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Ek Ladki Ko Dekha Toh Aisa Laga

Ek Ladki Ko Dekha Toh Aisa Laga is a movie starring Sonam Kapoor, Anil Kapoor, and Rajkummar Rao. The film tells the story of Sweety Chaudhary, a closeted lesbian, and her attempts to come out to her conservative and traditional...

Other Titles
Ek Ladki Ko Dekha Toh Aisa, ELKDTAL
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2 hours
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Romance, Drama, Comedy
Shelly Chopra Dhar
Gazal Dhaliwal, Gazal Dhaliwal, P.G. Wodehouse, Gazal Dhaliwal, Shelly Chopra Dhar, Shelly Chopra Dhar
Anil Kapoor, Sonam Kapoor, Rajkummar Rao, Juhi Chawla
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Some love stories are not simple, Sweety's is one such story. She has to contend with her over-enthusiastic family that wants to get her married, a young writer who is completely smitten by her, a secret that she harbours close to her heart and ultimately the truth that her true love might not find acceptance in her family and society. Resolving these issues proves hilarious, touching and life changing.

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Melissa Rogers photo
Melissa Rogers

The third film in the 'Laga' trilogy is undoubtedly the best. It is a dark film with very dark moments. The film begins in a very heavy mood, with the main character, Ayush (a great performance by Rishi Kapoor), being kicked out of his home and coming back to live with his parents. Ayush is depressed and is living in his childhood room, where he sees the walls made of wood, and the curtains made of feathers. He spends his days in bed, and one day he starts to feel more and more depressed, and starts to write letters to a woman, who is very important in his life, who is in the state of B.A.R.K.A. and is writing letters to her friend, Aditi (Amit Kitteri). The film goes on to show how these two people become friends, and also to show how Ayush and Aditi start a romance. The film is about life in an overcrowded Indian family, and how there are different kinds of families, with different needs. This is also a very dark film with very dark scenes, such as the rape scene, which was very graphic. The film was very well directed by Rajat Arora. It was very well casted, and the performances were good. The film was beautifully shot, and the camera work was very good. The music was also very good, and the soundtrack was very good. Overall, the film was very good. I would definitely recommend this film to people who are fans of the first two films.

Timothy Lee photo
Timothy Lee

Forget the end of the world, who wants to see the end of a romantic comedy. It's a cute story of a female hero that's only going to be affected by her best friend's mistake. It's worth watching.

Albert J. photo
Albert J.

Puri Ek Ladki Ko Dekha Toh Aisa Laga (2014) is a very good movie, not the best, but very good. The story is very original, and there are no cliches here. The story goes around 4 guys, who meet each other at the bachelor party of a teacher. From there, the story progresses to the next level. And the story gets better and better. The whole movie is very entertaining. This is a very good movie, but not the best. The best is Chak De India (1994), which is a different story, but the same basic idea. Overall, this is a good movie, but not the best. 8/10.

John photo

Porneetu Murugadoss is a promising actor and a passionate filmmaker. His debut film Ushwarsudheen is an epic love story between a successful novelist and a young girl who is struggling to make it in life. But this is not your typical love story. It is a tale of the consequences of taking a vow. The promise to take the vow is the central theme of the film and what it is about. You are witnessing a journey of love. And the consequences of the vow are the main characters of the film. A girl named Kalki who has a troubled childhood, a father who doesn't like her, a husband who has no intention of seeing his wife after the promise is fulfilled, a boyfriend who wants to marry the girl. The film is a love story with emotional intensity. And it is a passion for the film. But the strength of the film is the performance of Murugadoss. A woman who is just 18 years old is more mature than an older man who is around 30. And yet, Murugadoss and the young girl's performance is beautiful and the performance is the star of the film. And the great performance by Murugadoss is also the reason why the film is an excellent film. But the most important part of the film is the cast. In a film with a very simple plot, the cast is very important. And the cast is awesome. Most of the cast are the unknowns. I have never heard of any of them. And they all did a great job. Some of them are already in bigger films like Kabir Khanna and Abhishek Bachchan and they had done well in them. But the one who was the biggest surprise was Naseeruddin Shah. I have never heard of him. But he did a great job. He was brilliant in the film and he was a great actor. He was the only surprise of the film. I really hope he will be in bigger films. And he did a great job in the film. His role was very well-played. Most of the characters were in the film for just a few minutes and he was amazing. All the other actors were also excellent in their roles. The background score was good and the song is well-written. But the music and the lyrics of the song did not do the film justice. The lyrics of the song were very good and it did not show the emotions that the film needed. But the music was good. Overall, I really enjoyed the film. And I loved the characters of the film. I was really disappointed that the songs didn't do justice to the film. But the performances were great. The only complaint that I have is the direction of the film. I felt that it was a little unfocused. I think that the director should have concentrated more on the characters of the film and less on the direction. But overall, I really enjoyed the film. And I hope that this will be a great film. I give it a 8/10.

