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Slava is a movie starring Stefan Denolyubov, Margita Gosheva, and Alexandra Angelova. A reclusive Bulgarian railway trackman finds millions of cash spilled on the tracks and turns them in to the police. When the transport ministry's...

Other Titles
Glory - Non c'è tempo per gli onesti, Sława, Chwała, ツァンコの腕時計, Az óra, Slove, Kol Saati, Gloria, Glory, Un minuto de gloria, Glória
Running Time
1 hours 41 minutes
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Petar Valchanov, Kristina Grozeva
Decho Taralezhkov, Petar Valchanov, Kristina Grozeva
Poli Angelova, Alexandra Angelova, Stefan Denolyubov, Margita Gosheva
Bulgaria, Greece
Audio Languages
English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
日本語, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

A reclusive Bulgarian railway trackman finds millions of cash spilled on the tracks and turns them in to the police. When the transport ministry's head of PR Julia Staikova decides to use him as a diversion from a corruption scandal, his simple life falls victim to the grinder of bureaucracy.

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Nicole M. photo
Nicole M.

It's hard to think of a more loathsome film than this. It is a disturbing look at the people who populate these underground, vile institutions. There is no defense for this film. It is also an attempt at attempting to present a "gay" perspective on the gay scene. The viewer may be able to identify with a gay person who finds these characters to be disturbing. This is not to say that all gay people are like that. Most are not like that. The film presents a view that these people are not in control of their own lives and are at a level of violence that may lead to their own demise. However, the character of Svoboda shows the viewer a way of dealing with these situations that is never talked about. She is someone who doesn't conform to the norm of behavior. She is someone who rejects society in a way that is not seen in the other characters. She is someone who is not the "norm." Svoboda is an example of this group of people who refuse to conform to the norms of society. I would recommend that all who have seen this film should watch it and talk about it with others.

Helen Fisher photo
Helen Fisher

I saw this movie in a film festival in Dublin, Ireland. I thought it was an excellent film. It was a very interesting story that weaved its way around the history of Stalin's regime and the nature of communism. As far as I can tell, this was the first movie to be made about the history of Soviet Russia. The movie is a good study of human nature and how the Communist system and the Soviet state have become the most oppressive and horrible government in history. I would recommend this movie to anyone who is interested in the subject.

Anna photo

This movie is about a man who is a homosexual, in my opinion. The film is in Russian with English subtitles and is not so typical for gay movies. The characters are complex and interesting. The movie is moving and feels real. The director also has a special talent for making these films feel realistic. I think it is not a waste of time to see it.

Scott W. photo
Scott W.

When I first saw this film, I thought it was a dumb movie, but after watching it again, I understood it. The film is a psychological study of the differences between Soviet society and that of the Jewish people living in Palestine during the late 1940s. The characters are all based on real people, and in real life they had to cope with various problems, such as discrimination, anti-Semitism, and not knowing who to trust. This movie shows how the Jews in Palestine were isolated from the rest of the world, and how they did not know whether to trust those they had been taught to trust. There were lots of interviews with Jewish people who had been affected by the persecution and war in Europe. The characters were very realistic, and when they got close to each other, they realized they were still not able to say anything to each other. When you see the film, you will find out that it is not a simple, easy-to-understand movie. The characters are not good or bad, but different. They all have their own problems, but they all understand each other, and try to help each other out. The characters are not nice, but they are real people. The conflict between the Jewish and Arab is not just a political issue, but is also a very human one. The film is not about an individual conflict between good and bad, but a conflict between good and good. The Jewish people are not bad people, but good people, and the Arab people are not bad people, but good people. The film is really a deep movie, but a very intelligent one. I can't say it is for everyone. It is not about the Holocaust or the Holocaust of the Jews. It is about what happens when good people are forced to live in a hostile environment, and how a world that is supposed to be the best and most peaceful ever can be so dangerous and filled with hate. There is not a happy ending, but the movie is not about a happy ending either. It is about people that are hurting and trying to heal themselves. They try to survive, and they learn to forgive each other. This is a very deep movie, but a very intelligent one.

Wayne Harvey photo
Wayne Harvey

When I saw the trailer for "Glory", I knew I had to see it. Now, I'm sure it is not one of the best movies of the year, but I've never been so disappointed in a movie trailer before. What makes this movie so good? It's based on a novel of the same name, so there is not going to be a major twist ending that makes you say "oh! That was a great twist!" It's a straight forward story that is set in Russia. The acting is pretty good, especially from the main protagonist. The story is simple and is told very well. There is a bit of mystery about the main character and there are some scenes where I kept thinking to myself "what the hell just happened? Did he actually do this or was it a dream?" It's definitely not a movie that is going to leave you in a 'happy' mood, but it is definitely a movie you should see. Definitely worth watching!

