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I'm Leaving Now is a movie starring Felipe Hernández. After 16 years in Brooklyn, working three low-paying jobs and collecting bottles on the street in his spare time and sending the bulk of his earnings home to his family in...

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1 hours 14 minutes
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Lindsey Cordero, Armando Croda
Josh Alexander
Felipe Hernández
USA, Mexico
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After 16 years in Brooklyn, working three low-paying jobs and collecting bottles on the street in his spare time and sending the bulk of his earnings home to his family in Mexico, Felipe decided to return after almost two decades. But when he informs his family of his homecoming, he discovers that they've squandered the money, are deeply in debt and don't want him to return. They need him to stay in the US.

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Janet Romero photo
Janet Romero

Many viewers have been enthralled by the 15 minute "dream" footage that accompanies this documentary. If you love watching movies, you will love this. If you don't, you'll have to look elsewhere. This film, like the visuals, is worth the price of admission.

Tiffany photo

This is a really interesting documentary that has a lot to say about the financial crisis of 2008 and the decision-making of the government and bankers that caused it. It is really a good insight into the inner workings of the financial industry. The documentary is basically a series of interviews with people who have had a hand in the financial crisis. It is interesting to see how the interviewees and other professionals from the financial industry are just as perplexed and frustrated as the rest of us who were just caught up in it. The movie also shows a lot of the ways in which the government and bankers have reacted to the crisis. I think that the director has done a really good job of keeping the focus on the interviewees and not getting bogged down with the people who are directly involved in the crisis. Overall, the documentary is a really good one and is worth seeing.

Nathan photo

This is a pretty good documentary on the death of Ian Watkins, who committed suicide on his 29th birthday, just hours after hearing his daughter, Alison, speaking to a reporter who asked about her father's recent financial troubles. The young actress who played his daughter, Julie, was really good, too. And I was very surprised to see "The Simpsons" return to form here, as well as the comedian Lisa Kudrow (who was actually played by the actress who played her mother in the documentary, "All I Want is You"). I am not surprised that this documentary is extremely good, because of all the hard work that everybody involved in this, most notably Stewart Copeland and Ian Watkins' daughters, Alison and Shelley, put into it. The documentary itself is so much fun to watch, especially when you realize that it's completely in Ian's own words. It's so good to hear him talk about his life, and his difficult relationship with his daughter. I would also like to point out that the documentary is very funny, too, with great archive footage of the Watkins family (including the documentary's director, Mary Condon) and of the typical other family members who also were involved in this project. That alone is worth watching.

Maria H. photo
Maria H.

I found this film on Netflix streaming movies and I'm really glad I did. I think that this film is going to be one that I'm going to watch a lot more. It really shows a lot of the realities of the world we live in. The trailer for the film really put you into the minds of many different cultures and people and the different types of people that we can come in contact with. I really felt like this film was going to be a film that really let me connect with different cultures and different groups and I really thought that this film was going to be another documentary that was going to show a lot of different aspects of the world. The film is a very good film but it does have some flaws that it also does have and it does show some situations that are sometimes sad and even bad. But the film is also going to make you think about the things you are seeing and it also goes into certain parts of the world that are not known and even places where there are more people but more dangerous places. This is a really good film that has a lot of good points. It's a really good film and you can really relate to people that are going through these same things that you are going through. It really shows how dangerous it is and you really want to get out of there.

Thomas Baker photo
Thomas Baker

I liked the movie so much, I gave it an 8 out of 10. The movie was very informative and funny. The acting was also very good. If you haven't seen it yet, you should. I would recommend it to anyone, I give it an 8 out of 10. I would recommend this movie to anyone. I hope this movie was entertaining and you enjoyed it.

Nathan C. photo
Nathan C.

My wife and I both agree that this documentary is worth seeing. It is very well made, very well edited, and it is definitely a must see. We went to the premiere and were not disappointed. The film is a great reflection of our world. It is not the usual kind of film we see, but a documentary that goes into depth about the everyday issues that many people deal with. This is a great film to show to anyone interested in the world around us.

