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Marguerite is a movie starring Catherine Frot, André Marcon, and Michel Fau. It is party day at Marguerite Dumont's castle. She sings wholeheartedly, but terribly out of tune. Marguerite has been living her passion in her own...

Other Titles
Niesamowita Marguerite, Μαργκερίτ, 偉大なるマルグリット, Marguerite - A tökéletlen hang, Madame Marguerite, Madame Marguerite oder Die Kunst der schiefen Töne
Running Time
2 hours 9 minutes
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Comedy, Music, Drama
Xavier Giannoli
Marcia Romano, Xavier Giannoli
Christa Théret, André Marcon, Catherine Frot, Michel Fau
Belgium, Czech Republic, France
Audio Languages
English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
日本語, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

It is party day at Marguerite Dumont's castle. She sings wholeheartedly, but terribly out of tune. Marguerite has been living her passion in her own bubble, and the hypocrite audience acts as if she was the diva she believes she is.

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Roy P. photo
Roy P.

A masterful debut from director François Ozon, "Les amants du Pont-Neuf" is his most personal film to date, a rollicking rom-com about the love lives of two eccentric Parisian intellectuals and the conflicts they face as their lives intertwine. In the spirit of Ozon's previous work "Le Grand Bleu" and "Gone with the Wind," this film is much more conventional than the former, which was a tightly scripted psychological drama. "Les Amants Du Pont-Neuf" is a sweet love story, and more a character study than a conventional plot. The dialogue is sharp and witty and the characters more compelling. I was delighted by the romantic chemistry between all of the leads, particularly Sophie Marceau and Louis Garrel. I was also pleased by the fact that the film was so candid and simple, but never dull. The film also includes a scene in which a character gives a shocking confession about a past love affair. I was riveted by the story, but also left feeling it could have been better. Nevertheless, I was pleased with the way this film developed, and I believe that Ozon is one of the best directors working today.

Jessica photo

I know that some people might feel that they had been let down by this movie, but I really didn't. Yes, the movie is a bit sappy, but it's a good example of what can be done with a little more thought and care. The ending could have been better, but other than that, the movie was really great. I was really taken aback by the amount of effort that went into the making of this movie. The director, writer, and everyone else involved in the movie did an amazing job. I would definitely recommend this movie to anyone who has been a fan of Moulin Rouge for any reason, and I hope that this movie gets the attention it deserves.

Pamela Mendez photo
Pamela Mendez

I found this movie extremely funny. I think this movie is about one of the best comedies I have ever seen. You have to have a sense of humor about what is going on. But it's a very true story. The main character is a woman who is very realistic and likes to keep to herself. There are no drugs, sex, violence, or any sexual content. If you are a woman, I strongly suggest you go and see this movie. It's one of the best comedies I have ever seen. The whole story is a lot of fun. I think the comedy is very true to life.

Jordan photo

We are in a comedy-drama-romance-drama-drama-drama-drama situation. And it just keeps getting better and better. And I don't mean just the jokes. I mean everything about this film is right on. The cinematography, the casting, the script, the direction, the music, the acting. The casting is perfect. And the script is perfect. This is a great film, but it is not for everyone. It is also not for people who are just trying to enjoy a good laugh. The plot is very predictable, but it is not really that bad. It just happens. And it is what it is. The acting is also very good. I really can't think of any one actor who should be giving a better performance than Jason Bateman. I think this movie is perfect for everybody. I think this is the best movie of the year. The only problem is that it is not perfect. I am not sure if I will like it as much as the first one, but I am going to see it again.

Martha Vargas photo
Martha Vargas

I saw this film a few weeks ago and was deeply impressed. As a fan of music and a musical theatre lover, I am pleased to say that I think the film is a truly excellent example of how good a film can be made when a script is not overdone and the actors do not try to please an audience with gimmicks. The performances were fantastic. The lead character in particular was incredibly sympathetic. She is a musical theatre singer, and I believe she was a perfect choice for the part. I was really moved by her performance. I really appreciated the fact that the film didn't go for any kind of Hollywood ending, and the fact that the film didn't follow any kind of formula. Instead, it was a very independent film that felt fresh and honest. It also had a very modern feel to it, and it was refreshing to see a film that was not completely reliant on CGI. I was really surprised at how good the acting was and how honest the film was. There was no sugar-coating, no "beautiful girl does good thing", no "he is a good man", etc. It was all down to the actors. I would definitely recommend this film to anyone who likes musical theatre, and I am glad that it is available on DVD.

