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Soorma is a movie starring Diljit Dosanjh, Taapsee Pannu, and Angad Bedi. Soorma is the story of the triumph of the human spirit, about a player, who made headlines for his miraculous comeback after facing a near death experience...

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2 hours 11 minutes
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Biography, Drama, Sport
Shaad Ali
Shaad Ali, Siva Ananth, Adhir Bhat, Suyash Trivedi
Angad Bedi, Diljit Dosanjh, Vijay Raaz, Taapsee Pannu
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Soorma is the story of the triumph of the human spirit, about a player, who made headlines for his miraculous comeback after facing a near death experience through sheer determination, hard work and unrelenting passion for the sport.

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Walter T. photo
Walter T.

If you love cricket, you will love this movie. It's beautifully shot, beautifully written, beautifully acted, and wonderfully filmed. It's not your typical cricket movie, it's not your typical cricket movie. It's a story about love, and the life of a boy, and how he finds love with a woman, and the trials and tribulations he faces to find the right person to spend his life with. You'll be left wanting more, and wondering about the meaning of life. The movie is set in Scotland, and the characters speak in Scottish. I recommend this movie to anyone who loves cricket, and to anyone who loves movies.

Dorothy K. photo
Dorothy K.

The film is a one-off work of art, and I think it deserves the praise it has been getting. It's about the man who played George Best, the greatest tennis player in history, and how his life was shaped by his love for the game, and the way he pursued it. It's about the moments that define him, and the man who's his greatest inspiration, and how he was the one who changed his life. It's about the wonderful moments that made him who he was, and the hardships that he overcame. It's about his love for his father, his father's love for him, and how that love changed the way he played the game. It's about his love for his son, and the bond he had with his son, and how the bond brought him so much joy. It's about the love that he had for the game, and the way he pursued it. It's about his passion, and the love he had for it. It's about his triumphs, and the struggles that he overcame. It's about the joys he had in his life, and how he was able to overcome them. And it's about the problems he faced, and the decisions that he made, that helped him overcome them. It's about how he changed his life, and how he changed the game. I don't know if you can call it a tennis film, but I think it's one of the best that I've ever seen. It's a real classic, and it deserves all the praise that it's getting.

Grace Aguilar photo
Grace Aguilar

Mawashi is a talented but limited and immature young football player who has a number of friends from the local village and is the head of a small family. He is also quite the eccentric and is the first in his village to participate in an upcoming football tournament. As his team is the best in the country, he is selected as the head coach of the team. A sad case of football and the problems of youth in our society. Mawashi has a few close friends and is the leader of the team and his life is really good. He makes a decision to go to a tournament in a country where he has never been and also he makes a decision to go to a war-torn country and to fight with the militia and the people. It is a decision that is not easy but he is determined to do it. As a result, Mawashi finds a friend in a local rebel, the famous "Bombe" and the friendship is something that will last long after the tournament. He is the man that everyone looks up to and has his own way of dealing with problems. He is the man of his village and the person that everyone looks up to. The problem is that he is only able to deal with problems with his friend and he has a hard time dealing with his life problems. But as the tournament draws closer, he is more and more frustrated and angry. But as the game progresses, he is forced to deal with the problems that are occurring and to help the people. The movie is about two men and their personal problems and their reactions to the problems. The problems are not really about football but more about the people's feelings towards each other and their reactions to the problems. The movie is about a great story about friendship, how life is not always what we think it is and how hard it is to deal with problems and the difficulties that come with growing up. The movie is not only about football, but also about friendship and how it can be stronger than anyone. The movie is not just about football, but about the community, how life can be very hard for a young person and how much they can learn from one another. This movie is very inspirational and is not only about football, but about the problems of people's lives. It is also about how the young people in the village deal with the problems. I really like this movie because it is about how football can be more than just a game. The movie shows how football can be used for many things and how a team can be made up of many different people. This movie is really inspiring and shows that football can be more than just a game. I think that this movie is a very good movie and will not disappoint you.

Gloria V. photo
Gloria V.

The real story of Ali - a passionate and conflicted man who in his later years found the strength to help his country and the world. With this film, he and his fellow athletes and followers can be able to remember him as an example of a man who took an enormous risk in his early life and was willing to do whatever was necessary to help the cause. It's a film about a man who was forced to sacrifice so much, but could do nothing to stop the injustice that was happening around him. It's about a man who never wanted to be taken advantage of, but was able to become a hero when he decided to speak out. This film is a reminder of the people who were willing to fight to give their lives and they are now in the same position that Ali was in. There are so many things to admire about this film, but the most important thing is how it was able to give a true representation of the person who Ali was. There were no special effects or CGI or costumes or anything else that could have made Ali look more beautiful than he really was. The real Ali was a real man who lived the kind of life that the movie was about. A real man who fought for his country, but also fought for himself. I can't imagine that Ali's life was different than anyone else's because of the circumstances that he was in, but that doesn't mean that it didn't matter. I'm glad that I saw this film, because it is a great example of the importance of sports in a country and the world. It's a great reminder of the sacrifices that Ali made and the sacrifices that his supporters made, and the sacrifices that were made by the people that supported him. The one who supported Ali didn't want him to be a champion, and that's what the film is about. In the end, Ali was a champion, but not the champion he could have been. It's a great movie, and I recommend it to anyone who wants to learn more about Ali and his legacy.

Scott B. photo
Scott B.

