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The Snowman

The Snowman is a movie starring Michael Fassbender, Rebecca Ferguson, and Charlotte Gainsbourg. Detective Harry Hole investigates the disappearance of a woman whose scarf is found wrapped around an ominous-looking snowman.

Other Titles
Sniego senis, Snjegovic, Kardan Adam, Hóember, El muñeco de nieve, Sniegavīrs, Snømannen, Lumiukko, Omul de zapada, Sněhulák, スノーマン 雪闇の殺人鬼, Pierwszy śnieg, Snemanden, Sneško, Snežak, Ish ha'sheleg, Snömannen, 雪人, Ο χιονάνθρωπος, Boneco de Neve, Le bonhomme de neige, L'uomo di neve, Schneemann, O Boneco de Neve, Le Bonhomme de neige, El Hombre de Nieve
Running Time
1 hours 59 minutes
480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Mystery, Thriller, Crime, Drama
Tomas Alfredson
Peter Straughan, Jo Nesbø, Hossein Amini, Søren Sveistrup
Jonas Karlsson, Rebecca Ferguson, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Michael Fassbender
Sweden, UK, China, USA, Japan
Audio Languages
English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
日本語, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

At a remote cabin amid-st heavy snowfall, a brutal man named Jonas confronts his lover about their illegitimate son who leaves the house and builds a snowman. The woman threatens to tell Jonas' family about the child, and Jonas leaves angrily in his car. The woman and her son pursue him, but lose him in the snow. She lets go of the steering wheel, causing the car to drive off the road onto a frozen lake. The boy manages to escape from the sinking car, but the woman stays inside in an apparent suicide..

Comments about mystery «The Snowman» (23)

Jane D. photo
Jane D.

I think that the movie is great, and I think that it's not a waste of time. I liked it. I would recommend this movie to people who like movies like The Sixth Sense or The Usual Suspects. I would give it a 7 out of 10.

Sean photo

The Snowman is a classic thriller that has been so talked about over the years. It is a real thriller and a very entertaining one. This film has some good performances by its stars. I give it a 7.5/10

Mary photo

I've seen many movies about serial killers and am fairly familiar with the plot. I thought the movie was pretty good. But I was disappointed in the end. The movie was about 2 hours long and it just kept getting longer. I know they had a very long time to tell the story. But that still was a big disappointment. The ending was just too quick. It was like they had to just jump right to the end. I liked the actors in the movie but I thought they had to do a better job. Overall, it was a good movie. I didn't really think the movie was all that bad.

Henry R. photo
Henry R.

I really enjoyed this film. I feel it has a good idea of what it wants to be, and it does deliver on the "whodunnit" aspect. It has a good message that's all-encompassing. The performances are all very good and I found myself really enjoying the acting. The story is good, and it's all a bit "sappy", but I felt it was realistic and made me think. I found the "twist" about the killer's identity and motive to be a good twist. I found the story to be an interesting and gripping one. The direction is good. The shots are very good, and the editing is good. I really liked the use of slow motion. Overall, I thought the film was well-made and well-acted, and I found it really enjoyable. I hope this isn't a long-winded review because I felt like I had to write about it so many times, but I just have to give it a 7.

Brandon Weber photo
Brandon Weber

The Snowman was very well done. It didn't have the same feeling that The Sixth Sense did, but it did have the same feeling that some movies of this genre do have. It was all about the music and the music in the movie. The movie was well shot and the acting was well done. Overall, it was a good movie. I'd recommend this movie to anyone who likes a movie that has good music and is filled with a good story. There are better movies out there than The Snowman, but it is still a good movie to watch.

Jeffrey F. photo
Jeffrey F.

This film, in the tradition of Stanley Kubrick's "2001" and the "Poltergeist" series, is essentially about an ordinary man who is pursued by a killer who had a fascination with him before the events that make up the film. It is one of the most underrated films of the 70's and one of the best movies of the genre.

Louis B. photo
Louis B.

