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Lady Bird

Lady Bird is a movie starring Saoirse Ronan, Laurie Metcalf, and Tracy Letts. In 2002, an artistically inclined seventeen-year-old girl comes of age in Sacramento, California.

Other Titles
Bubamara, 淑女鳥, Lady Bird: Vuela a casa, Uğur Böceği, Lady Bird: Laiks lidot, Lady Bird: A Hora de Voar, Paschalitsa, レディ・バード, Πασχαλίτσα, Lady Bird: Tuổi Nổi Loạn
Running Time
1 hours 34 minutes
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Drama, Comedy
Greta Gerwig
Greta Gerwig
Saoirse Ronan, Tracy Letts, Laurie Metcalf, Lucas Hedges
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English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
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Going by the name of "Lady Bird", the outspoken Catholic high school senior student, Christine McPherson (Saoirse Ronan), is dreaming big of finally leaving her hometown of Sacramento, California, practically on pins and needles to attend a sophisticated New York City college. However, with her average grades and her family struggling to keep afloat, attending a public university closer to home would be a lot cheaper and safer, especially after last year's devastating 9/11 attack. In the end, amidst grades, numerous college applications, a blooming teenage sexuality, and a strong-willed mother who is a real mother hen, Lady Bird must find a way to make her dreams happen. Can she survive life's bumps and cracks?

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Roy photo

This is a fine movie. It's a funny, though not particularly original, comedy. But I think it's also the kind of movie that makes you wish you could be a little more active. It's a well-written story with a good ending. But it's the kind of movie that makes you wonder, "Why is everyone so mean to him?" And it's really sad, too.

Terry photo

I've seen a lot of reviews, and while some of them are genuinely great, I found a lot of them were just so right. The thing that struck me is that it was the reviews that were spot on. Not everything is perfect. While I like the characters, the characters are not perfect. There are just too many flaws, too many things that go wrong. The thing that I liked was that I could not understand it. I was not bored. I was not lost. I did not have to think. I was not feeling bored. This movie is a great example of what makes a great movie. It is not perfect, but it is perfect in the way that it is perfect. I found the soundtrack to be great, and the actors were perfect. They were all good. I would not go out of my way to watch this movie, but it is a great movie. I would recommend this movie to anyone, but it is not a movie for everyone. I will give this a 7 out of 10. I give it a 9 out of 10.

Kevin Harris photo
Kevin Harris

The plot of this film is quite simple, the main character is a single mother who is raising her child alone in the suburbs of San Francisco. The story revolves around her life and how she handles the stress of raising her child, with varying degrees of success. The problem is that this is not a story that is written out in the traditional sense, the characters and situations are presented in a very episodic way. We are presented with all sorts of situations in this film that are not really relevant to the main plot, and we are left to draw our own conclusions. The film is shot in a way that is interesting, and the way that the characters are depicted is very unusual. The film is very linear, and it is never ever that interesting or entertaining to watch. There is no real character development in this film, it is more like an episode of a sitcom. The acting is quite good, especially for a low budget film. I like the performances of the main characters, they have a lot of depth to them, and they are very convincing. The supporting cast is decent as well. This is a film that will appeal to many viewers, and it is not a film that will hold any interest for people who do not have a love of films. It is a film that you will not get very bored with, and it is not a film that you will forget. Overall, this is a film that will not appeal to everyone, but it is a film that you should definitely watch if you are in the mood for something different. I give this film 7/10

Harry photo

In a world that has yet to have a single female director, I was thrilled to find myself watching this movie, because I was so impressed by the actors and the way they portrayed their characters. It is a great movie, with great dialogue and great acting. I recommend this movie to anyone who wants to be moved by a film that is full of emotions and which deals with the life of a teenage girl, with the passion of a man, and the ability to make people laugh and cry. This movie is not the kind that will entertain you and you will feel a little lighthearted, but it is one that will make you think and you will feel the sadness that it causes. If you have the opportunity to see it, I would definitely recommend it. If you have not seen it yet, I would definitely recommend it.

Judy photo

I think the film did a good job at what it set out to do. As a story it was fairly simple and straightforward. It was the characters that made it interesting. I did not see the point of the ending and found it a little disappointing. Overall it was a good film with a good message. I have to say I found it more interesting than I thought it would be. I think a lot of people didn't like it because of the ending.

Carolyn photo

I read the book many times and was very impressed with the movie. This movie is very good, I enjoyed the characters more than I thought I would. They are all funny and I really liked the story line. The best part of this movie was when I got to see them in real life. The movie was really entertaining. I recommend this movie to anyone who likes movies with a little bit of drama and a little bit of comedy. I'm sure everyone will love this movie. It was really good and I enjoyed watching it more than I thought I would. I rate it a 7 out of 10.

