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The Sunshine Makers

The Sunshine Makers is a movie starring Tim Scully, Nick Sand, and Alice Einhorn. The story of Nicholas Sand and Tim Scully, the unlikely duo at the heart of 1960s American drug counter-culture.

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サンシャイン・メイカーズ ドラックカルチャーの立役者たち
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1 hours 41 minutes
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Documentary, History
Cosmo Feilding-Mellen
Cosmo Feilding-Mellen, Connie Littlefield
Tim Scully, Nick Sand, Billy Hitchcock, Alice Einhorn
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The story of Nicholas Sand and Tim Scully, the unlikely duo at the heart of 1960s American drug counter-culture.

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Marie Miller photo
Marie Miller

In his first major work since the release of "An Inconvenient Truth", Niels Harrit-Niels Aarsland takes a closer look at the burning issue of global warming, and what it means for the natural world. Aarland's first film, "The Sunshine Makers" (2003), was a collaboration with Oscar-nominated director James Marsh and Norwegian cinematographer Nils Frey. In this second documentary, Aarsland provides a more in-depth look at the subject matter, using archival footage, interviews, and public speeches. The resulting documentary is a near-perfect piece of work, full of fantastic, visually stunning visuals and candid interviews. As with "An Inconvenient Truth", "The Sunshine Makers" is a must-see for anyone who has a vested interest in the issue of global warming. It is also a must-see for those who are aware of the reality and impact of the issue. Aarland's documentary is very entertaining, but it is not without it's flaws. For example, when considering the film's approach, it is almost as if Aarland is being biased in his view of the issue. As with all documentaries, this film is subjective. In fact, Aarsland's viewpoint is never really presented, as he is never interviewed, and the idea that he has any reason to be biased is never explored. The documentary is however, an impressive piece of work. In fact, I highly recommend it. It is a perfect piece of work that is worth watching and considering. 7/10

Alexander photo

At first glance, you might be tempted to give this a pass because the subject is so important. But then you consider the content and you realize that the subject matter is not about terrorism, but rather about the modern day "tour de force" of the media. The media is only the front line of the modern day culture wars. The real culture war is taking place behind the scenes in the shadowy world of the media. This documentary does a good job at getting to the bottom of what exactly is happening behind the scenes and how the media influences society. It also reveals the dirty secrets of the media and how it controls everything. In the end, it makes you think about what your media is really trying to do. This documentary is definitely worth seeing.

Terry photo

The most surprising thing about this film is that I saw it in 2D, yet it felt so real. It was a documentary on the making of the 2001 release of The Beach Boys' album Pet Sounds. It was so much fun to watch the people involved, even if I had no knowledge of the Beach Boys. I had no idea they were even making music, and the film really showed that. It was great to see the inspiration behind some of the songs. It was also great to see how many different people worked on this project. I especially enjoyed the way the film showed how different the Beach Boys were when they were in their 20's. When I was in college, I didn't know what it was like to be a rock star, so I was surprised to see how much the band had changed. The fact that the film was made at all was a great idea, because it shows that it is possible to make music without the label. It also shows that many of the band members are still alive and still making music. There are some amazing things that the film showed, but the thing that surprised me the most was how much fun I had watching it. I was so engaged by the film, and I enjoyed every minute of it.

Eugene photo

The Sunshine Makers is a great documentary about the first world war and the people who were involved in it. It tells the stories of the people who fought in the war, and also the people who were at the front. The Sunshine Makers does a good job at getting the history straight and getting a better idea of what happened in the trenches. The documentary shows many good scenes of the trenches and how the people worked, and there is a lot of good footage of the trench fighting. I also liked the interviews with the people who fought in the war. This is a very important documentary for the war history and for people who are interested in the war.

Rebecca photo

The main event is this documentary, "Sunshine Makers" by Steve Harman and Bruce Schneier, about the Sunshine Makers, the most successful, most successful startup in Silicon Valley history, a computer-related start-up that is also a charitable organization. They show some of the early progress the company made, some of the problems the company had, and the relationships between the company's founders and employees. But it's the interview with former employees, their struggles and their problems, that really grabs the audience's attention. Some of the interviews are good, some are bad. But it's the good stuff that really makes the documentary. The interviews are good, the directing is good, the editing is good. The documentary is a bit slow, but it's worth it for the good things it has to say.

Deborah A. photo
Deborah A.

