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Rustom is a movie starring Akshay Kumar, Ileana D'Cruz, and Esha Gupta. A naval officer returns home to find out about his wife's affair. Soon, he surrenders after murdering the lover but as the case unfolds, it starts to reveal his...

Other Titles
ルストムの裁判, Rusztam
Running Time
2 hours 28 minutes
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Crime, Thriller, Drama
Dharmendra Suresh Desai
Vipul K. Rawal
Ileana D'Cruz, Manoj Bajpayee, Akshay Kumar, Esha Gupta
Audio Languages
English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
日本語, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

Naval officer Rustom Pavri returns from his posting and finds his wife Cynthia is away from home since last two days his marriages is on the rocks when he finds love letters in cupboard which indicates that Cynthia has found love in one of his friend Vikram Makhija an arrogant business tycoon ,Rustom then issues a pistol from Naval Ship's Armory and shoots Vikram three times in his chest living him dead and surrender himself to senior inspector Vincent Lobo.

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Michael Austin photo
Michael Austin

The film focuses on two middle aged couples living together in London. A young son gets his father's car and doesn't tell his mother. The car is sold and it is soon gone. When the car is found, the parents are confused, as they can't agree on who it belonged to. After a while, the father and son go back to their old bedrooms. The son has taken his father's identity and the son is a serial killer. This movie has a nice story, which is being carried on with superb performances by both sides of the movie. The acting is done by the actors who are being shown in the movie, not those who were in the movie. The only actor who is playing the role of the killer, is brilliant and has done a great job. There are two things that I didn't like about this movie. One is the length of the movie. It is extremely long, and one can see many action scenes from the beginning. This kind of movie has to be longer to fit the plot. The other thing that I didn't like was the fact that there is a very long gap of time between the action scenes. The end is very sudden and one does not know if there will be a conclusion. This makes the movie to be a bit boring at times. The only thing that I enjoyed about this movie is the performance of Shahid Kapoor. He has done an amazing job and I would like to thank him for the role. This movie can also be enjoyed by kids, because it has a lot of violence and humor. The movie is also rated R, so I recommend it to all people.

Brittany Spencer photo
Brittany Spencer

A good movie in this film. The villainous criminals are highly educated, intelligent and sinister, and they have a proper direction for their criminal activities. While the plot may have some holes, there are no black spots. The acting is excellent, the plot is interesting and nicely executed. It's clear that this movie was made with a small budget, but it's still very good. I highly recommend it!

Alexander Campbell photo
Alexander Campbell

Starts off with a dude finding out that his beloved daughter is getting married to a young man he doesn't really like. This guy then goes to a remote location where he is given a new daughter by a mysterious guy. He is led to believe that the lady's father was killed by someone associated with his wife. That all sounds pretty similar to the book. Unfortunately the movie makes no attempt to match the book up to the book. Why did they change the whole concept of the book? The whole movie is basically about a bunch of movie stars and their various "hotness" which makes no sense. The movie also didn't have much of an interesting story to keep me watching for the duration of the movie. The actors are good, but some of the background shots aren't that impressive. There are more parts in the movie that had a lot of potential but didn't get used. The direction of the movie was very underwhelming, which is a shame because it did have some great acting in it. There were some parts that were extremely intense, which is a major plus. Overall, this was a movie that I was kind of looking forward to watching. However, I was kind of disappointed with how the movie turned out. I really couldn't get into it and I was just kind of wondering when it would get interesting. This isn't the worst movie I've ever seen, but I didn't think it was that good of a movie either. This movie was very forgettable. It had some good points, but I found that it wasn't as good as the book. Overall, the movie isn't that great. I can't say that I hated it, but I just wasn't as interested in it as the book was. The movie was kind of entertaining and made me laugh. It was good and I recommend it to anyone who has seen the book and is in the mood for a really well made thriller.

Steven R. photo
Steven R.

