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Fiddler: A Miracle of Miracles

Fiddler: A Miracle of Miracles is a movie starring Marc Aronson, Michael Bernardi, and Jerry Bock. The origin story behind one of Broadway's most beloved musicals, Fiddler on The Roof, and its creative roots in early 1960s New York,...

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Max Lewkowicz
Valerie Thomas, Max Lewkowicz
Jerry Bock, Danny Burstein, Michael Bernardi, Marc Aronson
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The origin story behind one of Broadway's most beloved musicals, Fiddler on The Roof, and its creative roots in early 1960s New York, when "tradition" was on the wane as gender roles, sexuality, race relations and religion were evolving.

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Jose P. photo
Jose P.

I went to see this movie with my family, mostly because we are fans of Bill Murray and Lisa Kudrow. This is not a film for the teens, but for the adults. It's a film about being a family, and how that is so important to us. I thought that the content of the film was amazing, and the documentary was equally powerful. Although there were a lot of families that spoke very eloquently about how the loss of a child impacted their lives, the heart of the film was to show that no matter how you are or where you are, you are one family. I highly recommend this film.

Patrick C. photo
Patrick C.

I am going to be blunt and blunt here. I am not a LOUD music fan, and I have no interest in any kind of a musical film. I do have an interest in history and events, and I do enjoy movies that have an underlying story, and I am not easily convinced by music. However, I am a great fan of David Bowie, and I have read his books, and his music. I am not a fan of Madonna, but I was impressed with her performance in this film. I have heard her voice, and have always liked her music. So I was very happy that I did not have to listen to this boring, music-less, and repetitive, slow-motion film. I thought that this was an amazing film. It was a good movie for the period of the movie, and not just for the period of the music. It also had a great story line, and even if I did not understand everything, it was still an amazing film. I have read the previous comments, and I agree that it is not a musical. I also agree that the music is almost unnecessary, as the film is more about the history, and not about the music. In conclusion, I recommend this film. It was an amazing movie, and a great film.

Jacqueline Burns photo
Jacqueline Burns

I love a movie that is visually stimulating and profound in its scope. I could watch this movie over and over again. I watched this movie from start to finish. Not a movie I could pass up, in my opinion. It is a masterpiece of a movie.

Martha photo

This film was released in 1988. It was the year that the Copies of the Bible were released. This was very interesting to see how the people of all different religious backgrounds were portrayed. I was not in a religious family, but I found the movie very entertaining and it did a good job of explaining why religion is not true. In my opinion, the Copies of the Bible were not accurate. I know many people are going to bash this film, but I think it is an important film for everyone to see and learn about the differences between religions. My Grade: A+

Louis Bryant photo
Louis Bryant

I am a HUGE Robin Williams fan and loved this documentary. I am in my late 20's and I would never have guessed the amazing man I am about to see. I thought it was great to see his inner motivation, his inner self and how he made people love him, his family and even himself. His friends and family in the film did a great job of showing how he inspired them and how they loved and understood him. I would recommend this documentary to anyone who is a Robin Williams fan and would like to learn more about his life, his experiences and also his legacy. It was a great experience to see his life in the documentary and to learn more about his life. I recommend this film to anyone who has a lot of time to spare, a sense of humor, and an interest in Robin Williams.

Sara Bryant photo
Sara Bryant

This was a fantastic documentary on the biographical retelling of the life of singer/songwriter Billie Holiday, who was unfortunately murdered during the filming of this movie. Holiday was best known for her hit songs "I'll Go with the Flow" and "I'll Be There", but also had a huge international reputation and her songs had been performed and/or written into countless films and TV shows. The movie was really well done, and all of the other actors were excellent. The footage was very good, showing Billie Holiday's time with the Menard family in their hometown of Elkhart, Indiana, and the entire crew that made this film a success. The films style is very interesting, and it really gives you a different perspective of the person, as you see all of the details that we take for granted, and that only a true biographer would know. I really recommend this documentary, as it is very well done and entertaining.

Danielle Willis photo
Danielle Willis

The production of the Broadway musical about a childhood of two Jewish boys in the 1920s is a magnificent feat. It has, without doubt, been the most successful movie in history, and not only because of the superb actors. The production company has done a phenomenal job. The children, their parents, their teachers, the audience, the managers, the audience in the theatre, and so many other people who have been involved with the production have been involved with the film as well. It's been a collaboration of the fans of the musical with the people who have been involved in making it. It's not a movie for everyone, and for those people I would suggest you watch it on TV.

