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In Search of Greatness

In Search of Greatness is a movie starring Wayne Gretzky, Jerry Rice, and Pelé. Through the eyes of the greatest athletes of all time, IN SEARCH OF GREATNESS is a cinematic journey into the secrets of genius.

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Gabe Polsky
Gabe Polsky
Jerry Rice, Ken Robinson, Wayne Gretzky, Pelé
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Through the eyes of the greatest athletes of all time, IN SEARCH OF GREATNESS is a cinematic journey into the secrets of genius.

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Judy F. photo
Judy F.

I love documentaries, but I don't get too involved with the details of a film. It's just like eating a pizza, I can't wait to watch it again. This movie is different. It is non-fiction, but it has a story that is important to me, and it is told so well. I have watched many documentaries about the death penalty and it is a good thing, it gives an honest look on it and helps people to realize what it is and why it was done the way it was done. The story of Joshua Kovner and Steven Hayes is told through a series of videos that are informative, even if they are old, it gives an old feeling to the films. If you love watching documentaries, I highly recommend watching this film. It's a good movie that brings you to the real story of the death penalty and how it's done. I will watch it again, and I will recommend it to others.

Sean photo

I have only watched this movie on DVD because I couldn't find it anywhere. I'm a sci-fi fan so it was the only movie I'd seen so far. It's a movie about the future, the big changes that are coming. But the main character's childhood is the main point. His relationship with his father, his father's relationship with him. I think this is important to tell the viewer about how a father and a son deal with each other. It's a very touching story. Although the editing is not very good, the movie is so nice. I didn't really understand the ending because I wasn't completely sure of it, but I still think the movie is great.

Ashley R. photo
Ashley R.

I haven't watched many documentaries, but this was one that I really wanted to see, because it was done by people that I respected. There is a lot of good information here, but I felt that there were a lot of loose ends in the film. The people that were interviewed could have been more thorough. The film is a good look into the life of Lou Reed and Paul Simon. But it could have been better, and it felt incomplete. The documentaries that I've seen before were very thorough and left many more questions than answers. This is not a documentary, but it does give you a feel for Paul Simon and Lou Reed's lives, and the music they made. For me, this was a very good documentary that would have benefited from being longer, because it felt that it could have been more thorough and a little more comprehensive.

Elizabeth photo

This is an interesting and entertaining look at a subject that has become too little discussed. What happened to the original World's Fair? What can we learn about that tragic history from a documentary like this one? The short answer is, not much. A documentary like this requires some imagination and a certain amount of suspension of disbelief. A fair amount of suspension of disbelief. The documentary is not going to change anyone's opinion on what the World's Fair was all about. It's not going to change your opinion about the political and cultural motivations that led to the construction of the Fair. It's not going to change your opinion about how or why the planning of the World's Fair was handled. The movie is not going to change anyone's opinion on the origins of the World's Fair. However, I think this documentary is a fascinating look at the history of the World's Fair and how it came about. I also think that it's a compelling story about the remarkable people involved in the World's Fair and the people that helped to bring it to fruition. What I love about the movie is that it doesn't ask you to sympathize with the Fair's actual creators, designers and builders. The makers of the World's Fair are not portrayed as some evil government conspiracy to bring about the destruction of humanity. The people who created the World's Fair are portrayed as ordinary people, just like everyone else. In fact, they are just like everyone else, they just happen to have a bit more to offer than the average American in their 30s. I was impressed by the director's ability to create an atmosphere that is not one of obsession, but rather one of genuine interest and curiosity. In other words, it is one of those movies that you can watch repeatedly and still be interested and curious about.

Harold Davidson photo
Harold Davidson

This is a great documentary about the cult of one of the best hockey players of all time, Wayne Gretzky. Gretzky has been dubbed the greatest sports player of all time, but his cult following is more like that of the most overrated football players. Many say he is a genius, and no doubt the man who created hockey, but for many, his cult following has turned into an obsession. The film is set in Toronto, Canada, where Gretzky is playing for the "Eskimos" (a hockey team). He's close friends with a member of the group who lives in the city, named Murray Walker. Walker played with Gretzky on the "Sleddins" (a hockey team) and these two are good friends. Walker is obsessed with Gretzky, and one day he tells him how much he loves him. Gretzky gets really depressed. This video will give you an idea of how insane this man's cult was. I can't believe this man who was known as the greatest hockey player of all time was in love with a stranger. It's not so much that Gretzky was a weirdo, it's that he was a complete ass. He didn't care about anyone, including himself, and he felt that he was doing his job. He's a total jerk. This is not a documentary about him, but about a person who became obsessed with another person, and it's a very sad story. It's a documentary about a guy who was obsessed with a stranger. I don't think this is the end of the world, but it's a sad story. I think it's interesting to watch because you can see Gretzky's personality changing after this group of people became his obsession. It's a very sad story.