Charles Chavez photo
Charles Chavez

I watched this film a couple of years ago and just got the DVD today. I was surprised by the fact that I was not disappointed. This film is about a wealthy man named David, who is still suffering from the shock of losing his wife. He has just been divorced, but he is still living in his penthouse apartment, and he still loves his wife. He is also suffering from his recent marriage. He wants to forget the past, but he can't forget about his ex-wife. He is not sure what to do about his ex-wife, but he decides to talk to her, to see if she is ready to forgive him. When she hears that he is going to propose to her, she is very disappointed. She says that she is not ready to give up her happiness. David and his wife are still having a very difficult time. They are living a very ordinary life, and they are trying to cope with the stress of their life. They decide to visit her parents in New York, and that is where their problems begin. My rating: 7/10

Christian G. photo
Christian G.

It is not a very good movie but it is entertaining. The direction was very good and it was interesting to see how a group of people get together in the worst way. It was not a great movie but it is a movie that you will never forget. It is not a good movie and I am not a big fan of Clint Eastwood. I think he is one of the worst actors in the business but he was good in this movie. He did a very good job. He did a great job and I think he will be one of the best actors in the world. I am going to see this movie again. I think it was a good movie and I recommend it.

Lori M. photo
Lori M.

I didn't know what to expect when I went to see this movie, but I was pleasantly surprised. I was expecting something very dark, and I was pleasantly surprised that it wasn't. This movie was much more about the comedy than the tragedy. The movie had a lot of heart and the characters were very well developed. The movie is definitely worth seeing, especially if you like dark comedies. I thought the movie was great. It had some great comedy and drama. I also thought the music was very good and really fit the movie. I highly recommend this movie to anyone who enjoys dark comedies.

Craig T. photo
Craig T.

I really like this movie. The only thing that I would change would be to shorten the movie. I thought the movie was really good. The director did a great job. I think the actors did a great job as well. I would recommend this movie to everyone.

Craig A. photo
Craig A.

When I first saw the previews for this film, I was not particularly interested in seeing it. I thought it was going to be another typical chick-flick. However, when I heard that the main character was a young black woman, I was a bit more interested. It is a pretty common theme in these films, to have the main character be a young woman who is trying to get out of her life. In this case, the main character was Abigail Breslin, who was just starting out in life. She had a good life, but her parents had always been struggling to pay the bills and couldn't afford to send her to college. They had no idea where she was going to go and they didn't know where to send her. When she was 16, her parents went out of their way to send her to a school in Massachusetts, even though they had already tried to send her to a school in Chicago. The main character, Bird, grew up in a household that was a bit dysfunctional. She had been brought up by her mother's boyfriend, who is a bad influence on her. Her mother is a single mother and has a child with a new husband. Her father has been in and out of prison for many years, but he is not very well off. She is in the top 3% of her class, but her father makes a living playing video games. The father is a successful banker, who is a bit more successful than her mother. She is a bit more intelligent than her mother, but she is still not very bright. One day, she meets a boy named Will (Ewan McGregor), who is very talented and has the potential to be a great musician. She decides to give him a chance, and she believes that he has the ability to do something more than just play video games. She shows him the difference between being a good musician and being a great musician, and she shows him the power that being a great musician can bring. He takes her under his wing, and he tells her that he can make it big in the music business if he wants to. The problem is that he is quite good at playing video games. She can't let him have all the credit he wants. Eventually, he shows her the way to be a great musician. It is a nice change to see an older black woman take on a young black man's role, because usually, they are usually portrayed as the main characters. It is a nice change to see a black woman who is really good at what she does. The movie is very good, but there are some things that are not very believable. For instance, the mother of Will's fiancee is played by the mother of the girl that Abigail is in love with. Her character is a bit more realistic, but I still wouldn't have wanted to see her as the main character. However, the main character of Bird is played very well. She has a very good, funny, and kind heart. She has a very good sense of humor. Her parents are very supportive of her and her brother. She has a good sense of justice. She believes that the system is rigged, but she is not too harsh on people. She does not seem to have any problems with Will and Abigail. She also has a great sense of humor. Overall, I liked this film a lot. It is a good story, but there are a few things that are not very believable. I think the movie is a good way to introduce the idea that some people are not the best people in the world, and some people are not the best people in the world. I also think it is a good movie to see a woman who is smart, kind, and has a great sense of humor.

Susan photo

The story is about a woman who, after losing her husband in a car accident, decides to get out of her comfort zone. In the process she discovers that she's not alone. This is an interesting story of how we all go through life, learning that we're not alone, that life isn't that easy, that sometimes the people we love are not the ones we're meant to be with. It's a well written and acted movie. I would have liked to have seen more of the story, but it was really a good movie. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to be moved, to people who have experienced some sort of loss in their lives. This movie is definitely worth seeing.

Brittany M. photo
Brittany M.

I'm not a huge fan of Woody Allen but he is still very good at what he does. This movie is not so great but it's better than I expected. I was very impressed with how they worked Woody Allen into the story. I'm not sure if I can make it a movie or not. I'm not sure if I can make it into a movie. I think it's going to be a little difficult. I can't imagine anyone not liking this movie. I really like Woody Allen movies and I like this one a lot. It's very unique in that it's not a typical Woody Allen movie. It's a very unique movie that you have to see it for yourself.