Just a warning to those who are not familiar with the plot of the movie: The Snowman is not a short story. It is a much longer film. As such, this film has many endings. It is also very confusing. In a way, I think the film is better than it is because it's confusing. I don't think the ending is very good, but at the same time, I do think that the ending is much better than most other movies. It is also a little confusing, but not to the point of being non-sense. The Snowman is not the best movie of the year. It is not a "must-see". It is not the worst movie of the year. It is a movie that is worth watching. I rate the Snowman 7/10.

Bruce S. photo
Bruce S.

I really like this film, the acting is good, the script is good and the direction is good. It is very gripping, a little bit on the slow side, but it never drags. The story is good, and the performances are good, but the way it is told is weak. A good film but it has some flaws. The Snowman is a classic.

Alexander Robinson photo
Alexander Robinson

This is an excellent thriller, and a good movie. This film has elements of a mystery, as well as elements of a thriller. I thought the movie was well-made. There were no moments of ridiculous plot twists, as most thrillers do. I also thought that the story was well-written, and the acting was good. I liked the ending, although it was a little predictable. Overall, this is an excellent thriller. I recommend it.

Evelyn photo

I went into this movie with no expectations. I was not looking for the "big" film, nor the "big" twist. I was looking for a good movie that would not make me feel like I was watching a Lifetime movie. I was wrong. This was a good movie, but not a great movie. It was a good movie, but not a great movie. I thought the plot was good, but there was too much time spent on the story. There were so many times when I thought "Okay, what am I supposed to be doing in this movie?" The movie is not a "slow burn" but a movie that drags you in and never really gets to you. I felt like I was watching a Lifetime movie when it was not a Lifetime movie. I think it would have been a better movie if they took a few more minutes to develop the plot. I think the most important thing about this movie is how well they portrayed the characters. You can tell when they're going to be on screen and they really do an amazing job. I also thought the story was good and had some suspense. The only thing that would have made this movie great is if they were able to develop the characters better. Overall, I would not say that I would recommend this movie to anyone, but if you're interested in a good mystery, this is a good movie. I recommend this movie to those who want a good mystery. It is a good mystery. I give this movie a B.

Jack Garcia photo
Jack Garcia

The main problem of this film is that there is very little explanation. I would like to have seen more explanation of how the psychiatrist knows what the main character is thinking, as well as what he is doing. Also, why does he not trust the man that he is seeing? Also, why does he seem so much calm, when he is the one that is being attacked? I understand that the main character is a psychiatrist, but when the psychiatrist does not know what the patient is thinking, there is really no need for him to be so calm. Overall, I think that the film is not bad, but there is really no explanation. I am sure that the director will work to solve this problem in the sequel.

Deborah photo

The movie starts out at a distance, and doesn't really let us see much of what's going on, especially the very beginning. But I didn't mind because I was already interested in what the movie was about. The movie just kept going, and I was mesmerized by the scenes that I was watching. The movie kept me hooked, and I could not look away from the screen. I was mesmerized, and in awe. The characters were developed, the tension was there, and it was very good. I really liked the ending. I was very satisfied. I enjoyed the movie, and I would highly recommend it. This is a must see.

Evelyn Harris photo
Evelyn Harris

I think this is a great film, with a lot of things going on, and you are never quite sure what is going on. However, there is something missing. The ending is terrible, and it is not the same. I would have liked to see more of the little boy and his father, but that is the only problem I have with the film. I think the best part is the snowman, and his killing of the man who killed his mother. It is quite brutal, but it is great. I have to give this film a 9, because the ending was great, but the ending was also bad. It was too short, and I would have liked to see the ending a little longer. Overall, I really enjoyed this film, and I think you should go and see it.

Karen G. photo
Karen G.

When I first saw this movie, I thought it was a horror movie, but it was really a thriller. The acting was good, and it was just a nice story. I recommend this movie.

Jacqueline K. photo
Jacqueline K.