Mary W. photo
Mary W.

Great films are often so many things: a cinematic masterpiece, a timeless classic, a remarkable piece of entertainment. I feel like I really have only one word to describe the film I saw at the Sundance Film Festival, this is the "Essential Film". It's not an amazing masterpiece or a groundbreaking work of art, it's just an amazing film that's a must see for every film lover. It's an extraordinary insight into the true essence of American filmmaking. The pace is slow and deliberate, and there are no jumps, no last-minute magic tricks, just an intense and gut-wrenching drama that reaches deep into the human heart. It's a brilliant look into the mindset of a great director. It's a look into the life of an important filmmaker and a good story. It's a look into the vision of a visionary and the very best of American storytelling. It's a powerful look into the creative process, and the challenges of crafting an epic story that will be remembered for generations to come. It's an unforgettable journey that will leave you speechless. It's a true work of art, and it is, in my opinion, the best film of the year. It's not a perfect film, and it doesn't have the greatest plot. But it is a masterpiece. And it's worth every second. This is a film that will truly stand the test of time and be enjoyed by audiences for generations to come. So don't miss this film. You won't regret it. It is, in my opinion, one of the greatest films of all time, and the best film of the year. An epic film, but an epic film. A masterpiece.

Ronald Peters photo
Ronald Peters

Well, I love this film. I am a student of World History and saw this film as a history lesson. The film gives an interesting take on how the world became what it is today. To me, I think that history is about taking the hard path. To me, this film is about how the world became what it is today. I love this film. In some ways, it reminds me of my history teacher. He taught us to look at history from a different point of view. I think this film is one of the best examples of that. I am also very glad that I got the opportunity to watch it at a local film festival. I am very happy that I got the chance to see this film.

Mildred M. photo
Mildred M.

This is a really interesting documentary. I was expecting to see an entirely different kind of documentary. The subject matter is so much more about having more good people in your life. A lot of the subjects are incredibly powerful. Some are very well acted. The documentary is well paced, it does not drag on and on. It does not treat you as if you are part of a political campaign. It does not call you to decide who is the best. The movie is about how we are choosing our leadership. But if we want a better life, then we need to do it. We all know that this is not what we want, but we need to do something about it. There are lots of "How I Got Here" documentaries. This is different. I am surprised that this is not more popular. I am very impressed with the story. I really liked the way the documentary is told. It has a very good rhythm. I thought that there were some big questions that were not answered. But if you have the time to think about it, then you might be able to answer them. It is a very good documentary.

Grace R. photo
Grace R.

I saw this movie last night at the YWCA. It was very interesting and makes a very good point about being in the workforce. The whole point of the movie is about the issues faced by current employees. The way they are treated and what they have to put up with. It shows how the people in this movie are affected by the working conditions and you see some very interesting people like the person who has to drive to work, and the people who work in a large store that is full of machines. You see what happens when someone goes to college or goes to a graduate school and their first job is to put the screws on a machine. The problems that the workers have to face are different, but the issues are the same. When you look at the people who are the ones that have to deal with these issues, you see that they are struggling with problems of their own. So this movie is a very good look at what goes on. One thing that I don't think it mentions is the financial problems of these people. We saw that the students who are struggling with these issues have to go to debt free loans. That is one of the main issues that people in this movie face. I think that it is a good movie and shows you the effects that the working conditions have on the people.

Mildred photo

I have to admit that it is interesting to see some of the World's top creative geniuses and their personalities. Perhaps not as many as say and it's good to see a more candid view. This film is also nice to see people in the 80's who are still alive today, but the personalities and the faces of the people in the film make you want to dig deeper to see what they are all about. The film shows the way these personalities grew and how their creativity often helps them overcome mental illnesses. The film was really nice to see to see the life and times of some of the creative geniuses, some famous and not so famous. The movie has some wonderful camera work and some interesting interviews. I was impressed that Michael Caine told his story in a very candid way. I think this is a really nice documentary that you should watch.

