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Cane River

Cane River is a movie starring Tommye Myrick, Richard Romain, and Carol Sutton. The romance between two African Americans who come from a different class background.

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1 hours 44 minutes
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Drama, Romance
Horace Jenkins
Horace Jenkins
Carol Sutton, Tommye Myrick, Barbara Tasker, Richard Romain
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The romance between two African Americans who come from a different class background.

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Donald Kelley photo
Donald Kelley

This movie was a disappointment. The story was great and the acting was great, but the story was poorly written. The ending was disappointing and left you feeling like you wasted your time. I understand the movie is based on a true story, but I don't understand why they had to throw in so many scenes that were just confusing. I guess they were trying to make the movie more realistic, but I don't think that was necessary. It was just a very confusing movie. I also don't understand why the people in the movie are so cold and hard. It just seemed to me like they were trying to make the movie more realistic. I think it would have been better if they would have made the movie more realistic and had the characters be more likable.

Robert photo

I saw this film at the Film Independent Film Festival in Seattle, Washington. I found it to be a very interesting film about a young man who is a passionate advocate for the rights of the disabled. He sees himself as a sort of crusader for the rights of the disabled, but he also sees himself as a victim of the system. He's not really a hero. He just wants to be a part of the system, and he's not going to stop until he has his own agenda. He's kind of a pitiable character, but you can see him wanting to do the right thing. The film is very, very touching and has a great message for the film industry. I'm really looking forward to seeing the next film by the director. The acting is great. The story is good, and the direction is good. I would recommend this film to anyone who wants to see a film that will have them thinking and wondering about the things they're doing in their life. It's a film that will stick with you for a long time. I was really impressed with the movie, and I recommend it to anyone who wants to see a film that will make them think.

Tiffany Webb photo
Tiffany Webb

First off, this is not a film for the kids. The whole movie is narrated by an old man who speaks in an almost monotone voice. If you are the parent of a young child, I think this might be a good choice for you to avoid. I understand the film is about a time when the British and the Native Americans had a fierce rivalry. The Native Americans were in the middle of a battle for the crown and the British were at the front. The British have a strict code of honor, they won't fight unless they are defending themselves, and the Native Americans are very pacifistic. They will fight to the death, but they won't kill each other. But then, there is a twist. The British are in the middle of a war with the French, and they want the Native Americans to fight. The Native Americans are on their own, and they can't fight. So, the British are forced to take the Native Americans as slaves, and that's the story of Cane River. This movie is based on a novel by the late J.D. Salinger, and I believe that the novel is much better than the film. This film is very realistic, and I would recommend it to anyone who likes to watch a film about a time when people fought for honor and dignity. I rate this film 7 out of 10.

Andrew D. photo
Andrew D.

I am an American male who, like many, grew up in a western family. My father's side of the family was based in the South. I grew up with the words "Blackfoot" and "Whitefoot" as a part of my culture. I went to a school where the flag was the Indian battle flag. I was raised to believe that the Indians were the "good Indians" and the whites were the "bad Indians." I was taught to believe that all Indians were the same. I never really heard of the Indian "Cane River" until I saw this film. I have always wanted to know more about the Cane River and it's history. I have never seen the movie, but I was able to find it on Netflix. I think it is a great movie for anyone who has been exposed to the history of the Cane River. It is an interesting story and the actors were very good. I would recommend it to anyone.

Gerald photo

I'm not sure if this movie was made to be a comedy or a drama, but I think it's more of a drama than a comedy. It was great to see a couple of the actors that are famous today, but I think that the main focus of the movie is about the relationships between the two main characters, and not about the gay scene. I think that the gay scene is the main focus of the movie, but it's not what the movie is about. I really liked this movie, but I think it's a little too long.

Jane photo

I have to admit, I was a little bit skeptical about seeing this movie after reading all the negative reviews. I did however, see it and I think it was an enjoyable film. The movie was well directed and acted, with some very good cinematography. The story was well developed and the ending was satisfying. I think the best aspect of the film was that it wasn't cliched at all. I think the biggest flaw with the film is that it seemed to lack a strong focus on the two main characters, especially Morgan Freeman and Morgan Freeman's character. They did not seem to have much depth to them, which is probably because the story seemed to be about them. It also seems like the movie was more about Morgan Freeman's character than his relationship with his wife. I also felt that the romance between Morgan Freeman's character and his wife seemed very forced and forced out of nowhere. I would recommend this film to people who are into romance or drama and would like to see a film that doesn't have the cliches that most people associate with romance and drama. I think this film will appeal to people who like romantic dramas and dramas that are not too cliche.

William Cox photo
William Cox

The idea of the movie is not bad but the movie itself is. I'm not really into love stories but this is a nice one. The movie starts off well, you know the guy is going to be a bad guy but the romance in the movie is not as good as the first movie. I also think that the acting was really good. I really liked the way they acted. There was no cheesy lines and the acting was really good. I was really surprised by the movie. It was really good and it was a really good movie. I would definitely recommend this movie to anyone. I give it a 7/10

Kimberly photo

When I first heard about this film I was thinking it was going to be a boring, cliche' and lame film about a depressed woman. I was wrong. It was different and more interesting than I thought it would be. The film does have a lot of suspense, and is definitely a film that will keep you interested. It's a great story and you will be able to relate to the characters. The acting is good, and it is a well directed film. I would definitely recommend this film to anyone.

Ann S. photo
Ann S.

