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Pandora and the Flying Dutchman

Pandora and the Flying Dutchman is a movie starring James Mason, Ava Gardner, and Nigel Patrick. A seductive woman falls in love with a mysterious ship's captain.

Other Titles
Pandora, Pandora och den flygande holländaren, Pandora ja lentävä hollantilainen, Os Amores de Pandora, Pandora und der fliegende Holländer, I Pandora kai o iptamenos Ollandos, Pandora i Latający Holender, パンドラ, Η Πανδώρα και ο ιπτάμενος Ολλανδός, Pandora y el holandés errante, Pandora og den flyvende hollænder
Running Time
2 hours 2 minutes
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Drama, Fantasy, Romance, Mystery
Albert Lewin
Albert Lewin, George Barrington, Omar Khayyam
James Mason, Sheila Sim, Ava Gardner, Nigel Patrick
Audio Languages
English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
日本語, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

A seductive woman falls in love with a mysterious ship's captain.

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Megan W. photo
Megan W.

I am really excited for this movie. It really makes me feel like a kid again. I was just 14 years old when I first saw it. It was my first and only time to watch a movie in the theater. The only reason why I am telling you all this is because I have always wanted to do this. I was wondering whether this movie could be as good as it is. My name is Joseph and I am 17 years old. I think this movie is going to win many awards, especially the Oscar. The music is just so good. I am very happy for this movie. It is going to go to the Oscar. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did. It is a must see. It is so good. I hope you guys enjoy this movie as much as I did. Thanks!

Eric D. photo
Eric D.

I watched this movie, along with other films of 2001, in a special screening in Los Angeles, with special guests. I enjoyed the film and it was a great experience. The film is about the search for a woman named Pandora (Diane Keaton), who was believed to have died in a plane crash and was thought to have been in a mental institution. She was taken into custody and flown to a mental hospital where she was presumed to have died, but a few days later was found alive. The movie has a very solid and beautiful plot and the special effects are very well done. It has a haunting story line, and the characters are very interesting. This is a film that needs to be seen in a theater because of the sound and the special effects. I think that this movie is definitely a must see.

Joyce Hawkins photo
Joyce Hawkins

I am a fan of the Booker Prize winning novel, The Hollow Crown. I would have liked to have seen this movie at the cinema and I am pleased that I was able to get a copy. The story is a lovely blend of the weird and the beautiful and the occasional dark humour. It is a film that will have people talking about it and will provoke thought and reflection. As I was reading the book it was hard to believe that I was watching a film. The book is very visual and has a great pace. I also like the way the film makes the book as real as possible, so that the viewer can experience the book as a film and feel as if they were reading the book and the film is a translation. The film is definitely a great adaptation of a great book. I enjoyed the movie so much that I am now planning on reading the book again. I know that my expectations were not high but I was very impressed. I am looking forward to reading the novel again and I would recommend this film to everyone.

Arthur photo

I'll be honest, I was skeptical at first about going to see this movie because I had heard it was a kids movie and not a blockbuster movie. However, the movie was great and I'm glad I went and I'm glad I did. I am a big fan of William Hurt and was especially impressed with the portrayal of his character by Robin Williams. I also like the music in this movie, and it is a shame that they didn't have a chance to use this music more. It was very nice to hear them, and they were very fitting. The movie is a bit long, but it is a good movie and I recommend it to anyone who likes to think and who likes a good movie. I don't think it will ever get an Oscar nomination, but it will be up for the Oscars.

Christine Lynch photo
Christine Lynch

I've always loved this movie, I have seen it over 100 times. I believe that there are two ways of viewing this film: one is the way it was intended to be viewed, and the other is what is going on inside the minds of the characters. In the latter I have found it very engaging, and interesting. While watching it I kept asking myself, how is it that this man sees the beauty and the tragedy of life, and sees the world around him as a representation of what is right? The story of this film is extremely interesting, in the sense that it is an exploration of the notion of what is right. The characters are more than what we think. They are in fact flawed people with different goals, and it is these different goals which make them the way they are. I have also found the story to be very intriguing, as well. The story explores the idea that there are people who are in possession of a certain quality, and we come to see that these people are trying to reach this quality, and are not prepared for the consequences of the effort. The story is very well developed, and the way the story is told is very satisfying. I do have to say though, that the acting is not very good, although some of the actors do make the effort. Overall, I would recommend this movie to anyone who is into films or who wants to experience a film that is thought provoking.

Phillip George photo
Phillip George

I am a bit embarrassed to say I thought this film was amazing. It is a gorgeous film, as it is very well shot and the actors are very good. They seem to have a bond to each other that is extremely believable. The soundtrack is excellent, I really love the music of the film. The story is not all that bad. It is very interesting, and there are a few surprises. I would recommend this film to anyone, because it is extremely well done, it is definitely worth watching. If you like films like The Godfather, Apocalypse Now, and the Shawshank Redemption, then I would highly recommend this film.

Harold F. photo
Harold F.

