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La folle histoire de Max et Léon

La folle histoire de Max et Léon is a movie starring David Marsais, Grégoire Ludig, and Alice Vial. Max and Léon's adventures, two childhood friends idle and party-goer, who are trying to escape the Second World War.

Other Titles
Die verrückte Reise von Max & Leon, A Louca História de Max e Leon, Max & Leon, Zwariowana historia Maxa i Leona, The Comic Adventures of Max and Leon
Running Time
1 hours 38 minutes
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Comedy, War
Jonathan Barré
Grégoire Ludig, Jonathan Barré, Grégoire Ludig, David Marsais, David Marsais
Alice Vial, Saskia de Melo Dillais, Grégoire Ludig, David Marsais
France, Belgium
Audio Languages
English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
日本語, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

Max and Léon's adventures, two childhood friends idle and party-goer, who are trying to escape the Second World War.

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Danielle photo

Nowadays, the movie theatres get a lot of crap like this. But i was pleasantly surprised by this one. No, this is not a version of "Halloween" or "Night of the Living Dead" but it is a VERY different movie. There's something unique about it. First of all, it's a French movie, the director has a great eye for cinematography, he doesn't have too many fantasy sequences but he does add in some "quaint" scenes. Although it isn't a total comedy, it is very entertaining. It's good to see that people actually actually LIKE this movie. I say give it a try.

Matthew M. photo
Matthew M.

My brother has this movie. I've seen it several times. It's a beautiful movie. It shows that is really one man's view of the future. And how the character Lenny played by Max can show the view of the future. I highly recommend this movie. It makes me think of the future and how we can prepare for it. It's really a wonderful movie to watch. It makes you think of what will happen when the end of the world arrives. But just watch it you might be surprised at how it is all going to end.

Ashley King photo
Ashley King

.and I didn't find it to be overly offensive, but I have to admit that I laughed quite a bit at it. The plot line was decent, but I find it to be more of an entertainment than a serious viewing. In fact, I think it is a bit of both. Having not read the book, I was happy to leave it to my own opinions. It certainly had its good points, and it really didn't take much to be completely convinced by the ending. I can say that the best scenes were when the characters were eating dinner, so that can be the fault of the scriptwriter. Not too many good points, except the fact that it is another German movie, which is not too often that I have seen a German movie be worth the movie to itself. I really like a lot the French setting in this one. I liked it and thought it was well done. Nothing much to complain about in general. As for the acting, it was solid. All the actors did an excellent job and there were no noticeable performances to look at. Except for the odd older lady, everyone looked like they were from the same age. There were some fine performances, and the actors were quite convincing. However, there were some moments where they looked a bit too young for the part, although the ages seem to be right for them. Well done, I can say that. I also have to admit that the movie was filmed very well, which is another thing that might make you a little disappointed. It was shot with a very effective way, and even though I have to admit that the bad taste looks good on the screen, there were parts when the scenes looked just a little too green and other times the colors were not even very pleasant. In general, the movie was well made. The set design was good, although I found the first scene quite dull. Still, it had its good points and it gave me a little smile, which is something I really don't have often. It was a bit similar to many other movies that I have seen in this genre, but I don't really see anything as wrong with it. Some more serious viewing might do it. The only thing that I found annoying was the soundtrack, which was very melodramatic. It added little to the film, and it could have been avoided. In addition, I found the movie to be somewhat hard to watch. The story line was well-written, but the movie itself was hard to watch. If you want to know how to say it, here is a hint: it was. long.

Kevin M. photo
Kevin M.

In a comment earlier, I mentioned that this movie is a kind of revenge porn. This is actually a kind of comedy, but it is also a sort of satire on the French (not English) version of war movies. The first act is filled with torture scenes, but it is also filled with sex and absurdity. By the end, I had a feeling that I just saw a 2-hour short. After that, there is a full frontal nudity shot that will make you laugh and tears fall. This is a nice action movie with just enough romance to keep it interesting. There are also a few social messages in it, but they are little strong and not very original. I think the acting of most of the characters are good, but it is hard to tell who is the real hero and who is the real villain. Not bad, but not great either. But it is just a little bit better than some other French comedies out there. I recommend you to watch it and judge yourself!

