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Wonderstruck is a movie starring Oakes Fegley, Julianne Moore, and Michelle Williams. Tells the tale of two children separated by fifty years. In 1927, Rose searches for the actress whose life she chronicles in her scrapbook; in...

Other Titles
La stanza delle meraviglie, Το δωμάτιο των θαυμάτων, ワンダーストラック, Un viaje maravilloso, Tong huan ni yuan, Kabinet cudes, Wonderstruck: El museo de las maravillas, Wonderstruck: O Museu das Maravilhas, 奇光下的秘密, Tung waan jik jyun, Kutup yıldızı, Le musée des merveilles, Sem Fôlego, Muzej čudesa, Après la foudre, Ma'asse pla'im
Running Time
1 hours 56 minutes
480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Drama, Mystery
Todd Haynes
Brian Selznick, Brian Selznick
Michelle Williams, Julianne Moore, Millicent Simmonds, Oakes Fegley
Audio Languages
English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
日本語, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

Tells the tale of two children separated by fifty years. In 1927, Rose searches for the actress whose life she chronicles in her scrapbook; in 1977, Ben runs away from home to find his father.

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Tiffany photo

If you are expecting a dark, gritty and hard hitting film, then you will be disappointed. However, if you like light and fluffy movies, then you will be disappointed. The problem with this film is the story. It is not that interesting. It is not that complicated. It is not that difficult to follow. It is just the fact that the whole story is in the mind of one person and you don't really know why. It is like watching a 3 minute video on your TV. It is also the fact that you are expecting a whole film and it just is not that. I just can't say that I was really surprised by the movie. There are so many other movies that are much better than this one. I am not saying this to make any kind of criticism. I just feel like it is just not that interesting. The story is not that great and you can feel that it is just boring.

Adam B. photo
Adam B.

The movie is a typical American dream story. If you are thinking of watching this movie, do not. This is the best movie that I have seen. It is a movie that you would not like to see if you are expecting a good movie. However, if you want to see a good movie, you should watch this. It is a good movie and it will keep you entertained for the entire length of the movie. The only reason why I gave it a 7 out of 10 is because the movie does have a lot of holes in it. The movie is not perfect, but it is a good movie.

Lawrence Olson photo
Lawrence Olson

I thought this movie was brilliant. I found it very enjoyable and thought the plot and the direction was excellent. It was very interesting to watch the other characters and their life. I thought the ending was very powerful and it left me feeling very emotional. I really enjoyed the soundtrack and the sound effects. I thought the acting was very good, especially in the movie. I have never seen a movie like this before. It is a very sad and real movie that can actually touch you. I will not give it away but I would recommend it to anyone who likes this kind of movies.

Jane photo

This movie is very well done. The movie is extremely well made, but the plot is a bit off. There is a scene where two characters are watching the same movie. I don't know if it's a long movie or if they are trying to be too smart. They can't figure out why they're watching the same movie. The movie could have been better if they had more to the plot. I think that the movie is about a girl who has just moved to a new town and she finds a man she had a crush on, but she doesn't like him. She ends up falling in love with him, but he doesn't like her. He tells her she can't have him because he was a good person and she's not. She says she's sorry and he says he'll get her. I really liked this movie, but it could have been better.

Mary photo

This is a very strange film that is really more of a mystery than anything else. I was very disappointed in the end, it just seemed to be taking forever to get to the ending. I really don't understand the whole "keep trying" thing, I think it is a bit too over the top. All in all, it was a decent movie with a great cast and great direction. I would recommend this to anyone who likes to watch movies that are different than the usual, and are not just a Hollywood movie with a big budget.

Denise Wells photo
Denise Wells

There are few things I like better in a film. One of them is a movie that doesn't require me to think about it too much. The plot of this film is a masterpiece of writing and directing. The story, the music, the acting, and especially the direction, are all amazing. I cannot think of one single thing I disliked about this movie. The only thing that I would have changed is that this movie was only shown in a single theatre in a single city. The other thing I would have changed is that this movie is very short. I believe this movie is approximately two and a half hours long. That being said, I have seen this movie twice, and I still can't get enough of it. This movie is worth watching, and I recommend it to anyone. This is not a perfect movie, but it is one of the best I have ever seen. This movie is not about a woman who has a very difficult life. It is about a man who is in the middle of a very difficult life. There are no happy endings in this movie. There are no winners in this movie. This movie is about a man who is struggling with life and death. There is no such thing as a perfect life. The only way to find out who you are is to try and live it to the fullest. I highly recommend this movie.

