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Shou yi ren

Shou yi ren is a movie starring Chengpeng Dong, Yan Liu, and Zixian Zhang. A struggling father agrees to run a scam in which he convinces a camgirl to marry him.

Other Titles
My Dear Liar, 受益人
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1 hours 56 minutes
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Ao Shen
Ao Shen
Peng Bo, Chengpeng Dong, Yan Liu, Zixian Zhang
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A struggling father agrees to run a scam in which he convinces a camgirl to marry him.

Comments about drama «Shou yi ren» (14)

Vincent O. photo
Vincent O.

This is the first of the three films from the Taiwanese director Chen Kaige, and it's a film that I've been looking forward to seeing for a while. The film stars the beautiful actress Gong Li as a woman who falls in love with a man who is a father of three children, and then goes off with the man to be with him. It's a beautiful film, and is a beautiful look at a woman's life and the way she deals with it. Gong Li is in a perfect role, and I was very impressed by her performance. I also loved the ending, which is very surprising and surprising in a good way. The film is a little slow in the beginning, but I think it is worth watching. It is a very romantic film, but not in the typical sense. The ending is a little disappointing, but it was the best ending I've seen in a while. This is a film that I recommend to people who like romantic films, or if you're a fan of Gong Li.

Ann F. photo
Ann F.

The last film that I saw that I would like to see again was "The Last Word" from 1994. This film was shot on the same location, and the director was the same, but this time it was an independent film and they had more freedom to make a movie. The plot was simple, but not simple. It's about a man who is divorced and has been unable to find his lost daughter. This is not a simple story, it's a very deep story. The acting was good, but I think the director should have been a little more creative in the acting. It was very easy to tell who was supposed to be the father, and who was the daughter. There were too many times when they could have made a good scene, and then they had to cut it. It's almost like they had to make a scene to show the audience that the dad was the father, and then they cut the scene. There were also many times when the director could have done something else, like something with the daughter or something else, but he didn't. I'm not sure if it was because he didn't know what else to do, but it was hard to tell who was the father and who was the daughter. The story is very good, but the acting was a little better. The story is very good, but it's very hard to tell who is the father and who is the daughter.

Mark photo

I saw this film for the first time recently, and I was really impressed. The film is very moving and very touching, especially when the characters were discussing the death of their parents and how they are still trying to cope with it. The film also deals with a lot of emotional issues, such as homosexuality, abuse, and the way that parents deal with their children. The characters were very real and I really felt that I was part of the story. The film also has a very strong message. The film is not just about the death of the parents, but about the way that the parents deal with their children and how they are dealing with the death of their parents. I really liked this film and I highly recommend it.

Sarah photo

A man in his mid-forties is "loose" in a small Chinese village, and his wife and children move in with him. As he gets more comfortable in his new home, he starts to notice the changes in his neighbors. It's not long before he finds out that they are not the nice, peaceful people he expected them to be. They are not simply being moved out of the way, they are not happy. This is one of the better Chinese films I've seen in a while. The characters are interesting, the story is very interesting, and the direction is very well done. The setting is also very nice. This is definitely one of the better Chinese films I've seen. It's not a masterpiece, but it's definitely worth a look.

Daniel H. photo
Daniel H.

One of the more intriguing films of the year. It was directed by Zhang Yimou, who also co-wrote the script with Zhang Yimou, and stars Wu Jing. Wu Jing plays a woman who is also a reporter, but in her case it is her love life that is her main focus. When she is in a compromising position with a man she has a hard time getting over. Wu Jing is quite captivating, and it is hard not to feel sorry for her. She is a real human being, and there are many scenes in which her character is not only being a "good girl", but she is also a "good person". She is not a character who is morally straight and righteous, but she is a person who is being herself, and is only being herself when she does not want to be. The problem is that Wu Jing is not a likable person, and there are many moments in which her character is not the same as the one we see in the other films. The story is about a journalist who has been married for a long time, and she is pregnant. Her husband has not been with her since they were married, and she has a son. The father of the son is a great man, but he is not the one who is the main focus of the film. It is the wife who is the focus of the film, and she is a great woman. She is a great person, but she is not the same as the one we see in the other films. The film is very complex, and there are many subplots, and some of them are not very clear. There is a great deal of symbolism and symbolism is not very easy to explain. The film is very emotional and there are some scenes in which you are left feeling very sad, and you cannot help but cry. The ending is also a very emotional one, and you will probably not like it, but it is a very emotional one. I will not give anything away, but it is a very emotional film, and it is one of the best films of the year.

