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The Pulitzer at 100

The Pulitzer at 100 is a movie starring John Adams, Ayad Akhtar, and Jim Amoss. The history of the Pulitzer Prize the most prestigious award in journalism is explored in this informative and entertaining documentary.

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Kirk Simon
Ayad Akhtar, Jim Amoss, John Adams, Martin Baron
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The history of the Pulitzer Prize the most prestigious award in journalism is explored in this informative and entertaining documentary.

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Betty photo

This is not your average documentary film. The film is based on a Pulitzer Prize winning investigative story, written by Pulitzer winner Mark Danner. It was well documented that Al Franken did not receive the Pulitzer Prize for this story, which is a really big scandal. What I liked about the film is that it was not about the news of the day, but rather the story of the person who had been scandalized. It was a great way to tell the story of what happened in the Franken scandal. It showed the abuse of power by the Democratic Party, but also showed the abuse of power by the news media. This documentary also showed the possibility of people having more say in a story that is more sensational than it could be. I really enjoyed this film and it is a great way to get a great documentary. I highly recommend it!

Louis R. photo
Louis R.

I've been a big fan of PBS for some time now and I think this is a good way to start my education on the arts of journalism. I am a journalist myself, so I have seen many different kinds of journalism, and this PBS film was very interesting. It's not about the merits of one particular profession, but the merits of a good journalism. I'd like to see more of the PBS films about journalism, because I think they should be a mandatory requirement to every news student. To give you an idea of the breadth of journalism, I could only find one film that covered journalism for TV and one film that covered journalism for print. The PBS documentaries are a wonderful way to get information on a subject. It's rare that you will come across a documentary that covers so many subjects in one film. For me, this is a great way to get information on a subject that I have never heard of before, but I'm looking forward to more documentaries about journalism in the future. In a word, this is a good film for any news student. 10/10

Andrew photo

This film is a must see for all those who want to know the true story behind the Pulitzer prize. It's a great, inspirational film, which shows the importance of journalism. It's also an interesting story, and worth watching. The story of Pulitzer Prize winner Frank Pasquale is about the controversy that arose over his nomination. The award for the Pulitzer was given to the person who reported on the most stories, and that is Frank Pasquale. Frank was an award winning reporter who broke the scandal of the Nicaraguan Contras, and also covered the shooting of two policemen. His nomination was challenged because of the controversy over his reporting on the Contras. The controversy led to the assassination of a former adviser to President Reagan, and the media were unable to cover the story. This is the reason why Frank was unable to receive the award. The story is based on Frank's journal. The story of Frank Pasquale is the story of the controversy. The controversy itself had already been well documented. The real story is the Pulitzer prize itself. This film is a must see for anyone who wants to learn more about the Pulitzer Prize.

Louis Rogers photo
Louis Rogers

I didn't see this documentary in the theater, but when I watched it on cable, I thought it was terrific. It does a great job of explaining how the Pulitzer is created, and how it is managed. If you haven't already, please watch this documentary.

Peter Butler photo
Peter Butler

First of all, I've always loved documentaries about 'the journalism industry'. The best examples of the past decade are in fact documentaries about 'the business'. 'The Pulitzer at 100' is by far the best and most authoritative documentary about journalism ever made. It also has an outstanding cast. The performances by the lead actors are absolutely superb. The real-life experience of 'the journalist' and 'the editor' is conveyed in a way that is never boring. This is a must-see movie.

Scott Andrews photo
Scott Andrews

When I was young, a friend of mine was in hospital and was worried about her son. It was difficult to hear that she had been turned down for a Pulitzer. I always felt this way about these young people. This documentary is the best I have seen on the topic of "Hollywood's own killing." The movie is a must see.

Timothy Porter photo
Timothy Porter

The Pulitzer at 100: The story of how the Pulitzer Prize was given in 1927 and why. It is a real historical event, and not a fictional story. It is an interesting, and dramatic, story, but it is the real story of the Pulitzer Prize, and the people who have had the honor to receive it. It is a very long and detailed documentary about the people who were awarded the Pulitzer Prize, and what it means to them. It is so fascinating, and the subject matter is so interesting. It was really amazing to see how this story has been documented. I highly recommend this documentary to anyone who is interested in the Pulitzer Prize, or history in general. It is a great story, and a very important story, and I strongly recommend this film to anyone.

Kenneth H. photo
Kenneth H.

The Pulitzer at 100 - The story of the Pulitzer's demise and how it was rekindled with a dramatic re-creation. The movie is great, a must see. Great cast, especially from actors like Gerard Butler and John Leguizamo. Butler really shines in this film, playing the role of Bill Handel. This is the first film I have seen him in, and I have to say that he did a great job. I was impressed with the fact that he wasn't the typical romantic lead, he was the "tough guy" who was "not what you'd call a hero". He played his role perfectly, and that is something you don't see very often. Leguizamo was amazing in his role as the tough hero, but he is one of the most underrated actors. In the movie, he plays a character who is intelligent, hard working, and full of himself. A great actor. The best part of the film was seeing Bill Handel in the lead role. It is an interesting film to see the life and times of the Pulitzer Prize and the people who are affected by it. The movie is great, and the actors are all great, but the thing that I thought was really great was the re-creation of the Pulitzer. I don't think this has ever been done before. It is such an amazing movie to watch, and a great film to watch. It is great for any movie fan, and especially for the person who loves the Pulitzer, it is a must see.