Barbara photo

I think the main reason I liked this movie was that it is an accurate portrayal of what a Canadian town is like. It is a place that has changed a lot over the years, but is still the same. It is the place where a lot of old school radio stations still play and the town is still known for it's hockey team. But a new, different way of life has evolved. There is a new population, which includes those who have moved away from the area. As in the other recent documentaries, this one is really good. I was surprised at the amount of care that went into the movie and it is really hard to watch a documentary on an island, when you are not really sure where you are. But this one was really good. It was even really good for a first person view. The director also uses some of the best camera angles, that can only be found in the world of documentaries. The characters in the movie are real, and I really enjoyed their relationship. A lot of it was really touching, and I really liked how the director showed them growing up and how they became different from each other.

Eric R. photo
Eric R.

The fact that the film "Fiddler, a Miracle of Miracles" came to the attention of the Academy in 2010 with "The Greatest Showman", is quite something. The film, which centers on a Jewish orphan named Mira (Erika Eleniak), in hiding from the Nazis, because she was unable to speak German, during the Holocaust, now gets released to a big family, the Hesse family. The story of the orphan, who was not even known to the world, goes through a range of her life, where she learns to love and learn to understand, a lot of the words she doesn't know. The films highlights and amazing soundtrack helps to make the entire story come to life. And, as an adult who still has a very real sense of Holocaust memory, the film gives me a chance to not only remember the Holocaust, but also, how a child can learn from such a child. The film is truly inspirational, and the acting is done with such love and sincerity, that it was inspiring to see how such a simple act of love could turn into a whole new life for the orphan. The movie goes from a simple story to a heart-wrenching one. The acting is great. Some might say that it's too hard to see the story unfold. But, it doesn't matter if you don't see the movie, as it's a great story, and the tears are still coming from my eyes.

Frances Diaz photo
Frances Diaz

I've been a fan of Mr. Brown's since I saw him as a kid in the 70's in Kinky Boots and the way he performed the music of the Fiddler in his films and music videos. His videos and music are just awesome, I just wish he would make more movies, and do more music! Thank you Brownie for a great life and the gift of music. I hope to see you in the future. Take care.

Ashley Brooks photo
Ashley Brooks

I caught this on TV about a year ago and have watched it on a number of occasions since then. I love it! In fact, I bought the DVD in the first place and just recently watched it on cable, which is the best way to watch it. The whole thing is very fascinating and is riveting. It is not just about the debate about the story, but it is the whole idea of the debate itself. It's hard to tell who is right and who is wrong, but there is a very obvious difference between the two sides. They are both correct in their opinions, but there are some points in their views that are definitely wrong, and they are all worth hearing about. There are some wonderful stories told about this debate. I love the way that the interviewees talk about what is wrong with the arguments of the opponents of the institution and what it means for the church. The presentation of the film is also very well done. The interviews are very informative and not just plain annoying. I've watched this on my own and I hope that it will be broadcast on television. I hope that it will make people think about the very important issues of the day, even if they do not agree with the views expressed. Overall, I love the film and recommend it highly. My vote is nine. Title (Brazil): "Venturi e Fereira" ("The Fade of Fools")

George Tucker photo
George Tucker

I was pleasantly surprised at this film, the performances are so natural, real, and authentic. I was also intrigued by the stories that were told in the film. I really like the way they let the actors tell the stories, as they took the time to give their all. The themes of honesty, forgiveness, perseverance, faith, and caring for others, really resonate with me. I hope that others will take the time to watch this film, and see it as I did. Thank you to the individuals who have taken the time to speak with us about their journey to see this movie, and that they believed in the message that was given to us. We're all in this together.

Julia Gibson photo
Julia Gibson

I was fortunate enough to watch a few minutes of this documentary during a viewing at the recent Origins Film Festival in Portland, Oregon. The video has a striking immediacy that is well worth the time of anyone to watch. I was glad to find that this documentary was also available in a DVD format through the Film Society of Lincoln Center, and it was only fair to see the film on the screen with a real audience. The video offers great insight into the culture of film making, from the makers of several iconic films like A Christmas Story, Casablanca, and so on. It also focuses on the importance of the key elements of film making. The focus of the documentary is on the importance of dialogue, while providing an extensive guide on the many methods used by filmmakers in order to tell a story, and how each of these methods is helpful in the pursuit of a great story. The entire cast of the film include a great number of recognizable actors and actresses, which also helps to give a more personal feel to the film. The beauty of the movie is that it truly speaks for itself. I wish there was more resources available in the film world. It seems that this film was as ambitious as the quality of work being done today. I look forward to seeing more of his work.

