Watch The Other Side of Heaven 2: Fire of Faith

The Other Side of Heaven 2: Fire of Faith

The Other Side of Heaven 2: Fire of Faith is a movie starring Christopher Gorham, Natalie Medlock, and Ben Baker. Missionary John H. Groberg returns to Tonga in the 1960s with his wife and their five young daughters. When their...

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O Outro Lado do Céu 2: Fogo da Fé
Running Time
1 hours 57 minutes
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Drama, Adventure, Biography
Mitch Davis
Mitch Davis
Christopher Gorham, Ben Baker, Natalie Medlock, Alex Tarrant
Audio Languages
English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
日本語, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

Missionary John H. Groberg returns to Tonga in the 1960s with his wife and their five young daughters. When their sixth child is born with a serious illness, the Grobergs face their ultimate test of faith, only to find themselves surrounded by the love and prayers of thousands of Tongans. Barriers of inter religious strife are soon broken down as all unite in hopes of a miracle that will save the baby's life, as well as the life of a Tongan minister's son.

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Doris Coleman photo
Doris Coleman

I'm not going to say this is a good movie but it is a very good film. The acting was great and the story was great. I can't believe I never heard about this movie until I started doing research on it. I am so glad I started watching this movie and I am also glad I did not miss out on this one because it is definitely worth the money.

Amy Bates photo
Amy Bates

A review of The Other Side of Heaven 2: Fire of Faith. I really enjoyed the first film, I thought it was an exciting and imaginative film. I had great expectations of this film, but I felt it was lacking something. The storyline had a lot of potential to be more engaging and interesting. The first film left a lot of questions unanswered, and I think the writers didn't do a good job of finishing the movie. I would have liked to see more of the truth behind the events of the first film. There are some things I did like, like the fact that it was a war movie, and that it was real, but I would have liked to see more of the truth behind the events. The plot wasn't very interesting, and it was a little slow, but I think that I will enjoy this film for the most part. Overall, I would give this film a 9/10. It was great, but I think it could have been better.

Crystal S. photo
Crystal S.

This is a movie that will make you feel like you've lived it. At times it is brutal but it is also beautiful. It is about two men, one black, one white. They meet, talk and fall in love. It is a story of redemption and love. I recommend it to anyone who is in a relationship. It is a great movie, and it will make you laugh, cry, feel and think.

Roy photo

This film is a true story about two real life friends who both suffered a tragedy at the same time. It is a family drama, but the big story is the lives of these two real life friends. This film is a must see!

Amy photo

I was lucky enough to catch the screening of this film, and I thought it was a very enjoyable movie. I am a bit biased because I am a Scientologist, and I have worked with many of the Scientologists in the film. I am glad they made the movie without putting too much emphasis on the Scientology affiliation. The scenes with the Scientology leaders in the film were very moving and even made me cry a bit. I thought the acting was very good, especially because I am not an actress. The supporting cast was very good too. In my opinion, it is important that the movie had a clear message, and not much emphasis on Scientology. In this day and age, it is important that people understand that the Church of Scientology is not a religion, but a fraud that is run by brainwashing people into believing that Scientology is the answer to life, and that it is the only way to get a spiritual experience. I am happy that the movie did not focus on Scientology. I really think that the Church of Scientology is out of touch with the people who practice it. A good movie like this one should not focus on Scientology, but instead focus on helping people who believe in the Scientology concept and its message, and how to overcome the problems that come with it. I also like the fact that the filmmakers did not make the movie too preachy. They did not have the message that you have to believe in Scientology to enjoy the movie. The message that was delivered was very true and powerful, and the message was delivered in a very engaging and effective way. I would recommend this movie to anyone who is interested in the Scientology concept.

Jessica photo

I have seen this movie twice and it was a revelation. It was not only about the life of the founder but also about the spiritual journey of the young people in the movie. I never knew the real story of the life of the founder, but what I saw was an amazing story of humanity and dedication to one another. It was a movie that I would recommend to people who want to see a great story told in a very original way. The story was amazing and worth watching.

Christine photo

I am a long time follower of the LDS church, so I am always a bit skeptical when it comes to a movie being inspired from the Book of Mormon. With that in mind, I have seen the movie "The Other Side of Heaven" and I was a bit surprised at how inspired it was. I was never a fan of the play, so I have no real knowledge about the production and the actors involved. But I can tell that this movie was pretty accurate to the book. The most interesting thing about the movie is that I felt like I was in the same room with the actors. I know they weren't making this up, and I am definitely not saying they are better actors than the actors in the play, but the thing is that the movie is a very faithful representation of the book. I think that it is so much better than the play. I love the book, and I love this movie. It is probably one of my favorite movies that I have seen in a while.

Pamela photo

I loved this movie. There are some things that I didn't like about it, but the movie is beautiful and it's a must see. I recommend this movie to everyone who wants to see a story about faith and family. A great movie. There's some very touching scenes in the movie that I will remember for a long time.