Vincent S. photo
Vincent S.

When I heard that this movie was coming out, I thought that it would be another flick that would be just a way to escape from the real life and its complications. What I got was a simple film that was interesting, with the simple story of a person who just want to have a normal life, and ends up getting lost in the world of Lager, and its hard to find his way out. The story is simple, but it is very believable. It is a good drama, and it has some good comedy. The movie has its flaws, but still a good drama, with good acting and the overall picture. I liked the music, which is also good. In conclusion, it is a good movie, and it has good music, but it has its flaws, so I give it an 8.4/10

Harold M. photo
Harold M.

Watching "Superhero" is a must watch for all Indian audiences. The story is about two brothers in an exclusive high school. One brother is a perfectionist. He is so focused on his work that he doesn't really care about his family. The other brother is more emotional. He cares for his family and even his work is his life. Both of them are very different. The director made us feel their difference through dialogues. The two brothers have different relationship with their parents. They seem to be very proud of their parents. Their relationship is different from the other kids in school. They are usually the ones who get more attention from the other kids. However, the second brother seems to be a better person. The film focuses on their relationship with their parents and their parents' problems. The story is so captivating and gives you a great feeling. The dialogues between the two brothers are so beautiful and the movie gives you a good feeling. You will surely love this movie. "Superhero" is one of the best Hindi movie I have seen in a long time. The acting is superb. Vinay Pathak and Ashish Deshpande are very good. The film is directed by a great director. The story is very good. The director has made the story captivating. The movie has good dialogues and good acting. I am a big fan of Ajay Devgan. He has done a great job in this film. All of his films are great. I hope to see more of his work in the future. I am a big fan of this director. His films are very good.

Gregory Campbell photo
Gregory Campbell

What a delight to watch. It has so many touching scenes. I think that even if it is not the best movie of Rajini, it is a great movie and deserves a great audience. Rajini is great. It is an important role to play and he does it magnificently. I feel that the only downside is the level of violence. The police are really good in this movie. They always do their job. But at the end I felt that it was a bit bit unnecessary. I guess I was expecting more. But all in all, a great movie.

Jeremy G. photo
Jeremy G.

Tere Naam Hai Hai was a perfect treat. It was beautiful to look at and it had a very strong story line and nice supporting cast. The plot is simple, yet it was also very clever and original. The only thing I had a problem with was the ending. The girl who wrote the story is a first rate writer and a brilliant storyteller. However, there was no ending in the book that showed how the story progressed to the very end. I will not ruin the ending for you. But, I would like to say that it was very well done and satisfying. The film is very charming and has a great message. Overall, Tere Naam Hai Hai is a great film. I highly recommend this film to all.

Jason Wells photo
Jason Wells

Just because a film is not your usual Bollywood movie, does not mean it is bad. The problem with 'Laga' is that the same thing happens time and time again. The film is not just a throwback to the genre of 'modern Indian cinema' but to the times when the press used to be about as honest as the street traders of old Bombay. In fact, the main character in 'Laga' is more than a throwback to the days when newspapers used to be like street dealers. The script is often better than the film itself and the cast is perfect. I have never seen a Bollywood film that was so convincing. This is no 'Mukta Ganga' and 'Kuch Kuch Hota Hai', the songs are catchy, and the performances are more than impressive. I don't care if this film is not perfect, I simply cannot believe that it is not at least a few points better than it already is. That is a compliment, but I can't say I will watch it again.

Hannah L. photo
Hannah L.

Just watched this movie on a free-to-air TV channel and was blown away by the story and plot. It's beautifully acted and directed. The story centers around three young lovers who meet at the cinema and find themselves in a tug of war. The film has a deep and thoughtful undercurrent of relationship and longing. It is beautifully shot and a little bit confusing at times, but it's a brilliant movie with an amazing ending. The dialogues are so engaging and powerful. An excellent movie. I love it!

Larry Carpenter photo
Larry Carpenter

You can say what you want about Khan or how the film should have ended. But you can't deny the fact that the film is good. The film does a great job of building the audience's emotional connection with the characters. It's a great role for Anushka Shetty, which she does well. Amitabh Bachchan plays the same role that he always plays. The film shows what a romance is supposed to be like and it shows how the characters are able to connect. It's a beautiful film. You can't go wrong with it. Watch it and enjoy.