This documentary is interesting in that it really doesn't present a thesis, instead it presents the work of individuals, in an interesting way. There are two people in the movie: David Brin and Brian Greene. They both have interesting personal stories about the process of making the film. Brian Greene is the one who is the most successful at what he does, while David Brin is the one who has the most setbacks and has to overcome them. It's the same for the other characters. They all have their ups and downs, and how they overcome them. The documentary is very interesting and I recommend it to anyone who has any interest in science or art.

Sharon Johnston photo
Sharon Johnston

It's rare when a documentary about the guys who make movies about the guys who make movies is so insightful and enjoyable. It's even rarer when the guys who make the movies in question are so great and convincing in their efforts to be documentary filmmakers. These guys have worked for and with some of the greatest directors and producers in history. It's rare that documentaries get to the point where they're not so much about the people behind the movies but about the people behind the movies. This documentary is full of such moments. The first scene is where we see them running the same roads they did in their movie in a trailer. It's a perfect setting for the story of their movies. After the first scene the guys start to go on about how great they are and their films. It's an intense documentary that doesn't stop from one scene to the next. They talk about the pros and cons of a lot of movies and even discuss the ins and outs of how they make them. It's an interesting look into the filmmaking process. The guys talk about a lot of people in the industry and some of their favorite films. The documentary is also really funny at times. The guys even talk about their favorite films to the point of having a joke about all of them. The documentary is full of great interviews with people who worked with them. They talk about how much of an influence they've had on so many people's careers and how they still feel like they're the best. The guys also talk about how important it is to keep making movies that are different from the rest. They talk about how much the movies that they made were different from the others in that they were actually different movies. It's really a great documentary that is easy to watch.

Phillip photo

There's a lot of bad press surrounding this film, but the truth is it's not that bad. It's a fine documentary about the State of Florida, with a very good focus on a few key people. The film is very informative, and as you'd expect, it is quite informative. It shows the importance of the right people at the right time, and how we can make a difference to our local communities. It also shows how the hurricanes are a result of global warming, and how the situation will only get worse in the future. It also shows how the media's sensationalism has damaged the public's trust in media. I recommend this film to anyone who is interested in global warming, and the people who are trying to protect us from the effects of climate change.

Rebecca T. photo
Rebecca T.

This film is about the quest of a group of US intelligence agents who worked for the CIA for 30 years, and are now retired. In this film, they describe their experiences with the CIA and the operations they worked on. The CIA is portrayed as being highly secretive and insular, and it was just an extension of their work. They were very good at being very secretive, but the movie makes it clear that it was actually the NSA and other intelligence agencies that were secretive and insular. This is a really good documentary, and it is very interesting to hear what these people had to go through. The people that were interviewed for the movie were great and they did a great job. I recommend this movie to anyone interested in the CIA. It's really good.

Carol photo

I was very impressed with the documentary "The Sunshine Makers", mainly because of its documentary style and because of its obvious love of all things John Lennon. The reason being is that there were no celebrities in the documentary, just a bunch of people who have been influenced by his music. One of the most interesting interviews in the film was with David Byrne, who, in my opinion, was the best interview in the film. This interview was also very informative, but was also extremely emotional. Another interview was with John Lennon's wife Cynthia, who had never heard of the Beatles, and who became a big fan of the band. She also became a big fan of John Lennon and became very supportive of his musical career. The film was well edited and was informative, as well as entertaining. The acting was very good, and the directing was very good. Overall, a very good documentary that will be enjoyable to anyone who loves John Lennon.

Robert H. photo
Robert H.

The Sunshine Makers is a good documentary about the massive consequences of the World Trade Center attacks on September 11, 2001. It's also about the people who worked on that day. A lot of the interviews are with the surviving employees of the World Trade Center, including the head of security, who said that it was the busiest day of his job in his entire career. The director, Alex Gibney, is a documentary filmmaker who made an interesting documentary about the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. He focuses on the consequences of that day, and how some of the people who worked at the World Trade Center were affected by it. He also interviews the survivors of the attack, and the people who were involved in the rebuilding. This is a great documentary that you should watch.