Good movie, set in Bangladesh, who is most visible in the movie is Shahid Kapoor.He was the first one to see the movie.Shahid's character is very similar to his 'The Mission'. However, I would say 'The Mission' is better than 'Red Dragon'.

Amber Fields photo
Amber Fields

A terrific performance from Amitabh Bachchan. Nicely depicted the relationship between a normal guy and a kind of psychotic man. Incredible music by Amit Trivedi, excellent direction and wonderful performances by the entire cast.

Austin photo

The beginning of Rustom is a bit slow, but the story gradually makes its presence, and this becomes really strong during the middle part of the film. Rustom is a pretty good film. Even though some scenes could have been better, Rustom is not a bad movie. The story is still good, and the music (mainly the song "Three Days ") is really good. I have to give it a 9/10. But the movie is slow, and sometimes I felt that Rustom is not as good as I thought it was. But I still liked the movie a lot.

Christian photo

This movie is based on the novel of the same name by Satyajit Ray. After watching it for the first time i had a feeling that this is the best Hindi movie made till date. There is not much information about the movie so it will be interesting to watch the movie again, especially the last half hour. This movie has a good pacing and good camera work. I think the film makers had to compensate for a lack of editing and extra-ordinary performances of Dola and Kausar Singh. I don't think you will regret watching this movie at all. Just go and watch it with a good friend who is Hindi movie fan. I recommend this movie to all.

Debra Simpson photo
Debra Simpson

Movie starts and we see the story of the husband but the wife (Ayesha) is kept inside the house in tears. But she is finally able to see what is going on. The story takes on a different turn when the kids (Haider, Suman and Kalki) start playing around outside the house. Her father (Rahul Mehra) arrives there and he is eventually treated to the story of how she was born. Ayesha then goes back to her husband and again goes back in tears. Ayesha is given the courage to go in and take a look. She leaves her husband with the promise to come back. Later in the movie a couple of women decide to get married, in the process of the marriage a terrorist attacks a police station. The terrorists try to kill the married couple, which results in the death of Ayesha and her daughter Haider. The husband (Rahul Mehra) decides to get married to Haider and sends the daughter Kalki to her parents and that's when Haider meets the husband. Then the story takes on a new twist. The husband with the help of Haider takes the money for the wedding and leaves the wife. The last scene of the movie is the one where we see the wife (Ayesha) in the airport. She goes back home to the house in tears. Ayesha ends up being in a comatose state and that is when the next scenes of the movie are shot. The next day, the husband (Rahul Mehra) decides to take the whole matter forward and gets his wife (Ayesha) to be investigated. The last scene of the movie is the one where Ayesha is in hospital. It ends in a very emotional scene that tells the story of how Ayesha was forced to leave her husband and how she got the courage to go back in to face the terrorists. Ayesha finally meets her husband in the hospital and the couple marry and get married. It's just like a mirror image to the original. It shows how one woman can change the whole story.

Howard photo

First of all, let me just say that I LOVE Kudos and I really liked the first and second Madhavan movie. To be honest, I was very excited about this movie too because I love the director. I love the first one too, and I think I also enjoyed the second one quite a bit. I was really skeptical that the movie would suck so much because it was inspired by Madhavan's previous movie. But this movie is really good and it is really different and I loved it. So I am recommending you to watch it. It is really good and I would give it 9/10

Danielle Morrison photo
Danielle Morrison

My fiance bought this movie for me and I've been looking to rent it for a few weeks. I'm a huge fan of Arjun Rampal, and the movie has all the ingredients I want in an Arjun film. First off, he's Indian and has spent a lot of time trying to make a film that will break away from the standard stereotypes. Arjun Rampal is the same guy he's always been, and there's no question that he brings that same touch to his movies. This movie is great from start to finish, and you want to see him in it more than you want to see the girls. This is really a modern movie, and a modern guy, and it's beautifully made. There are moments of humor, even when it doesn't feel that way. And there are more than a few heartbreak. It's like a beautifully crafted love story, the only problem is, the people who are watching the film don't seem to get it. You won't be disappointed. This is one of those movies that should definitely be seen by fans of the Arjun Rampal brand, it's that good.