Megan M. photo
Megan M.

I have been following this movie for a while and it has been a very difficult film to find. I finally saw it today and I have to say that I liked it. I loved the actors, and the story was very compelling. I am not sure what to think about it as a whole, but I do know that I would recommend it to people who enjoy movies about everyday people. I am a big fan of Lars von Trier and have loved all of his films, so this one was a treat for me. The movie is a journey through the lives of people, with some of the best acting I have seen in a while. I can't wait to see what the next film is like.

Cynthia Daniels photo
Cynthia Daniels

I'm not a big fan of westerns, but I think this one is worth watching. The story is good, it's the performances that make this film great. The actors are believable and, like always, they know how to move a camera. The action sequences are well done and, although the final shot is rather predictable, the whole film is really good. It's a bit slow at times, but, when it is good, it is really good. The story is interesting and there are a few moments that make you think. The ending is a bit predictable, but it's good, and the whole film is worth watching. I also liked the music. The performances are good, the story is good and the music is good. I recommend this film.

Brittany H. photo
Brittany H.

In the vein of those "flashy" movies like the Prestige, Dark City, and Dark Shadows, I liked the movie for what it was. I just wish it had been better. The story was well-done, but not as great as the "flashy" movies. I also felt that the acting was just a little too bland for my taste. I wanted to see more out of the actors, and I think they did a decent job, but I didn't think they were able to get the characters really moving. It was a good film, but I think it could have been much better.

Catherine Hart photo
Catherine Hart

This is a good movie. It is a shame that it wasn't given a better presentation. It's a very good movie, but the production is really bad. The music is good, but the score is much better in the trailer, and that's a shame. The editing is too choppy, and there are a lot of scenes where nothing happens, except for a few characters. There's one scene that was extremely long, and I couldn't tell what was happening because of the poor editing. The writing is weak. It is interesting to see this kind of movie, but if you expect a high-budget movie, you are going to be disappointed. The characters are good, but I just didn't like the actors. They didn't bring out the best in the characters, and they seemed too much alike. This is a good movie, but I think the production was much better in the trailer. I liked the soundtrack, but I just didn't like the production.

Sarah photo

This is a very good movie with a good cast. I didn't like the ending, but it is still a good movie. I recommend it.

Frances C. photo
Frances C.

A young girl who is taken in by a wealthy couple in New York City, and that is the premise of the film. But the plot is really more about the relationship between the young girl and her new friend. The movie is beautifully filmed. The characters are well drawn and the acting is good. I really like how they used colour to create the mood of the movie. There are some scenes that are dark, and when they are lit up with light, they are very different. I also really liked the scene where they are sitting in the car in the rain. The ending of the movie is very good and the ending is definitely worth seeing. It is also worth noting that I am not a big fan of romantic comedies. I don't like the kind of movies that are just one girl against the world, or one guy against the world. I also really don't like the kind of movies where the hero is only good in the beginning and then the villain turns out to be the good guy. I also don't like movies that end like the ending of The Truman Show, where the good guy ends up losing the girl, and it is then just the bad guy who wins. I don't like that kind of movie, because it is just a bunch of people that are all evil. I like movies where the hero turns out to be the good guy. The movie has some great scenes, and I have to give it an 8/10 because it is a great movie and I really like it.

Victoria Sanders photo
Victoria Sanders

This movie was really good, however, the last 5 minutes of the movie did not quite make it to the top. It was like the director was trying to explain everything to us. This movie was good, but it could have been better.

Doris L. photo
Doris L.