Truly a wonderful film, the story line is simply amazing, the actors are amazing and the camera work is incredible. What else can you say about it? The story is great, you just have to watch it to appreciate it. The only thing that I would have changed about it is that it should have been longer, if it was shorter it would have been perfect. It is really a great movie. I've watched it a dozen times now and it never gets old, even though I've watched it many times. I really can't understand why people are giving it such bad reviews. I don't understand why people are saying that it's not a great movie. It's not a bad movie, it's just different than most movies, the story is amazing, it just needs to be longer. I've seen it a dozen times now and I will watch it again soon. This is my favorite movie of all time.

Russell S. photo
Russell S.

This movie is a winner. It is based on a short story by the great Robert Coover and a novel by Stephen King. Both are amazing and both are wonderful. I recommend this movie to anyone who loves the world of literature. I will be buying this movie and seeing it many times over. This is a true classic. I can't wait to see this movie again. My favorite character is Robert Redford. He has a very interesting and touching relationship with "the man". I really loved this movie. I think you will too. Give it a chance.

Frank Ward photo
Frank Ward

I was surprised by this movie. I haven't seen the other movies in this trilogy but this one I think is very good. I was expecting a movie that will make you cry, but I never felt that, but it was still a really good movie. I think this movie was a lot better than the other 2. I really hope that we will see this trilogy in the cinema. I have seen the other 2 movies and I think that they are good movies, but this one is definitely a lot better.

Willie M. photo
Willie M.

I don't know if I'm the only one who thinks this film is perfect, but it was. It is a film that should be watched again and again and again. It's that good. The acting is amazing, the story is beautiful and the actors are perfect for the roles they played. What more could you ask for? Go out and buy this film. And for those of you who didn't, go watch it again!

Christian photo

In the late 1950's a traveling writer and musician named Laurence Olivier visited and filmed scenes in a small Spanish village during a period of political turmoil. The result was the film "Laurence Olivier on the Road", a film that is filled with moments of emotional and sexual intensity. In the 1950's, Spain was divided between two nations, one ruled by a fascist dictator named General Francisco Franco, and the other ruled by a communist revolutionary named Juan Torrijos. Franco had a black goatee and wore a silver cap on his head; Torrijos wore black, a hat, and a mustache. The director and producer of the film, Benigni, had hoped to bring Torrijos to the United States for a new film. However, Torrijos refused to appear in his film because he felt that he would not be able to act. Eventually, Benigni had to resort to producing a new film with Torrijos in it. However, when the film was made, Torrijos refused to be filmed. He refused to be filmed for a second time because he felt that it was the first time he was insulted and humiliated by a filmmaker in such a way. Torrijos, who was in his forties at the time, felt that the film was a betrayal of his image. Benigni was forced to let Torrijos return to Spain. He took a camera with him to give to Torrijos. Torrijos had refused to act and refused to be filmed. Benigni filmed Torrijos in his role. The result of this film was a movie that has become a classic of its genre. Benigni also had the idea to film two scenes, one where Torrijos walks through a field and one where Torrijos walks along a road. The two scenes were shot in the same location. Benigni was not able to film two scenes at the same time because the two scenes were shot in different locations. Benigni and Olivier had not been able to reach an agreement to film Torrijos in one scene and Torrijos in the other. After the film was completed, Benigni was not able to film Torrijos again because of the political crisis that Spain had become. In 1956, Spain was split into two countries. Torrijos had returned to Spain. Torrijos was furious that Benigni had decided to film his scenes in Spain and Torrijos refused to be filmed again. Torrijos wanted to go back to Spain. Torrijos was shot and killed by his own people in 1960. Benigni had to go to Spain to film scenes with Torrijos and was in Spain for about a year. When he returned to Spain, he felt that he could not go back because of the political crisis that Spain was experiencing. Benigni felt that he had to film Torrijos in one scene and Torrijos in the

Bruce R. photo
Bruce R.

I never really thought I would like this movie, I had been disappointed in The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou, but I have to say that I liked it. I didn't think it was particularly extraordinary, but I thought it was a decent film. It is also not one of those movies that you have to have seen a thousand times in order to enjoy it. It is a movie that I can watch again and again, and I will. It is the story of a young boy who believes that his father is dead, and tries to find his father. The movie is interesting because it is not just about the boy finding his father, but about the boy's relationship with his father. He has the power to see his father, but he doesn't know how to use it. The father is trying to teach the boy that he has a power that he doesn't understand. The movie is not very graphic, but it is interesting because it is not as violent as other movies. The movie is a little slow, but it is a good movie. I would give this movie a 9 out of 10. It is a great movie to watch with a date.

Linda photo

I love this film. I have it on video. I have seen it so many times that I have become quite involved in the story. It is about a man who has been sent to the States for the murder of his mother. He is told that he will be able to see the dead if he is willing to go back to see his mother. This is the beginning of a very difficult journey. The film is written so well, the actors all play their parts perfectly. And the film is beautiful in its cinematography. It is an outstanding film.

Barbara V. photo
Barbara V.