Benjamin photo

i went in not knowing what to expect but i was pleasantly surprised.not only was this movie was one of the most emotional movies i have ever makes you want to cry.both the actors are great.both of them are perfect for the roles.i found myself thinking about this movie during my lunch breaks.i cant really say any more because i don't want to give anything away.just see it and you will know what i mean.this movie will always be one of my favorites.

Tyler photo

I am watching this movie on DVD for the second time in a year. In the first few minutes, it reminded me of the usual gangster flick. That was followed by the question: "What does a mafia don believe in?". Immediately after that, it was "What is a mobster?". But then came the hilarious comment from a waiter: "Don't tell them you're a mobster, don't tell them you're a gangster, just tell them you're a gangster!". That sums up the most salient aspects of this movie, I think. Even when the first action scenes were just thrown together, I was amazed at how well the story was executed. But what I really liked was the acting. Gerard Depardieu made me feel more than twice as bad as when I saw him in The English Patient (2006), when he was finally stripped of his title of "the world's greatest actor". Unfortunately, that famous flick is nothing more than a vanity project and is now in a different genre, unlike this movie. I would recommend this movie for anyone who enjoys movies that don't care if the actors are famous or not. This movie is not for everyone, but for me, it was more than worth the viewing. Also, it is not as boring as other gangster films I've seen, and it has a good message about life. I am waiting for the sequel, as I'm sure that I will be surprised.

Christina Cole photo
Christina Cole

It was quite the bizarre film that I never thought I would be able to watch. The movie is centered around the Mumbai police and the life of police in India. The main character, a police officer, not only is an interesting character, he is also an interesting actor. Shah Rukh Khan plays the part of a police officer who is more concerned with his own success than the needs of his department. The acting of Khan and Priyanka Chopra was brilliant and some of the scenes were scary. One of the best parts of the movie is the shocking violence and acts of extreme violence. This movie is not for everyone, but I think it is a must watch for the action film fan.

Richard E. photo
Richard E.

I thought the movie was quite good. It's basically a movie about a "suspicious" young black man from Toronto. A few years ago he became a drug dealer. Now he's a drug dealer again. He has an eye for beautiful women, and he is the middle-aged father to a teenage girl. She has a strange feeling about him. It's basically about one of the kids in Toronto trying to get on the right path in life. I was quite surprised at how well the movie portrayed Toronto, a city that I think is a rather misunderstood place. It really shows how everyone is different in Toronto, from the rich, to the poor, to the young, to the old, to the rich, to the poor. I think Toronto is portrayed in a very realistic way, and that was a nice surprise to see. I thought the movie did a pretty good job on being realistic, and being as relevant to today's world as it was to the 1970s. In the 1970s there was a lot of violence in Toronto, and this movie shows us the problems that were at that time. The movie is also quite disturbing at times, but it's supposed to be. Overall I think this movie was good, and I enjoyed the movie a lot. I'm surprised at how many people seem to have low ratings on this movie. It's not a bad movie. It's definitely worth a watch, especially if you like films about Toronto.

Joan photo

It's only in the opening 20 minutes, but Chidi, the ex-Maharani, is the closest thing in India to a rock star. He's channelling Lata, if she were a gangster. The main opposition to Chidi is the "Falshe", a fiercely independent female who believes in the law of the jungle. The film doesn't discuss much of the Falshe's personal life, but it does perfectly capture the constant tensions between two worlds that are growing more and more blurred, as India's economic, and political structures become more important and the Indians themselves increasingly separate from the rest of the world. Even the Hindi title is a pun: Falshe is an abbreviation of "Falshee" - a Punjabi word meaning "fair", as in "fairly". The film is all about the conflict between the two worlds. It's dark, it's raucous, and it's beautifully shot. But its core message is that we have two worlds - that of India, and the world beyond - and that we, the human beings, need to develop a respect for the difference. One can't expect "Pilgrim of the Galaxy" for the kids. One can only hope that the film inspires people to put themselves into the shoes of people who have to live under the tyranny of a tyrannical regime.

