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42nd Street: The Musical

42nd Street: The Musical is a movie starring Philip Bertioli, Billie-Kay, and Emma Caffrey. Peggy Sawyer, a talented young performer with stars in her eyes gets her big break on Broadway.

Other Titles
42nd Street: El musical, 42nd Street - The Musical
Running Time
2 hours 35 minutes
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Mark Bramble, Ross MacGibbon
Mark Bramble
Philip Bertioli, Billie-Kay, Emma Caffrey, Danielle Cato
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English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
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Peggy Sawyer, a talented young performer with stars in her eyes gets her big break on Broadway.

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Wayne Kennedy photo
Wayne Kennedy

I would like to start out by saying that I am not a fan of Broadway musicals. I find them rather boring. However, I am not averse to them and am a big fan of the shows. The only reason I decided to see this movie was because of the title and the song "I'm Not a Woman, but I'll Always Be a Woman." I am a woman. I am not a man. But I'm still a woman. And I am proud of it. This movie was awesome. I loved it. It was fun. I really enjoyed it. It was well written and the characters were great. I think they portrayed the characters perfectly. The only thing I did not like was that the movie ended with a scene that did not make sense. It was too confusing. But it was not that big of a deal. It is only a minor thing. It was not the movie's downfall, but it could have been better. I will give this movie a B+ for a great movie and the characters.

Dorothy Black photo
Dorothy Black

I was so excited to see this movie, since I was able to see it on Broadway a couple of years ago. I was so impressed with it, it was as if it were a Broadway show! I love this movie! It is great to see how many great actors did a musical. I love how many of the songs are from the musical. I also loved how it showed the history of the city and the characters. It was so exciting to see the characters in the movie. I also loved how it was a great way to see what it was like to go to the White House. I think this is the best musical I have ever seen. The characters are so great and the story is so amazing. It is great for all ages! I think you will be surprised how great this movie is. It is definitely one of my favorite movies of all time. I hope you will see it too. I am going to see it again when it is released on DVD.

Amanda photo

I am a huge fan of the Broadway show, so I am excited to see this film. I think it is very faithful to the original musical. I think it is a lot better than the Broadway show. The songs are more subtle, and the songs are also more emotionally powerful. The movie is not as great, but it is not as bad as people have made it out to be. I like how it was shot and the lighting was very well done. The movie is very emotional. I think the story is actually quite good, and I am glad it wasn't completely predictable. The only problem I had was that I did not understand why everybody was yelling and crying. I guess it was just the way they were acting, but it was still a bit distracting. The movie is a good movie. It is a little boring in places, but I liked that they did not go for a big climax, or anything like that. It was more like a story, that could have been a bit longer, and had more of a deeper meaning. The acting was also good, and I think that the cast did a very good job. I think this movie was very faithful to the musical. Overall, I think this is a very good movie. I would recommend this movie to anyone who loves musicals, or Broadway.

Jennifer Ramos photo
Jennifer Ramos

This movie is about as good as it gets for a musical. It's fun, it's silly, and it's totally worth seeing. The characters are played well, and the story is original and fun. The only problem I had with the movie is that it seemed a bit too long. It's about the same length as the first film, but there is a lot of additional material in between that could have been cut. I'd have loved to see some of the songs performed live in the movie. It would have been cool to see a few new songs, and see how the songs were used in the film. I loved this movie, and I think you should see it.

Emma A. photo
Emma A.

I don't know why so many people hated this movie. Maybe they were expecting a Michael Jackson musical. But I thought the story was good, the characters were great and the songs were great. The movie is good, but I think the movie is a little too long. The singing is good, but it is still slow in parts. I don't know if it was supposed to be a musical, but it is a good movie. I'm giving it an 8/10. It is a good movie, but not a great movie. But if you like Michael Jackson music, I think you should see this movie.

Sandra B. photo
Sandra B.

I thought this movie was good and interesting. It was funny and sad. The cast was great, as was the music. I liked the dancing, it was great. I liked the costumes, and the movie was a little scary for some people. I thought the ending was very good and worth seeing. I thought it was good and I would buy it when it comes out on DVD.

