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Living Proof

Living Proof is a movie starring Matt Embry. When a young man is diagnosed with a debilitating autoimmune disease with no cure, he and his father go on a journey to find answers and hope.

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Prova Vivente (Living Proof)
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1 hours 33 minutes
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Documentary, Biography
Matt Embry
Matt Embry, Tyler McLeod
Matt Embry
Italy, Canada, USA, UK
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When a young man is diagnosed with a debilitating autoimmune disease with no cure, he and his father go on a journey to find answers and hope. Filmmaker Matt Embry and his family are devastated when he is diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. Having previously directed documentaries on Theo Fleury, Jann Arden, Ian Tyson and WP Kinsella, Embry allows cameras into his own life as he and his father.

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Rose R. photo
Rose R.

I've watched "Now You See Me", "Trolls" and "Girl in Gold Boots" before this one, but never before this documentary. Its a terrific documentary that really explores the human spirit, love, hope and happiness. The story of a young man who went to live in an empty flat and fell in love with a naked girl, a situation that can never happen to any human. A really touching story, if you think about it. And I really loved the way the director and writer deal with the whole subject matter. It's very funny, if you think about it. This is the kind of film that I want to see a lot more of, and it's a really great documentary. The story is really emotional and the characters are really interesting. The director does a really good job with the documentary, and the way he presents it is really wonderful.

Lori R. photo
Lori R.

The movie is beautifully done and the message is just fine. It was an extremely good and entertaining movie. It's about a great many people who all did something, and were able to do it and survive, thanks to the perseverance and the will to survive, to get the opportunity to do something. And it is amazing how you can make something of yourself, if you have the determination. People who like this movie, especially if you like great movies, should definitely see "In the Valley of Elah." It's a great movie, and has a great message. So, go see it. The message is, people should be proud of what they do, and not just for what they are. And, if you want to see a good movie about life, this is a great movie for you to see.

Danielle S. photo
Danielle S.

I like this movie. I am a cop. I've been to the Bronx and have seen it all, especially the part of New York where the story is based. But I had never heard of the interview before. Then I read it and was impressed. The stories of the participants were very interesting and they all spoke about their reasons for being in the project. It is a bit confusing at times but overall, it was really worth the time to watch.

Billy photo

You know a documentary is bad when all the characters in it are dead. But this is a good documentary. Even if it's flawed. It really gets you thinking. It's been a few years since I've seen it. Now I see I'm not the only one to have thought this. I feel the same way. The truth is, this movie deserves a better name than this. It's just plain boring. But I still give it an 8 because I really liked the documentary. It's almost a 2.5 hour documentary. But the subjects are boring. They're so boring you don't care. There's no drama, no interesting story, no interesting dialogues. This is boring. But at least I think it's good to see the documentary on YouTube. It makes me more interested in the subject. I can't say I enjoyed it, but I can say I tried to. It's a good documentary, but not a good documentary.

Jose H. photo
Jose H.

This documentary on the work of Peter Hackett is a well-done piece of work. It is an honest look at the work that a writer/director/producer/editor must do in order to produce a film. There are interviews with some of the people who worked on Hackett's films. They tell their stories and explain what the process was like for them. They also show their thoughts on the film. They talk about the issues that the films raised and how they dealt with them. I would recommend this film to anyone who is looking for a film that will make them think and to those who like to listen to people who have had their work cut by other people. My only complaint about this documentary is that it is a little long. It would have been nice to have a little more background information on the people who worked on the films and on the issues raised. Overall, I think this is a well-done documentary that will appeal to those who are into documentary-style films. It is a very interesting and honest look at what goes into making a film.

Catherine photo

A powerful documentary about the city of Detroit and its mayor, Coleman Young (Philip Seymour Hoffman), who was re-elected in 1996 with a full majority of the votes. The documentary focuses on the dark side of the city's history. The director, Carl Franklin (Paul Dano), gives an incredible performance, displaying a complex and ambivalent personality. He also has an immense amount of experience in documentaries and music. Although it's always good to have some former music artists and musicians in the documentary, the one who really steals the show is Phil Seymour Hoffman. His brilliant and emotional performance is both unique and revealing. The film also features interviews with some of the artists that were involved in the making of the movie. The soundtrack is also great. There are a number of tracks that stand out, including "Something" by Duran Duran and "The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down" by the Rolling Stones. The songs are used in several places in the movie, and some are very important and feel very personal to the subject of the film. The only thing that seems slightly off is the fact that the soundtrack was released before the film was finished, and not released until after the film was finished. It is also important to mention that the film does not include interviews with the former mayor. The director decided to focus more on the city's past rather than the present. However, there are some interesting facts that come up throughout the film that were never discussed in the movie. This is a documentary that everyone should see.