Rebecca S. photo
Rebecca S.

Here's an idea: Instead of "Go to War" as a promotional video for the upcoming movie, put in a cool cover with a gun in the background. It would be cool to watch that for 90 minutes instead of 1 hour and 15 minutes of someone playing golf, watching sports, eating pizza, and having fun. The movie is a great example of what we've lost. It was fun to watch and entertaining, but it never felt like "Go to War" for me. This movie would have been more entertaining, because it was more focused on the personal and emotional side of people and not about the business side. The movie itself was the closest thing to "Go to War" that I've ever seen. It was not cheesy, it was not overdone, it was not over done, it was just what I had hoped it would be. Not to mention that I can't imagine how it's going to be translated into the US and the UK. In my opinion, the movie has all of the things that make it unique. The music is great, the characters are all great, the cast is great, the story is great, the feel is great, the editing is great. Everything is just right. So when I watched it I was actually thinking "I can't wait to see it again!" So that's how I feel about it. It's a great watch for sure.

Randy Perkins photo
Randy Perkins

An excellent look at the work of Jay Forrester, director of the Troma Entertainment films and of "I Kill Giants" (also known as "Dark Dawn"), a cult classic film from the 80's. This is really one of the best documentaries I've seen on Troma and Jay's work. In the course of showing the film's producers, a few people get interviewed, but not much else is really said. In fact, much of the interview is just a series of stock clips from Troma films, which is not necessarily a bad thing. I found the stock clips interesting, and the interviews are probably more interesting than the actual documentary. The biggest reason why I think this is a great documentary is the humor. There are several interviews with Jay and Jay's close friends and acquaintances, and they give very good interviews. There are also interviews with some people who worked on Troma films, such as John Gurdin, Tom Savini, John Belushi, and Doug Roberts. Of course, they are all great filmmakers, and this movie really brings them out of the shadows and into the spotlight. The interviews are funny and entertaining, and the jokes are really great. I especially liked the one about the special effects supervisor. The other jokes and jokes are also great. I think this documentary is worth seeing. It really brings out the best in Troma. I rate it 7 out of 10.

Rose W. photo
Rose W.

Like most of us, I too enjoyed "Search for Greatness", but I don't think it was a documentary. I did like it for the simple fact that it was about life, and more specifically about one man's life. That is, for one man, the same time and place in history as that in which he lived. For some people, this will be a surprising view. The most obvious question is, who was this man? Who was he? He was certainly not a filmmaker, nor did he have any particular skills as a writer or performer. He was an artist, and his talent was not his artistic talent. In fact, he wasn't really a performer, but more like an actor, and a movie star. His talent was his ability to tell stories, and to tell them well. This is an interesting story, and I can see why this man was a filmmaker, but I don't think it's a documentary.

Kevin G. photo
Kevin G.

Richard Carrier, who also penned the excellent, "To Die For", returns to his original subject matter with a look at the legacy of Captain Jean-Luc Picard as a leader of the Federation. We learn about the legendary captain and his contributions to humanity, as well as his achievements, and his honorable demise. Carrier tells us the story of Jean-Luc Picard in the wake of his final battle with the Borg, and the influence his spirit had on future generations. I found the film to be very enlightening, even if the subject matter is much more historical than fictional. Also, many of the people in the audience were in their 30s or 40s when this film was released, and the film certainly does not have the punch of the older, more popular films in the same genre. You can see how the effects of the first film had affected the viewers of the second film, but that is the way the story should be. But there were still several elements of the film that I enjoyed. For example, I thought that the great actor John de Lancie, who was a colonel in the French Foreign Legion, was a perfect choice to play the role of Captain Picard. He was one of my favorite characters from the original Star Trek TV series, and he was brilliant in the film. The movie did not break any new ground in terms of the plot, but the performance by John de Lancie, a man who is a legend in his own right, was very well done. I also thought the science fiction aspect was very interesting. While I would have liked to see more of the Borg, I thought that the film did a great job of showing the consequences of the first invasion. It did not ruin the film, but it did provide a very good reason for why the Borg would be so important in the future. The science fiction was not the only thing that I liked about the film, but the other elements were very good. I especially liked the overall use of music in the film, as well as the cinematography. Although I would not say that this was the best science fiction film of the year, it was still very good. I give the film a rating of 7 out of 10, and I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys a good story with a dramatic focus. I would give it a slight recommendation that it be watched during a quiet night with popcorn and drinks.

