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Kate Plays Christine

Kate Plays Christine is a movie starring Steven C. Bovio, Christine Chubbuck, and Stephanie Coatney. Actress Kate Lyn Sheil prepares to portray the role of Christine Chubbuck, a real-life news reporter who took her own life on local...

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Kate gra Christine, ケイト・プレイズ・クリスティーン
Running Time
1 hours 52 minutes
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Drama, Documentary, Biography, Thriller
Robert Greene
Robert Greene
Steven C. Bovio, Stephanie Coatney, Christine Chubbuck, Michael Ray Davis
Greece, USA
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Actress Kate Lyn Sheil prepares to portray the role of Christine Chubbuck, a real-life news reporter who took her own life on local Florida television in 1974.

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Kathryn Price photo
Kathryn Price

The film opens with a scene of what must be the longest running real-time news broadcast in the United States. It is almost three minutes long, and it is accompanied by a silent but penetrating voice-over: "Man-in-the-middle attacks from AT&T and Verizon caused a nationwide outage." This is followed by a lengthy interview with NBC News' Brian Williams, who was the first news anchor of the AT&T-Verizon merger. He has already gone on record with his disbelief that a network as large as NBC would fail. His comments were the only part of the film that moved me. The rest was just a collection of things like how Comcast began giving "free" broadband Internet service to all homes that wanted it, and how AT&T is now building a fiber network in parts of the country, which will be a megamall and be available for everyone. I couldn't wait to see the realization of this project, but was also a little disappointed that the project wasn't fully revealed. As the movie closes, we see what we have all been waiting for: a man-in-the-middle attack in Dallas, Texas. And it is a simple attack, in the style of a viral video. The man in the middle actually is someone else, and his first target is a computer where he has downloaded a virus. He then sends his virus to the second target, which is Verizon. Verizon simply responds with a phishing email. The two companies that respond are the same, but Verizon's server has not been compromised. How could the virus get on Verizon's server and not the other one? We don't know how much damage this man-in-the-middle has caused. All we know is that he has made the Internet go down in Dallas, and Verizon is in the process of upgrading its network. This is a simple, but powerful demonstration of the global reach of a man-in-the-middle attack. I found the film to be very entertaining. I can understand the negative comments from people who feel like the film is biased because there is no story here, just a man-in-the-middle attack. I found this to be true, but also saw that there is something more to the film than just that. The film is not just about man-in-the-middle attacks, but also the internet and the "social contracts" that we make with each other. Even if you hate this film, you will probably find something to learn about the internet. My main problem with this film is that I am not sure how to feel about it. Is it a propaganda piece? It could be. But I also believe that the film is much more than that. I was also intrigued by the idea that a man-in-the-middle attack was possible. This shows us that, in some ways, we are all that the attack is made out to be. The more I think about it, the more I believe that this is not just a man-in-the-middle attack. It is actually a man-in-the-middle of all attacks, on the internet and in real life. There is no excuse for this man-in-the-middle, and it is a very scary thought. There are people who defend this man-in-the-middle, but I think they are doing so on the basis of fear. They are scared that a man-in-the-middle could really happen. This is a very dangerous idea, and should be avoided.

Catherine M. photo
Catherine M.

I am surprised that this film did not do better at the box office. I am a great fan of the Blunt Trilogy and I loved that this documentary was such a great film, but what I found most interesting about this film is that it didn't just take the classic to a different place, it did it to a new place, a place that is still changing, that is definitely changing. As far as I am concerned, Christine is the first person in history who has been convicted of murdering a child, and she has an uphill battle before her to prove that she is innocent. In the first film, the filmmakers set out to present the truth of the case with as little bias as possible. They gave a realistic portrayal of the trial and we even got to see some evidence of Christine's motive and defense. This film didn't go that extra mile in this film. It is as if they completely removed all the bias from the scene and just presented a documentary with as much impartiality as possible. The truth about Christine is not any different from the truth about 9/11. In this film, they don't paint Christine as an innocent person, but rather show that Christine was not guilty and should have been found guilty. I am not suggesting that we should all be completely against the idea of an acquittal of Christine, but she should not be exonerated. What is done in this film is not done in a way that makes you want to embrace the idea of exonerating Christine. In this documentary, the filmmakers focus on what really happened that day. They show both sides of the story and don't even try to make the case for the defendant being innocent. They just present the facts. That is what the filmmakers did in the second film, but I think that they did it to a much better effect in this film. The filmmakers have a great job of not making it feel like they are trying to advocate Christine's guilt. They focus on what happened on that day and leave out all the crap about her motives, and try to give the viewer the full story of what happened that day, so that the audience can make up their own mind about who did it. The filmmakers do a great job of showing how the trial in this film, was set up and how they actually tried to get the witnesses to incriminate Christine. They show that they did everything they could to get the witnesses to incriminate Christine. They have the courage to get to the people who they think will incriminate Christine, and it is in that moment that we see what really happened that day. They make sure that the viewer gets the feeling that what they are seeing is a fair depiction of what happened that day. The filmmakers do a great job of not making this feel like a pro-Christine propaganda film. There is no pro-Christine speech in this film. They don't even have the courage to say that she was innocent. They do not try to persuade the audience that Christine was innocent. They make it clear that the only reason Christine was found guilty was because of one witness. She was convicted because of her husband. This film is not anti-Christine. It is pro-Christine. The film makers are definitely going to have some tough questions to answer in the future. They are going to have to find the courage to do a documentary about a jury in the next film that will be made about the entire investigation of Christine's death. It is going to be a tough decision to make about whether or not to accept this case as being 100% true. One thing that I think the filmmakers did better than any documentary I have ever seen in the past was that they didn't try to change the course of the investigation that led to the exoneration of Christine. In the second film, they were sure that they had the facts and that Christine's husband was totally innocent, but they did not do anything about the other witnesses and witnesses that testified to the innocence of Christine