Mildred photo

Well, I'm going to start off with saying that I was somewhat skeptical when I started watching this movie. I had watched a lot of Russian films and I was not expecting this type of storytelling, I mean it was a horror movie. It was also based on a novel, but also on a novel. It was also based on a novel that I did not read. But, I was still curious to see how it would be. I'm glad that I watched it. It was quite a dramatic and dark movie. The characters were very well written. I like the characters, and the way they were written. You can really understand their motives. There was a lot of action, and I was wondering, why was the hell did it stop? I'm not going to say what happened, but it was not a big spoiler, but it would be better to watch it and not read the book, so that I could get a better understanding. It was also very interesting to see the evolution of the characters. I'm not going to say how the movie ended, but I can say that it was quite a twist. I was quite surprised when the movie ended, it was quite a twist. I liked it, but I would have liked it more if it had been a bit longer, or more action. But, it is still a very good movie, and I recommend it to anyone who wants to see a good Russian movie. 9/10.

Dylan F. photo
Dylan F.

With his new movie, Nikita, Antonioni once again makes the transition from a director of movies like "The Passenger" and "The Passenger II", to a director of films like "Nekromantik" and "The Beach". "Nekromantik" is a film about the struggle for the freedom of the individual to express his or her own will to be free. It's a film about the themes of love and the soul. It's about the difference between a soul and a body. It's about the freedom of the individual to think. This is a very complex and nuanced film, and it deserves to be appreciated for it's complex and nuanced story. This film is not an easy one to watch, and it's difficult to talk about it. It requires the viewer to use their own judgement and judgment of the film. I give this film a 9 out of 10. It's a film that you must watch. It's not easy to watch, and it's a film that deserves to be appreciated.

Rose Gutierrez photo
Rose Gutierrez

I'm usually not one to comment on movies, but I felt compelled to write this as I am a bit of a fan of this movie. I don't consider myself to be a "fans" of anything, but I have to admit I was quite amazed by this movie. It had the ability to take my breath away, to take my eyes off of the screen. It was so moving. I don't know if I am as surprised by the length of this movie as some of my friends, but it seems to me it was a masterful piece. I felt every emotion that this movie caused in me. It is not for the faint of heart, but I do recommend it to anyone who wants to see a movie that has a story that is very believable and that will affect you in a way you can't explain. I was totally riveted by the story and how the characters acted. I was moved by the characters and the story. I don't know if it is because I am Russian and have lived in Russia my whole life, but I can honestly say that this movie will touch you. It will move you in a way that you cannot explain. I recommend this movie to everyone. I will be seeing it again very soon.

Evelyn photo

This movie is actually not bad at all. If you are looking for a "good" film, look no further. This film tells the story of a young man, who has to live in an apartment block where the rent is $100 a month and he must work three hours a day, and he must be able to buy the food with the $100 a month. He has to stay in the apartment block with his dog, named "Spaz", and he can't leave his pet. His name is "Spaz", and he's in love with the dog, and they live together happily, until they find out that the landlord is using them as a test, to find out who is the good guy. The man is "Punk", and the landlord is "Stick", and their lives are changed forever. The film is set in the middle of the 19th century, and the story is very good, because the setting is great, and the characters are well developed, and the actors do a very good job, and the movie was very interesting to watch. The last part of the movie is very good, because it tells the story of the end of the movie, and the story of the man and his dog. The movie is very interesting, and I give this movie a 9/10.

Eugene Torres photo
Eugene Torres

I was very excited to see this film. The first half of the film was very slow and I felt very disconnected to the movie. However, as the film progressed, I began to relate more with the characters. The plot was very well thought out and the dialogue was excellent. I was able to understand the character's feelings, and it was easy to see why they did the things they did. I did feel that the first half of the film was slow. I would recommend this film to anyone who enjoys film, and especially film that is able to keep the viewer involved.

Brenda F. photo
Brenda F.

I absolutely loved this movie. It is a tear jerker. The acting was incredible, and the movie was well made. The cast was absolutely perfect, and the plot line kept you hooked. I could not wait for this movie to come out, and I am very glad I did. This is a must see. It will not disappoint anyone. I give it 9/10

Jeremy Campbell photo
Jeremy Campbell

I watched this film recently and was a bit skeptical about the topic at hand. I thought the story was a bit over the top. But the movie did a good job of using it's subject matter to point out the inequalities that exist in our society. I think that it is a brilliant story and that the message that it delivers is true to life. I think the film is great and I recommend it to anyone who enjoys films like the Lord of the Rings trilogy. I give it a 9/10

Justin photo

What makes this film great is that it does not shy away from the sex and nudity. It was one of the first films to use the 'spaghetti' style of directing to tell the story. The acting is solid and the movie does have a well thought out script. The film does not give you a sense that this is a romantic comedy or that it is a family drama. If you watch this film, you will have to come to terms with the fact that it is not a true comedy. The sex and nudity is a central part of the movie. This is why it is so great. The plot is not complicated but it does not need to be. This is a great movie to watch with your friends or family.

Russell Nichols photo
Russell Nichols

A great Russian film. It is one of those films that you can't put in your "no film list". The story has a very good theme, although it is a rather difficult one to follow. However, the cast is fantastic. The actors deliver great performances, which give this film a special charm. The story is very interesting, and the dialogs are interesting too. The music is superb, and it fits perfectly with the story. If you can't wait for a good Russian movie to be released, and you like Russian films, you can't miss this one.