Frank Moore photo
Frank Moore

Thinking of his previous films, I felt that this was a very solid film from Ramesh Omprakash Mehra. The film is very violent but not so gory that people would be thinking twice about going to see a cinema after this one. The setting and the script are very believable and very well executed. The characters are excellent and most of them are likable and that is what makes you think of them throughout the film. There is always a level of pain and anxiety as the characters realise that there are many criminals around them that have more crimes they haven't heard about. Each character has his or her own personality which gives you the feeling of "there is more to them than meets the eye". The characters have different attitudes towards life and their relationships with each other, and with the police. The characters are always believable and you never feel that they are going against each other. Overall this is a very solid film, and a very good entry in the genre. The characters are interesting and well developed and the violence is not too shocking in comparison with other films of this genre. The acting is very good, the script is excellent, the setting is good, the characters are well developed and the violence is not too bad. The only reason I am giving it 9 out of 10 is because there are some flaws and you can notice them during the first few minutes of the film. I am rating it 9 out of 10 only because there are some flaws and I could notice them during the first few minutes of the film. All in all a very good film that you should not miss.

Denise V. photo
Denise V.

A lot of people hate this movie for being unrealistic, which I think is a sign of bad movie making. In my opinion it is better to be realistic and watch movies like "Apocalypse Now", which is a true depiction of World War 2. Apart from that I think this movie is very intense and well made. I must admit I was surprised by the acting, it was very good. I think some of the actors have got a good look and the director has done a good job. "Rustom" is an outstanding movie and I recommend it to everyone. 10/10

Vincent Garrett photo
Vincent Garrett

Best films of 2002! Seemingly timeless story about a man whose financial problems is caused by the government's control of the prices of commodities. Rustom is the name of a village in Gujarat which is given a name by the Rajasthan Government. Its territory is in Tamil Nadu, Soil of South India. Its total population is less than 100,000. People living in this village have a look of society which is dominated by a simple and even primitive way of living. The Village Chief spends most of his time cooking for the village, or bartering with various people of different social standing and earning money for food. Such an honest and kind man does not lead a simple life. Every thing has to be bought or sold. A single person living in this village earns about Rs. 20,000/month. A woman of such a kind earns Rs. 50,000/month. The difference is that the Chief's wife earns a better amount. While Rustom's wife earns only Rs.50,000, his entire income is Rs.60,000/month. His son earns only Rs.15,000/month, his daughter Rs.40,000/month. Rustom's only income is the money he earns from bartering. Rustom lives in a small room in his house with only three rooms and a small little barn. Rustom is an honest, simple and a true Indian. Rustom does not have any luxuries in his life. He lives in poverty. Rustom does not even buy any food in his village. There are no hospitals in the village, no mobile or laptop networks. If there is a hospital, its not available in the village. Rustom is a man who makes his own medicines for himself. He is not tied to the system of medicines or doctors. He is not in the hospital for months at a time. He works hard for his family and his village. When Rustom cannot earn money anymore, the village finds a solution to the problem. The village sends its farmers to its community college in Mumbai to learn how to make money. The farmers go to Mumbai to work in a factory. The factory is located in Bombay. The factory is a big building, above a train station. The factory is a hub for all the workers in the village. The factory is a place of learning for the villagers. Rustom's son spends his time playing football for the village and entertaining people from the city. When his son gets married, the village tries to arrange the marriage but the Chief's wife refuses. Rustom's son is named Rustom Singh. Rustom's son becomes Rustom Singh. Rustom Singh earns good money, but Rustom Singh does not. The village sends Rustom Singh to Mumbai to work as a tailor. There, Rustom Singh is forced to work in a big factory. There, Rustom Singh lives a simple life. Rustom Singh is a gentle man and always works hard. He works hard at his job. He is never idle and never does anything without a reason. Rustom Singh is a proud man. Rustom Singh has a wife who has a small role in his life. He has a daughter. Rustom Singh's wife earns a little money, but she does not earn enough. Rustom Singh and Rustom Singh's daughter are working as a pair to raise their family. The daughter is a spoiled child and is behaving badly towards her father. Rustom Singh's daughter leaves home after the wedding and Rustom Singh takes care of the daughter. Rustom Singh has a daughter of his own but she is very immature and likes to flirt with the other boys. Rustom Singh's daughter makes bad jokes about Rustom Singh. She knows nothing about her father. Rustom Singh wants to take care of her. Rustom Singh finds the daughter of the village and takes care of her. Rustom Singh is a man who is highly respected and he is a friend of the villagers. Rustom Singh lives a simple life.