Samuel photo

On the surface, this documentary seems like the usual stuff that's been done before. The guys from "Rock The Vote" make a movie about how they got involved with election fraud. That's what "Rock The Vote" is all about. I can't say I'm surprised that they are making movies like that, since the problem is much larger than they would admit. I can't say I'm shocked at the way the film makers talk about their efforts to make a movie about voter fraud, since they talk about it quite openly. It seems like they do it for their own personal benefit, as the crew who made the documentary say that it's an honest effort to get people interested in the issue. I guess it's good that the documentary makers think it's a good idea to talk about the issue, because I can't say I really understand what they are doing. The documentary makers have said that they want to get the word out about voter fraud. But I can't say I have a lot of sympathy for their motivation. I think they are trying to make a movie about voter fraud because they think it's a good idea to talk about it. They also get a kick out of being part of the problem. They say it's funny that they get to do this, but it's not really funny to me. I think they are just trying to do something positive with their documentary. The problem is that I just don't think it's that good a movie. I'm not saying that the movie itself is bad, I'm just saying that it just doesn't have the passion and intensity of a good documentary. I guess I can't blame the crew, because they have no idea how to make a good documentary. I think the documentary makers are trying to use their skills to make a good documentary, but they aren't skilled enough to make a good movie about voter fraud. They have shown a little passion in the first 30 minutes of the documentary, but then they are just going through the motions, as they try to make the audience interested in the issue. They are not at all convincing in what they are doing. This documentary really is a waste of time. I'm not saying that it's a bad movie, I'm just saying that it is just a waste of time.

Cheryl photo

This is a documentary about a gay man who has survived a gunshot wound and has lived through his entire life with only a single-digit IQ. In many ways, it is an effective depiction of how life can be, and how the odds can be stacked against a person. But what is so remarkable about this film is the courage it took to make it. It is so well-written, and the stories of the people who shared their story and showed the true story of how the gun accidentally went off are so powerful. I can't help but think that most of the people who watched this documentary would have not gone out of their way to watch it if it had not been for the courage to put themselves on the line for a story they believed in. I'm not here to judge how they are able to get through to the people they interviewed, because there is not a lot of depth in this documentary. But if you are a gay man who has survived a gunshot wound and has lived through his entire life, this is an incredibly powerful film that should not be missed.

Douglas Carroll photo
Douglas Carroll

In an early documentary, an unknown inmate, Robert Mendoza (Miguel Angel, who played a character in "Don't Breathe"), tells his story of having to have his leg amputated as a child. What I saw in this film is a glimpse into the horror that exists behind bars, from a perspective that is rarely, if ever, seen. Director Daniel Henney (who also directed the Oscar-nominated documentary "Home: The Oprah Winfrey Story") demonstrates that there is hope and it's not a fairy tale. We see how the young Mendoza deals with the painful loss of his leg, as well as the transformation that he and his wife underwent as a result of his experience. We see the love that the family and the Mendoza's neighbors have for him. We see the impact that the injury has on the family and the Mendoza's neighbors. We see the ripple effects that the injury has on the community. We see how the Mendoza's go about dealing with the trauma and the healing that they have to go through. There is a very good message that this documentary delivers. There is a lot of hope and a lot of healing that goes on in the world around us. It's a story that deserves to be told. However, one can only hope that more people will see this film and share the messages that it contains.

Alice photo

I thought this movie was very well done, because it was the first one of its kind to be made about the life of Billie Jean King. It was one of the first documentaries that documented the life of a famous rock and roll legend, and it gave many other people insight into her life and her legacy. I felt that this documentary was very honest and straightforward, it gave you enough information about her life, and showed the events that led up to her rise to fame. It did not sugar coat her story, but rather showed how she had to struggle to get her music out to the masses. It also had a very strong message about how important music is to our culture. I thought the acting in this film was very good, it was extremely well done, especially from Nicole Kidman. I thought that she gave a very strong performance in this film, she gave so much emotion and emotion that it really brought out her character. Her performance really showcased her talent. The only problem that I had with this film was that it did not show very much about the hardships that Billie Jean King had to face. I think that if they had included a lot more information about her struggles, it would have been better, but the movie did not do this. Overall, I thought that this was an amazing documentary, it was a very interesting look at the life of a rock and roll legend. I would recommend this documentary to anyone that is a fan of rock and roll.