This is the second major film adaptation of the John Irving novel "The Snowman" after the 2005 version with a more prominent cast and a more in depth story. The 2011 version was directed by David Fincher and was directed by Christopher Nolan, a director who is known for creating dark, sophisticated and darkly poetic films. Here he is the same director who made the much more common and predictable "Dark Knight Rises". I think it is safe to say that the 2013 version is more interesting and darker in tone than the 2012 version. The cast is uniformly great, but the chemistry between them is the only reason that I could see why some of them have become famous actors. Carey Mulligan is a familiar name, but I would not say that she is a huge success. She was a television actress in the 1980s, and now has a successful film career. If you want to see a good actress, go see another movie. I also don't understand why so many critics hated this film. It is not bad, but it is not great. Some of the situations are quite dark, and I think that some of the story is quite confusing. Overall, I think that it is a good film, but it is not brilliant. I think that some critics are to hard on this film because it is not something that they have seen before, so they are looking for something new. It is a decent film, but not something I would recommend.

Julie Gutierrez photo
Julie Gutierrez

Lately I've been watching a lot of foreign films. There are few of them, not many good ones. Some of them are great, but most are not. It is usually the stories that make me want to watch them, the director's performances are the first thing that catches my attention. The Snowman, though, is a perfect film to watch. The first half of the film is a mystery, and it is very good. The second half, however, is very good too. It is an intense and gripping story, with a lot of tension. I really enjoyed it. I was also impressed with the actors in the film. I liked the performance of Nick Nolte, and I liked the performance of Charlie Hunnam as well. The film is a good thriller, but it is not a great thriller. It is a very good film, and I recommend it to anyone who likes thrillers. I rate it a 7/10.

Bryan Duncan photo
Bryan Duncan

This film had a lot of potential, but it falters a bit in the final third. The film's main issue is that it lacks the believable tension of a good thriller. We get some of the most exciting scenes in the film, but they are so trite and predictable. The audience expects to see some very intense and daring moments of suspense, and that is what the film does not deliver. Some of the characters are fascinating. As a general rule, if the main characters are not interesting, the film fails. The secondary characters, however, are, and are very well developed. I liked the acting of the main character, and I liked the main character. I didn't like the secondary characters. They were not interesting enough. The film was definitely not a good thriller, but it was not a terrible one either. I give it a 6 out of 10. The film is worth seeing if you enjoy psychological thrillers.

Christian C. photo
Christian C.

I was a little skeptical about this movie, I was expecting it to be like any other action movie, and I was right. The movie is a little slow but it is so good and so full of twists and turns that it is worth seeing. The movie is very dramatic, but there is a lot of humor in it. The movie has some great action scenes. The main actor, James McAvoy, is very good in the role of a cop. The movie is very similar to the movie "The Departed", but it is not as good. The actors do not make it a great movie, but it is very good. I give it a 7 out of 10.

Gerald Crawford photo
Gerald Crawford

It's very hard to make a good thriller with a plot as convoluted as this. But somehow, the filmmakers managed to pull it off. The plot is convoluted, yes. But it's also very interesting and realistic. It also manages to keep you guessing right until the very end. I found it hard to focus on the film's many twists and turns at the beginning, but the way it unfolds makes it worth it. This is one of the few films I've seen that you can't wait to see how it all plays out. It's a definite "must see" in my book.

Craig S. photo
Craig S.

The ending of the movie left me speechless. As you can see I'm not a big fan of police procedural movies but I actually liked this one. I think the best part was the first 20 minutes of the movie, which I actually liked. I think this movie is a good watch for people who are into this genre. There is no really slow parts, which makes it better. You could actually see the story going along without a lot of problems. The ending was not the best but I didn't think it was bad. I don't think I would say it is one of the best movie of the year but it's a good watch. There is not a lot of violence and there are no surprises but this movie is pretty good.

Emma M. photo
Emma M.

In the second half of this film, the plot was too convoluted and complex to follow, and some of the acting seemed to be off-key. I think this was intentional, as the focus of the film was on the music. If you don't like the music, you won't like the film. I think it's a good film to see if you're into the music, though.

Bobby R. photo
Bobby R.

I thought the movie was very well done, the actors were great, and the direction was well done. I would say that if you like the book, you'll probably like this movie, but if you have not read the book, I would say that you may not enjoy it as much. It is a good movie and a very good story. It is not the best movie I have ever seen, but it is a good one.

Vincent Tran photo
Vincent Tran

I really enjoyed the movie. I felt that it was not as over the top as I had thought it would be. The plot was excellent and it was interesting to see how the story would end. The film was good to watch and I would definitely recommend it to others.