Wayne Thompson photo
Wayne Thompson

First of all, I want to express my deep thanks to the movie makers for the fine job they did and the wonderful cooperation they shared with the French and other nationalities for the premiere and other film festival this great movie is an absolute delight. I loved the movie, but I would like to ask you guys, should you see it? In this case, this is a very good movie, you are a real treat to a film. The performances of the French actors in the movie, are also a real treat, well done. I could not care less if the actors did not speak French, French would not be any thing to me! Of course, the same can be said about the actors in other countries, but you know, we have had the chance to see with their own eyes. And if it's a big star, French or not, you cannot go wrong. Thus, I cannot wait to see again the French actors on the big screen, with the French language. I was lucky enough to see this movie in Cannes, and this year at Cannes I hope to see it again, and on DVD. The preview of this movie is great, and I look forward to seeing it again, on DVD.

Julia Gutierrez photo
Julia Gutierrez

To say I was curious about this movie would be an understatement. Being a huge fan of "Le Catastrophe" and it's sequels, I had read some positive reviews about this movie, and I had been concerned as to whether it would live up to its name and title. A French production at that, I'm sure I would be disappointed, and I was certainly willing to find out for myself. And I was pleasantly surprised. The problem is that I had heard so many bad reviews about this movie, and having been to some length at the movies in the past, I had read too many good reviews to understand their reasoning. To give them all credit, however, they were all totally at odds with each other. It must be pointed out that not only was this movie extremely enjoyable for me, but so were the other two sequels to the so-called "Catastrophe." They were both spectacular, and this one is no exception. (It did not play out in the same way in the fourth, and consequently, the fifth, movies, but all three made excellent choices.) Having seen the movie and understood it was set during WWII, I started out with a much better appreciation for the movie, and my appreciation for the classics continues. It's not that the movie had a particularly bad storyline, as I think the book and the book adaptations are often quite similar. The problem was that the storylines were told in a way that made them look so shallow. The problem is that the storylines in this movie, and they have been told before, are not shown in a way that made them look very deep and full. In fact, they're not all that much deeper, and I think the movie could have done better. But as it is, this is the best movie in the series, and it's still better than it's sequels.

Jonathan photo

I can't believe it's been 7 years since I watched this film. It's been a while, but it really is a classic. There are so many great things about it. The whole plot twists and turns and you never know what to expect next. The acting is excellent. Francois Girard was right on the mark in his portrayal of Max. Just brilliant. Just like the rest of the cast, he never once got over the fact that he was playing a fictional character. The way he carried out this role was astonishing. His face was the perfect expression of this wonderful character. The dialogue is very, very good. It's witty, intelligent, and sometimes has a good amount of humour. There are some really great one liners and you really don't mind hearing them. The films ending is pretty weak. It's no shock to me because I have read the book and it is a lot better. The acting is also really good. François Girard plays a great character and he really makes Max's character very believable. I hope he wins an Oscar for this film. Another good performance is of actor Jean-Louis Trintignant who played Lenny. He has also performed in a number of other really good films and he is probably one of the best French actors in France. The film has a good pace and has a great script. It's just one of those films that's a classic that has really aged. It's a classic for good reason, it's really good.

Dorothy photo

This film might seem like just another good french movie with some style and intensity and lots of conflict. But if you are a fan of Truffaut's movies, then this one might be a highlight. He directs and produces this film in a way which is very familiar to Truffaut's past work, yet with a slight, and not so subtle, twist. He takes a light, indirect approach to the production. There are no fancy CGI effects and nothing extravagant, because the purpose of the film is to let the viewer be distracted by the charm and style of Truffaut's films. In this film, the slow and almost silent pace is used to describe a man on the run. Truffaut didn't want to tell the story of a man on the run, but he uses it to emphasize the transition between the two jobs of the father of the two brothers and the function of the society which continues after the death of one of the brothers. It is not a commercial production, and it doesn't necessarily have any meaning to the audience, yet it is a quality of the film that is unique and refreshing. There are a few plot holes, but they are only minor and could be easily ignored. The acting is very strong and good, even if some of the actors are not as strong as Truffaut, but overall this is a well made movie with an excellent dramatic theme. I have seen this movie more than 10 times and it never gets boring. "Max and Leo" is a good film for any fan of Truffaut, and it is a very good film, even if some people may not agree with the ending. It is very hard to explain this film, but I will try. A man has a difficult job: to run a family who lives in a small town in Belgium. The father of the two brothers is a loner, and they have difficulty in communicating, as they do not know each other very well. The father tries to show that he is in control of his family, but the son is not convinced. This is the main theme of the film. There is a slow pace in the film, and it is filmed in a way that is very quiet and slow. The camera follows the man in the beginning, and then gradually the camera moves to his surroundings, even when there are other people around him. Truffaut uses this technique to show the loneliness and isolation the father feels in his life, but in the end it is all in vain. The father is showing his children that he has some control over them, yet the son has no idea why the father doesn't seem to care for them anymore. It is only in the final scene that the son is able to understand why the father was in such a hurry to get rid of the two brothers. I am going to repeat this sentence: this film is very good. It is a very good film, but some people may not be able to understand the story if they are not familiar with Truffaut's movies. But it is worth watching, because it shows how important the art of directing is to Truffaut's career, and it is an example of a great film. My rating is 8/10. My vote is 84/100.