Beverly R. photo
Beverly R.

I had never heard of Christine and her story and the documentary simply ticked of my list to see. I must say I was pleasantly surprised. I was also surprised that this documentary focuses on the players rather than the game itself. At first I thought the filmmakers were just going to rehash old footage but when I got to see the film it had my attention from the start. Christine's story is one that I'd never heard about and I was very moved by the story of how she overcame a life of abuse at the hands of her mother. It was a captivating film that captured the essence of Christine and made you want to know more about her. You feel sympathy for her as you see her struggle with her life and how she overcame the trauma of her abuse. The film also shows the survivors of the abuse that are still alive. The same thing can be said for the people who have since been abused but have found their way through their problems. The director does a great job of keeping the documentary moving and the editing is very interesting. It's an interesting look at a very powerful and inspirational story. This film definitely has a lot of weight and it should be seen by everyone. However, be warned, it's not for everyone.

Carol G. photo
Carol G.

The more you learn about the real-life Christine and the people who loved and respected her, the more you hate her. I've heard that she killed two men and committed suicide, but I don't know for sure. I've also heard that she'd been in mental institutions, but I have not been able to find out. She also came across as a sex symbol and prostitute, but that's not true either. She was the mother of two daughters. She was not an alcoholic and I haven't seen her drunk once. In fact, I have a feeling that she wasn't really that bad of a woman. She was a strong, smart woman who had learned how to adapt to a world in which there was no more social justice. She also learned to fight and she took that to her grave. In fact, I can't think of anything in the film that really makes her look good. So, I guess I would classify the film as a fictionalized biography. This film does not give us any insight into her life, so it's up to us to decide for ourselves what she is or wasn't. I think the film was made to give us a more objective view of her life. You can't really judge a person by their views, since you really can't know their true views. I suppose that's why the film is so much popular. One thing is for sure: She was a good person who had good qualities and bad qualities. She was a person with a strong will and a great love for life. I think that, when you see this film, you can judge for yourself if she was a good person or not.

Andrea photo

I enjoyed this documentary for the same reasons I enjoyed The Hurt Locker and Zero Dark Thirty. It's raw, honest and uncompromising. All of the women portrayed in this film are in my opinion heroes. They're not without their flaws, but they're not outright hateful. In fact, I thought their bravery in coming forward with their stories was quite brave. At one point, one of the women compares her life as a politician to her life as a survivor of the 9/11 attacks. And the story of a young mother's story of survival in Iraq (as well as her inspiring experience, which I'll not give away) is a powerful and powerful film. I'm not sure if I'd call this the most powerful documentary I've ever seen, but it is certainly very powerful. It definitely deserves a better profile than it's getting. And the biggest problem with the documentaries of today is that they tend to focus more on the mainstream stars than on the people who make a film and deliver it. So I feel like, even though I believe Ingrid is a hero, I don't feel this documentary is as effective as it should have been, because it focuses so much on the stars. So, I'm going to recommend that people see this documentary for themselves. It's definitely worth seeing.