Gloria Davidson photo
Gloria Davidson

I was really disappointed when I heard that this movie was going to be made. I thought it was going to be like "The Departed", or "The Town", but this is much more of a story of relationships and relationships that are developed and seen through a lens of what it is like to be a man. It's really about the struggle of how you relate to your friends, and how you deal with people who treat you differently. I love how the movie shows how people react to the same situation and how their responses are different. I don't think this movie is about any one particular person, and I don't think this movie will make you feel like a whole lot of people in that situation are doing the same thing. It's about the pain of how different people are and the struggles that they go through to get through their lives. I really enjoyed this movie, but I didn't think it was anything special.

John H. photo
John H.

After hearing the title of this film, I was a little nervous about seeing it. However, I was very pleasantly surprised. In the beginning, I was very intrigued about the fact that this was an adaptation of the famous novel, but I was very surprised about how it turned out. It was very funny, and I laughed out loud at the numerous situations that were put in the film. I thought the acting was very good. The cast did a great job, especially Jessica Biel, and the supporting cast was also very good. I thought the movie was a great way to spend an evening, and I recommend it to anyone who wants a good laugh.

Amber D. photo
Amber D.

I saw this film at a sneak preview in Toronto and I was very impressed. It was well-acted, well-written, and well-directed. The script is well-constructed and the acting is superb. The characters are well-drawn and there is a lot of depth to their relationships. I can't really say much about the plot, since it is very different from what I'm used to seeing, but it was interesting and original. I really loved this film, and I would recommend it to anyone. It is a great film to watch on a rainy day, when you just want to feel a little better.

Ruth C. photo
Ruth C.

The movie has a lot of subtle jokes in it. The only real one is the one in which the lead character, Eric, comments about his sexual organs. I won't spoil the fun, but it's worth noting. The acting is very good and the direction is top-notch. The story is really nice, the characters are interesting and the dialogues are well written. The production values are good and the cinematography is very good. The music is also very good. The acting is really good. The main reason I watched it was because of Jack Black. He's very funny and very good at his roles. I wouldn't have seen it otherwise. I give it a seven out of ten.

James photo

This is a light movie that keeps you on your toes. It is funny and entertaining. It keeps you guessing. This is a must see.

Howard photo

Praise be to the great Richard Curtis and the brilliant writers of this film. I'm not sure that it's a great film, but it's certainly a fun film to watch. I really enjoyed it, but I did not like the ending. I found it to be a bit over the top. But the one thing that bothered me was that the main characters weren't gay. That's really what made the film for me. I guess I'm just too used to the heterosexual men in my movies. But I still liked it. I really enjoyed the characters, and I thought the story was very original. I'm still not sure why this film has a low rating on IMDb. I would recommend it.

Jordan photo

I've watched this film more than once and I still find it a bit funny. It is a rather long film, and I think that this is why it is so popular. It has quite a good plot and it keeps you on your toes. I really enjoyed it, though. This is one of those films that you can watch multiple times without getting bored. I'm not sure why it has such a low rating on IMDb. I personally think it is very underrated. There are some things that I found quite funny, and I would recommend this to anyone.

Frank photo

This is the type of movie that can either be hilarious or so sad. I think that it is definitely a dark comedy, but it also has a few things that are quite touching. It is a movie that you have to take time to understand, and I think that this is one of the better movies that I have seen recently. It is well directed and the cast is very good. The movie is a bit like a cross between a drama and a comedy. I think that it is a good watch if you are looking for something to make you laugh. I also think that it is a movie that you need to take your time to understand. This movie is very different than most movies. I think that this movie has a lot of depth to it. It is definitely a movie that you need to see.

Albert Henderson photo
Albert Henderson

I like this movie because it's not a typical "witty" comedy. Instead, it's a very sweet, charming film about a little boy who is struggling to fit in and who meets a beautiful, quirky girl named Cassie. In addition, the movie is about what it's like to be a girl in a man's world, and how to deal with those who don't understand that. Overall, I found it to be a very charming film that's worth seeing. I think it's the best movie I've seen this year. It's a cute film that has some laughs, and some touching moments, as well. I would recommend this movie to anyone who's a fan of romantic comedies, and is in the mood to see a sweet, cute movie.

Paul Bishop photo
Paul Bishop

The movie is a good example of the "old school" of Hollywood. It has a lot of flaws but the movie is worth watching. It is a little slow in parts but it is still worth watching. The acting is good. It has some funny parts. The movie is also very nice to watch. It is worth seeing. The movie is worth seeing.

Christian Woods photo
Christian Woods

I just saw this movie at the Toronto International Film Festival and it was a pleasant surprise. The story is a good one, with a good cast, and I like the film. The actors did a great job and I really liked the music. I think the film was a little overrated and I would recommend it to anyone who likes a good story.

Craig B. photo
Craig B.

I was expecting this to be another dumb chick flick with a few laughs, but it was more than that. I didn't expect to laugh so hard, but I did. I don't think I've ever laughed so hard in my life. I've seen so many movies in my life that have made me cringe in the theater. This movie made me laugh so hard, it actually made me cry. This movie is a must see for any movie lover. I was actually surprised by how much I enjoyed it. I loved it, and I'm going to see it again. I've seen it a few times, and I'll see it again. I'm going to go see it again on a Sunday afternoon. I'm going to see it again!