What can I say about this film. It is an incredibly well made film, and I have never seen a film like it before. The cinematography, the acting, the storyline. everything is so well done, and the story is absolutely riveting. The director is going to go down as one of the most influential directors of our time. The only thing I have to criticize about this film is the ending. It is not what I would have liked, but it is still one of the best endings in a film I have ever seen. In conclusion, this film is incredible. A must see for any film lover, and it is not even close to being a bad film. I give it an 8/10.

Philip Carroll photo
Philip Carroll

Although I am a sports fan and have been to a lot of sports games, this movie was a real eye opener. It's not just about the U.S. vs. Japan, it's about the sporting rivalry of the year. In this case it's the 1963 World Cup. The U.S. won, and after the game, some Japanese fanatics were quoted saying, "Oh, Japan. That's what they like to call us." As if that doesn't illustrate the country's attitude. Some other quotes: "How can you blame us, when you're not even playing the game?" "You guys are the dumbest people I ever met." "You're the dumbest people I ever met." "We're going to win, you're going to lose." "If you don't like it, don't go. If you do, we'll be nice." This movie made me think a lot about the sport, the country, and the rivalry. It's a really great movie, and I will watch it again.

Kenneth Adams photo
Kenneth Adams

I just saw this movie last night and I think it's a good movie. Not the best but it was good. The acting was good, and I thought the story was good. I don't think the movie was completely done in an ideal way, but I think it was good. I like the way the movie portrayed the relationship between the two fighters, and I like how it showed the drama between the fighters. I think it was the way the story was told that made it good. The story was very simple, but it was done very well. The only thing I didn't like about the movie was that it was a little bit too long, but it was a good movie overall. I think the story was well told, and the way it was told made it a good movie.

Paul photo

One of the most powerful, visceral, gripping films I have ever seen. The acting, the camera work, the music, the writing, the direction. Everything. This is the most perfect example of how to make a movie about a man and his life. I can't understand why it isn't a top 250. It's the best film of the year.

Betty photo

The film is a true story about the competition between the two best rugby players of their time - that's not a spoiler because it is based on a true story. It is an interesting film but it is very difficult to follow because the film is in two parts and you have to watch the first part before the second part. However, it is an interesting film and I recommend it to anyone who likes rugby, rugby action or rugby films. I give it an 8/10.

Janet photo

I don't know if this is the best movie ever made, but it is definitely one of the best films I have ever seen. I saw it in theaters and saw it again on DVD. I was very impressed with the special effects and the acting. The story is true, so if you want to see a film about an underdog, this is it. This is the kind of film that everyone should see at least once in their lives. The story is about an African American baseball player named Yogi Berra. He is a hero to many people because he never quit and never gave up. He went on to play in the big leagues and became a great baseball player. The story goes that he was too honest for his own good. He loved his teammates and never showed any disrespect. When he was getting ready to play in the big leagues, he was working on a new uniform. When the ball hit the bat, he had a headache and he thought it was dirty. The ball was just a ball. But then the ball turned out to be a ball and he had a chance to win the game. The ball hit the bat and he had a chance to win the game. But he was so honest that he couldn't admit that he had a headache. But he knew it was dirty. He thought he had to give up the game. So he went to the doctor and told him that he had a headache. He told him that he knew it was dirty but he couldn't admit it. He said that it was because he was going to be honest with him. The doctor said he was going to give him a shot of Benadryl. Yogi Berra was then given a shot of Benadryl and he went to the big leagues and became a great baseball player. I recommend this film to everyone, especially if you are a baseball fan. I don't know if I will ever be able to get over the fact that this movie was made in the 1950's.

Christina M. photo
Christina M.

This is the best South Korean movie I have ever seen. The story line is very powerful, and the acting of the actors is outstanding. I think this is a movie that all South Koreans should watch. I think it is a great movie for everyone, especially for the younger generations. This movie is very inspiring, and the people in the movie are very real. If you have not seen this movie yet, please do so. This is a movie that all South Koreans should watch.

Matthew M. photo
Matthew M.

This is an excellent movie. It was very difficult to get a lot of words on it. There are scenes in the movie that are very intense and dramatic and for some reason, it really grabs you. And when you get the whole picture, it's so profound. It's not like the English language where you can say the whole story and put it in English. There are lots of good scenes and it's hard to say how much you have to say in order to understand it. You have to understand that there is a lot of emotion in the movie. You don't see a lot of good actors in the movie, but they're still good. They're not that great actors, but they're good. The plot is very complicated. It's not easy to understand but the movie has a lot of good scenes. It's really hard to understand all the story lines, but it's really worth it. You have to be able to understand English to understand it. The actors are good. But there are lots of good actors in the movie. It's not like it's a movie for kids. It's a very good movie. It's worth seeing. I recommend it.

Eric Turner photo
Eric Turner

Although it was never made to be a major motion picture, this wonderful little film has a lot of heart. A true testament to the true spirit of the Indian people. From the leader of the Indian army to the people of the country, this film is a reminder of the nobility of the Indian people. Great performances by a terrific cast, a wonderful story, and the authentic Indian culture make this film a true winner.

Denise photo

I watched this movie for the first time on the big screen on December 18th. I loved the movie and I've watched it a few times since. It's an interesting story about a World Cup-winning striker. I love the way it was shot and the music is also very good. The acting is great. I was also impressed by the cinematography. I especially liked the use of old film stock. I've never seen a movie that was shot in such a way. It's a beautiful movie and I would recommend it to anyone. I can't wait for the DVD to come out.

Roy M. photo
Roy M.

The film itself is very well done. It's not as good as the book. However, the movie does have some great quotes and scenes that are really great. I would definitely recommend the movie, as it is very entertaining.