Patricia Walters photo
Patricia Walters

These two filmmakers had made two documentaries before they found their own narrative. This film is a little shorter than its title, but I think that is more so to maintain the seriousness of the subject matter. The documentary film that really delves into the subject matter, Christine Collins, is not nearly as strong as its companion piece, but is still fairly engaging. This film examines the personality, discipline, and willpower of Christine Collins in her initial, and ultimately successful, occupation of the Big Apple. As a result of the film's subjects' long experience with New York City, the viewer is drawn into a sense of both a past, and a present, of the city's character. The film is completely dedicated to the character, and the woman, of Christine Collins, and does a fine job of showing this character, and the "real" Christine Collins, through her entire life. The movie doesn't attempt to make any sensational claims about the character or the subject matter. The "real" Christine Collins is left in the background, and the emphasis is placed on the character of Christine Collins, as an individual. That is the strength of the documentary. It is not trying to convince us that the man behind the character of Christine Collins was a psychopath, nor is it trying to present Christine as some sort of saint. The focus is on Christine Collins, and it is quite evident in the film. The movie has its moments of comedy, and drama, but overall it is an enjoyable documentary, and one that will be quite interesting to watch.

Ryan S. photo
Ryan S.

Why did that happen? Why was it that this young man was on a mission to get the truth out? Why did a self centered man like that become such a super hero? I thought this documentary would help me better understand what I was dealing with, but instead it just told me how to deal with what I had, that I had no control over. I don't think that anybody should take drugs or get involved with drugs. I have tried to find ways to understand what happened to my best friend and all I can say is that it is like nobody ever would have stopped her. I have watched many documentaries on drug use and one thing that seems to get stuck in my head is this; it seems like people with issues should be taking drugs and having them to a point, but it just doesn't seem that way when it comes to this young woman. I guess the other person that could really help me is my best friend who has been very critical of my life. That will be hard to do. I can't stand her and I hope that she didn't really do any of it. She probably just thought I had no control over my life.

Sara H. photo
Sara H.

I was so surprised to hear about this movie and especially the cast. The movie is so visually stunning and so well shot. I have seen the movie and I had to check it out on my own. I think that the story is important for all of us because we are aware of how we are being taken advantage of by the companies and the system. What is also interesting is the characters. The actors play their roles so well and the director and producer did a wonderful job in picking actors. I hope to see more films like this and this one is not an exception. It is a perfect movie for the whole family.

Justin Wade photo
Justin Wade

Went to see this film at the 2006 Sundance Film Festival and thoroughly enjoyed it. The documentary was well made and the social commentary was very funny. The documentary focuses on one aspect of the case: the murder. It's not a boring film and it focuses on the case as it happened. It shows the real events that led up to the murder, and it helps us understand the killer's motivations. It also helps us understand how the law is set up to protect a mentally challenged person, and how the social services were trying to protect Christine. It shows how Christine's case was handled and how it changed the law. It helps us understand how many people feel about mental disorders. The documentary also helps us understand why Christine would kill. It explains that Christine was emotionally troubled. It's not a very easy case to get a clear picture of, but this film helped us understand that. It was also a bit odd how she had a few mental problems while her parents knew nothing about it. Also, the filmmakers didn't cover any of the major evidence that was presented, like the DNA evidence. Overall, I think the film was very informative and made me feel for Christine and her family. I would recommend this film to anyone who is interested in the Christine Vance case.

Amy Wagner photo
Amy Wagner

First off, I'm an expert on Dr. H.M. Roberts' case. That said, I also love Richard Gere. He's a terrific actor and he's not to be confused with the actor he portrayed in this movie. He's a real person who lost his sight, and he also has a daughter that he loved dearly. And, you may not remember who he played in "Deuce Bigalow". He played an ex-con named Joe Miller. I think he is best remembered for playing Eric Roberts in "Gone in 60 Seconds" which is what it is called in the movie. I know people in the real world who go to restaurants and go to restaurants like "Mulligan's", which I think is the real name of the restaurant. "Mulligan's" is a place called "Mulligan's Steakhouse" in an industrial park in Millbrook, NY. I know people who go there and go there every day. They enjoy the food. They have a special menu for lunch. I have been to Mulligan's and I like it. The steak there is the best steak I've ever had. It has to be, or so I've heard. I can't find the place in the map anymore, but I think it is located in the industrial park area. I know it is. So, this movie has an interesting story. You will be fascinated by it. It's good for the eyes and ears. It's a good story. But, if you want to know the real story, then read the book. It is a good book. I recommend it. And, you might want to look into the real life of Dr. H.M. Roberts. I think he's an incredible man. I hope you enjoy it. Richard Gere, if you see this on the television, you have to see this movie. Because it's a great movie. The story is compelling. It is very interesting.

