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Maximum Ride

Maximum Ride is a movie starring Allie Marie Evans, Patrick Johnson, and Lyliana Wray. A flock of winged children mount a rescue plan when wolf-boys abduct their youngest member and return her to the militarized institution that...

Other Titles
El viaje de Max, Maximum Ride: Projeto Angel, Maximum Ride - Szárnyra kapva, O cãlãtorie misterioasã
Running Time
1 hours 28 minutes
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Thriller, Adventure, Comedy, Sci-Fi, Action, Fantasy
Jay Martin
James Patterson, Jesse Spears, Angelique Hanus
Allie Marie Evans, Luke Gregory Crosby, Lyliana Wray, Patrick Johnson
Audio Languages
English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
日本語, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

A flock of winged children mount a rescue plan when wolf-boys abduct their youngest member and return her to the militarized institution that created them all.

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Alan photo

This film does a fine job of avoiding cliches, a lot of the characters are interesting, the performances are strong, and it has a great sense of humor. The film is also quite scary, especially the finale. The most memorable scenes are the ones where the crew of the Triangle ship are attacked by a swarm of bats. There are several things that I particularly liked: the house, the boat, the disco, the buses, the bus driver, and the first ride.

Linda K. photo
Linda K.

i saw this movie because my friend recommended it, and I watched it. i liked it a lot. its not an action movie, and it is not a comedy, but it has great story. the movie is about a guy named Robert. he finds a fortune that he thinks is coming from a little girl named Bella, and he wants to know the truth. you should watch this movie. because it is funny. I recommend it for all the fans of the movie. everyone else, i would suggest you to watch it before you decide if you want to watch it.

Rose Holmes photo
Rose Holmes

I was more than a little surprised that the movie went under the radar for so long. I went to see it, expecting something totally stupid, but I was pleasantly surprised. I have no idea why the reviews for this movie are so bad. Maybe people have not seen it. Or maybe they are not even old enough to understand it. I enjoyed the movie, but I do have some issues with the movie. The jokes are low brow, and are not funny. For instance, "The Rock" saying he is high is a little silly. The characters are not developed well, and that hurts the movie. The computer graphics are awesome. I do not know why they did not show more of that. I have to admit, I have watched many Star Trek movies, but I have never seen an 80's Star Trek movie like this one. The effects were cool. However, if you want to see it, do not expect that. Watch it as a mindless summer entertainment. If you want a Star Trek movie to get you thinking, see the next episode of Star Trek, or something. You will see a great movie.

Brittany Rivera photo
Brittany Rivera

First let me say that I had really low expectations for this movie. I've been waiting for a long time to see this movie and I was a little bit concerned that it would be too predictable, but I was wrong. The movie took a lot of risks that I really appreciated and that made it entertaining. The character development was really good and gave me some real laughs. This movie was completely different from other action movies in its quality and even though some of the other action movies have had some really stupid moments, this one was just plain fun and the villains were actually really good. I'm really glad that I saw this movie and I hope that they make more. The movie was a success on many levels and I'm happy that I watched it.

Lori H. photo
Lori H.

You know the type. Their lives are fine and they have a one-night stand with a hot chick. And then you meet them again. But this time, your gonna have to save the day. Or something like that. But there are a few major flaws with this movie. It's almost impossible to follow, with some of the story lines being stretched way too far, but with all that, it's still a good watch. Despite all that, I'm still gonna say it's pretty entertaining. And, in a weird way, I like how there's almost no romance in this. It just feels weird to have any sort of romance. The humor is pretty good as well. And it's pretty creepy, too. There's even a little romance in it. But it's still pretty weird to have romance. It's like a movie with no romance, but with vampires. Maybe that's why it's not as good as you'd expect. The only real flaw with this movie is how the vampires in it are portrayed. They're not that pretty, or have any powers or anything. But they're still pretty cool. And I think it's good that they didn't make them like they are in most other movies of this type. Like most movies of this type are pretty grim, and depressing. But, this movie is still pretty funny. The music in this is also really cool. The biggest problem with this movie is that I don't think the ending is good. It's definitely a good movie, but not very memorable. But, again, that's what makes it enjoyable, isn't it? I'm not gonna tell you what the ending is. But, I will tell you it's weird. It just sort of jumps around. But, it's still good. This movie is really entertaining. I recommend it. 8/10.

