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93Queen is a movie starring Amy Ackerman, Hadassah Ellis, and Ailin Elyasi. Set in the Hasidic enclave of Borough Park, Brooklyn, "93Queen" follows a group of tenacious Hasidic women who are smashing the patriarchy in their...

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Paula Eiselt
Amy Ackerman, Hadassah Ellis, Ailin Elyasi, Faigy Freier
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Set in the Hasidic enclave of Borough Park, Brooklyn, "93Queen" follows a group of tenacious Hasidic women who are smashing the patriarchy in their community by creating the first all-female volunteer ambulance corps in New York City. With unprecedented-and insider-access, "93Queen" offers up a unique portrayal of a group of religious women who are taking matters into their own hands to change their own community from within.

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Theresa photo

I have never been in a movie theater to watch a film and I have been a long time. Now I can be a fly on the wall in a theater for an afternoon. I've been in theaters for 22 years now and this is my first time in a movie theater. I found the entire experience to be phenomenal. First, the picture quality was superb. I'm not the biggest film fan, but I can really appreciate the difference in the picture quality. I couldn't make out any mistakes or bad color correction. The sound quality was superb as well. I had the chance to see the trailer for this film, and I had never heard the words "rock and roll" before. I walked out of the theater, thinking to myself, "Wow, that was cool." The way the director, director and stars were able to put in what I've heard the word "rock and roll" in the movie, was really a perfect example of what the whole point of a movie is. I was not expecting much from this movie, but I wasn't expecting anything less. I was in awe at the whole experience. I have been watching rock and roll since I was a kid. My parents used to say, "Rock and Roll is all about John F. Kennedy." Well, John F. Kennedy was my first President. I had a large rock collection. As I get older, I realize that rock and roll is a great part of my youth and I look forward to the opportunity to have this film in the theaters. I'm glad I'm seeing this film. I've never had so much fun in my entire life.

Christina P. photo
Christina P.

This is a very touching documentary about my life, my parents and my brother. I am very glad that the documentary was made, it made me feel so close to my family and I think that everyone who has seen it can relate to it. I hope that the film will get a wide release and get people to see it. I have been to many interviews with people who were involved in making the film and I think that everyone should see it. It has been a difficult year for me, but I am getting better and better and I am happy that people have been able to see the film. I also wish that there would be more documentaries like this about other people's lives. I think that there are so many other people out there who are going through the same things as I have been and that they need to know that it is not only possible, it is possible to overcome obstacles and that is what I try to do.

Nancy Salazar photo
Nancy Salazar

I am really shocked that there are no comments about this film. I am a huge fan of the music of Queen and I was very surprised that they did not like the film. This was a story about a woman who is turning to madness. She is the daughter of an alcoholic who died of alcohol poisoning and she became a pariah after that. Then she meets an elderly man who could care less about her. She makes a pact with him that she will accept his help if he will not find her her family. This film is really an emotional roller-coaster and I am really glad that this film was made. It is so interesting to see this woman turn to madness. I can only hope that other people will watch this film and they will be able to relate to her story and understand what is going on. This is not a film for kids. It is very disturbing. I really do not understand why this film was not shown in schools and college because the film is so powerful and powerful. The music is excellent and the story is strong and deep. I think that this is a must-see film. Watch it!

Linda Rivera photo
Linda Rivera

I was left speechless. This film is not for the faint of heart. I'm not saying this is the definitive documentary on the Thatcher years. But it is an emotional, moving story of the true facts. It is what the "Rally for England" film should have been. If you have the chance to see this film, do so. I think everyone should see it. The film is so true and in depth that it doesn't miss a single shot. I personally hope that film makers have the courage to do this type of film for the rest of the world to see. It is an incredible story and I think it needs to be told. I think it is truly a great film. It is not perfect, but it is excellent.

Michael photo

I am in the late stages of a cancer diagnosis. In the first few weeks of my diagnosis, it was a good feeling to hear the cast and crew talking about how much they enjoyed working on the film. It's the kind of feeling that helps to create a foundation for recovery, and helps you to remember that you are loved and there is someone out there for you. The love, support and encouragement I received from all the cast and crew helped me immensely and I can't wait to see what they do next. We all learned to fight, and have great relationships with our health care team, and that is a true testament to the importance of supporting a healthy environment. It is also a testament to the true value of helping people through a movie. It's not every day that a movie such as this is made, but it is an invaluable moment in time when we can all learn from our mistakes and take advantage of this opportunity to learn from those we love. We are lucky to be surrounded by so many people who share the same love of movies. And as my wife said, if it wasn't for all of you, this movie would have been a failure. I hope to see this movie again soon and look forward to sharing it with my friends, family and anyone who is touched by this story.

