not sure what it is that people didn't like about the movie, but I can't say it was a complete waste of time.

Laura R. photo
Laura R.

I saw this movie on opening night, and was thoroughly entertained. I would like to know if any of the people who have said that they hated this movie are aware that the audience was laughing hysterically. This is probably because it is a comedy, and is not meant to be serious. The characters were well-played and the movie kept me interested the whole time. I would recommend this movie to anyone. I am not saying this movie is for everyone, but it is certainly a movie I would like to see again. There are some jokes in this movie that are just silly, but it is not the case that it is meant to be. Overall, I would give this movie a 9 out of 10. I would recommend this movie to anyone.

Katherine G. photo
Katherine G.

I love this movie. It is one of the best movies I have ever seen. The story is very interesting, it's very well written, and the cast is excellent. I recommend this movie to anyone who wants to see a great movie, a great story, and a great cast.

Lauren Dixon photo
Lauren Dixon

This is a perfect movie for anyone with a sense of humor. I think it's the best comedy ever. It has a lot of interesting details that I never noticed before, and the character's are realistic. I especially liked the way the story unfolded. If you liked American Pie and Friday the 13th, you will enjoy this movie. This is definitely one of the best comedies ever. I think the cast is perfect. The actors really know how to act. The characters are good and they are real. You really care about the characters. You can't help but be moved by the story. I am very happy that this movie was released. It is very good and funny and it's worth watching. I am surprised that it was released at the same time as Clerks 2 and Spider-Man 2, because I think that this movie will become a big hit. It has the same level of humor and the same level of realism. I think that it is a very important movie for people who have an interest in psychology. It is a great movie for people who are into movies and have a sense of humor.

Julia photo

I don't understand how some people can find this movie boring. This is a funny, entertaining, and touching movie. The acting is superb, the direction is good, and the script is very good. If you are in the mood for a very good movie, this is the one to see. It is not too long, but the story is very good. If you are into movies, this is the one to see.

Eugene A. photo
Eugene A.

If you want to watch a movie that will make you think about your life and what you have done with your life, watch this movie. There are no actors that would be popular, but the cast is so strong that you just feel as if you are watching real life. The story is simple and nothing special, but the acting is so good that you can't help but like it. The acting by the two main characters is so good that you feel like you're watching a real life story. If you want to watch a movie that will make you feel good and make you think about life, watch this movie. It will make you think and make you laugh.

Harold W. photo
Harold W.

This is a very good movie. I was pleasantly surprised by how well the story and the characters were developed. The movie is very entertaining, and it is also very emotional. I especially liked the ending. The only reason I gave it a 9 is because I was expecting a lot more from the director and the actors. But I also liked the movie. I recommend this movie to people who like movies that are funny and emotional. My rating is 9 out of 10.

Rachel photo

I was really excited to see this movie. It has a great cast, an interesting story and great acting. All in all it was a great movie. I really hope it does well at the Oscars. I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a good romantic movie. It is definitely not the typical Hollywood romantic movie.

Catherine Sanders photo
Catherine Sanders

This is a really good movie, it's funny, touching, very touching. It's a great movie and it's not a flop. It's not a movie that you'll forget, but it's not a movie that you'll be remembering for a long time. I give it a 9 out of 10.

Linda photo

This is a very good movie. Not in a low-budget or cheap way. I'm not sure why there are so many bad reviews, but I don't think the movie is bad. The movie is very true to the first movie. The storyline is very real and real people are in this movie. I think the script is very good. I can't see how anyone could hate this movie. If you have not seen the first movie, you can watch this movie, you'll enjoy it a lot. This movie is very good for all ages. It is very well written and very interesting. I think it is a must see for all people. You won't regret watching this movie.

Judy Fernandez photo
Judy Fernandez

I just watched this film again on a DVD and I was struck by how well written it is. I like films that have a strong point of view and this is one of those. The characters are not defined in a rigid manner but more as a set of interesting traits that reflect the unique and unique human experience of each individual. This is an ideal film for people who like a film that is a bit more philosophical than "shoot 'em up" and yet is still a bit of a drama. The films treatment of human nature and what it means to be human is quite fascinating. The story is told in a very realistic and honest way and shows the tragedy of losing a loved one and how such losses can affect you in different ways. The acting is superb and the direction is outstanding. The music is perfectly suited to the mood of the film and is perfect in establishing the mood of the film. All in all, I have to say that this film is an ideal film for people who like a film that has a strong point of view. It is not a film that will please everyone but it is one of those films that you can watch and still be entertained.