John Miller photo
John Miller

This documentary is incredibly thorough and provides many fascinating anecdotes about the history of gay men in LA. It shows a range of experiences, including a near-suicide of an American major, an Army veteran, an anonymous man in jail and a brilliant but bitter gay man in the service who's been barred from volunteering for any military duty because of his sexuality. The only major issue I had with it was the disjointed narrative. Sometimes the film changes gears and jumps around a lot. It does a good job of covering the major issues of the time and connecting them in a way that makes sense. The people interviewed provide great insight into the issues, especially the soldier who died during the war. It's a really good film, though the narrative can be a little disjointed at times. There are several pieces of the film that are considered critical to the film, but I would've liked to have seen a better selection of the interviews, some better editing and a better selection of major events. Otherwise it's an excellent documentary that should be seen by everyone.

Grace photo

I saw this documentary about a year ago on Netflix, and I really love it. It is a really moving documentary that brings the subject of teenage homelessness into the spotlight. You are supposed to feel some sympathy towards those who have lost their home to foreclosure and the kind of desperate poverty they've been forced to live in. They give you a glimpse into the lives of these young people and the type of life they live. The director, Michael Moore, is a tremendous journalist, so this is not a documentary you would normally see on a cable channel. This is a documentary that you would want to see on a big screen, with the sound turned up and the sound turned down. This is a documentary that is at least a little bit disturbing. It is very sad, but it is also funny and shows that this is a worldwide problem that's not just limited to one country. If you're interested in this subject, I recommend it. If you are interested in the homeless issues in this country, then this documentary will be really interesting to watch. It's interesting to see some of the life of some of these people, and it's interesting to see how young people are struggling to support themselves, and how this affects their relationships with their families.

Elizabeth photo

I have never seen this film so I can only compare it to "Last Exit To Brooklyn" which is also a very good film but on a smaller budget. The film follows several families with the problem of high blood pressure which goes completely undetected until one family's children start dying. The kids are all working class and living in New York City and are completely unaware of their blood pressure levels. This is a disturbing and well-made film that is worth seeing.

Amy Boyd photo
Amy Boyd

I thought this was going to be a film about the UK's "coming out" culture but it turned out to be more of an exploration of the relationship between family, faith and identity. Many of the characters were written in a very believable way, the decision to have the son speak in a monotone and to a drawl rather than a deep voice was a stroke of genius and was shown to be an effective way of expressing the problem for many LGBT youth in the UK. The lack of dialogue (which I appreciate is intentional) allowed the audience to focus on the inner turmoil and the struggle that these kids go through. This is not a film for the politically correct minded but anyone who wants to understand how these kids feel and what they feel will be greatly helped. It is also a film that anyone can watch and feel that the UK is moving towards acceptance and the problems that arise in this country are all of our problems. The actors were a pleasure to watch and the story very interesting. I highly recommend this film to anyone who cares about the LGBT youth in the UK and I am excited for what this film will have the UK's LGBT youth say.

Kelly photo

I love documentary films. They make me want to see more. This film is no exception. It has a great plot, a great cast, and a great message. It is a great film. I was able to see it on HBO. I am a huge fan of Ray Bradbury, and have read a few of his stories. The story in this film is an amazing one. It is also a fantastic example of how to make a film. It was a labor of love for everyone involved. The cast is great. The story is amazing. It is an amazing film. I highly recommend it.

Robert Stewart photo
Robert Stewart

I had the privilege of meeting Tom Hanks during the opening of his new museum. I was expecting it to be like any other museum exhibit but, he was incredibly kind to share his personal story and be the judge of his art. He really reminded me of the story of Victor Hugo. Both had a great respect for humanity. He is a powerful and inspiring voice for the 21st century. I loved the highlights of his career and even though the movie seems like a personal tale, I was touched by the struggles he went through, the conversations he had, and how he pushed for change and the awareness of his people. He was kind and humble, despite being the man of all trades. He was humble enough to share his true thoughts on what made him a legend. I will definitely watch this documentary again and recommend it to others. I hope people will learn something about the art world and the history of art from this film. Tom Hanks is one of the greatest living artists and his story is inspiring. I highly recommend it to people who like to learn about art and how it is produced.