Jacqueline Murphy photo
Jacqueline Murphy

The main focus of this documentary is to make the viewer question what is the significance of our lives and to make us see that life is not about the money. I thought it was a fascinating and thought-provoking documentary. The film explores the difference between the people who give their lives for others and the people who give their lives for themselves. It was interesting to see the life of Jesus Christ in comparison with the people who were worshipped and who were not seen as such. A must see for all ages.

Grace R. photo
Grace R.

The people interviewed in this film were real celebrities, and most of them were not too pleased with their treatment. Their stories, as well as those of other people interviewed, are good, although it's hard to believe that these people were so successful. "Greatness" is a good title, because "The world is a great place," to quote a famous quote by the author of The Tao of Pooh. It's also the title of the film. Unfortunately, "Greatness" is not a good title, because that word is not appropriate for the material here. It's one thing to talk about fame. It's another to talk about fame's effects. The examples of people who succeeded and people who failed are too numerous to tell in one interview. I found it hard to concentrate on the film. It is also hard to keep the theme straight, when the topics of the interviews are so diverse. The interviews are also not that interesting. The material is not good. There are many times when the interviews seemed incoherent, and the subjects seem uninterested. The film was also disappointing, since many of the subjects were pretty obscure. That's what makes the film very difficult to understand. The film could have been better, if it had a different subject. The subject was fame. The film had much better material. It would have been much more interesting and better for the viewers.

Samantha photo

All the talk about IMDb and movie sites and the reviews I read in the papers and magazines made me feel like a fool. Then, out of the blue, I discovered that I had gotten a copy of the "Seabiscuit" documentary and decided to see what all the fuss was about. I was not disappointed, though it was not for lack of trying. Some of the comments made by those who watched the movie were slightly off-base but I must say that the movie is well-made and well-written and well-directed. Not only is the story entertaining, but the conversations and reflections that are carried out between the people who knew Seabiscuit were quite fascinating. However, some of the critics that commented on the movie were woefully mistaken. The movie does not, in any way, portray the life of Seabiscuit as a bitter man-loser who couldn't get his act together and retired early because he couldn't train his horses enough. There is no way anyone could be that bitter. Seabiscuit, at times, was quite self-effacing and almost always put others before himself. I find that the real thing about Seabiscuit is that he did everything right-did everything in the best interest of his family, and did everything by the book and worked as hard as anyone could. He had a remarkable ability to pick the best of his horse and to train him properly. He was always honest and right. His life was unique. He was such a unique individual and such a true American hero that I find it hard to believe that anyone could be that much of a jerk and be that good at what he did. I was amazed at how much people can be moved by a movie about a horse. When I heard that some people who were critical of the movie were actually upset that the movie didn't show Seabiscuit being a jerk, I was really impressed by their passion and effort to express their views. I think that the movie, though not a perfect movie, is still a good movie because it shows us that the best of us can be very good and that sometimes we can be great and other times we can be mediocre. What does this say about the movie and what does it say about the movie? I am not saying that the movie is perfect, but it was a good movie.

Victoria Wade photo
Victoria Wade

When a director (John Cassavetes) leaves his self-imposed "authority" in order to create his own material (or story), there's always an expectation of artistic integrity, and certainly that expectation is met here. When he talks about his "found footage" film, one can't help but feel this is a major step in the evolution of film as an art form. In fact, when the film is "found footage," you can see the director has made his point. In other words, Cassavetes takes a camera and goes to the desert in search of the source of great stories. What he finds are all the stories of untold passion, and for all the background information he gives the audience, he doesn't seem to be using it as a tool of propaganda. Instead, he has shown us, in a very human way, the passion of these stories. The interviews with the writers and the filmmakers were very revealing, and the interviews with Cassavetes seemed almost like a first-person account of the journey he took. That's how a great director should make his film. It's not what you see on the screen that matters, but what you experience on the way home. If you've ever read about Cassavetes, then you already know that the films he makes are so much more than the movie on the screen. The most obvious example of this is the film "The Outsiders," which he was the writer and director of. The film was a documentary, but the story was more about a group of people in a small town. It was really more of a silent movie, so much so that you could hardly understand what was happening. The story was about a father and his son and the son's mother, and the father's friendship with the town gossip. It was a story about three men and how their stories intersected. It was a story about what it is to be human. "The Outsiders" was also a film about a small town in Texas, but what you don't see is that Cassavetes took it to the desert. The film was made with all the resources of a film student in a low budget. Cassavetes did a great job of using every camera he had, but the real talent was in his film students, who had to work on his direction. The young men worked hard to get this film made, and to see the film come to life on screen was really something to see. The next step for Cassavetes was to make the story of a couple who spent one year in a desert. The story is told through the opinions of a couple who want to get to the bottom of a case, and a little-known filmmaker who follows them around, trying to help them. The young filmmakers, who were all filming this year's Sundance Film Festival, are no strangers to this kind of filmmaking. Cassavetes has always been able to make an amazing film, and this one was no exception. The film is amazing, but it's also a story about one man's passion,