Margaret Schmidt photo
Margaret Schmidt

It was a good movie for the most part. It wasn't a classic but I would still rate it as a movie worth watching. The characters were great especially the two main ones, and the supporting characters were also very likable. The special effects were great too. I am a fan of both the Star Wars and Godzilla movies so I was looking forward to this. The only problem was the plot and the characters. I felt like they could have cut out some of the pointless things and made this movie much shorter. I didn't feel like the characters had the depth they needed to carry the story through and it left me feeling "oh man this movie sucked". As I said before, I would still give it a fair rating. It was a good watch and I would recommend it.

Timothy M. photo
Timothy M.

I saw this movie at the theater. My girlfriend, who is a fan of all things sci-fi, liked it. I found it interesting, but not too big of a deal. My younger brother and I really enjoyed it, and it was fun to watch together. The movie doesn't seem as cheesy as I've heard it was. I liked the atmosphere, and the constant idea of time travel in the story. I liked how the story seemed plausible. It was fun to watch and listen to the actors play their parts. I found the movie interesting and well-made. It had a plot and was made well. It seemed realistic in some parts, and it was entertaining to watch. I liked the concept of time travel and wanted to see more of it. I enjoyed this movie.

Shirley A. photo
Shirley A.

This is probably the best of the four Star Wars prequels, and the only one that I would consider as an "action-packed" film. All the other prequels were either action or emotional. The first action of this one is the main reason I recommend it. After a great opening, the film dives into a detailed and pretty original script, which is only undone by the lackluster action, as the first action sequence is very poorly done and there is a rather weak set-up for the second one. Even more disappointing, is that the action is this one's best, and that the other two are usually pretty good, but this one is pretty good too. The music is also very nice, especially the scene where the cargo ship hits the planet. The acting is also great. Harrison Ford and Alec Guinness give good performances, and are actually better than in the first film. Arnie is also very funny, and there is a hilarious bit where the Chancellor demands a shuttle with the laser cannons disabled. The special effects are okay. The plot is extremely basic, but the characters are not. The story revolves around a superweapon of sorts. The acting is a bit dull, but the cast is very good. Harrison Ford and Alec Guinness are the main characters. In conclusion, the action and special effects are good, but the acting and writing is poor. I'd say that this is the best of the prequels. But that is only if you have a weak stomach, and are easily offended by stupid jokes. * out of *

Harold Hall photo
Harold Hall

Hey everyone! What can I say? I like me some Syfy movies, and this was one of the best ones I have ever seen! There were some moments that I just wanted to scream, "Gee! That's not the way it works!" But, overall, the story is funny and I thought the cast was pretty good. Yes, some of the acting wasn't perfect, but not all of it, so I'm willing to overlook that. I'll give this film an 8 out of 10. Go and see it. You'll have a good time!

Martha Perez photo
Martha Perez

The story, like most of Henson's work, is a mix of sci-fi and pulp sci-fi, but it's clear that the writing and direction were first rate. The only disappointment is that the script didn't leave the confines of the tele-movie realm, as the tele-movie genre is what made many of Henson's classics so successful. Here, the "scifi" is clearly a pulp sci-fi. So, it's just a non-stop, relentless, pulpy sci-fi from start to finish. And, I think that's what Henson always brought to his works: A lot of action, a lot of action and a lot of action! This is very refreshing for Henson fans. The use of CGI in a film like this is something Henson would love, but he also knows the limitations of his special effects techniques. It is amazing to see how little CGI they use in this film. I think the CGI in this film is second to none. The performance by Henson is fantastic. David Selby has one of the best roles I've ever seen on film. He is given the most freedom as a hero, which is a rare thing for him. This is one of the first films I ever saw with him in it, and I'm sure I'll watch it again. The cinematography is excellent. I have to say, that I really enjoyed the cinematography. I was able to watch the film at night and I was able to follow it well, and that is what I usually try to do when I go to a film. Henson's direction, however, is not so strong. The editing, a staple of all his films, is at times really sloppy. The pace in this film is just not that fast. The ending is somewhat predictable, but I think that was necessary to keep the film interesting, because it was. For me, Henson's film, R2D2, is the most amazing of all of his films. The characters are truly memorable, the effects are beautiful, and the story is wonderful. It is my favorite of all his films. I think that, if Henson were to direct another sci-fi film, it would be an amazing film, like Star Wars or Spider-Man, but, maybe not the epic scale, but maybe a little more action. If he directed another pulpy sci-fi, like a western or a western with sci-fi elements, it could be really cool. But, the current state of sci-fi films is that it's a really tough sell, and I think that there is a little more potential for Henson to direct more pulpy sci-fi films than just pulp sci-fi films.

Linda W. photo
Linda W.