Sharon Palmer photo
Sharon Palmer

I have been a fan of the Simon Templar since I saw the original movie on TV as a kid and it was a great experience. But now that I am older, I realize how much I love this movie and it is hard to find time to watch it anymore. This documentary on the Simon Templar certainly makes it easier to find time to watch the movie. The documentary details his childhood and how he was raised and his socialization at home and the boarding school. The documentary also contains many of the memories he had at boarding school and how they made him who he is today. The documentary was very informative and it really showed the struggle of the Simon Templar and his perseverance to be the best that he could. The documentary was very nice, informative and well-made. If you like the Simon Templar, this documentary will help you understand how hard his life was and how much he gave to others and the way that he loved them. The documentary is also a good source for information on boarding school and how it affected the Simon Templar. Overall, this documentary was very informative and really helped understand the Simon Templar and how hard his life was. He is a great man and I would recommend it to anyone who loves Simon Templar's movies or documentaries.

Angela Patterson photo
Angela Patterson

I found this film to be great. I didn't really think much of the way the life of Amanda Todd was portrayed, but then I learned that she actually took her own life. This film was great, and I have to admit, I can relate to Amanda. She was being groomed by her boyfriend because he "was a good provider", and instead of trusting him, she didn't. I wish more people could realize that there are many different kinds of people out there, and all are entitled to their own opinions and experiences, but just do your own research before acting on it. I think a lot of people are just trying to use these circumstances as a way to turn things around and be happy. I think everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but then I think you should know what you are getting into. I found this film to be very educational and I feel like it's one of the best documentaries ever made.

Amy Weber photo
Amy Weber

It is nice to see that "found footage" filmmakers have finally gotten the right balance of elegance and quality. This is a very well-crafted and well-acted movie, and a documentary that is very well made. It's a powerful, though intimate, documentary that is both entertaining and educational. This is a film that would have benefited from a more skilled, experienced, and more established producer-director. The film-makers did a wonderful job, but it could have been more efficient. If the movie had been more polished and presented with a more professional production company, the results would have been much more rewarding. It would have also helped to include a narrator, as the amateur interviews are usually not as intriguing as the movies themselves. But I guess this is just a personal opinion, and I recommend this film to any people who are interested in watching a wonderful film about a fascinating subject.

Dorothy photo

Paul Gabor had a dream. That dream was to become a full-time documentary filmmaker. He's come so far in his life to have such an extraordinary career. But the movie is even more inspirational. The story begins with Paul Gabor at work, filming a scene from the movie "A Walk to Remember", where he was filming the very man who would become his wife's husband. He had a conversation with the director, that changed his life forever. It was the film's director, who wanted to do a true story of the man. So that's what he wanted to make. The story is told through an array of interviews with his wife, Lisa, and his wife's friends. It's told through a long and intricate sequence of archival footage from the years when Paul was filming his movie. Then, in 2011, the story was told again through a letter written by Paul. The story is told in a very intimate and respectful way, and it shows the events in a way that makes you feel like you know the man. Then, at the end, there is a message, which is that you should never stop pursuing your dream, even when you don't know how much you'll succeed. I have to say that the messages are delivered very well. I hope that everyone would watch this movie, as this is a very informative, inspirational, and a very personal story.

Phillip S. photo
Phillip S.

I remember seeing the trailer for this film when it was first announced and being really impressed. I had no idea what it was about, and it looked like it would be boring and depressing. I had no expectations and I was surprised. This is a fantastic film, very disturbing at times but with great characters and some great dialogue. The main thing I liked about this film was that it kept the same atmosphere throughout the whole thing. It was not full of cliches, it was scary and depressing at times, but also funny and memorable. The characters are amazing. They are relatable and you feel for them. I really hope that the film gets seen by more people, and that more people give this film a chance. It's extremely underrated and I hope that the film gets seen by more people, because it deserves to be seen. 9/10.

Victoria photo

This is a really beautiful film, and is a very hard film to watch. And I love how it shows just how the real Christine went after her murder, with her family and friends, who knew what happened. She was never given the closure that other women would have had. This documentary is a must see, as it shows the real Christine being portrayed on screen, and is her own person, not a ghost or a sympathetic character. This documentary is probably one of the best documentaries that you can watch. I am surprised that there have been so many people who disliked this documentary. And I also am surprised that this movie has a rating of 6.3, and is ranked so low on IMDb. This is a MUST SEE documentary for all movie lovers!