Karen Olson photo
Karen Olson

This is a very good documentary which tells the story of one of the greatest shows that Hollywood has ever seen. Like so many others, I watched it as an adult, since it was released in a theater at a time when I could easily find the movie in my local library. I was amazed by how many more people liked it than it actually has, and I guess the truth is that it is a good film, not the greatest, but nonetheless a good film. For example, I have no problem with Michael Jackson's involvement in the movie, but it is not like it is really a major part of the story. I can easily see why it got nominated for an Oscar and other major awards, but it was not really that important, since it was mostly the documentary about the tour itself. I do think that it is a good movie, but not the greatest. I recommend it to anyone who loves the Beatles, Michael Jackson, or anything else relating to the Beatles.

Brenda Morrison photo
Brenda Morrison

First of all, I'd like to say that I have never seen any of Nicholson's films. I have only seen Nicholson and Snow White, so I will be biased. I have to say that Nicholson was very good in this film. He was funny, very believable, and a great choice for this role. He was so funny, and I laughed about every ten minutes. The supporting cast was great, too. It was so refreshing to see a movie with a positive message. I thought that it was also great to see a movie that was for the younger audience. I think that I'll have to see it again sometime. I really enjoyed this movie, and it will be on my shelf for a while. If you don't know much about the Duke, you'll probably like this movie, but I would definitely recommend you watch it. It's very funny, and I really hope that it is going to be a great movie.

Laura B. photo
Laura B.

I like this documentary very much because it reminds me of all the people in my neighborhood that were out there on the streets selling drugs, selling sex, and generally living a bad life. It also makes me think about the problems that some people have with this and I can't help but feel that even though we live in the U.S.A., many of the problems we have are going to be with the same people for a long time. It is very sad that people who are not able to stand up for themselves are not able to protect their children, that is something that we really have to take care of in this country. I also like the interview with Bill McKibben and I would recommend it to any one who wants to learn more about the politics of drug use.

William Garza photo
William Garza

It's been a long time since I last saw the well-received documentary "O.K., We've Got the Power". Back then I was very keen to see it, because I knew it was going to be a fair representation of the campaign for the US presidency of 2000. It was well done and the cast and crew were extremely impressive. Unfortunately, when I saw the movie, it had been almost two years and I didn't really want to see it again. I didn't feel the need to say that to the movie's fans, though, because I've just seen it again for the first time in almost four years. And I am still impressed. The movie is very well done. The graphics are a great help, and the camera angles and editing are impressive. And the film's coverage is a very interesting look at the Bush campaign. What is so impressive about this film is the way it focuses on the the facts of the election, rather than its effects on the candidates and the campaign. Instead of saying that the Bush campaign was a mess, the film doesn't blame the candidates or the Bush campaign. Instead, it points out the facts of the campaign, showing how much is made of the 2000 campaign, and how little attention has been paid to the 2000 campaign. And even when we do get a look at the campaigns that preceded the 2000 campaign, it is done in a very in-depth and accurate way. The only thing that I would have changed was the cast and crew's quality of presentation. The film is a bit too slick. It's not that the film doesn't give a fair picture of the campaign, but it just isn't as good as it could have been. The film shows the candidates speaking clearly and beautifully. The camera doesn't jump from one to another, which is fine, but it also doesn't do a very good job of showing how the candidates have been speaking. The cameramen and the sound man have done a great job of communicating the candidates' ideas in a very clear way. There are some very strong speeches. But, they are still not very important, and this is one of the reasons that I think the film is a bit better than it could have been. Overall, this is an excellent movie. It's a very entertaining movie that shows how much is made of the 2000 election, and how little attention has been paid to the 2000 campaign.