Janice Garrett photo
Janice Garrett

If you are a fan of the original, then you'll love this movie. But if you're not, you'll probably hate it. The story is about two orphans who want to live a normal life but end up at a mental institution for a year and the results are shocking. This movie is good for a change and I loved it.

Jeremy photo

I liked this movie. It was fun and interesting. I think that I am going to see it again. It is very good and has a good plot. The songs are great and they are in the movie. The only thing that I would like to change is that the dancing is a little bit too much. I think that it could have been a little bit better if the dancing was less. But the rest of the movie is good and entertaining.

Madison photo

I didn't think this movie would be that good, but I was wrong. It was just plain fun and entertaining. This movie was very entertaining, and I was able to catch everything I wanted to. It was the kind of movie that would make you laugh out loud, and make you feel good. I would recommend this movie to anyone, especially if you like musicals. I give this movie a B+.

Raymond L. photo
Raymond L.

This movie was one of my first to see and I remember liking it a lot. The first thing that I noticed was the music. While I enjoyed the song "The War Will Not Be Fought" that was actually sung by the woman who played Melissa. It was a good song, though not the greatest. I also liked the song "Prayer in the Rain" sung by Debra Messing. The rest of the songs were very good and the production was very good. The acting was also very good and the cast did a great job. This movie is very good for those who like musicals. I rate it 8/10.

George photo

For a musical, this movie was very good. It was fun to watch the characters interact, the songs were very memorable and the ending was very good. The cast was very good. The other musicals I've seen, have been great, but this one was very good. I have to say that I thought the cast was very good. They made the audience feel like they were in the theater and they really made the audience feel like they were in the theater. This is a movie that I recommend everyone see. It is a very good movie and it will make you laugh, cry, feel happy and sad.

Brandon J. photo
Brandon J.

As far as musicals go, I'd have to say this is the best I've seen in quite some time. For the most part it's an entertaining show. The songs and dances are all in good taste, but the acting is pretty weak. It's hard to take the lead characters seriously, and the supporting actors aren't all that great. They do have a few good moments, but they don't last long. The big problem is that the story and characters don't seem to be that interesting. I also have to wonder if the producers and directors are going to pay much attention to the critics who loved the movie when it was released. I'm sure they will. So this movie has a strong enough story to make it worthwhile, and there are some really funny songs and dances. But it doesn't have anything to hold it together. It's hard to get attached to any of the characters, and there's little focus on the story. I like musicals, but this is not a great one. It's better than the first one, but not as good as the second one. I don't recommend this movie, but it's still worth seeing. It's worth a look, though. My Grade: C+ DVD Extras: Storyboards, Audio commentary, and trailers for The Sound of Music and The Music Man.

Jerry West photo
Jerry West

I had the pleasure of seeing this production at the Central Park Ballet Company in NYC. It is a very touching and thought provoking production. While I do not know the source material for the original musical, I do have a lot of respect for the original concept. This production was able to capture that original spirit very well. It is an excellent show, and I recommend it highly.

Johnny photo

I think that this movie was amazing! I love the storyline and the costumes. I would recommend this movie to anyone, especially women. I like how the movie was like a musical. I really like how the characters were put together. I think it was a great idea to put this movie in a different time period, I thought it was very interesting. I would recommend this movie to anyone who likes musicals or musical movies. I think this movie is great!

Mary Morales photo
Mary Morales

While the story and the plot are a little too heavy, the musical numbers are very good. The songs are pretty much average, but they are fun to listen to. I like the music the most of all the songs, but it isn't the best of the year. I would give this movie a 8, but because of the plot and the songs, I give it a 9.

Peter photo

I saw this movie at a preview showing and I was very surprised. The actors were fantastic and I loved the musical numbers. I love the way they did the music. The whole movie was very well done. There was a little "on the nose" but I don't really care about that because I was laughing so hard. The story line was very good and I found myself really enjoying the movie. This movie is a good way to spend a couple of hours. It was not that long and I did not find it boring. I think that it would be a great movie for all ages and that's why I rated it 8 out of 10.

Ann G. photo
Ann G.