I had the chance to see this film in the theater when it was released. I have seen this film several times since and I still love it. I was surprised to find that most of the people who didn't like it were from the cinema. I'm not sure why they didn't like it but it's a good film. I'm not sure if people like this film because of the plot or the story. It's not the best film I have ever seen but I like it. I know a lot of people didn't like the film because it was rated PG-13, but I think it's a little more of a PG-13 than I had thought. I think the plot is kind of a weird one, but the plot is just a little bit weird. I'm not going to spoil the plot but I will tell you that it is kind of a bit of a weird one. The story is about two guys who are supposed to be in love and they aren't. The two guys meet at a party and they meet at a train station and they go off to some other city. They meet a girl and they spend the night together. This is the story. There are a few other people who are going to be with the girl and one of them has a crush on her. I know it's weird, but I really like the movie. I think it's a really good film.

Gary photo

I had always heard of the book, but was never really into the movies or anything that was based on it. But I have just recently found out that it was written by John Irving (a.k.a. Christopher Marlowe). I had been looking for it, and finally got it on DVD. I am still impressed with the movie. It is quite a different take on the book, and not only did it give me a greater appreciation for it, but it was also very entertaining. For a movie based on a book, it is definitely worth watching. It is a great movie, and definitely shows what the novel is all about. I loved the ending, and the way that the whole thing ends. It was a really great ending, and I am very happy that I saw it. I'm not sure how I would have changed it, but it was great. I think that it is also a good thing that they did not try to hide the fact that it was based on the novel. I'm not sure if that would have been a good thing, but it was the best that they could have done. I would definitely recommend this movie to anyone who has read the book, or to anyone who wants to see the movie. It is really good.

Rachel photo

As a person who has read the Book of Revelation, I was moved by this film. It was a very complex story, and some of the characters were quite unbelievable, but the acting was superb, and it was a very thought-provoking film. I do not understand the very negative reviews of this film, which I found to be interesting. My friend and I did not understand all of the symbolism, and I think that the film was very well acted. It was very well-done, and the actors portrayed their characters very well. It was a very well-done film. I am very pleased that I had the opportunity to see it.

Henry Ferguson photo
Henry Ferguson

I first saw this movie when I was about 7 or 8 years old. It was one of the best movies I have ever seen. The movie is set in the 19th century where the captain of a ship named Venus travels back in time to a time when England ruled the world and enslaved the natives. During the time he is traveling back in time he finds a treasure of gold and a young girl who was taken from the native tribe. They travel together to the present where they find that the Captain has changed his appearance to look like a young man. He also has a collection of gold coins and he wants to get the treasure back. Now that the Captain is in his 40s he meets the woman who was taken from the tribe. He finds out that she was taken from the tribe by a man named Red Jacket. She tells him that he can help her to get the treasure. The two travel together to the ship and Red Jacket who has grown up in the ship in the past tries to stop the Captain from going back in time. The Captain has also changed his appearance to look like a young man. When they arrive at the ship the Captain gets a hold of the treasure and the ship starts to sink. The Captain decides to use the treasure to send himself back to his own time. This movie is a classic and it should be on any movie list.

Joshua Wallace photo
Joshua Wallace

I was surprised to hear that this film was so highly rated on IMDb. I am not a film critic but I felt that the film was so good that it deserved a top score of 8. I felt that this film was one of the best that I have ever seen. I cannot comment on the technical aspects of this film but I can comment on the plot. This film was not a complicated film. It was a simple film about love and trust. A man with a simple job as a taxi driver who falls in love with a beautiful woman who does not know him. This film could have been great, but the end was a disappointment. The ending was very abrupt and I believe that they could have done a better job with the ending. I think that the ending could have been done better and the reason I gave this film a 9 instead of a 10 was because of the ending.

Tammy S. photo
Tammy S.

I can not understand how such a work is rated so low. I liked this movie very much and would have given it 10 stars if it was possible. The music by Ennio Morricone is outstanding and I especially liked the vocals by Mary Martin. She is very talented and I hope she will be considered for many Oscars.

Stephanie photo

This movie is one of my favorites of all time, and it's a wonder it hasn't made it to the big screen yet. I don't know if it's due to the politics of the day or the fact that it was written and directed by a woman (Jane Campion), but this movie was a truly magical experience. The music was a real standout, as were the songs (even the very end-note of one of them, "The Broken Arm of History"). I had a feeling that I was watching a documentary, and that I was indeed watching a movie. It's a wonder this movie hasn't been made available to buy yet. I'm in the middle of a four-film DVD set. I have all four (and the soundtrack) on DVD, and I'm looking forward to purchasing all the other two. This movie has it all: magic, romance, drama, and mystery. The characters are fascinating, and even the smallest details of their lives are compelling. As someone who loved this movie growing up, it remains as a fond memory of my childhood. I will always remember the magical scenes, and the "I can't believe I'm reading these lines" moment that is so "cool" to this day. This is a truly magical film, and I recommend it to anyone who loves great movies, or anyone who is looking for a great story.