Phillip J. photo
Phillip J.

I saw this film in a restaurant with a friend who was a fan of the play. We both enjoyed it. I have a weak stomach and was expecting some sort of food or other that would have caused me to vomit. It was actually quite the opposite. I enjoyed it and I would definitely recommend it to others. I think the acting was pretty good, especially with the many children's voices. I think that they really did a great job with their voices. I will say though that the trailer is misleading. I have read some of the comments here and I must say that it was never a trailer. I don't think that it was intended to be a trailer at all. I believe that it was a part of the beginning of the movie that was meant to be shown to the audience before the actual movie. It was just a bit too far-fetched at times. It was very interesting to see what people thought about the film. I didn't think that it was a political movie or anything like that. I would recommend this film to everyone. It is very well done and a great movie to watch.

Bruce Smith photo
Bruce Smith

Like other reviewers, I was more than pleased to see this short film. I am a teacher, and usually try to figure out the reason behind each of my students' performance, but this film was more than that. The film was so clearly made to be inspirational, it gave the whole class something to think about. While I did not enjoy the full length feature film, this short documentary provided some insightful information on the piece. The fact that the movie is based on a true story is a bonus. However, one reviewer wrote that the story is unrealistic. Well, I think the movie was fictional, but I have been taught that to be unrealistic is a blessing. The whole point of the film is to teach us that no one's life is perfect, and that one should give thanks for the things that help us live happy lives.

Diana Hunt photo
Diana Hunt

I would never have thought of doing a movie on the life of Christopher Fiddler, but I have been thinking about the life of him for a while now and I felt the need to share the life that he had with the world. I know that many people have compared Fiddler's life with that of Jesus Christ, but I believe that Fiddler had to suffer much more than Jesus Christ did. I hope that people will watch the movie and take in the messages that it is conveying. I have been told that Fiddler was a homosexual but I think that he was just a typical normal person. I also think that the fact that he had to suffer so much at times just made him better at what he did. For this reason I think that he was a more fortunate man and probably one of the most successful musical performers of all time. His singing was excellent and I can't think of any other singer in the history of music that can be compared to his. I will watch the movie again, and I hope that it will inspire people to think about what life is really all about.

Michael photo

I went to see this movie hoping to see an uplifting tale of a man who had been over the hill, trying to find his way back into the world. What I saw was a tragic tale of a man's struggle to live, and his struggle to see that he lived. No words can describe what I saw. It was not an uplifting story. There was no happy ending. I wish it were that simple, but I don't believe in happy endings. But there were so many amazing moments that would keep you thinking, that are shown in the movie. And I would recommend it to anyone, not just the ones who would be interested in hearing the story of this man. I'm not saying this movie was perfect. There were some parts that made me cringe. However, I believe this movie should be seen, and everyone should be treated to it.

Andrew photo

I saw this film at the New York Film Festival. I was moved and amazed by the passion of the man behind the camera and I found myself nodding along to almost every scene. I was lucky enough to see the Director and several of the actors in person, and in addition, I learned so much from the brilliant minds behind this project. I thought the film could have been better, but overall it was great! This is a great documentary, I highly recommend it!