While this was originally a stage show, it is now on the big screen. It has great characters and an exciting plot. The plot is about a black man who is homeless and living in the park. He meets a woman who is in love with him. There are many great songs that are performed in this show. They are great songs that the whole family can enjoy. I think it is a good family show for the whole family to watch. It is great to see a great family show that is not too scary or too scary for the children. The whole family can enjoy it.

Madison Kim photo
Madison Kim

After the success of Singing in the Rain, this film was the first to feature the real Tom Hanks. He plays a young man who has an obsession with The Rock, and he will do anything to keep his girlfriend from falling in love with him. His best friend, Andy, is a drunk who has an agenda of his own. When he falls in love with the girl he fell in love with in Singing in the Rain, he is in a hurry to get out of his friend's way. He has a scheme to bring the girl back to him, and his only goal is to get his girlfriend to fall in love with him. Hanks is not the usual Hanks. He plays the part so well that it is almost impossible not to love him. He has that charm that everyone can identify with. The Rock is played by a really good actor, and his voice is just so great. In this film, he is not in the film, but his voice is so wonderful. He is so natural and so good at acting. They should have gotten someone else to play the Rock. His voice was just so good. He is a really good actor, and he has done a lot of great films. I think this is the best film of his that I have seen. If you haven't seen Singing in the Rain, you should. I think this is one of the best musicals that you will ever see. I give this film an 8 out of 10. I give Singing in the Rain an 8 out of 10.

Jose photo

I just want to say, that I am an absolute fan of the original Broadway musical. I have been waiting for this film to come out for years. I am so happy to say that this film was just as good as the original. I was very surprised that it was not on the theaters for a very long time. I am so glad that they brought it out. I think that they should have done it in theaters so that more people could see it. I was surprised to see that the cast was not as famous as the original cast. They should have brought out all of the original cast and cast the other original cast members. They should have also cast the original cast members and cast the other original cast members. They could have had a very good movie. This film is very entertaining. I would recommend this film to anyone. I am going to go see it again. I am so glad that they did this film. I would also like to see the director's cut of this film. I think that the director's cut should be on the theaters. The film would have had more laughs and more music.

Marilyn photo

I saw this movie at the Met and I thought it was one of the best movies of the year. I think that this is an underrated movie and people should see it. This is the type of movie that you want to watch again and again. It is also a story about a group of people that are trying to find their place in the world. The performances are great. Sam Rockwell is great as Mason and he did a great job. Christina Hendricks is good as Elizabeth and I thought she did a good job as well. I also like that they made the movie about family and how they are dealing with life's challenges. I really like that they made the movie about the friendship that is growing between the three friends. This movie is not your typical musical but it is a great movie. I really liked this movie. I hope you enjoy it as well.

Katherine photo

I have a very big soft spot for musicals. I first saw this one in my early teens and loved it. I just saw it again last night, after a couple of years, and I can't stop singing it. My father bought it for me and my sister as a gift for Christmas. It is not only my favorite musical but the best musical ever. The musical starts out with the "American Dream" song that was used in the book. When the musical begins, a very small girl in a ragged dress and a high heel, with an expression on her face, is getting ready for a journey to the South Pole. She is going to spend the winter in the South Pole, and her name is Marianne. She is going to spend her time as a servant in the house of the world's greatest man. His name is Henry, and he is going to spend the rest of his life as a slave. Henry is a rich man, and has a lot of money. When he finds out that Marianne is going to the South Pole, he asks to see her, but he is unable to get the permission. When he finally gets the permission, he goes on a journey with his two best friends, Henry and Sylvia. This is the first time in the movie that there is singing. The rest of the musical is all singing. The musical is very well done, with some very good singing. It is a very funny movie. I have been searching for this movie for years, and finally found it. I am a big fan of musicals, and I am a huge fan of "The Music Man." This movie is very well done and very funny. If you are a fan of musicals, this is a movie you will enjoy.

Diana Harris photo
Diana Harris

I saw this film when I was in college and loved it. It was a family movie, and I enjoyed it. I recently bought it on DVD and had to purchase it again. I was sad to see that it was so dark in color, but the film itself was great. The acting was wonderful, especially from Steven Wright, who is so underrated in my opinion. The storyline was wonderful, and I felt the need to see it again. I do not recommend this film for anyone under the age of 10, because it is not suitable for children. I recommend this film to all ages.