Lisa West photo
Lisa West

A profoundly hilarious movie. Perfect comedy. I will watch it again

Alan photo

It's a story about two heroes who are not very good fighters, and this might be the reason why they end up fighting each other. Their only weapon is a cell phone, and they use it to chat with each other on a daily basis. And, this was when I was listening to The World Is Not Enough. I had never heard that album before, so I wasn't sure about the music. But when I started listening to this song, I understood how important that album is for me. And I actually think that's why I love this movie, because it has this special quality: It's a kind of a musical about love. I think it's a really important piece of music. I still haven't finished listening to it, but I really enjoyed it. It's really good, it's emotional, it's intelligent, and I can listen to it so many times, and I never get bored. The music is really nice, and it gives you a feeling of being in love. The music itself is a combination of Rimbaud's Requiem and the music from The World Is Not Enough, and it reminds you of the time in life when you had to choose. The character of Max is very interesting and he was a very good character to play. If you like this, see other movies: Napoleon Dynamite, Deliverance, Boogie Nights, Twister, Police Academy, Who Am I?, Little Miss Sunshine, Billy Elliot, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, etc. If you like this, check out other movies: The Princess and the Frog, Phone Booth, Man on the Moon, The Patriot, etc. You can watch these movies to learn about love and life, or to see some of your favorite bands. I recommend this to people who love music. A note to people who read this: If you like to listen to music, there are a lot of great artists in this movie, and you should check them out. If you like watching movies, there is also a lot of great movies out there that are available to rent.

Sarah Fernandez photo
Sarah Fernandez

I was anticipating seeing this movie for a while, mainly because I love either of the two original novels (including both the sequels) and I was curious to see how they would blend in to the cinematic version. And while I would say it's still a good movie and still a very funny movie, I feel it's a little bit lost in the translation and its supposed to be as French as possible. As an actor and screenwriter, I find it interesting how easy it is to just not care about the original language. Maybe it's the different languages that helps with this, but I do think it is just more realistic. But while it still is a great movie, the theatrical version would definitely be far more better. In my opinion, both would be good in its own right. 8/10

Julia Ray photo
Julia Ray

The movie is definitely not for everyone. If you are looking for something really good, keep looking. There are lots of good reviews, but a lot of people said it was really bad. You have to check this movie out. I can't really tell you the story and the way they got it out of the movie, but I do know that it was worth seeing and really funny. I know most people will like this movie. It is funny and also a good historical movie. It was very enjoyable. My vote is 8/10.

Willie C. photo
Willie C.

In the year 1943, there is a terrible war in Europe. The entire world is being exterminated. Max (Clooney) is the editor of a newspaper and his younger brother Leon (Oscar Isaac) is at the helm. The 2 are occupied with caring for a Jewish family. It is Max's choice to not enter the war and he takes the children with him. Max then tries to return the children to their family, but all the people around him do not want this. It is then that Max begins to travel and meet people, including a number of aristocrats. All in all, the film is a bit predictable. What makes this film worthwhile is Clooney's performance. He captures the young boy's frustration and, at the same time, becomes more sympathetic and even kind-hearted as the film progresses. He can really take his time and in many scenes is so focused on the story that it becomes uncomfortable. The supporting cast is also great. Isaac does well with what he is given, but Omid Djalili and Jean-Louis Trintignant are really strong. Overall, I would not rate this film higher than a 7 or 8.