Daniel Schneider photo
Daniel Schneider

This documentary was made in 2006 and was featured on PBS in March 2007. It was the first film to be shown by PBS and made a very good impression. I remember going to the video store the day it was released and picking up a copy. It was great, and the film was full of excellent information and visuals. I have recommended it to others, and they have enjoyed it as well. It's been a while since I saw it, but I remember watching it on a flight back to the US from Paris. There was a short scene that was actually filmed by the screen and was still on the screen when I was sitting in the plane. The director was on the plane with me, and he was very nice and warm to me. He said that it was made for a reason. He did not want it to be just a documentary, but a "how-to" guide for what could be done in the future. I recommend it to anyone who enjoys a documentary.

Rebecca photo

A documentary about the legendary Detroit indie band Tangerine Dream. They were a band that did everything they could to make it big. They did tours, videos, radio play and they even put out a small CD. But they never made a big hit. I've never seen a band that was just terrible at everything they did. But they did have a good attitude. The documentary is about how they started out. They started out as an acoustic group, but they got their vocal style from Jim O'Rourke. He had a bad back then and couldn't sing, but he was a good guy. They started playing to people that they didn't know. And they also had a rock band member that they got to know that they were friends with. It was kind of like a rock/alternative band. They didn't do a lot of interviews. The movie is basically about how they did everything they could to make it big. The movie is about the band. They get a little bit more talk in the middle of the movie, but it doesn't seem like it. The documentary is pretty interesting. The documentary is not as well done as a lot of documentaries. It is very funny, but it's not as interesting as a documentary. The documentary is interesting, but not as good as a documentary. But it's worth watching.

Michelle photo

I did not expect much out of this film, considering the subject matter, but it was interesting to see how the film was done. The makers of this film did a great job of filming and putting the film together. The whole idea of a multi-generational documentary about a non-profit organization was fascinating to watch. The end product was a wonderful way to make the viewer think about what they would do if they were the same age as the people in the film. I would definitely recommend this film for anyone who has an interest in history and humanitarian organizations. The makers of the film did a great job of filming the interviews of the leaders and workers. They did an excellent job of creating a documentary style that made the film seem more realistic. I was impressed with the photography and the way the film was put together. I felt that the film was very well made and that it was a great way to learn more about the people who participated in the work. I would definitely recommend this film to anyone.

Jesse H. photo
Jesse H.

Being a descendant of Irish emigrants from the North of Ireland, I am very interested in this subject. I have been researching this for about a year now and have decided to write a piece about it. The film is a work of fiction but I am not sure how realistic it is. The story is a fairly accurate account of the circumstances of the emigrants who set sail from New York City in the early 20th century. They arrive in Ireland, take a boat out to sea, and set sail for home. What follows is a series of remarkable episodes in the life of a group of people who faced the dangers of their new environment. It is interesting to see the different kinds of reactions the group had to their new life. They did not experience the world of their forefathers as the "norm" Irish people. They were at first amazed at the beauty of the land and the amount of food available. They also experienced the hardships of their new environment. The children, who were living on the Irish coast, were the first to suffer the effects of the new food, the harsh weather, and the lack of shelter. They often had to remain in the water, trapped by the waves, and at times their food was lost. The group was the most aggressive of the Irish immigrants. They harassed and abused their new neighbors and relatives. Some of the emigrants were even killed, not by the Irish people, but by the British soldiers who raided their camp and killed many of their relatives. The most important event in the life of the group was their migration. They made their way to America and settled in the Midwest. Many of them were reluctant to leave their homeland, but they had no choice. The film follows the group during their passage through the Midwest. They often face severe weather, or terrible weather, on their journey. They are often hungry and tired and sometimes they are not sure how to live in the new country. But they do not give up and they go forward with the hope of finding a better life. They do not take their hardships lightly. Some of the group stay on the boat for several days, and then they return to their homeland. The film also follows the emigrants during their stay in the United States. There is a good deal of background information about the people who lived in this region. They are shown as the typical Irish people. They are not portrayed as "bad people" and it is important to show that they are not stupid. The film also gives a good deal of information about the history of the Irish immigrants. They are depicted as people who have long been persecuted by the British. They were originally expelled from Ireland and never had the right to return to their homeland. They have been deported to Canada, the United States, and other countries for decades. They were forced to leave their homes and families and their land. The film makes it clear that the Irish emigrants are not the only ones who have suffered because of their presence in America. Many Irish people have suffered in their own country and many have returned to Ireland. The film ends with a group of emigrants and their descendants in a house. The film ends with a message of hope for the future. I would recommend this film to anyone interested in Irish history and immigration. It is a very interesting and accurate documentary.