This movie just flopped at the box office, but I liked it! The movie was cheesy, but the movie was cheesy! The cast was perfect for the movie, and they did a pretty good job. They were amusing and fun. My favorite part was the end credits, which is funny and cheesy, but, still, cool! 8/10

Scott Ramos photo
Scott Ramos

Fantastic film, with some pretty amazing twists in the tale. I am a big fan of all the actors in this film and think they were great. Very good looking actors too. The film has a lot of twists and is a really great flick. I am a little disappointed that they decided to go with the same storyline again in 2012 with the 2nd sequel, but it is not as bad as people make it out to be.

David Phillips photo
David Phillips

I really enjoyed this movie, it was actually better than I expected. It had some pretty nice story lines and funny little scenes. It was not too bad but had its fair share of problems. If you've never seen this movie, just rent it and enjoy it. If you have seen it, be sure to check out the sequel if you enjoyed this one. It's almost like a reboot of the series. One of my friends thought this movie was awesome, I agree. I recommend this movie to anyone who likes a fun action movie that doesn't take itself too seriously and a pretty funny one at that.

Emily photo

Well, there's no real spoiler here. I mean, of course it wasn't supposed to be a sequel, but this is pretty much the same thing. But this is supposed to be a zombie movie. I know it's supposed to be a zombie movie, but in my opinion, it's more of a supernatural movie, and this movie delivers. It's got its silly moments, but they're not over the top. The way this movie ends is kind of unbelievable, but it's supposed to be. It's supposed to end in a very dramatic way, and it does. It does an okay job with that. The acting in this movie is pretty much average, but that's OK. The only really amazing performance is by Mark Hamill. He really makes this movie. It's a strange movie, and I think it's a good one. I can't really recommend this movie. It's not really a film I would watch a second time. It's kind of like something that could be a zombie movie or a ghost story. I would recommend it, but don't go in expecting it to be anything like that. The plot itself is basically the same, but the zombies are much, much scarier than the previous one. It's kind of boring at times, but that's not a good thing. I give this movie a B.

Dorothy Graham photo
Dorothy Graham

Okay, so it doesn't match up to "The Matrix", but I like to think of this film as a new entry in the "found footage" genre. I'm not saying that it's better than "The Matrix", I don't mean to be disrespectful. "The Matrix" was just an excellent film, and I just don't think there's anything to say about "The Ride". "The Ride" follows a journalist named Drew Tate, who discovers that his wife Jane is being abducted by the evil Dr. Henry:Judd. Drew and Jane are the only two people who know the secret, and they need Drew's help to find the truth. One would think that with a man's name as Henry:Judd, this film would be a little more grounded. However, the film plays out like a game show, and it takes itself seriously. It has a gory climax, and some ridiculous moments that will make your stomach twist. "The Ride" has its moments, but it also has its moments that are just stupid. I think a lot of the movie's success is that it just seems like a bad game show, which makes it just that much more fun. You'll enjoy the film, but the film is quite simple. You'll enjoy the film, but you won't think too much about it. One might think that the film was a success because the film makers made it, but I think it was just an interesting film. I think it might not be something I'll watch again, but I really don't know. You can find this film on video, and the special features are decent. Watch for the shock ending, that will probably make you laugh your butt off. 8/10

Joe J. photo
Joe J.

I've been seeing this movie in the theater for the past year and it is still a good movie to see when you're on the edge of a breakup or a date. I love the quality of this movie and the scenery of the desert was amazing. The actors were fantastic and I had so much fun watching it. I highly recommend it and I'm not surprised that so many people were not into it. This movie is a good movie, it's not very deep but it is so much fun to watch.

Kelly P. photo
Kelly P.

In the distant future the human race has the technology to jump back to the past at any time. That is the basis of this adventure movie. But unfortunately it takes so much time to get back to the past. The human race is being invaded by an unknown race which is determined to eliminate all non-humans. The only way they can get back is to be transported to the past, which they are in time to do so. To make matters worse the old man in charge of the teleportation machine has no idea about this. His original programming was to destroy all other non-humans and take no responsibility for the inevitable disaster. So he tries to give the old man a "simple" response: "If you destroy us you'll still want to destroy me, will you?" The old man, thinking he was so clever, is astonished to find that the answer is yes. So now he has no choice but to grant this request. He has to transport himself back to the 20th century to save the human race. How he manages to get back to the present is the adventure. This is a movie about the future. I do not see how this would be remotely realistic. It would be more like "I wish I could go back to the future but I have to save the world". But that is the movie. A few minor flaws: The beginning has no reason to be in the 20th century. It just seems to be the starting point. The old man is often a pompous man. The team does not always seem to do a good job. They spend a lot of time looking like a bunch of losers who are not meant to do anything. There is no mystery behind why they are all wearing bow ties, why they all go through so much pointless school and what happens to them once they leave the school. A lot of things that would make this movie interesting were left out. For instance the old man's father was a Nazi. If he was a Nazi why was he being transported to the past? Why were all of them still dressed like they were in the 20th century? How did the old man know that he had to use his knowledge of the 20th century to save the human race? How did the old man know that the old man was a Nazi? Why did the old man leave the past behind? There is a bit of a bad script, but it is not too bad.