Walter Burke photo
Walter Burke

I'm a fan of Bollywood movies. There's not a lot of great movies in Bollywood, but there are some that stand out like Dil Chahta Hain or Eega. But this one in particular is a real gem. It's been a while since I've seen this movie and I had high expectations. The movie starts off with an introduction of the main character and the initial action sequence. Then the movie begins with a very subtle story about love. In the beginning of the movie you don't know how the plot is going to go, but once you get into the middle part, you begin to get caught up with the story. It was very well done. The music is absolutely amazing. The songs are great. The story is very good. It's very emotional. I really enjoyed the whole movie. I recommend it to everyone.

Kenneth F. photo
Kenneth F.

Another fine film from Bollywood. Outstanding performances by Arjun Kapoor, Sanjay Dutt and Katrina Kaif. Sanjay Dutt makes you feel his pain, anguish and anger, and his performance is better than his award winning performances. A great story of love and loyalty. The film is told from the point of view of a "sad" man. A very good film.

Keith photo

This movie is a masterpiece in many aspects. First, it has a great screenplay. Second, the story is intriguing and creative. Third, the characters are good and so is the script. Fourth, the cinematography is top notch. Fifth, the songs are excellent. Sixth, the story is intriguing. This movie is recommended for all the family. It is a great and original movie. It can be watched anytime and anytime.

Janet W. photo
Janet W.

The film opens with a song and dance routine by Abhishek Kapoor and Irrfan Khan. I am not sure how many songs are in the film. However, there are some good songs. These include Bijlee Dhan Dhan Bijlee, Baazigar Bhaiyya, Baazigar Bhaiyya, Baazigar Bhaiyya, Aheleh Baazigar Bhaiyya, Taare Zameen Par, Ushin Dhal Kaal and Aheleh Baazigar Bhaiyya. These songs are songs with lyrics which make you happy. The other songs include Banaras, Daanban, Tumko Na Kuchh, Chalo, and Baazigar Bhaiyya. The film is worth watching.

Jerry photo

I am not a fan of drama films. Usually I don't like romantic comedies or any type of film for that matter. I only watch a movie once and that's it. But when I saw this movie I was completely blown away. This movie had a lot of character development and story telling. It had amazing cinematography, good acting and an excellent storyline. Even the background music is great. I recommend this movie to anyone who is looking for a good romance or comedy film. I am giving it an 8.8/10. I also recommend this movie to anyone who is interested in Hindi Cinema. This movie has a lot of very popular actors, that is great for them. You will love this movie. You will laugh and cry and smile all the way through.

Kyle B. photo
Kyle B.

The film "Don 1" is a very long story, about love and life. It tells of a couple, who are friends in the business, and the ways they fall in love. The story is set in Tamil Nadu and also in Puducherry, which is not really known for such stories. But the plot is great, the dialogue is great, and the story flows very well. I really loved this film. Its hard to find a film that has this much story. I was totally engrossed by it. It is not a perfect film, and is not the most romantic film you will ever see, but its a great story, with a wonderful cast, and a great director. It has a great soundtrack, too. Go watch it. I would give it a 10/10.

Nicole Morrison photo
Nicole Morrison

One of the best movies ever's one of the best and I recommend it to all those who like love stories, how the love of a family is shown in different manners.It is a romantic movie, for lovers who have made love before.and it is also a very good drama movie too.which is the best of all. The movie is about the love of two brothers and the parents love for them. A very emotional movie with some funny parts. The two brothers is good actors. I have liked Amitabh Bachchan and Anil Kapoor.they were very good actors in their roles. It is a movie to be seen.I like it a lot.

Anna photo

Movie is a big plus,the movie is very good and very nice.Only some flaw is that the same movies are being shown all the time,sometimes it is hard to see.Cinematography is good.Aishwarya Rai is very good,acting of all the cast is good.Music is good,except the first song.Final verdict 8/10

Gerald photo

I was really looking forward to this film. All I have to say is that it was quite an achievement. And I am still in awe that this film was made. It is a kind of a trip down memory lane for me. And I feel really grateful that the director took the time to capture that kind of memory. After all, I am still living in a very old time. I also feel really sorry that I had to miss the film in theaters. So, I just wish it had been more available to me. I had only seen a couple of scenes and even those were long and boring. I had to wait till the movie ended to actually know how it ended. But it was still a great film. It was really hard to watch the second half because the first half was just so so good. I was completely enchanted by the story. I feel so connected to the characters and the plot. And I was so entertained by the film. The plot was very interesting and touching. I also really appreciated the simple yet brilliant screenplay. I feel that the director really did a wonderful job. And I am really grateful for his effort. The film is very low-key and does not have any sort of flashy scenes. It's still a very touching and wonderful story. So, I think it was an achievement. It is a true gem. I am glad that this film is still in existence. And I am really glad that I have the opportunity to see it. I will definitely give this film a try. And I would really recommend it. It was an awesome film. It is an amazing movie.