Marilyn Webb photo
Marilyn Webb

This is a great film for all the family. It's beautifully shot, well-acted, and manages to balance humor and drama with a sense of wonder and love. It's a story about faith, the power of prayer, and the work of love.

Willie photo

I saw this film at the South by Southwest Film Festival. I was surprised how well-directed it was, given that it was based on a book that, by its own admission, was not a masterpiece. The film is about a young man who moves to the U.S. after his mother dies, and the family decides to move to the Arizona desert. He becomes close to a Native American family and develops a love and friendship with the young man's father. I thought that this film was quite moving, and there is a really strong and interesting story going on here. I think that the film really shows how much the American Dream is intertwined with the Native American culture, but also how much this was truly not a dream at all. I think that this film is very important, and is a must-see for everyone. I can see why some people might be turned off by the subject matter, but it is a film that really does a good job of telling the story. It also shows us how much a simple heart can break in the most unexpected places. The acting is all around great, and the direction is excellent. It was a great and very moving film, and it is well worth seeing.

Gloria photo

The movie of this movie is really good. The story was made up in a good way. It was not like the previous movie that they made about the same time. I have read the book, I have seen the movie, and I have felt that the movie was better than the previous movie. My favorite scene was the scene where the old man goes to the forest. I have read that this scene was shown in the book as well. I really like the movie of this movie. I am sure I will watch the movie over and over again. The movie was a good movie, and I will definitely watch it again. My rating of 9/10.

Terry M. photo
Terry M.

The basic plot is the same as the first, but it is told in a more dramatic and dramaticized fashion. The main characters are living in a spiritual utopia. The main characters are now over thirty years old, and they are living in a town on the Pacific Ocean. The film opens with the return of their eldest son, played by Brad Pitt. He's now a minister in the town and will be taking his father's place when he goes to his father's new job in the ministry. The film also introduces a couple, Mark and Barbara, who have now become a couple. They are living in a secluded cabin in the woods. Mark is the Christian missionary who now has a wife, but she is also a devout Catholic. Their relationship is unique and interesting. Mark begins to have doubts about his faith and questions his father's death and the whole idea of reincarnation. Barbara is more of a 'paranormal expert' and is now a trusted friend to the family. One thing I loved about the movie is how the story was told in a more dramatic and dramaticized fashion. The first movie had some 'popping' moments, and you felt the story was over-stylized, but this movie does not have that. You feel the weight of the film on your shoulders and it makes you feel the sadness that Mark has, but at the same time you feel the power of love and God in the lives of these characters. It makes you feel like you are really there. The film does not gloss over the religious issues. There are moments where Mark is conflicted. He feels like he is part of the group and wants to follow in his father's footsteps. But he's conflicted by his family's love for his dad and he feels a little guilty for not living up to his father's standards. The movie is very funny. The first movie was very funny and there was a lot of humor to it. The second movie was very serious and some of the humor was more of a 'feel good' movie. But this movie is very funny and the humor comes from the comedy and from the moral dilemma of what to do with people that have died. I thought the movie was very touching. It is very touching. The characters are very interesting and you care about them. The acting is also very good, although the character of Mark is a little more emotional and he's a little more of a 'bad guy' than the other characters. I think that's the point. The actors do a very good job. The directing is also very good. The acting was so good, it really has no equal. It really has to be a great movie, or at least a good film. I loved the movie, and I really recommend it.

Joyce W. photo
Joyce W.

There are two reasons to watch this film. The first is because you're going to get it in the cinema. The second reason is because you're going to get a different story that will make you think about your life and your beliefs. The film is about a troubled young man who came from the streets of Jerusalem and went to a school for troubled children. He spent all his time fighting with his father, and had lost his faith. When he returns home from school, he finds that his mother has left him. The film is told from his point of view, and I have to say that it's very important to have this kind of dramatic material for a film about troubled children. I have to say that it's the first time I saw a film that is very powerful from the perspective of a child. There are lots of things in this film that I've always heard about, but for me, it's the main thing. I'm not sure if it's just the story that this film is about, but I'm quite sure that it has something to do with this movie.

Jason photo

When a man dies he must decide if he wishes to go to heaven or hell. Now the man's friend has to decide if he wants to go to heaven or hell. This movie is a real eye-opener to me. The man says he can't make the choice. The friend says he wants to. The man says no. Then the guy makes the choice. A beautiful story told with great acting. The acting is great as well. So sad for the guy who wasn't there for this movie. The only downside is that it is about 50 minutes too long. Other than that, I highly recommend this movie to anyone who wants to learn more about death. It is a very nice film. I think that it will be one of the top 5 movies of the year. I give it a 9/10.

Marilyn D. photo
Marilyn D.