Lauren Obrien photo
Lauren Obrien

I saw this film with my brother, who is not a fan of British cinema, and we were all impressed by the acting. There are no special effects, but there are some very good shots of the landscape and the camera work. This is a film which shows the limits of what we can get from films. The opening is excellent. The cast is first rate. There are several memorable scenes. I like the way the film goes off into a very different direction. It's a very British film, but the concept is quite American. I like the fact that the characters can be compared to any of us. We are all like the characters in this film. We all have the same temperaments. We are all rich, but have some weaknesses. We are all quite like the characters in this film. It is the main reason I liked the film. The story goes off in a different direction from the rest of the film. It is a very good film. I would recommend it to anyone. I would give it a 9 out of 10. It is a very good film.

Sandra Kennedy photo
Sandra Kennedy

First of all, I was curious about this movie because I liked some of the work of Franck Khalfoun. I had read a lot about it and I liked it. However, after watching it I felt the same way I felt about "The Husband", that the ending was a bit too much like "The Magician's Nephew". Still, it's an interesting movie and I liked it a lot. First, it's a drama and not a comedy. I think that some people were expecting a lot more from this movie. Also, I think this movie is a bit different from most movies I've seen, but I think it's one of the best. The cast was great. I thought all the actors did a great job. It was a bit of a surprise to see that Aissatou Diagne was in it. I like this movie and I think it's a good movie. Also, I recommend this movie to people who are interested in politics. My vote is 9/10.

Stephanie J. photo
Stephanie J.

The movie is great. First of all, I'm not a big fan of French cinema and I don't think it would be possible for me to accept a movie based on such an origin, so I can't compare it with other movies. The actors and actresses are beautiful. The story is interesting. The music is interesting. I am not sure whether I like this movie a lot, but I like it very much.

Kevin Chen photo
Kevin Chen

I really don't get why some people don't like this movie. This movie is funny, charming and full of colors. It's a movie for everyone. There is so much to the plot and characters that it's hard to write about them without spoiling. I think I only laughed twice in this movie, but I laughed a lot. I love all the characters, and I think the story is clever. It is very refreshing to see a film with a plot that is not stupid and does not try to be politically correct. The cast is very good and very funny. If you have a sense of humor, you will like this film. I think this movie is the perfect "date" movie, or it can be your date movie. It's one of the best movies I have ever seen and I have seen a lot. You won't regret watching this movie. I give this movie a 9/10

Nancy Rose photo
Nancy Rose

I can't say enough about this film. It is one of the most powerful films I have ever seen. It has a great cast, great script, great music and a really great story. I would say that it is the greatest film of all time. It also gives a very clear message about love, a very positive message, which I think is so important. I will never get sick of watching it.

Carol J. photo
Carol J.

This film is a wonderful showcase of the versatility of the talented Marguerite, who seems to be everywhere at the moment. She is certainly no stranger to directing - she directed the acclaimed La Violonie (2005) with a great supporting cast, the stunning Les Miserables (2006), and La Lune (2009). She is very familiar with the French language, and she is able to create a powerful, emotional story. The characters in this film are truly interesting and intriguing, and the film is a breath of fresh air compared to other dramatic films that come out of France, such as La Femme Nikita (1987), which is far too depressing, and Una tu Paradiso (2000), which is not worth the time. The other cast members also do an amazing job, and make the film truly watchable. To see Marguerite's previous films is to see a different person, and to see a unique talent. This is a must see!

Charles Warren photo
Charles Warren

I'm surprised that this movie didn't get the attention that it deserved. It's a shame because it's actually a very entertaining movie. The movie revolves around the friendship between a prostitute, a young prostitute, and a teacher. The teacher plays a very important role in the story, because as the story progresses, you begin to feel that there is something wrong with her character, and you begin to feel sorry for her. That's what I feel is the main theme of this movie. There is a lot of comedy in the movie. I felt that this movie is very enjoyable to watch, and if you don't have any friends and have a crush on a friend, you'll definitely like this movie. It's also worth mentioning that the movie has a good message to say. There are some funny moments in this movie, and the main message in this movie is that no one is perfect. The main character in this movie is a very important character. She represents the power of friendship and kindness. If you like romantic comedies, I recommend you to see this movie.

David O. photo
David O.

I would have to say this is one of my favorite movies of all time. And I can see why some people don't like it. The movie is not supposed to be something that you think about when you watch it, it's supposed to be entertaining and fun. The acting is great, especially by Mr. Hugh Jackman. He plays the part of Charlie, a young man in a small town in Kentucky. Charlie is an extremely religious man, and he is really into his religion. He is a kind and kindhearted person. And it shows in the movie, that he cares about the people around him and he takes time to help people out. This movie is about the ups and downs of life, and the struggles that people go through. It is an interesting movie, and the acting is great. I give this movie a 9/10.