Margaret Silva photo
Margaret Silva

What a difference a year makes. A change of heart and the "Rebel Without a Cause" the year after its release. This film is probably one of the best science fiction films ever made. It is a top notch cast and crew. And on top of that the writing, directing and the story is actually pretty good. The new story does a great job of keeping the film at the same level as the old one. And the special effects are even better than the old ones. But the main cast and crew were all new. There was no way that any of the actors could have pulled this off and you know why. How would they have pulled it off? The answer is that they worked their butts off. They had to. Not only do they all work well together but they all give good performances. And the writing and directing is just a great compliment to the rest of the film. The story is good, the action is great and the actors are just what you want them to be. The supporting cast is also great. The films special effects are spectacular and if they had stuck with the original the effects would not have been this great. The film does not go the last 15 minutes with the original ending and that is a shame. But that is the beauty of the film. It doesn't care. It is completely up to the story and the special effects and the writing and the directing to make it work. And that is where the magic of this film really shines. It doesn't worry about the past. It never knows the endings of films. It just wants to be great. And the writing and the directing are right on the money. The film is very original. It is not just a rehash of a classic. It is a new original that is very clever and entertaining and an all round great film. The only thing that kept me from giving this film the ten stars is that it was too short. But that is just a minor problem. A film of this quality deserves better than that. This is a classic, a must see, and the best film of the year.

Nancy Allen photo
Nancy Allen

When I first saw the previews for this movie, I was kinda scared. I saw it in 3D, and I have to say that it was pretty good. I was expecting a movie with it's own personality. Instead, it's pretty much just a fun adventure with lots of action. If you have any interest in sci-fi, this movie will be one to check out. I gave this 8 out of 10, cause it's a pretty good movie, and a good watch.

Amber Morrison photo
Amber Morrison

If you are expecting another high-speed action film, this one is not for you. It's not even that fast. It's more like a sci-fi action movie that you could watch once and never forget. There is some moments in the movie that are so humorous, but not as funny as the ones in all of the other movies. This movie is not meant to be a masterpiece, but rather a "twice the fun." I recommend this movie to any fan of action movies or just enjoy a good laugh. Although the movie could have been better, I really liked it. I give it an 8 out of 10.

Thomas Fuller photo
Thomas Fuller

What was with the villains in the first film? The bad guys in this film are all the same - the evil god-king's henchman (who in the last film used to be the leader of the human race, but just turns up in this film and has no character at all), the human-like guards, the janitor, the rich man's lawyer, the missing-man's helper, and the wheelchair-bound god-king himself. The fight scenes are fun, and some of the scenes are funny, but overall, this film is just as dull as the previous films.

Scott Rios photo
Scott Rios

I found this movie, while not amazing, much better than The Island, and I don't mean that in a bad way. The movie has a nice plot, an entertaining cast, and a plot that keeps you on your toes. It was interesting enough to keep you hooked and entertained. The movie is rated PG-13 and is not rated for young kids, but it is a pretty funny movie and not for the weak at heart. This movie is a very fun movie to watch with a couple of friends and enjoy the ride. I found that the actors and actresses were good in their roles. I thought the movie's plot was a little bit predictable and nothing special, but it didn't take away from the fun.

Linda H. photo
Linda H.

Not the greatest movie of all time, but very entertaining. More action and less drama, but still. It was not bad, though. I can't even put it in the same league as the prequels. It was watchable, but not the greatest. I wouldn't go out of my way to watch it again, but, in the same league as the prequels, and better than the sequels. The thing that annoyed me the most about this movie, was that they did not have a background or even something to go on about the people who left. It was like they killed them off, and threw in a bunch of flashback to how they died. I know the story was different, but, it just seemed rushed. What would have made this movie great, was having more background. Overall, I would give this movie a 7.5 out of 10. If it was a 10, I would have given it a 10.