Terry Jordan photo
Terry Jordan

I grew up in a part of the country in which racism was the norm. I was taught to blame all white people for all of the problems in my life, and the only reason I didn't go to college was because I thought it would be easier to get into a 'white' school. I was almost blacklisted by my local newspaper. So, when I got to college, it was only because I applied to a few colleges, including my favorite. I'm still trying to figure out why this college is popular with the student body. There is absolutely no chemistry between the students. They have such a huge age gap between them, I have to wonder what was going on between them. The only reason I applied to this school was because the director of the film came to see the students. She told me the students were amazing, but I had no idea what that meant. I'm a social psychologist, and I've studied how people change over time. I studied what happened when one of the students showed up for her first day on campus. I also worked with the director on this project, and I feel that the director did a wonderful job of telling the story, showing how the students changed. I believe this film should be shown in every high school in the country, because it is so important. I feel the film is an excellent example of how an environment can destroy a person. I know that was not the case, and I wish the film could show that. I want to hear from anyone who is currently in college, and I hope you will see the film.

Russell W. photo
Russell W.

A very intelligent and well-thought-out documentary. One of the best of the year, and in my opinion, the best documentary of the year. Highly recommended!

Alice Ramirez photo
Alice Ramirez

I saw this film with a group of my fellow documentary makers. We were all impressed with the technical and information content in this film. We were able to go in depth about each of the four documentaries. As a documentary filmmaker myself, I was able to provide a lot of useful information about each of the four. I think it is extremely important for anyone who has a passion for documentary films, or just for the general audience, to go and see this film. The production value of this film is great. Each documentary is well shot, the story is compelling, and the technical aspects of the production are impeccable. I am sure that everyone will find something to enjoy in this film. I think that everyone will enjoy the quality of the production. I highly recommend this film to everyone. I give it a 10.

Bruce Turner photo
Bruce Turner

In 1979, the Pulitzer Prize was awarded to the writers and directors of this film about the Oscar-winning film of the year, A Streetcar Named Desire. Their films had a very different style and the two of them really were a unit. The interview of Michael Winner and Peter Bogdanovich was insightful and interesting, and their stories were an inspiration to me. I believe this is one of the best films of the year. It is highly recommended. 10/10

Arthur photo

In the last few days, I have seen a number of documentaries about the war in Vietnam. Most of them were very long, and did not reveal much about the war. This documentary is a great starting point for anyone who has never heard of the war, or was even involved in it. The director (Peter J. McCoy) is a Vietnam vet, who was stationed in Saigon during the war, and he has the eye for a documentary that has the power to make the viewer cry, laugh, or sit up straight in his chair. The story is told through the stories of several Vietnam veterans, and the documentary is very clear and follows the entire story, including the two very disturbing episodes of rape and assault in the army. I am sure that this documentary will bring some to tears, and get them thinking about their participation in the war. Highly recommended!

Cynthia photo

I don't understand why so many people either loved or hated this film. It is a beautiful film. The music is absolutely beautiful, and the photography is amazing. However, I think it is unfortunate that so many people have dismissed this film as "poor". The story, the music, the photography, everything is so much better than the movie, and the movie is so bad. The main point that is made is that the Pulitzer was an innocent victim of a corrupt system, and that the Pulitzer's death was a tragic accident. It was not "made up" for the story, it was true. Therefore, I think that this film has some very good points, but it is definitely not perfect. I think that this film would have been a much better film if it was more centered on the story, and if it was more centered on the music, and if it was less focused on the camera. I think that the story, the music, the photography are the things that are the most important about this film. Without these, it is not a good film. This film is beautifully shot, and it is beautiful to watch. However, I think that the music and photography are the best things about this film. They are beautiful. I give this film a 10/10.

Alice H. photo
Alice H.

The Pulitzer at 100 was a very well done documentary. It was a very interesting documentary about the many obstacles that are facing the people in this country who deserve a Pulitzer. I believe that the majority of the people who watch the documentary will be very satisfied with the result. The documentaries about the people who are deserving a Pulitzer are wonderful, and the information is so valuable to the people who are watching the documentary. I think that the idea of the film is very interesting, and it is a documentary that should be shown in schools across the country.

Susan photo

I recently read the book that the filmmakers based the movie on, and found it to be a fairly interesting read. However, I think the movie is less entertaining, and more of a brain-dead, dull portrayal of a very controversial subject matter. The book was a fascinating account of the rise and fall of King Follett, and how it was the result of his relationship with his brother, King Charles II. The movie portrays the corruption and intrigue of the family, and leaves it to the viewer to wonder what they would do in the same situation. However, the characters are all sympathetic, and the overall effect is that the viewer feels sympathy for the protagonists. I find this to be more interesting than a movie about the corruption of a family. I think the movie's portrayal of King Charles was more true to the actual events, and that the movie has more impact. It's an interesting documentary, but for me, it was just boring. It would be more interesting to see a real documentary about the life of King Charles II.

Bryan photo

I can't believe I was supposed to be happy with this film. I have only seen it once and that was only because of the website. It was a bit too close to home. The last hour was quite gripping. I feel like the documentary is not accurate in that there were many stories and the police force's would have never even heard of the stories. The documentary is definitely worth seeing if you have the chance. It's probably not the best film ever made but it definitely keeps you interested. I feel like the police force will have a problem dealing with this documentary and what it will mean to the community.

Christian B. photo
Christian B.

In the wake of the current political climate, this is the perfect antidote to the current tone of the media and the people that occupy the halls of power. It is the voice of an era that is long gone. The media and the people of power must understand that they will not prevail in the world. They must learn that the strength of the human spirit is never to be underestimated, even in times of great hardship. Today, the reality is that our voices are not being heard, and we are still too often ignored. That is why this documentary is so important. We must not let it happen again.