The movie is an emotional roller coaster of emotions. It has the same plot as the first movie but it focuses on the most important, family. The movie is a beautiful story of two brothers and their relationship with their fathers and mother. The film is uplifting and we really feel the pain and happiness of the brothers and their families. This movie is worth seeing for the incredible performances of Ben Foster and Josh Hartnett. The chemistry between them is like no other. They are in a completely different world and in a totally different state of mind, and it makes the film so much more believable and believable. The story is exciting, and the emotions that they bring to the table is just amazing. I really enjoyed this film, and I strongly recommend it to anyone.

Kelly B. photo
Kelly B.

This is the most realistic, interesting, and touching movie I've seen in a long time. It makes you question everything, including the innocence of a child that had to experience these things as a child. I think this movie is a great example of how to capture the humanity of a child with great sensitivity and emotion, even if you are a big film critic. The director should be nominated for an academy award for this movie. It is a movie that will touch your heart and open your eyes, and also make you think about what you're going through. It is a story that is not easy to watch, but the audience can't help but feel with the characters and see how these things could happen to them. It is a story that will leave you crying and at the end you will realize what a special movie it is. The way it is portrayed in this movie is perfect, and the way it is put together is outstanding. I have never been to a movie that was so perfect, and I can't wait to go and see this movie again.

Jean C. photo
Jean C.

Not so good so far as I can remember, but there are a few things that are really quite good. This is definitely a movie that will stick with you. It is very easy to see why so many people find the book so moving, and why so many have loved this movie. This movie is very touching, and I found myself agreeing with some of the conclusions that the film makers draw. It is also touching because it shows the loss of a loved one and how it is one of the most difficult things to get over. You will feel for everyone involved in the movie, even if you can't agree with their choices.

Philip S. photo
Philip S.

Many critics of this movie have been trying to make this into a 'sequel'. This movie is a direct sequel to the first. Yes it's slow in places, but as a standalone film it is very well done. A lot of the focus of the movie is on the characters, and that is what the director (Liam Neeson) has done, and it's very well done. You get to know the characters, and you care about them. The movie is very much a love story, and it works well. I liked the way they made the story so real. The characters are very well done. A lot of the dialogue is in English, so if you're not able to understand a lot of it, you won't miss anything. The movie is a lot more realistic than the first, which was a lot of fantasy. You'll also notice a lot of similarities. One thing I really liked was that the movie was very dark, which was a good choice. A lot of the scenes were very dark. This movie is a very well done movie, and if you are a big fan of the first one, this movie is a must-see. My Grade: A-

Julia Moreno photo
Julia Moreno

A group of young people have been traveling to the Sierra Nevada mountains to find a place to stay in which to await the coming of the coming of the Lord. While on the way they come across a small town called Cañon City and decide to stay there temporarily. Once there they find that the town is under attack by a band of armed and dangerous mutants. The survivors and their dog, Jacob, find themselves in a world of terror and danger. The result is a film that is both exciting and tragic. It is a work of art. The cinematography is stunning, as are the performances. The acting is so realistic that you are rooting for the characters. It is a film that will have you in tears. The director, John Schlesinger, has created a wonderful movie. It is a film that should be seen.

Michael Newman photo
Michael Newman

I saw the original Last Man on Earth, and found it depressing, but very entertaining. There are some very sad moments, but at the same time, there are moments of happiness. This film shows the life of Jesus, and the real challenges and problems he had to deal with, and how he overcame them. I did not know how he did it, but it was very inspirational and well done. The story of his life was also very well told, and made me think of the Bible, and the reasons behind his life. The story was very moving, and I have to admit I am a Christian, and I still do believe in miracles. This film was also a great lesson on the nature of faith. I don't know if I can watch it over and over again, but it will definitely stay with me, and will never get old. I give this a 9 out of 10.

Donna H. photo
Donna H.

Although I was more impressed with the first film than this one, I still found it quite entertaining. The reason I loved it is that it's a true story. It had a great feel to it and kept you watching. I didn't think it was as good as the first one but I didn't think it was as bad as the first one either. I thought it was pretty entertaining. Overall I'd say it's better than the first one but not as good as the first one.

Linda Carpenter photo
Linda Carpenter

I must say this movie is really good. I think it's a great movie, it has a lot of substance to it. It's sad that a movie like this is not seen more often in the movie business, because it is a great film. It shows the tragedy of war, but also the power of faith, and how it can bring people together. It also shows how the people of New Orleans were suffering during Katrina, and it shows the power of love and compassion. I really liked the ending, because it was really emotional, it really makes you think about what you see in the film. The movie is about an African-American boy named Louis, and it's about a man named JB, who is an atheist who loses his faith and tries to come back to God after his brother dies. I really loved the movie, it really got me thinking about the things I have been through in my life, the things I need to find myself. I really recommend this film, it's very good.