Nicholas V. photo
Nicholas V.

In this film, Gene Hackman plays 'Cecile', a man who is in a rut. He is trapped in a depressing, middle-aged existence. However, when he receives a gift from his grandmother (Juliette Binoche) who seems to have no problems with him, he begins to get out of his rut. As the film progresses, we learn about Cecile's past and his life before he had the gift. The Gift itself is a story of change and the way in which it occurs. Hackman's character has to make the difficult decision to give up his dead mother, who is only his grandmother, for something he doesn't need. He must do this so he can live his life to the fullest. This is the essence of the movie. The Gift of the Girlfriend is a charming, romantic, and uplifting film that should be viewed by anyone, young or old. It is filled with lessons about the meaning of life and how we are all a gift from God. I have not seen the original film, but this version is great and shows that this film is one of the greatest films of all time.

Samantha photo

The movie is a mix of comedy, drama and action. All the actors in the movie have done a great job in their respective roles. The movie is so good that you can enjoy all the scenes together. The movie is quite entertaining, especially during the middle part. There is not a single boring moment in the movie. I recommend this movie to anyone who enjoys to watch a good movie, whether its funny or drama.

Arthur photo

I've seen this movie 3 times already, and I still laugh about it! I feel like I'm a child again. I think it's because of the music. I don't know why but this movie has a sort of magic to it. I haven't heard that music since I was a kid, and I'm really happy about it. I think this movie is like a modern day fairy tale. It's definitely something you have to watch. I was in love with this movie from the start. It's full of great ideas, wonderful characters, great actors, and a great story. It's a lot like a fairy tale, but with a modern twist. And the characters are so likable and you feel like you're a part of the story. I hope you enjoy the movie as much as I did.

Frances C. photo
Frances C.

In 'Ouija,' Gillian Anderson is a mentally challenged girl who lives with her abusive husband. She's in a mental hospital, and she's got a lot of fear in her. Her husband is a psycho, and they have this dream where they're playing the Ouija board and that's when she starts hearing the voices of people. Then she starts having nightmares, and she thinks that it's the end of the world. In 'The Haunting,' Frank Langella is a psychiatrist who is known for his outrageous role as 'Jack the Ripper.' The psychiatrist is going through a very difficult time in his life, and he's living with a girlfriend who is a total kook. This is a very bizarre movie, and it's really really, really good. This is a very dark film, but it's very funny. It's also very disturbing, but it's not meant to be that way. This is a very fun movie, and it's really good. There are a lot of surrealistic elements, and it's not really meant to be taken seriously, but it's really funny and very creepy. I recommend this movie to anyone who likes to have a good time. I recommend this movie to anyone who wants to see a very strange movie.

Kyle photo

The film was a big surprise for me. I had heard a lot about it, but had never seen it. I thought it would be silly, or would be a long, boring, dull movie. I was wrong. This movie is sweet, sweet, sweet. The characters are real. I was really moved by the story. I was also moved by the acting of the cast. It is a story of three young girls, the eldest of whom has suffered a traumatic event in her life, and has a deep depression. When they become friends, she tries to help them with the daily problems they face, but she is not allowed to help her friends. They are really stuck in their own little world, with no one to help them. One of them ends up going on a dangerous adventure and is killed, and the other two girls become very depressed. The film does a great job of showing the effects of depression, and how the effects can be devastating. I found the story very sad, but also very funny. The two girls' struggle to help each other was very good. I recommend this movie to anyone who is looking for a good comedy.

Raymond photo

I saw this film at a preview screening in Santa Barbara. This is one of the few films that has truly moved me. I was first moved by the two stories, and then moved by the visual perspective. I am not sure if I would have been able to handle this film, had it been shown on the big screen, but I enjoyed it on a small screen. I would definitely recommend this film to anyone looking for a movie that will draw them into the world of the characters.

Dylan L. photo
Dylan L.

The plot of the film is really one of the main reasons that I like this movie so much. It is a bit obvious, and if you watch it a few times, you get the hang of it. But that doesn't make it any less enjoyable. It is also the reason that I think that it is one of the most underrated movies of all time. The performances of both actors, James Franco and Rachel Weisz, are superb, and you really get the impression that you are watching a musical. I love the music that is in the movie, and I love how it is actually from the 1930s. Overall, this movie is one of the best movies of the year, and I highly recommend it to everyone who likes musicals.