Mary photo

Thank you Oliver Platt for directing this story. I loved how he brought together a group of individuals who were for the most part unknowns to each other. This documentary is not only fascinating but also gives us a true representation of life in the Christian Church in the United States. As I have said before, I was a "secret" member of the church and I am glad that this film showed that there are good people out there. As a devout Christian and a member of a non-denominational church, I am very proud of Oliver Platt's gift for bringing together people who are all different, but they share a common belief in Jesus Christ. I look forward to watching this documentary again and again and I will be looking for all the stories that were not told in this film. I have read several of the reviews here and I want to let you know that it is not about being a Christian. It is about loving and being there for one another. We will all be lost without Jesus Christ and I will not forget this. Thank you Oliver Platt for bringing this story to the people who need it most.

Matthew P. photo
Matthew P.

Just saw this movie and it made me feel so happy. I am a huge documentary enthusiast, I have been following this for a while, and I am so glad to see this work. I was on the edge of my seat the whole time. I have watched the movie so many times, I just wish it were available on DVD. I was amazed at the amount of information in it, the amount of research they did. I have watched a few documentaries on them but never found anything this amazing, so I was pretty pleased when I found out they were coming out with a documentary. I felt like I had just discovered a new species of fish, I have not had this feeling since I discovered the Pleistocene era for the first time. I really enjoyed the way they presented it and the information that was given. The music was amazing, I am so glad they put that in. It is perfect for this kind of documentary. I have watched the movie and it has got me so pumped. This documentary is not only about the amazing times, but it is about what it is like to be an explorer and what it is like to come back to your home and look at the things you have missed over the years. I highly recommend it. It is just really fun and worth watching.

Aaron H. photo
Aaron H.

I'm a bit biased when I say this, because I am actually a huge fan of the same music that came out of Jamaica. So I was pretty excited to see this documentary. I found it to be entertaining, well-paced and informative. The filmmakers really hit the nail on the head with the problems that many artists face in order to make a living. Many of the conversations that were interesting were from artists themselves, and the way that people talk about their own struggles were interesting. The music itself is also good. I really like all of the songs, and some of them are actually pretty good. I think that the documentary could have been better though, because it seemed to me like a little bit more had to be told and explained. However, for the most part it was well-made and I recommend it.

Christina photo

Yes, this is a documentary, but it is not about Queen's but about the rockers. I first saw Queen in the mid to late 80's in Santa Cruz, California, during the record drop. They were an incredible group of young, crazy, fun, and very talented rockers. The glamour and glamour didn't exist then and it never will exist, so I was thinking this documentary was a bunch of crap when I first saw it, but I was wrong. This movie is brilliant and it can teach you everything you need to know about rock and roll. This movie really shows the underground, the outlaws, the band that can change a genre, the bands that say, "Hell yeah!" and not to mention the "bad boys" that are still famous and still important. I want to see this movie again and I want to see it again and again.

Billy Simpson photo
Billy Simpson

Loved it!! Absolutely one of the best documentaries I have ever seen. I have never seen a film like it. The narration is amazing, the art direction, and cinematography is perfect. I recommend this film to anyone, and anyone should see this. It is so amazing, it makes you want to cry! I am actually thinking about buying it!

Amber photo

I've never written a review before but here I am. The Queen and I had a great conversation and I loved the movie. The film is a great example of how not to make a documentary. The movie was very good, but it needed more information. I've also heard that the Queen would not allow the film to be in the UK for its release, but she eventually gave the OK. I don't think she would have approved a film that was not in the US, though, so I am wondering if they could have changed the story to have the film in the UK. In any case, I would recommend this film to anyone that likes documentaries about the Queen and their life.

Sara Campbell photo
Sara Campbell

I enjoyed watching this documentary so much. From the start, the documentary makes you feel like you are actually there. You start to connect to the people that you meet, you start to understand why they are doing what they are doing and how it relates to their own lives. It goes beyond the typical "how can we help this man" documentary and focuses on how you can actually make a difference in people's lives by supporting their efforts. It's a very insightful and inspiring documentary that should be viewed by everyone who wants to learn more about the cause.