This movie is an interesting little gem of a movie that is a little bit of a departure from the typical romantic comedy. I really enjoyed this film, I enjoyed the characters, the plot, and the scenery. The acting was good, and the production was good. The story is not your typical romcom, but it is a good one. The story is about a married couple that has moved into a new house, and the husband is worried about his wife's health. After a few weeks, the wife's health deteriorates, and she must take a leave of absence from work. She has to deal with the fact that her husband has become a huge alcoholic, and she has to deal with the fact that her husband is getting her pregnant. The plot is a little bit of a departure from the typical romantic comedy, and the acting was good. However, I would not recommend this film for those who are looking for a typical romcom. This film is more of a drama than a romantic comedy. This is a good movie to watch with your friends, and to enjoy.

Donna photo

One of the more interesting documentaries that I've seen. It's about a group of homeless men in New York City who decided to live together in a camp. The result is a film that is actually pretty interesting. It's not exactly a masterpiece but it's a lot better than you'd expect. The main character, the father of the group, is played by James Franco. Franco has a good performance and I think he's the best actor in this film. There are some really interesting things about this film, like the way that the men talk, how they act and how they relate to each other. The film is pretty funny and the actors do a good job at making the characters seem real. The film is shot in a really interesting way and the sound is good. It's a little slow but it's definitely worth seeing.

Frank S. photo
Frank S.

This movie was great. It had a good story, great acting, and a great ending. The acting was good, especially from Pia Zadora. She played the part of a spoiled rich girl perfectly. The story was very good. It was about a girl who is in love with a rich man, and tries to find out what he is really like. The problem with this movie is that the main character is a spoiled rich girl. She's very spoiled, and she doesn't know how to love. This movie is great, and I recommend it to anyone who is looking for a good romantic movie.

Heather Hall photo
Heather Hall

I love this movie and it is great to see a movie with a gay theme that doesn't try to be anything else than it is. The movie is not a gay movie, but it is definitely worth watching and I would recommend it to anyone. It is one of the most romantic movies I have ever seen. The characters are well written and the movie is entertaining and entertaining. It is worth watching it.

Tammy photo

This is one of the few films I have seen that has a strong moral message about what it means to be human. In this case, it is about a boy who has a desire to become a doctor and who is drawn to the college where he can achieve his dream. The film is also about a girl who is a vegetarian, but who has a strong desire to become a doctor. The two stories are intertwined, but they are not forced together. They are presented in a very natural way, and they are well done. I think that this film is a classic, and I will be watching it again.

Patricia Myers photo
Patricia Myers

This is a very good film. The music is fantastic, the plot is intriguing and the performances are very good. The acting is just right. In particular, the performances of Robert Downey Jr. and Daniel Day-Lewis are superb. They have chemistry and are able to convey their characters well. The story is interesting and it keeps you interested. It also has some very interesting subplots. The ending is a little bit predictable, but that's not the point of the film. The film is very well made and it makes you feel as though you are in the characters' shoes. There are many scenes that are very moving and emotional, and the movie is not really about the tragedy. It is about the emotions that the characters go through, and how they cope with it. It is very well done, and I would recommend this film to anyone who is looking for a good movie.

Jose B. photo
Jose B.

I've never heard of the title of this movie, but I think that the title might be appropriate. It is a movie about a man who decides to "pay back" the people who were responsible for the death of his son, and also decides to take care of his father's house and the property that it has. The story is quite interesting, and it does show how a father's love and affection can change the life of the family. The acting is good. I have never heard of the director, but he was a good choice for this movie. The plot is well-written and I really liked it. I can't say that it's the best movie I've ever seen, but it is very good. It's worth a look. I'm sure that if you watch it, you'll like it. It's worth a watch. If you like this movie, I recommend "The Perfect Score" by David Lynch. It is also a good movie.

Jane Lawson photo
Jane Lawson

Saw this movie at the Sundance Film Festival and was impressed by it. I'm not a huge fan of romantic comedies, but this one was very good. The acting was good, the story was great, and it was a nice change from the norm. I would definitely recommend this movie. However, I think it would be a good idea to see this movie at a theater. This movie will probably be very hard to find and I doubt it will be released on DVD. It would be a shame to see this movie not get the distribution it deserves.

Christine Fisher photo
Christine Fisher

I really enjoyed this movie, and I feel that it is an important movie in the making. It's about the struggles of a gay couple trying to stay together. The movie is set in Boston, Massachusetts and features a great cast of characters. The movie is well directed, well written, and well acted. I think the cast is really well-suited for the film. The actors really shine in this movie. I really enjoyed this movie and I'm glad that it was able to get a theatrical release. It's a great movie that should be seen by all.

Willie Edwards photo
Willie Edwards

This is a film about the lives of two siblings who are separated by the death of their mother. The sister is a young woman who is married to a man who has had his last child. The mother has been married for many years, but is not ready to settle down. The sister has a great idea for a wedding, and is determined to get the invitations in time to be married. The mother is not prepared for this, but the sister comes up with an idea for a ceremony that will involve a lavish wedding. The sister is determined to make the best of the situation. This is a very interesting film. It is also very interesting to watch the lives of the siblings and the mother. It is a great film for anyone who is interested in the lives of the siblings. It is also a great film for those who are interested in the story of the death of the mother.

Bryan W. photo
Bryan W.

As an adult I thought it was pretty good. It was a little too long. I wish it had been shorter. I felt it was a little too much of a love story. It had a good ending though.

Susan P. photo
Susan P.

When the movie first started, I thought it was a drama and the main character was going to die. But after the first half hour, I realized it was not a drama and I was interested in seeing it more. It is a great story, very interesting. I recommend this movie to anyone who likes romance or romantic movies. It is definitely a movie you will not regret watching.