Nicholas photo

A comprehensive study of the international drugs war that is well worth viewing. It starts with the US and the search for a reliable drug lord who could supply the US market with marijuana and heroin. There are numerous stories in this film, of which the first is about the arrest of a drug lord named "El Chapo" Guzman and his subsequent escape from prison. It is a fascinating story with a lot of twists and turns. The story is told with great clarity and it leaves a lot of room for interpretation. A lot of people will find it hard to accept the narrative, but I found it to be very engaging. The interviews are excellent, and the film is well made. The director did a good job at keeping a very informative film. It was a very interesting look at the drug war and the importance of securing the supply of marijuana and heroin in the US. The US could not have it all in the late 1970s and early 1980s. As the film progresses, we see the many drug lords who are arrested and try to defend themselves. The US was involved in the production of all these drugs and it was extremely lucrative. I think that the film's best scenes are when the drug lords are confronted with their own crimes. I think that the scene where Guzman tells the interviewer that the only reason he committed his crimes was to supply the US market with drugs is one of the best scenes in the film. I have watched this film several times and I still find it very interesting. The film is well worth watching and is an excellent look at the US drug war.

Bobby photo

I must admit, I had heard nothing but negative comments about this movie, but I decided to give it a chance. I have to say, it is worth watching. The best part is that, like some of the other comments, it does not talk down to the American public. It gives a picture of how life is for the "other" people in the U.S., and how they are treated by society. The scenes are real and I thought they were pretty accurate. The people interviewed were very interesting and gave some interesting stories. It is a sad fact that some of the people interviewed are living in poverty, but they do not need to. I would like to see a documentary with a focus on how to bring a better life for the working class and poor people. My guess is, in a couple of decades, that the poor and the working class will be treated better than the wealthy. The film is well worth watching.

Michael P. photo
Michael P.

I am a black female, living in a very small town in the United States. I think that many people who watch this documentary would be able to understand my point of view on this topic. I would say that it is a documentary about the economic and social problems in my town, and the people who live there. I am a strong advocate of this subject matter, and I think that it would be a good documentary to help me understand how things are like for people who live in this town. I am so thankful that my mom and her friends found the resources and decided to make this film, because I think that it is important to show that these problems exist in the U.S. and that we should not be in denial. In many ways, the film is based on the life of my mom and the way she grew up. I would also like to add that it is a very emotional film, and I think that most people would be moved by it. I also think that it is a good film to help people understand the difference between racism and bigotry. I believe that it would be a good film to help people understand that people should not discriminate against someone based on their color or race.

Danielle R. photo
Danielle R.

I have been working in the United States for over 30 years, and I am a member of the silent film fraternity. I saw this film at the Birmingham International Film Festival, and I thought it was great. The film is about a silent film producer named Alfred Brophy, who during World War I began the process of getting pictures made by the first American silent film stars in the movie business. The film is interesting because it presents the story of how he did it, and the impact he had on the silent film industry in the United States. It is a fascinating story, and it is well worth seeing. There is an interesting documentary that was shown at the film festival, about Brophy, and his father. The documentary is informative, but it is not very well made, and it does not tell the story very well. Still, it is worth seeing.

Shirley J. photo
Shirley J.

After watching this documentary, I felt like I needed to see it again. It was just so raw and it really made you see how the people around you can actually affect your life in the worst way. I would recommend this documentary to anyone. It's about the effects of violence and how it can affect our lives, and how we can still do good. It's a must-see documentary. I also would recommend the movie "American Sniper", which is also a documentary, but it's more about the effects of war on the families of those who die in wars. I would recommend watching this documentary if you are a fan of Quentin Tarantino's movies, because I think it's great that he has a topic he can relate to. I also recommend it for people who are interested in a look into the world of street gangs and gang-related issues. It's definitely a must-see documentary.

