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Fast Color

Fast Color is a movie starring Gugu Mbatha-Raw, David Strathairn, and Lorraine Toussaint. After years in hiding, a woman is forced to go on the run when her superhuman abilities are discovered. Years after having abandoned her...

Other Titles
Poderes extraordinários, Fast Colour
Running Time
1 hours 40 minutes
480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Sci-Fi, Drama, Thriller
Julia Hart
Julia Hart, Jordan Horowitz
David Strathairn, Lorraine Toussaint, Christopher Denham, Gugu Mbatha-Raw
Audio Languages
English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
日本語, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

After years in hiding, a woman is forced to go on the run when her superhuman abilities are discovered. Years after having abandoned her family, the only place she has left to hide is home.

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Doris A. photo
Doris A.

When I first heard about this film I had mixed feelings. It looked like it would be an action film and I thought I would hate it. But when I saw it, I realized that it was a good movie. It is a very well made movie. The cast is great. The acting is great. The story is very good. The movie has a good pace. The ending is very good. It's very good. I can't think of any bad points about it. I give it a 9 out of 10.

Scott Lane photo
Scott Lane

I saw this movie for the first time in 1999, and I was really surprised by it. The story is very compelling, the acting is great, the visuals are awesome, the pace is good, and the pacing is perfect. The movie has a lot of similarities to "The Matrix", but that doesn't mean that it is better than "The Matrix". It is still a very good movie. I recommend it to anyone who likes sci-fi, action movies, or just a good story.

Robert photo

The film is great. Great cast, great story, great acting, great scenery. The film has a great sense of what it is like to be in a space station. The film has great acting. It is a must see film.

Dylan Morgan photo
Dylan Morgan

I really enjoyed this movie. It was well done and was an entertaining and tense story. I would recommend this movie to anyone who enjoys the genre. I'm not a huge fan of the Alien franchise but I would have liked to see more of the aliens and a bit more of the story. The acting was good and the movie was filmed well. I will definitely be watching this movie again.

Benjamin Delgado photo
Benjamin Delgado

I was very disappointed with the first two films of the original series. I was expecting much more from this film, and I think that the sequel is even better. It's more "real" and realistic. It's a real story, with real actors. I didn't know what to expect with this film, but I'm glad I went. It's a really good film, and I really recommend it. It's definitely worth the price of admission. It's a really good movie. I don't know why it's not getting more attention. I think that it's a really good movie.

Nicholas Cook photo
Nicholas Cook

I can't believe this movie has a rating of 6.0. I've seen a lot of films, but never one this good. This movie is definitely worth watching. The story is really good. It has some real creepy moments. The actors are very good, and the story is really well thought out. This movie is worth watching. It is worth a watch.

Melissa Flores photo
Melissa Flores

This is an excellent movie. It is a shame that so many people are not interested in this movie. It's an interesting film. I have read the book and was really excited to see this movie. The book is about a group of scientists and a scientist on a mission to find a planet that has an "exotic" atmosphere. They find a planet that has a "normal" atmosphere. The story is really interesting and the actors are great. I would recommend this movie to anyone.

Mark Hanson photo
Mark Hanson

I don't know how to describe this movie. It's like an 80's version of The Shining, but it's not scary at all. It's more like a weird movie that is fun to watch. The acting is good, the story is good, and it has a nice message. The movie is a little long, but that's not a bad thing. The movie is definitely worth seeing, and I recommend it to anyone.

Bobby photo

I first heard about this movie from a friend who was on the jury that decided against it. I found it interesting because it was a sci-fi movie that wasn't afraid to be "hip" or "hipster" and I have to say that I really enjoyed it. It was great to see a movie that was about the future but also had a social commentary. The social commentary was something that I really appreciated about this movie. It was a good way to use the time-travel plot and it was also a great way to show that the world we live in is a dystopia. The main character is played by Brad Pitt who really brings his character to life and I really liked his character. He was very realistic in his performance and really brought his character to life. The rest of the cast was also very good. They all did a good job. They also showed a lot of emotion and they were all believable. I think that the director did a great job of showing the emotions and the themes that he wanted to show and I really enjoyed it. Overall, I really enjoyed this movie. It was great to see a movie that was different and also had social commentary. I recommend it to anyone who is a fan of sci-fi and/or social commentary.

Brenda E. photo
Brenda E.

This is a very powerful and intelligent film. It tells a story of a group of people who are on the verge of extinction, and how they react to their situation. The film was directed by James Marsh and it stars Eric Stoltz, Simon Baker, and Patricia Clarkson. The film is a thriller, and it does a great job of building tension and keeping you on the edge of your seat. It is very dark, and the characters are very complex. The acting is very good, and it is very realistic. I liked the film, and I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a great thriller.