Christine photo

The remarkable thing about the film is the sheer lack of opinion or opinion-based reporting on any of the subjects that are discussed. While many, many thousands of people like Michael Jackson are mentioned, nobody talks about him, and nobody says anything about the video he used to sell the items for. It is a very tough subject to broach. I am sure that some will hate the film, but if you take the time to look for it and go for it, I don't see why you wouldn't like it. If you go into it without an agenda, you will come out the same way.

Kathy Elliott photo
Kathy Elliott

Rochita Salinger (Wagner) is a wonderful dancer in her 70's. Her brother Bernard (Thomas) is a little sad because Rochita's dance performance has made him fat. He thinks that Rochita should be dancing in her 60's but she refuses. They see that Richard (Thomas) is moving out of his town. Bernard says that he can't go to the theater, and they have to move. In their kitchen they have a wicker basket of groceries. In the garage there are tires for sale and Rochita finds a used car with the best price. When they move to a house they find a large TV set. Bernard thinks that it might be a toy, but he has trouble getting it on the hook. Rochita teaches Bernard how to get a haircut with a vacuum and wax. Later they show the TV set to Richard and he says that he likes the TV set. When Richard dies, Bernard is unhappy. Bernard will not move out and the neighbors have to decide. They decide that Richard was lucky. Rochita decides that they should move. Richard says that she should stay. Bernard is happy that they are moving, but Richard says that they have to stay. He says that he wants to be a doctor. They decide that Bernard should move. Rochita leaves Bernard and decides to move. She tells Richard that they can have the TV set. She leaves him and they go into the garage and they find a used car with a diamond in the center of the grill. Bernard is pleased because he is going to work and they can buy the car. Rochita doesn't want to stay but she finds a space for the TV set and she takes it.

Karen A. photo
Karen A.

Well, this film is a classic. This is a documentary which shows the people living on the border of Ireland and Northern Ireland who have to make their way to and from work in the UK every day, as both of them are in different parts of the UK. The subjects were genuine and heartfelt people who were given a voice in this film. The music in this film was beautiful. As we sat in the film, I could feel the warmth of it. As you watch the film, you will be reminded of what a beautiful movie this is and the kindness of the people in the film. Watch it.

Joyce photo

This documentary is a very funny and thought provoking piece. It starts with some great conversations with real life guests about the current state of the planet, the media, and so on. It is very interesting to see how people from all walks of life are speaking and reacting to the situation in the world. Then the documentary goes into what the future holds for the people and how they will change it. I have to say I was quite shocked at some of the things the scientists said and I also found myself saying to myself "I'm going to have to listen to these scientists when I am in a debate" But after I heard all of the science and the debate it made sense. After watching the documentary I went to the website and read about the effects that the use of pesticides have on the environment. I was surprised that people would even be against the use of pesticides and that they would even say that it was the cause of the global warming. The film was really interesting and I would recommend it to anyone who likes documentaries about the state of the world and how it is changing.

Brian B. photo
Brian B.

I first thought it was another one of those anti-gun docu-dramas, but it was actually an interesting documentary. It was interesting to see what kind of motives people had to be able to purchase a weapon, and the reality of how criminals get a hold of weapons. It was interesting to hear from the New Jersey police department about what they did to stop the illegal transfers of guns and how the process of how they started to "ban" guns was halted by two young cops. All in all, it was a well done film. I would recommend this film to anyone that would like to see a good documentary. It is not for people that want to watch an attack on the government and the constitution. I rate this film 8/10.

Brandon R. photo
Brandon R.

This is a good documentary that goes very in depth on how the music industry has changed the world. I personally thought the film was very good and the commentary by bands such as Alice Cooper, REM, L7, Slint, LCD, Alice in Chains, Ben Harper, Rancid, L7, and Alice in Chains was excellent. While the interview with Alice in Chains was better than most, that interview was not the best. It was still good though, and there was a lot of great things said about Alice in Chains that I had never heard. I personally thought that the documentary was very well done, and they did a great job with it. One thing that really stood out was when they talked about metal bands and how some bands are only good on paper but don't show up for any kind of gigs. Some of the bands that I know do not like to have their music played anywhere near they perform, and it seems like they don't want to be recognized for any kind of band. Overall, this documentary was great, and I recommend that you watch it.