Linda Cruz photo
Linda Cruz

I thought this documentary would be good, but I was surprised to find out that it was not. It starts out with a disclaimer that the content is not factual, but it does not matter because the documentary does not have a factual foundation. There is an avalanche of arguments and quotes that are full of contradictions and facts that are not correct. The information presented is not that great and if you want to see a documentary about the history of the Black Panthers, you might want to go elsewhere. The majority of the information in this documentary is actually from Black Panthers, but not from any historical documents. It is mostly propaganda and propaganda is only bad propaganda. This documentary also has a number of inaccuracies that are not from the actual events. For example, the documentary claims that the police did not raid the homes of the Panthers. They did, but they were armed with guns, and not with dynamite. Also, the documentary claims that they did not recruit new members to the organization. This is not true. They did recruit a number of new members, but it was for the purpose of propaganda, not for recruiting. If you want to see a good documentary about the Black Panthers, check out the excellent documentary "The Black Panthers: Vanguard of the Revolution". This is a well-made documentary that is full of historical evidence and documentary details. The documentary is also well-filmed, has some interesting interviews with the members, and it gives you the history of the Panthers without the documentary. I would recommend this documentary to people who are interested in the history of the Black Panthers.

Ashley Barrett photo
Ashley Barrett

This is a great documentary about a drug that has become a huge part of the African American community. It's shocking to see how many people are addicted to this drug and to hear the stories of the people that are addicted. The addiction is getting worse and worse as the years go by. There are many people in this country that are addicted to this drug and have made many bad decisions along the way. I hope this film gets better in its next installments.

Edward Hunt photo
Edward Hunt

I would like to start by saying that I am a huge fan of documentaries. I've watched them all and like to see how a documentary is made. But this documentary takes the cake for most informative documentary I've ever seen. I found it absolutely fascinating. It definitely got me thinking. I'm not going to say that I agree with everything, but I definitely agree with most of it. The film is divided into several different stories and each story is told from a different point of view. I found it to be very interesting and I recommend this documentary to anyone who enjoys documentaries. A very interesting documentary.

Timothy photo

Saw it at the Toronto International Film Festival. I had heard a lot about this film and was curious to see what it was about. It was both sad and funny at the same time. The film is about the most insidious things that happen to human beings in the world and the way they react to these things. I also really enjoyed the way it tells the stories of some of the main characters in a funny, intelligent and non-judgmental way. I think the audience will enjoy this film a lot more than I did. I definitely recommend it. If you like documentaries, you should definitely see this film. The editing is very well done and it never gets boring.

Dennis L. photo
Dennis L.

I can only guess what the reason is for the overwhelmingly positive reviews this film has received. This film is not for everyone, and probably the audience it was aimed at will not enjoy it. However, as a movie lover I think that I can understand why people might like it. It is a documentary about the lives of 3 women and their lives after the death of their mother. They have to live on the streets, they try to make a living in whatever they can, and sometimes they try to work for the city government, but are then shot at by the police or gang members. One of the women, Rama, describes how she felt when her mother died, and how she felt after the day she was shot, how she thought she was going to die. She was pretty much the same person after the shooting. In fact, when I was watching this film, I actually thought that she was. I had this horrible feeling of guilt, I had this terrible feeling that I would not have done anything different. But then I was trying to be positive, and I thought that maybe she would have done something different, and she would have learned to live with herself. I think that this is a good documentary, and I think that it is a very moving film. It is about the everyday lives of 3 women. One of them was shot at by the police, and one of them was shot by a gang member. I think that the other one was really lucky. She was really lucky because she didn't have to live in this society. The fact that she was shot by the police in the beginning is actually a good example of how far some women can be pushed to go, just for their survival. She was just a child, she was just a child, but she was pushed to the point where she was able to survive. The other two were not so lucky. They were young, they were young, but they were pushed too far and they had to be shot. I think that this film is good, but I don't think that it is perfect. I think that it could have been a little bit more in depth with the women. They could have shown more of their lives, of their feelings, of their thoughts. They could have shown more of the things that happened in their lives and their feelings after the shooting. But I think that they have done a good job, and they have made a very powerful film about the lives of 3 women. I think that it is a great documentary. It is a good film, but it is not perfect.

Teresa G. photo
Teresa G.

This is a fascinating film. It's not the film of a lifetime. It's more like a documentary. But it's so well done that you get drawn into the lives of the families involved. I'm from New York, and I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to see this in its original theater release. I was blown away. The filmmakers are gifted at this sort of thing. The people are not only fascinating, but interesting. I loved how the kids' music was captured and the performance was absolutely amazing. The kid is a star. And so is the family. I hope this film is shown in every theater in the world. The world needs to hear about this. So watch this. It's a film that will stay with you.