Janet photo

What could be wrong with this film? It is quite possibly the best French film I have seen in years. It is the most politically correct film in France that I have seen, and one of the most bizarre. One thing for sure, the best lines in the film: "If you're a member of the Communist party, you're too stupid to know when to leave the room!" "Why don't you take the scissors out of your hair?" "Why don't you take the scissors out of your face?" and then the most comical one of all: "I'm a communist. So am I." The way in which the story is told is absolutely superb. Everything is so clearly set up, the way characters are portrayed is superb. The chemistry between Marie-Thierry Giraud and Anne Villeret is fantastic. A far cry from the horrible characters portrayed in these other films. Some may find it cheesy, but I think that is the point. It is comical in it's honesty, as well as the story that is told. Very unusual French film. 8/10.

Victoria Richardson photo
Victoria Richardson

I've read all the negative reviews for this movie and they aren't as bad as some of you make them out to be. I liked this film and was very amused to see the critics making fun of it. I loved this film. So I re-watched it and I was amazed at how great it was. If you liked "Antichrist" then you'll like this. If you didn't like "Antichrist" then you probably don't have the sense of humor to enjoy this. The directing, cinematography, music, and the acting were all very good. I thought everyone did a really good job. Sure, this is not a great film but it is still very funny. I'd say this is a film to see when you are bored with your own life. It's also a great film to watch if you are feeling lonely. Or if you feel like it's just about you.

Bobby R. photo
Bobby R.

Max and Leon have a good relationship and a fun way of life. It seems they both are perfectly happy. Everyone is looking forward to the big event. To Max it's a party and to Leon it's a farewell party. Before he leaves, the party is going to be bigger and better and Max has the right idea. He calls up Leon and tells him to make him a very good final present. Leon is in a bind. He wants to leave his country but his wife is upset about his leaving. He won't leave until his wife gets back. Leon says the party will be over and then he says goodbye. When he wakes up the next morning he wants to get back to the party. He thinks he can only do that by helping Max who is moving into a huge house. But before Leon can get a job he has to get a job in a barber shop. He makes the mistake of accepting a job and is fired. His wife is not happy. Leon and Max just get in their car and drive to the barber shop where they go to learn some things about the job. They meet Max's father who is new to the barber shop and they help him. Max and Leon have a great time and have lots of fun. They are happy because they know there is no place for them in their old country. Leon and Max have a happy future. They are going to be free to do whatever they want to do. And Leon and Max don't mind because they are in a lot of fun.

Nathan L. photo
Nathan L.

Wow. I have never seen such a good comedy of a movie. I think it was a masterpiece. The film is real and full of content. The real story of friendship and solidarity. This story will be ever more vivid in your heart. This is what I felt after watching it. Max, the little boy, has a big heart. He knows nothing about politics or war. But his heart is full of courage and is willing to help the people of Paris and France. But he is also dangerous. His battle is not just against his friend. The enemy is bigger than any of them. It is the whole world. His mission is to bring peace to all, especially those in his home country. I saw his friends in his friend's war. I saw his friends' mother, sister, and wife being killed. I saw the normal people being burned alive. The civilians were also killed in the war. So you should also know that France was in a war. The country was hit by bombings, and people were burning alive. This film is an eye opener for everyone. I am sure that it will be a good inspiration for all people. People should see it and then they should vote. For this movie, they need to vote 8. The movie deserves a great score of 8.

Marilyn Bishop photo
Marilyn Bishop

I have watched this film many times, and i never get tired of it. When you see the elderly couple Max and Leon working together, you know that they are a couple. The film is about their life, with a lot of love and passion. Sometimes you get the feeling that they are dying, but that's the only way they can be together. They are so romantic and good at their job, that they never get tired of working together. A kind of romance, is possible, but only if you understand the characters.

Frank Franklin photo
Frank Franklin

The movie is silly but it is funny, this is not a stupid movie, its a movie for kids, I recommend it for you too!

Ashley Gibson photo
Ashley Gibson

In his French film L'AMOUR (1954) legendary French director Henri Matisse (reigning with his trademark humor, style and imagination as the undisputed king of the French films) gives us a movie that has the value of being a mirror of his own personal thoughts on what is best for the average human being and what is best for the image he creates of himself and his works. As in the book the film is filled with in-jokes that are so subtle and inconsequential that they make the film more engaging than funny. The film reflects on the perils of living a life of luxury,, poverty and loneliness, with a serious message that it is better to live a noble life as a simple peasant and be called a bad name than to live as an "aristocrat", a "gentleman", or a "artist". The movie is pure genius, as Matisse's homage to himself and his films. At the same time he is almost the perfect mirror of the French movie makers of the period, who put in a much more serious way what was being said by the powerful French politicians and priests.