Lisa photo

During the 1970s, rock and roll provided a cheap escape from the daily grind. From the glamour of the Sex Pistols to the punk scene of the Clash, the boom of the decade brought in a new wave of black and white rock videos. As the years went by, the energy that was vital to the rise of the rock scene was absent. Instead, the energy was replaced by computer generated sound, slick editing, and MTV. The BBC's documentary, "Under The Pressure," a 2005 BBC2 series about the rise and fall of the sound track industry, is one of the most interesting documentaries I have seen. It was done for the BBC, and it's one of the best documentaries on the industry that I have ever seen. The documentary starts out in 1975, where the BBC's Helen Clark is interviewing musicians at the height of their popularity. Many of them are now still playing, but the BBC was making documentaries about music, much like it does now, and it was making documentaries about how music made people feel. The soundtrack to the BBC's documentary is interesting, as it features The Rolling Stones, The Who, The Beatles, The Faces, The Ramones, The Clash, The Sex Pistols, and lots more. However, a few tracks are featured that the band would later change the songs off. The documentary also shows us some things that people had known about the music scene for years, such as the whole collaboration thing. The documentary starts out in the late 60s, where Clark interviews a lot of musicians who worked with The Ramones on their debut. Clark also interviews each musician to ask some questions, like, "Why were you signed?" The answer came to the band from guitarist John McCarthy, who was talking about how the band decided to do the recording on their own. He also said that the record company wouldn't release the albums on their own, so he worked with them and the manager to get the albums released. The documentary ends with The Ramones reuniting at a reunion concert. The atmosphere is awesome, and the band sounds great. The documentary is good, but it does leave out a lot of information about the music scene. For example, in a previous interview with the director, Clark mentions that she would talk to the band's manager about how their music was sold and the places they were getting shows. However, the manager was never mentioned in the documentary. The documentary ends up being an interesting documentary about the music industry, but it's incomplete. The documentary is good, but it does leave out a lot of information about the music industry.

Henry C. photo
Henry C.

This is the first documentary I have ever seen that has kept me interested in seeing more. I have always thought that documentaries should be free, or should not be shown in theaters. What gives in this one is a voice and an opening for new movies to be made and new perspectives to be learned. Many of these documentaries are highly edited. This one is edited together. The film has a length of about 2 hours, and I was not at all bored. There is a lot of information on the subjects, but very little time is wasted on scenes that would be boring for most people. One hour would have been enough for an explanation of what a mortgage is and how it relates to student loan debt. Even the voices are well chosen, with each being just as interesting and important as the last. The editing may seem clunky, but it fits into the tone of the documentary very well. The editing could have been done better, but it fits in with the overall feel of the film. Finally, the use of music and sound effects add a huge amount to the film. I would not have known what was happening if not for the music. I can understand why people dislike the use of music in the documentaries. There is a lot of noise that drowns out the voice of the narrator, and when it is not being used, the music is used to more clearly signal the progress of the film. Some people may be offended by this, but I think it fits into the movie and is good. I thought this documentary was worth seeing.

Kathryn O. photo
Kathryn O.

If you are going to see this film, be prepared to see a lot of information on a lot of different subjects. I know it's difficult to make a film with so much information, but it was a challenge and I think it was done successfully. I think that there are a lot of people who are more than aware of the subject matter that this film deals with. If you are going to the cinema to see this film, try to see it in 2D. It adds a lot to the experience. Overall, I would give this a solid 8/10, but I can't give it a perfect score.

Grace C. photo
Grace C.

