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The Gospel of Eureka

The Gospel of Eureka is a movie starring Mx Justin Vivian Bond and Anita Bryant. Love, faith, and civil rights collide in the south as evangelical Christians and drag queens step into the spotlight to explore the meaning of belief....

Other Titles
Ewangelia Eureki
Running Time
1 hours 15 minutes
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Documentary, Music
Donal Mosher, Michael Palmieri
Donal Mosher
Anita Bryant, Mx Justin Vivian Bond
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English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
日本語, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

Love, faith, and civil rights collide in the south as evangelical Christians and drag queens step into the spotlight to explore the meaning of belief. Gospel drag shows and passion plays set the stage for one hell of a show.

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Margaret Larson photo
Margaret Larson

A real story about a people who fought and suffered for a cause that I, as a Christian, believe in. I really enjoyed this film and I'm glad I had the chance to see it. I can't wait to see it again. I was surprised to find that the film was made by the people who would become the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. I think they should have nominated this film for Best Documentary or Short Subject. I think it was a great choice. I really enjoyed the stories told by the people who lived the story. They all had strong opinions about what was happening in their country and what they felt was right. I loved hearing from people like Maya Angelou and the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. who both wrote about their experiences with the government and the church. I was also very impressed with the women who went to jail and those who were killed. I felt like it was important to show the struggles these women had to overcome to achieve their dreams. I was also very impressed with the film's ability to show the people who were affected by the War on Drugs, and their voices. I would recommend this film to anyone who is interested in the subject.

Lisa G. photo
Lisa G.

For a long time, I've been waiting for a documentary like this one. But this documentary proves that documentaries are still not enough. It's a great film, and a real eye opener for the uninitiated. It shows the real impact that the Beatles had on the British youth of the 1960's. It was not just the Beatles, but it was the rise of rock and roll, and the drug culture that led to it. I highly recommend this film to anyone who has ever listened to the Beatles. It's the most important piece of history ever made, and it's one of the greatest documentaries ever made. 10/10

Rose photo

I'm not sure what to make of this movie, it's a bit too long for me. It's an amazing documentary about the making of the Beach Boys album "Pet Sounds". I'm not going to ruin the ending, but it's worth the time spent watching this movie. This is the best documentary I've seen about the Beach Boys. It shows you the process of making the album and it's all very interesting. The songs are great, but the story is what makes this documentary so interesting. It shows you how difficult it is to make a music album. It's a great documentary about the making of "Pet Sounds" that I highly recommend.

Kyle Hanson photo
Kyle Hanson

A true documentary that is both inspiring and entertaining. A must see for the music loving, and movie loving. I have been a fan of Bob Dylan for over 30 years and have seen all his movies. He is a great entertainer and can create a movie that is both moving and entertaining. I was pleasantly surprised with this film. A must see.

Kenneth W. photo
Kenneth W.

I didn't know much about the song and its history, and was amazed to find out that this amazing song was written and recorded by one of the greatest musicians of all time. This documentary is amazing, and I will be recommending it to my friends.

Douglas Austin photo
Douglas Austin

I went to see this movie with a group of friends, and we all enjoyed it. It was a great movie, with a lot of emotion. The message that the movie left me with was how much we all need to remember what is important in life, and to cherish it for what it is. We all need to take care of our bodies and our minds. This movie is a great way to get in touch with that message. It's very interesting to see how different people see different aspects of the movie, and that makes it interesting. I think this movie is an excellent movie to start out the year, and then, if you are able to go to the theater, go see it. It's a great movie. If you are able to see it, you will understand the message of the movie, and how it is a very important movie to be remembered, and to be remembered well.

Peter photo

This movie was amazing! I went with a friend who had never heard of it, and she loved it. The movie was about a rock band from the early 60's, who went to the country to do a recording session. They then went to the desert to make a recording. They were so inspired by the desert, they took it upon themselves to create a "sound" for the album. It was very creative. I am a big fan of Paul McCartney, and I think he did a great job on this movie. I can't wait for it to come out on DVD. I am very excited about it. I think everyone should see this movie. I hope everyone enjoys it. I don't know if it was the music or the director, but the movie was very interesting and the music was very moving. It was very touching and inspiring. I was shocked at the way the movie was filmed. I think it was the most beautiful and beautiful movie I have ever seen. It was amazing. I am so happy I saw it. I am going to go see it again.

Betty photo

This movie is a truly great tribute to the late great Dave Grohl. The film is a documentary about his life, the band, the music and the art of rock n roll. The documentary is very touching and keeps you in awe of the rock star, the way he lived his life. The film is really about his life, his band, his band mates, his life and music. The movie is very emotional and tells a story that is more than rock n roll. The movie is so touching and it's a real shame that Dave Grohl is not still with us and the music that he created is not in our hearts. Dave Grohl deserves to be a part of our lives. Please, if you haven't seen this film, watch it. You won't regret it.

Samuel Reyes photo
Samuel Reyes

This is the most important film I have ever seen. I was waiting for this for years, and I'm so glad I finally saw it. I hope that other people who are into this genre will watch it as well. I highly recommend this film to anyone who wants to see a documentary on the music of ABBA. This documentary will show you the love, the passion, the agony, and the joy that went into this band's music. I can't think of a single thing that I would change about this film. It's very well done and I would highly recommend that everyone watch it. If you haven't seen it yet, then you should see it.

Cynthia photo

It's amazing to me how such a small amount of money can change the world. How do we really know if we are doing the right thing? Can we really tell if we are really helping or hurting? And how do we know if we have done our best? What is the difference between the best and the worst? How do we know? This movie shows us. This is a must-see!