Jeffrey photo

I was surprised by this movie. Having been a girl I was not overly familiar with the story of Christine Korsgaard, a serial killer in Sweden who committed the most prolific rapes in the country's history. Although the murders were eventually solved and convicted, there was a substantial amount of circumstantial evidence that suggested a stronger case for her being guilty than it actually was. The Swedish audience probably will not be familiar with her story at all, so I did not bring up this in my review. However, I would recommend this movie to anyone who enjoys documentaries and has an interest in the facts of a very dark period in Swedish history.

Wayne photo

A chilling documentary about a self-destructive man whose fixation with the danger of death and the very nature of life is compelling and frightening. The footage is brilliantly shot and follows the suspect in search of answers as he attempts to find a resolution to his depression. We follow the final days of the man as he attempts to get the help he needs. We follow his wife and family as they struggle with the crisis and the man's bizarre obsession. The documentary's slow pace leaves you confused as to what exactly is happening as the questions are never satisfactorily answered and the answers offered are never satisfying. As his behavior escalates to the point where he is even contemplating suicide it becomes clear that he was only following a morbid compulsion to avoid certain death.

Aaron S. photo
Aaron S.

For once the producer has done a great job of capturing the spirit of the man. Well worth watching if you like the subject.

Louis Lucas photo
Louis Lucas

Since I saw this film, I have learned a lot about this subject. The footage was grainy but shot beautifully. The director did a wonderful job of explaining some of the facts. I like this film. It's certainly not Oscar material, but it is worth seeing. I wish I could give it more than 9 stars.

Pamela Hawkins photo
Pamela Hawkins

This documentary is the true story of Christine Cavanaugh and the high profile, notorious trial she fought against an unjust murder charge in 1983. Not only did this very controversial case land her husband and daughter in jail, but it also cemented her reputation in the news media as a media storm-tosser. The film starts out a bit slow, but it picks up pace and the way the narrative shifts and winds up all the time, makes for an interesting and not as dull viewing experience. The interview subjects (Christine, her husband, and the woman who accused her) are all in very good voice, and well-acted. I don't know if all the coverage of this case gave the Cavanaugh's any real respect, but it certainly gave them fame and publicity. If you haven't already seen the documentary, I recommend it.

Willie Patel photo
Willie Patel

I am writing a review of this documentary on the basis that it is not one you will be likely to forget easily. The documentary starts with a piece of speech in London by British actor Clive Owen, who says that he was just a "normal boy", but the implication is that the shyness and modesty of childhood were tinged with a desire to be accepted. I was expecting to be subjected to a long monologue about the way all children have a desire to be "different". Owen's self-pity, and the fact that he is self-pitying, is not the point of the film; instead it is a portrait of the male child of the 1970s and the pressures he would have had to endure. If you are a boy of the 1970s, you will know of Clive Owen. He has always been the boy that everyone wants to talk to, and is often the centre of attention. As well as being a male, he has a deep-rooted anti-social personality. In many ways, his character comes across as almost unbearably mean-spirited, but the film brings this out in all its lightness. Owen's performance is one of the best performances of the year, and it's a shame he did not receive more recognition for it. I must admit, the film may be slightly overlong, but the story is so well told, that it seems that you are watching the same story unfold over and over again. Not only does the film give us the inside story of a man with a troubled childhood, but it tells us that the portrayal of child abuse was really not that different to what we have all seen in films. However, it is not about Owen or children in general. The story of the son of an abusive father, and the desperate attempts of the director to find the father, are just as compelling. The more pressing concern for me was the story of the effect of a child going to live with a father who had been sexually abusing him. The film tells us the story of all of the children who went to live with an abusive father. This is not to say that the abuse did not happen. There were cases of rape, but it was never more than one or two incidents. And for every time a child was raped, there were a number of incidents of being molested. The film is extremely harrowing, and those who watch it may find it upsetting. But the movie is not so much about Owen, but about the child abuse that existed. Clive Owen was not the only one. Many children were abused. Children who had been abused are very hard to deal with. I don't think Owen had any control over his father. His son, with whom Owen is now estranged, never experienced any type of abusive father. The filmmaker was actually a victim of child abuse himself, but it is his own words and the power he has with his children that drives him. One of the things that struck me most is that Owen was an actor. He acted in many films and was a very successful performer. It's sad that some of his own words, like "If I'm not handsome, I'm not interesting", still reflect some of his acting ability. It's not a documentary about the truth of child abuse. Rather, the documentary is about the kind of child abuse that exists today. The film is a powerful piece of work, and is worth seeing.

Brian W. photo
Brian W.

If you have ever been bored with life, this documentary is for you. The subject, and director, play is truly mesmerizing and gives the viewer a new perspective on the stress of life and work. This documentary is highly recommended.