Sarah photo

The idea of a miracle of miracles, whether a missing child, a wounded soldier, a cancer patient, or a person missing from a memorial, is one of those things that can, and often does, seem the most implausible and the most wonderful. In many cases, however, it is simply a natural occurrence. That is the premise of The Miracle of Miracles, a PBS documentary directed by Kent Bolick. The film is a meditative look at how these things happen, how we react, and what it means to be alive. The Miracle of Miracles takes the viewer from the very early stages of grieving and mourning to the moment of waking up and being alive. Through a series of interviews with family members and doctors, the viewer is privy to how a little girl named Sarah was transported to the hospital after being shot in the head by a stray bullet. From the day of the incident until now, Sarah has endured a world that is very much her own. It is one that is not the world we know, and the kind of world that is often very different from what we imagine. When the hospital staff, in a discussion that has been recently featured on CNN, attempt to explain the circumstances behind the transport, a handful of kids present at the meeting stand up and begin to cry. It is not that Sarah is not real, it is that she is not real. Her life, her mother says, is a fabrication. To this point, Sarah is being treated like an everyday child, like an ordinary person, which she is not. She is experiencing a nightmare. "I think that I'm dreaming," she says, looking out the window of her room at the ground below. "I'm just imagining it, I guess." The same can be said about the people around her. They are their own dreams, and Sarah's dreams of one person, who is not real, the one person who they are. "My family is taking care of me," she says. "My mom and dad are doing all the work." When a mother first speaks of her family, the impression is that the family is a big, colorful family. But there is nothing to the family at all. There is no mother, and there is no father. The father, like Sarah, has a brother named Chuck. But Chuck is not really a sibling, he is a different person entirely, a completely different person. "I feel like I'm dreaming, and it's just my imagination," Sarah says. "It's something that's happening right now, but it's something I have to tell people about." "I don't think there's a real mother." "No, I don't think there's a real father." "But there's a father, you know." "Yeah, he's a man." The Miracle of Miracles is not a documentary, it is a spiritual journey through a kind of reality that is rarely described, that is not of this world. We can only have hope, and see the miracle of miracles. But we cannot have hope for ourselves, we cannot have hope for what is to come. The Miracle of Miracles is not a film, it is a meditation. A meditation about the beauty of being alive, and the power of life. And it is not a film, it is a journey. I think that the film was made by someone who is either a child of a mother who has been in

Carolyn C. photo
Carolyn C.

Having a good faith and a spirit of optimism is a trait that is valuable to keep for the long run. Jesus and His apostles, no doubt, kept their own counsel and continued to practice what they were taught. I am convinced, though, that many of them would have preferred to make a different choice. Those who wished to live in the world of the rich and powerful, to support their own interests, and to live the political life in the way that it is expected of them (or desired by the system) were strongly opposed to the call to the ministry. They probably lived a life in which their own wants and desires (and often their lack of guidance) were the ones they could most easily control. That said, their reasons for their decision to be ordained as priests were valid, even though they could not have known that they would make their ministry the focus of their life and their own life.

Jason A. photo
Jason A.

I'm not a Christian, but when I saw the trailer I was intrigued by the title of the documentary. I saw "Miscreants", but this one is much more intense. The music was cool, and I love how they brought it to life. I love how the interviews were shot in the heart of the city. I loved the director's style. It was very intense, and it made you feel like you were really there in that building, and not just some viewer watching an interview. It was pretty hard to find the time to watch this, but I was impressed. I'm a fan of independent film, and it was awesome how this was presented. If you want to know about what it is like to live in a place like that, watch this. You'll be interested in what the city is like, and you'll see how life is like in that place. This was interesting, and I'd recommend this. And I'm glad I was able to see it, but if you can't find it, try Netflix.

Joshua R. photo
Joshua R.

I've never watched the film, but when I was in high school, it was shown on the History Channel. I'm pretty sure it was a bit sensationalized and not a good representation of the actual events. I guess I shouldn't have expected the movie to be all that factual. I suppose it wasn't really my fault, the show was pre-dated by Citizen Kane. I think the producers of the film should have done more research, or at least told people what really happened. I know it's hard to believe it's almost 100 years old, but the truth is, the state of our nation's economy today was much worse then. I remember my friend mentioning that during the Depression, the middle class was doing much better, but that the country as a whole was in great danger. Maybe that's what the movie was trying to convey. I never watched the original show, but I'm guessing the people who did were more impartial and fair.

Victoria photo

This is a wonderful documentary on one of the most important life events of the 20th century: the making of "The Miracle of Miracles". It's the story of how the film was made and how a large and very talented group of people worked together to make it. This documentary also includes interviews with the actors, directors, producers, etc. as well as the cast and crew of the film. The dialogue in this documentary is very compelling and you can almost see what the actors are thinking. I had the great pleasure of watching this film for the first time and I am so glad that I did. It is a very entertaining film that will make you think a little bit about your own life and the kind of love that you may have for someone. But the real beauty of the film is that you can also relate to the characters in the film. The people who were interviewed were all good friends and they all made the film that much better. I highly recommend this film to anyone who is interested in the film industry or those who are passionate about the arts.