Henry M. photo
Henry M.

I've never been to a performance of the Grateful Dead and I'm not a big fan of the music, but I was blown away by this documentary. It's not just a documentary about the Dead. It's about them. It's about the people who were there, how they were able to communicate, and the music. It's a very well done documentary and I think it's the best one I've ever seen. The only negative thing I can say about it is that it's not really about the Dead. It's more about the people who were there, and what they did, and what they were able to communicate. I really recommend this film to everyone. It's well worth watching.

Jessica photo

This documentary is a masterpiece. It is filled with stunning footage and amazing interviews with various musical legends from the early 60's to the present. The documentary goes into detail about the historical and artistic achievements of the artists and their band, the stories of their lives, and the hopes and dreams they had for their future. The interviews are so informative and insightful. It is a must see for anyone who loves music. It is also a must see for those who appreciate the arts and music. It is a must see for all music fans.

Lauren McCoy photo
Lauren McCoy

I'm surprised that this documentary didn't receive more publicity. It is a great documentary about the late, great Bob Dylan. I was really shocked to see how little Dylan was featured in this documentary. I was also surprised to see how little Dylan is in this documentary. Bob Dylan has a very small role, but it's a very small role. The documentary does a great job of showing the life of Bob Dylan. It's one of those documentaries that you have to watch to know what to expect. This documentary is definitely one of the best documentaries I've ever seen.

Kathryn photo

I have seen this film several times, and I love it. It is one of the few films I have seen that really makes me think. I feel like the film shows how in order to be successful, you need to have some sort of spiritual journey, and Eureka is the film that made me think about that. I also felt like the film was inspiring. I was thinking about how it makes me think, and it also made me think about what I want to be in the future. I will definitely see it again. I think the film is worth seeing.

Debra Campbell photo
Debra Campbell

The Gospel of Eureka is a documentary about the making of a rock opera from the late 1960s. It's a rare experience to see the behind-the-scenes of a production of an opera. I didn't think I'd see anything like it, but this is an amazing documentary. The actors talk about the making of the opera, and how it took them years to get the perfect score. They talk about the production itself, how it went from a one-man show to a full-scale production. It's a great story, and a great documentary. The performances are amazing, and the music is amazing. The one thing that makes the film even better is the film itself. The sound quality is amazing, and the photography is also very good. It's almost like the camera was there all along. It's a great movie.

Nathan Richards photo
Nathan Richards

This is a documentary that you don't want to miss. It is a "must see" film for anyone who wants to understand the significance of the music, the arts, and the culture. I wish there was a way to find it on DVD. I have heard it said that it is "so bad it's good" but that is not true. The film is so bad it is hilarious. This is a film that I can't help but think about when I hear the Beatles on the radio. It is so bad that I have to wonder if they ever listened to the radio. The music is so bad that I have to wonder if they were listening to the radio. This film is so bad it is good. It is a film that I will be thinking about for a long time. I can't think of a better way to start a new year.

Martha photo

This is the best documentary I have ever seen about the Beatles. The documentary does a great job of showing the incredible amount of inspiration and creativity that they put into their songs and how the Beatles really were. The documentary really focuses on the time period of 1968 to 1972. It goes into detail about the development of The Beatles as a group and how they started to play live shows. The documentary also does a great job of showing the music and lyrics that were written and played during the years that the Beatles were alive. I really liked this documentary. It was amazing. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to see a great documentary about The Beatles.

Daniel Miller photo
Daniel Miller

It's been a while since I've been in a theatre, but it was quite nice to see a movie that did not go to Hollywood. The music was excellent. It's a shame it's not available on DVD, because it would be a great film for a couple of hours. The songs are not the best, but they are better than the others in the theatre. The story is very interesting and the lyrics are great. It's a shame that it's not available on DVD. It would be a great movie to see on the big screen, because it's not just a documentary. It is a great movie.

Dorothy P. photo
Dorothy P.

I saw this movie on opening night in San Francisco and I was so happy I did. I was so happy to see this movie and I think that everyone should see it. This movie is the best movie ever made and it has a message that everyone can understand and appreciate. The movie is so real and it is very touching. I also think that this movie is an inspiration to all of us. The music is beautiful and the cinematography is perfect. I can't wait for this movie to come out on DVD and I hope that you will also enjoy it.

Alice W. photo
Alice W.

I just saw this movie last night. It is by far the best documentary I have ever seen. I had never seen the film before, but I am sure that I will see it again. I had no idea that there was a documentary about this rock band. I am sure that there are many more documentaries about this band. The movie is a must see for everyone who loves rock n roll and for people who think that rock n roll is a waste of time. I am sure that you will not be disappointed by this movie. It is a great movie for people who love rock n roll.

Tiffany Delgado photo
Tiffany Delgado

I've been watching this documentary for the last two years, and I have to say that it is definitely one of the best documentaries that I've ever seen. It tells the story of what happened to the Eureka Sound as it was going through its very public and extreme changes. The documentary is very well-made, and it's very well-written and researched. It's also very well-edited. I also have to say that it is very interesting and entertaining, especially during the documentary. The film also has a good music score, and it's very well-done. The only thing that I did not like about the documentary was the time that it was edited. It could have been much longer, but it didn't seem to go very long, which is good because it gives you a more complete view of the history of Eureka Sound. Overall, this is a very well-made documentary, and it definitely deserves to be watched by everyone.