I'm leaving now is a film that shows how far and fast one's imagination can go and what it can accomplish in a time and circumstance where all too often the ability to dream is shunned. Some will think it's a cheesy idea to get some people to sing, dance and act for a few hours in a small room. That said, I found it to be a joyous experience. I don't think the film is totally perfect but I think it is a testament to what can be done with the right ideas and inspiration. I don't know if the directors and writers did any work prior to this film but their unique style and storytelling is very well executed. The story is not original and the acting is strong, but it doesn't matter since the film is a celebration of imagination and what you can do with a very limited budget. What is good about this film is that the subject matter is not taken lightly. It's a humanistic and humanistic approach and it leaves the viewer with the strong impression that something big could be achieved if more people had the opportunity and freedom to dream.

Beverly photo

This is a documentary about the battle between the British and the Nazis. I have to say that this is a very good film. It is very well produced and shot. The film covers a great deal of ground and doesn't get bogged down in detail. I have to say that the film is very well made and not just an anti-war film. There is a great deal of emotion in the film. The story of the Battle of Britain is very important, and this film has all the elements to make a very good film. The film is very well made, and the special effects are very good. I think that the film does not just cover the battle, but it also covers the other aspects of the war such as the battle of the Somme and the bombing of London. The film does a very good job of covering the Battle of Britain and I think that it is a very good film. I would recommend this film to anyone who is interested in the Battle of Britain and war in general.

Albert R. photo
Albert R.

The movie is very good! I've enjoyed it and I wish I would know more. I was really taken by surprise that I loved it so much. I loved the storyline and the history of the day it happened. I loved the way it showed the murder and how it was depicted in an even story. The first part was extremely entertaining and I had to fast forward in the second half but it was great! It's one of the best things I've ever seen! I'll be watching it again. I think it's a must-watch.

Tammy photo

This was the first film that I have seen in a long time that truly explores the material and personal experiences of people in similar circumstances. There are so many films that address a certain topic and provide very little commentary on the depth of the topic but this film does a great job of documenting people's struggle and their responses. There are two different sides to the story and how they relate to each other and to us. I recommend this film to anyone interested in global health, AIDS, or the personal experiences of people living with AIDS. It should be mandatory viewing in all schools as part of a course in AIDS.

Vincent Pearson photo
Vincent Pearson

I'm Leaving Now is a documentary that follows a group of young adults who are leaving their homes in the Chicago area. The filmmakers are trying to help these young adults find work, help with their rent, and other basic necessities. They are also trying to find a place to live and have some stability in their lives. It is the stories of these people that makes this film such an interesting one. This is a very candid look at the realities of young adults leaving home. It is a film that is very honest in its presentation. There are no tricks to the film. It is an honest look at the issues these young adults face. The film also gives a voice to the people who are trying to help these young adults. It shows that many people in the Chicago area are struggling with the economic crisis and are looking for a solution to it. The documentary also shows the many problems these young adults are facing in their lives. This is an important documentary that should be watched by anyone who is in the Chicago area.

Gerald T. photo
Gerald T.

I was one of those who thought that this documentary was great. I had heard that there was a lot of political pressure on the documentary maker to get something, and that the filmmaker wanted to make a film about the 2000 election. I didn't know that he had worked on a documentary about the 2000 election, so I was surprised. I had heard that it was a very interesting documentary. I was intrigued by the fact that it was a very personal documentary, but I wasn't really sure how it would end. I had heard that it was going to be a bit of a political documentary, and I thought that it was going to be a bit of a drama, but it wasn't. I thought that it was a great documentary that I would recommend to anyone who likes documentaries, because it's a very personal one. I was really impressed with the documentary. It was very well done, and I think that it should be given a lot of credit. I would recommend this film to anyone who wants to learn about the 2000 election, or just like documentaries.

Beverly A. photo
Beverly A.

In my opinion, the film was a good example of the "feel good" documentary. In my opinion, this is a film that was filmed for entertainment purposes and it did not aim to inform viewers. It was just another entertainment-driven documentary that tries to appeal to a mass audience. It's a good film for the entertainment and also to educate the viewer about the facts and what really happened to the people who were imprisoned in camps. But, I think it is an example of a documentary that was made for entertainment purposes and should not be taken seriously.