Ethan T. photo
Ethan T.

This movie is a great example of what happens when you take a really good script and mix it with a really good director. It is one of those movies that you either love or hate. It's not easy to hate it, because you really have to like it. This movie was amazing. It was a great science fiction story, with some great acting and a great plot. I loved it. If you like science fiction, you will love this movie. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did.

Joe R. photo
Joe R.

I have been watching this movie since the first time it was released. I have watched it many times, and I still have a great love for it. The cast, the effects, the story. I think that if you love movies and have a good mind, you will love this one. The story is about a boy, named "Zeus" who is a very intelligent kid who has a lot of problems with his parents. The parents are in love with another boy, named "Eve" who is a lot smarter than him. The problem is that the parents are trying to keep their secret, and the boy wants to know the truth. So he goes on a journey with his friend "Alex" and finds out that the secret is not the truth. The movie is a very interesting and realistic movie. It has some very good effects, and a good story. I think that this is a movie that should be seen by everyone who is interested in science fiction, and the movie will make you think about it. I think that it is a great movie, and I think that it is the best movie that I have seen in the past 10 years.

Dennis Taylor photo
Dennis Taylor

I really like the movie, it's very different from what i expected. It's a good story and the actors were great, especially the guy from the dune. The movie is very good, it's not perfect but it's very good, you should watch it, because it's a very good movie, i would recommend it.

Louis Sanchez photo
Louis Sanchez

What do you do when you have a brilliant idea, but you're afraid to make it public? You start a blog and tell people about it. The first person to write a comment gets to see a special bonus track on the DVD. I saw this on a free preview, and I was impressed. I don't know how much it cost to make, but it's worth it. If you're going to make a movie about the end of the world, you should at least get it right. In this case, the special bonus track is almost all of it. It's almost as if the director made a blog to let people know how he was going to end it. He's not alone in this. The entire cast is worth mentioning. Even the supporting cast is good. The script is good, and the direction is good. The effects are good. It's a very well made movie. I recommend it to anyone. I don't think it's a waste of time, and it's worth watching. It's not perfect, but it's worth seeing. It's a lot better than many movies that are "made" by the filmmakers. 9/10

Jonathan S. photo
Jonathan S.

I loved this movie. I found it very real. The story was great, the acting was great. I don't understand how it got so low rating. It was very well written. I also enjoyed the direction. I thought it was very well shot and the action sequences were well done. I found the character development was well done and I enjoyed the plot development. I thought it was a great movie.

Austin E. photo
Austin E.

I saw this movie at a screening in New York City. I have to say, this is one of the most interesting movies I have seen in a long time. I was expecting a typical "action" movie with a little bit of a "feel good" factor. What I got was a movie that really got into the characters and the story. It really is one of the best movies I have seen in a while. It has a very dark and disturbing theme to it. The main characters are very well developed. The movie was very disturbing and disturbing. I didn't feel like I was watching a movie. I was actually getting very angry at the scenes that I was watching. I think that is what the director was going for. I also think the film is very realistic. I think that the director wanted to show that the problems that people have, can come from anywhere. It shows that drugs are a very serious issue. I think that it was very realistic and I think that the director did a good job. I really enjoyed this movie. I think it is very good.

Andrea M. photo
Andrea M.

This movie is a fantastic drama that covers the subject of the human mind and how it can be influenced. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the director is not a great film maker. He didn't really show the human mind, but the human body, and that was a good thing. This film is a must see. The actors were great and the camera work was awesome. The movie was not too slow, it kept you on the edge of your seat. I highly recommend this movie.

Aaron L. photo
Aaron L.

I have not seen any of the actors in this film but I have to say that this film is the best film I have ever seen. The way it was shot and the way the story was told were both brilliant. I also thought that the music was fantastic. I'm not a fan of musicals but I really loved this film. I think it is one of the best films ever made. It is also one of the best films I have ever seen and I don't think there is any other film that can compare to it.

Kathy Davis photo
Kathy Davis

As far as I am concerned, this movie is a classic. It has everything a movie should have: drama, action, drama, action. But the thing that makes it a classic is the ending. It has a simple yet brilliant ending. It shows that it is okay to say "I love you" and still love your girlfriend, even if you hate her. And it is also okay to say "I love you" to someone who you think is cheating on you, even if you are not sure. That is what makes this movie so great. The characters are really good, and the acting is also very good. But the best thing about this movie is the ending. It is so good, and the way it is done is so clever, that it makes this movie one of the best I have ever seen. I really recommend this movie to anyone who likes to see a movie that is better than average, and I think it is one of the best.