Sean photo

I was deeply touched by this film. I am an ecologist with a background in marine biology, and I was appalled by the way the film portrayed my work. I was angered by the idea that some of the people in the film had concluded that the film was a work of fiction, when in fact the work of marine biologists was very much real. The film was a great homage to marine biologists, to the information they have gathered, to the ideas that inspired them, to the power of their research, and to their vision. I had never been involved in an ecological study of marine mammals before, and I have to say I am quite impressed by the way the film has been put together. The actors, and the actors in the film, were excellent, and the supporting cast of scientists and marine biologists were outstanding. The films message is strong, and I was deeply moved by it. I would recommend this film to anyone who wants to understand the work of marine biologists.

Ann Schultz photo
Ann Schultz

It's time we watch a documentary about the false notion of LGBTQ, it is a step to actually end the injustice of being gay in America. This documentary is real, it is not made up. You can't tell this film is made up, it is real and it is on a different level to "When We First Met". This film is honest and not made up.

Adam Jacobs photo
Adam Jacobs

This is a true story about a young man who just lost his father, then spent his life as a prince. That is his story. When the media and the general public was told this was a true story, the world was shocked, and became well-known for the true life of George and Victoria. I really hope that the film does not reflect on the real history of the people that were involved, and do not perpetuate their lies, and make us believe that they were not that kind of people. I really hope this film does not show the fact that the British Royal Family is still "British" and the Church of England is still "English". That's a very important part of the British family, but they are not the British Family. Their history and tradition are not the same. It is too important to make this film because people need to see this story. That's why I love it.

Mark photo

The film was at first so very good, I had a hard time telling the difference between the fact that it was just about Richard Dreyfuss' life and that it was just about Prince William's. But it is obvious that the film's makers really meant to show us how Prince William and his bride Catherine are important figures in our nation. The film was also very poignant, and had me speechless on a few occasions. I thought it was wonderful that the producers of this film would take so much time to bring together the family members of those who died in the September 11th attacks. Prince William was obviously very moved by the images shown on the screen, but in a way the film also showed us how Richard Dreyfuss was affected by the death of his father, Richard III. I will certainly be checking out a book of the Dreyfuss family after watching this film, and I would also like to get the DVD version of the film, so that I can see it again!

Alexander H. photo
Alexander H.

This is a documentary about two American sisters who became famous when they became known as Queen Elizabeth II and her younger sister Margaret. In the early 1980's the world's population was exploding. The Queen was known to be a global celebrity with a global following. The sisters were just perfect. And one day, just a day, their lives were taken away from them by a calamity that could have come from anywhere. It is the best documentary I have ever seen. It can give you a sense of what it was like to be an American and a British royal family and what it was like to be an American royal family. It was like a movie from the times. There were scenes that show how the Americans felt about the monarchy and the British. I would recommend this to anyone who has never seen this before, because it is so interesting. You will find some very funny scenes that will make you laugh.

Jordan Castillo photo
Jordan Castillo

I really liked this movie. I thought it was really good. I think this movie does a good job of showing the struggle of working in a working class neighborhood in a black neighborhood. It also shows that in many ways the race problem is not black and white, it is complex. I also like the way the movie shows how the police are viewed. I think this is a great movie that should be seen. I really recommend it. I'm giving it an 8/10.

Zachary Lawson photo
Zachary Lawson

I don't understand why this film is rated so low. I've been a big fan of Clint Eastwood for a long time and have really enjoyed the performances he has given in his films. I also thought that this was a really good film. I was very surprised when I saw this film not being nominated for any Academy Awards, but it was a good film, and I would recommend it to anybody who wants to see it.

Nicholas B. photo
Nicholas B.

This documentary may not have been as amazing as some of the previous docu-dramas, but it was still very interesting. It was very well done and a very well done overview of the beauty and madness that is the life of Queen Elizabeth II. This documentary is very visually stunning and the commentary is very well done. However, if you want to see a documentary that is more in depth, I would recommend Documentary of the Year 2000: The Making of Flightplan, a film that was directed by Peter Weir and narrated by Bob Hoskins. This documentary is much more in depth and it is also more entertaining.

Jack Knight photo
Jack Knight

This movie is excellent. It explores the subject of marriage, and its challenges and rewards. It is a great story about the true nature of relationships, and about the respect that couples need for each other. It is about overcoming challenges and showing each other that you truly care about each other. It is a great movie that shows us that you are in fact the best person for each other.