Ann A. photo
Ann A.

I'm a sucker for a good comedy. I saw this movie at the Toronto Film Festival and was pleasantly surprised. The movie was very funny, the characters were likable, the jokes were sharp, the plot was engaging, and the acting was believable. I was completely blown away by this movie. I really felt for the characters and their struggles. I laughed at the jokes and I laughed at the characters. I was totally invested in the story. The movie is funny and touching and it's got a heart.

Amy Lewis photo
Amy Lewis

This movie was a pleasant surprise. The lead actress, Frances McDormand, is the most believable and real of the three lead actresses (although I did laugh out loud at her "You're just going to have to tell me, honey, what happened!" line, and the part where she is crying is just so uncomfortable and the result of a woman who is supposed to be a feminist - I am not a feminist - who just has a baby and can't take it anymore). I thought this was a very well-written and well-acted movie. The characters were believable and the story line was very well developed. I think it would be a great movie for the whole family, and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to see a good movie. I highly recommend this movie.

Tyler photo

This movie was the perfect movie to watch with your friends and then get drunk afterwards. The comedy and drama were excellent. I laughed out loud a couple of times, and the last scene was a tear jerker. I've never laughed so hard at a movie. I would definitely recommend this movie to anyone. I highly recommend this movie to any and everyone.

Cynthia Banks photo
Cynthia Banks

One of the most famous people in the world, Queen Elizabeth II, is played by one of the most famous actresses of all time, Angelina Jolie. This is the kind of role that can be a little bit dangerous. Jolie can get away with anything, especially if it's for the role she plays. She is definitely the most recognizable name in Hollywood, and it's a good thing she plays the Queen. I'd rather see Jolie playing a less-famous role, because I think it would be harder for her to get away with anything. She's a very well-rounded actress, and Jolie is in a good position to do something like this. She has the physical attributes, the looks, the voice, and the intellect to play the part. I think she's a great actress. I've seen her in many other movies, but this is her first role as a Queen. I've also seen her in other roles. I think she's a very versatile actress. She's a natural performer. The movie is a very good drama, with great performances from all of the actors. Jolie is very good at playing a role that has a lot of drama. The film is very interesting. It has a lot of drama, it's very well-written, and it has great acting from all the actors. It's a very good movie.

Bobby photo

I'm not sure how many of you have seen this movie, but I have. It's a lovely, charming, thoughtful, and beautifully acted movie. The two leads, Paul Dano and Rufus Sewell, are both fantastic. They have a great chemistry together and I thought their scenes together were truly heartwarming and touching. This is one of the few movies I would recommend to anyone who has not seen it, as it is so rich in detail and it is well worth the time. I really love the title of the movie, which is a great choice. It gives the movie a feeling of timelessness and I think that's what makes this movie so special. If you are looking for a great romantic movie that you can watch over and over again, then this is it.

Ruth Ferguson photo
Ruth Ferguson

I just got back from seeing this film at the Sundance Film Festival, and I have to say it was a good film. I don't think I could do justice to the great cast, the music, or the story line. I think this film is really about women and their struggle to have their voices heard. It's also about the power of storytelling, and the power of art. It's also about our dependence on the media, and how the media creates our illusions. I think it's a great film that explores how we can feel alienated from our own voices, and the power of art to help us get out of our own way. All of the performances are excellent, and I think it's a very touching film, with great music and great dialogue. I highly recommend it.

Evelyn photo

I saw this film with a friend who is not a fan of such films. She was pleasantly surprised by this movie. It is a simple story, but it is so well done that I think it would be very difficult to write a better script. It is all about a simple town in the American South. The film is full of laughs and the laughs are always very funny. I think that the movie does a great job of portraying the time period. There are some parts that are a little bit dated, but I can't say that I would have thought that the film would have been so entertaining. I would recommend this film to anyone who likes movies with a lot of humor. I think that this movie will be enjoyed by all ages.