I'm a fan of the Wes Anderson's movies, so I am curious to see this one. It is his first Hollywood movie. It's about a man who lives with a problem, a problem that he can't understand. He finds a photograph of his dead wife and he wants to see it, but he can't. The only thing he can see is the reflection in the mirror. This is an interesting subject, but I'm not sure how it fits in the story. The characters are pretty much nothing, but I guess that's part of the story. It is interesting that the director chose to use a single shot to represent the camera, so that is a good choice. The film has some good camera work. The acting is good, but not great. There are some great performances, but not all of them work. Some of the characters are quite annoying. The actors are known for their comedy, so I'm not surprised that they're not able to get into this movie. I give it a 7 out of 10.

Jacqueline Gilbert photo
Jacqueline Gilbert

This film had me hooked from the beginning. I wasn't sure how I would react to it, but it definitely kept me engaged and interested. I am a big fan of John Cusack and I am not sure how he managed to play such a flat character. I think he did a good job. I think his character was pretty much the same as he is in the rest of his films. The thing that really helped to keep me interested was the fact that the film was shot in a way that you didn't know if it was real or not until the very end. The music also kept me interested. I would recommend this film to anyone who likes action films. It is a great action film and I hope that John Cusack will be in more films in the future.

Alan Armstrong photo
Alan Armstrong

I went into this movie knowing it was a drama and I was not disappointed. I actually found it to be somewhat likable. It is a well made movie, well acted and even though the ending is somewhat predictable, it still leaves a lot to be desired. I think it is the typical case of a movie that had a great beginning and then completely stops. This movie starts out really great but then it just stops. The ending just sucks. It's as if they just wanted to get it over with as quickly as possible. I just think they would have been a lot better off with a better ending. If you are looking for a good movie that is not too dark or too sappy, then this is the movie for you. The movie just ends and you can't help but think that it's over and that it really could have been a great movie. I am not saying this movie is bad, it is just a very average movie. If you are looking for a good movie that is not too sappy, this is the movie for you. I think that it would have been a lot better if they had left the ending out of the movie. Overall, it is a good movie and worth a look.

Frank J. photo
Frank J.

Went to see this movie with my fiancee, and it was not a typical Bollywood movie. I really enjoyed this movie, and the story line was really nice. It was a nice break from the typical Bollywood fare. The movie is about a young girl who is going through a bad divorce and is trying to make a new start in life. She is bullied by her neighbor and his friends, and when her family finds out that she is not the right one, they try to make her stay in the house. The movie also showed the life of a young girl in India, and how much things change in a short period of time. The movie was a nice break from the typical Bollywood fare. I would recommend this movie to anyone who enjoys movies that are different from what we usually see. My rating for this movie would be 7 out of 10. It was a good movie.

Mary Ford photo
Mary Ford

This film is not for everyone. The film is actually very well done, and I really enjoyed the acting in this movie. The story line was very good, and the directing was great. There is no blood in the film, but there is some strong language. This film is not for the faint of heart. I gave it a 7, and I think that is fair.

Mary H. photo
Mary H.

The film starts off really slow. As the film progresses you really get to know the characters and become attached to them. The ending is a little abrupt but that's okay because the movie didn't waste any of the potential that the first hour had. The problem is that the film could have easily been a 3 hour film. I really wanted to see more of the characters, but I also really wanted to see more of the film itself. There is a lot of dialogue in the film and that just takes away from the realism. The plot is not really complicated, but it is pretty basic and the characters are not particularly interesting. I think the film is more interesting than it needs to be, but the acting is good and it is definitely worth watching.

Emma photo

I first saw this film in a school drama group, and I was disappointed. The film itself is quite good, but I can't say I'm a big fan of it. It starts off as a romance and I didn't like it, because the character's relationship seemed really flat. It didn't develop and they didn't seem to have a good reason for their relationship, they just went through with it. But I still liked it, I just didn't like it. I think it would have been better if the film was more developed. It's also a romance, but not as romantic as I'd have liked it to be. The film is very much a drama and I didn't like the movie for it. I don't know why it's called "Love Story", because the film is just a love story. I think the film was too long and they could have shortened it. The film is quite dark, so it was boring for me. It's like a drama with a bit of romance in it, but not enough to make it great. Overall, I think it was a good film, but it didn't really go anywhere for me. I don't think it was a good film, but it wasn't bad either. I'd give it a 7/10. I'd definitely recommend it, but I don't think I would buy it.