Jason photo

This is a good movie with a great plot and well acted. I would recommend this movie to anyone who enjoys a good movie with a good plot.

Amber Harris photo
Amber Harris

As the name suggests, this film is about a man who is married to a woman who has left him for a man who is not her husband. He is trying to find his way back to her. But he has to do it by means of a series of social problems and situations. The film is well made, but the story is a bit slow. And the acting is not very good. So if you are interested in watching this movie, watch it on television, or if you want to watch it in a movie theater, wait for a DVD. It is worth the wait.

Jacqueline photo

I was quite surprised by this movie. I had heard a lot of bad things about this movie, but I decided to give it a try. I was very impressed with this movie. It is a beautiful film. It has a very slow pace, but it is not boring. The music and the cinematography are very well done. I recommend this movie to anyone who likes the dark and moody movies. I think this movie is very underrated. It deserves more credit than it gets. I think the only reason it isn't better is because the director of this movie, Zhang Yimou, is famous for his other films. I don't think he is a good director. I think he has a very bad sense of direction. The movie is very slow, but it is not boring. It is not a movie that is meant to be watched in a day or two. It is meant to be watched a few times to understand it. I think this movie is a good one. I would give it a 7/10.

Olivia Duncan photo
Olivia Duncan

After a long time, this is a great movie! It is very good, but you have to watch it in a theater. I liked the plot. The characters are interesting and the plot is good. I liked the way they presented the story. The only thing I didn't like is the fact that it was a bit slow. But I think it is a good movie. It is not a masterpiece, but it is a good movie. I recommend it to anyone.

Susan Delgado photo
Susan Delgado

This film is about the relationship between a young man and his father, who is a gangster. The father's gang has problems with the police, and the son is trying to help. He becomes involved with a girl, who is a thief, and a hit-man. There are some twists and turns along the way. The acting is good, and the film is not predictable. The only problem is that it's very long. It would have been better if they cut out about a half-hour of the first half. Otherwise, it's a good film.

Willie Shaw photo
Willie Shaw

This is a great film, that has been under-appreciated. It's a story of the effect of the war on the lives of the people, in the countryside of China. The story is told from the perspective of a young woman, who is in her late twenties. She has just been released from prison, after serving a five-year sentence for theft. She is the daughter of a peasant family, and she is determined to find her father, who has been in prison for ten years. The story is told in flashbacks, and the emotions are mixed, but they are all from the perspective of a young woman, who has been forced to live in a war zone, and the effect of the war on her. This film is very powerful, and is very interesting. I think it is one of the best films I have ever seen. The performances are excellent, especially from the main character, and the cinematography is excellent, too. It is an excellent film, and I recommend it to everyone.

Ronald photo

This is a good film. The story is good and the acting is great. But, there are a few things that don't make sense. First, the young girl that is in the film has no face. It looks like she is just a little girl. Second, there is a scene where the girl and the man have sex in the middle of the street. The man is just a kid. And, I think that the man is supposed to be a little older. But, when he is talking to the girl, he looks like he is 12. Third, there are a few scenes where the girl looks like she is on the brink of tears. I think that this is just to show that she is a little girl. Fourth, the scene where the man comes to the girl's house is very disturbing. He is a little older than she is. And, the scene where the girl has sex with the man is not supposed to be very bad. And, I think that the man should have died in the end. But, the girl is not supposed to be killed by the man. But, she dies by the end of the film. But, I think that this is a good film. I recommend this film to anyone.

Julia photo

My Thoughts: The movie was good but the story was too complicated. It is too hard to explain everything in a few lines. I would suggest to watch it for yourself. The movie is about a little girl who gets raped by a rich man. The rich man then commits suicide. The girl's mother takes care of her until she gets married. The girl then finds out that her father is a rich man. The girl then starts to investigate. She discovers that the father is a rich man and his father's brother is a rich man. She then goes to the rich man's house and he is a rich man. He rapes her and then she goes to the police. The movie is good but the story is too complicated.

Billy Wagner photo
Billy Wagner

I've been a fan of the film since I was a kid. I remember watching it with my mom when it was first released and loving it. I was actually a big fan of the music in the film and the actors. I was very excited to see the film again after I had already seen it twice. This time I was surprised to find that the music was not the only thing that I loved. The story was good, but the acting was great. I actually found the film very realistic. There were times when I thought the actors were really acting and I really felt like I was there. I don't know if the film was based on real events or not, but I do know that the movie was very believable. I didn't feel like it was overly dramatized. I think it was a good film for people who like a good story with great acting. I highly recommend this film to people who are looking for a good story with good acting.