William photo

This film is a brilliant story about a character in his forties who was a convicted and sentenced felon who has no choice but to serve out his sentence and become a prison guard at the same time. It is a story about friendship and redemption that is told with great beauty and depth. The characters are very believable and very real. The director used the unique set of characters to tell the story. They all have very different and different stories that each individual character has to deal with. There is a great mix of emotions and situations and it is hard to pinpoint which character you relate to. Overall this is a great film about a man who was not perfect, he did some things that are wrong but he is a good man and it is hard to know how to judge him. It is very good and very unique film. It is the story of a man who is broken in so many ways, but has so much good in his life. It is very sad and sad that the main character is going to serve a life sentence.

Donna R. photo
Donna R.

This is one of the best Russian films I have ever seen. It is just like every Russian film I have ever seen, the story is that of a woman who is oppressed by her husband and by society, but she does not know how to escape her fate. The film is really good and you really understand the misery and the helplessness of the woman. I would recommend this film to everyone who is interested in this kind of movie, but I think that it is not a really good film for a family audience. So I would suggest that everyone who is interested in the Russian cinema to see this film. I would give it a 9/10.

Emma photo

First of all I want to say that I am a big fan of the films of Agnes Varda and I enjoyed this one. The story is about a very difficult woman (Vika) who lives in a part of Yugoslavia where the government has forbidden any films or literature. She has a lot of problems. She has a very difficult family life and her mother and father are very strict. Vika has a friend in the country who helps her to overcome her problems. There are a lot of women in the film. One of them is a woman who is more interested in her work than in her life. The other woman is a woman who is very jealous of Vika. She has a boyfriend in the town and he wants to get rid of her. One of the main themes in this film is the friendship between Vika and this boy. I think this film is very good because it shows us that people don't have to be perfect and there are problems all the time in the world. There are problems even in a part of Yugoslavia where the government doesn't know about the freedom of media and the people. But we can learn something from this film and we can learn that we have to have a lot of friends who will help us. I would recommend it to everyone.

Cynthia W. photo
Cynthia W.

I like this movie because it was very personal. This movie takes a few issues to be so personal and yet, this movie has such great characters and emotions. It is not like other movies, where the characters are used as background. It is such a unique story, that makes you relate to each character. The characters are real and this movie will give you a great experience. This movie is not the typical Hollywood type of a film. This is a very unique movie. You will be moved by this movie, and you will be thinking about it for a long time.

Janice Hernandez photo
Janice Hernandez

To be honest, I was expecting this movie to be way worse than it was. I mean, sure, I've seen many Russian movies in the past, and I have heard from friends that this is a pretty bad movie. But, I wasn't expecting a movie like "Liza", and I thought it was going to be at least comparable to "Men in Black". But, I was wrong. This movie is way, way, way, way, WAY better. It was WAY better than I was expecting it to be. The story, the acting, the plot, everything was just all perfect. The movie was extremely well-written, and the characters were all believable. I would definitely recommend this movie to anyone, and I would certainly watch it again.

Judy photo

This film is a very close portrayal of an interesting yet troubled life of a man in the Soviet Union. The film has the feel of a diary with its few, often funny comments, which give you a sense of how the man lived. The film does not try to show us the "real" truth but we get to see the reality of life in the Soviet Union. The film does not end, it just has a kind of a wrap up of life in the Soviet Union. If you are interested in the Soviet Union you might want to see this film, because it is not a propaganda film but a documentary about the life of a man. In the Soviet Union it was a taboo to criticize the country, so if you were to see this film you would be a potential criminal, since the film is very serious. The film is very well made and it is very interesting to watch.

Jose C. photo
Jose C.

I am not a film critic, and have no high expectations of films I review. But I read the book on which this movie is based, and I must say that I was very impressed. I was thoroughly impressed. This is a really well written story, well told, and handled with great care. The photography is wonderful, and the acting, especially from the kids, is really good. This is a very well done movie, one of the best I have seen in years. It is well worth seeing, and I would give it a 9, even if it were only an 8.

Samantha C. photo
Samantha C.

One of the most beautiful movies I have ever seen. Beautiful cinematography and direction. The actor who played P.P. I think, was terrific, his performance was outstanding, it was intense. I have never seen a performance that made me feel so strongly about the character. I was deeply moved and so much more interested in the story. I highly recommend this movie. The acting was very good. I think the actors did a fantastic job in their performances, and the director did a terrific job. I don't think this movie will get any awards or even be nominated for any awards. I think this movie should have a major audience, because it is not just for people who like romantic movies. I think this movie is a must see. I love this movie and I recommend it to everyone.

Christopher Herrera photo
Christopher Herrera

This movie really shows what happens to people who are not doing well economically. The one thing I have not seen in other movies is the many negative remarks about the family. In this movie there are many scenes where they are really arguing about what to do with their money. A lot of people say that they would do anything for money. In this movie you really see how poverty affects the family. It's not a pretty picture. The one thing that I really liked was the ending. The scene where the woman says "I don't want to be like you" to her daughter was really touching and a good scene. All in all, this is an interesting movie.