John Hunter photo
John Hunter

This movie has a great cast that do an excellent job and are believable and believable. It's a simple story of a lot of people caught in a deadly game of one man's fate. There are great performances from some of the actors and it's really great to see Amitabh Bachchan doing his role of a director. The script by Swaran Singh is pretty tight and the direction is great. A must watch. 9/10

James Elliott photo
James Elliott

This is one of those movies where all you have to do is take a look at it for a few moments and you'll understand the depths of the action in a big way. But it's no movie about the gangster or the mafia. It's about a corrupt government and the sacrifice of a man who tried to take his country back. This movie is not as good as the Rocky series. But it has it's moments. And you'll need a certain mental state to appreciate it. If you're a normal guy who likes action and loves movies, I don't think you'll be disappointed. But if you're one of those who really loves to watch great movies and appreciate a lot of the arts, this is a must. It's a perfect movie to make you feel good. As a final note, don't forget that 'Re-Animator' is in it's own category. But if you compare 'Rustom' with 'Re-Animator', this one is a much better and deeper movie. So if you liked 'Rustom' and you want to see what it's all about, watch it. 9/10

Mary W. photo
Mary W.

Every time a new movie comes out, it gets released, then it slowly fades away into obscurity, and then the next movie that comes out is always some variant of the same thing, whether that be Saving Private Ryan, American Psycho, The Da Vinci Code, etc. I loved AMAZINGLY as much as those movies, because they weren't all trying to be either of those. They were all trying to be different. I think that many people who don't like HECKYARD LABOR are missing the point of a film like this. It's not just trying to be another film like American Psycho. It's trying to be something it's not. HECKYARD LABOR is not about sex, it's not about violence, it's not about revenge, it's not about anything. It's about what a great feeling it is to just sit in a theater for two hours and let a story take you on a journey you didn't know you were going to go on, and then come back to reality. That's why I'm so happy to see the film get a decent release. No matter what the critics say, they are trying to say that people will walk out of the theater and say, "Oh! I could never do that! I'd never do that!" But that's just not the case. People who are just going to walk out of the theater in disgust at the violence will be pleasantly surprised. They'll be like, "Oh, I just want to sit there and not get shot!" People who don't like the violence of American Psycho will be pleasantly surprised. They'll be like, "Oh, I want to sit there and not be stabbed!" I want everyone who hates the violence in American Psycho to go see it. And I'm going to get them all in line and talk to them about it for an hour and a half, because that's what's going to make the difference.

Timothy Santos photo
Timothy Santos

I'm not a big fan of Mahesh Babu but I liked this movie. It's an original idea which is very well executed by Mahesh.The main character is very interesting and it's a must see. Plus this movie is very nice in its action sequences. Also this movie is very realistic which make me feel that this is happening. Last but not the least, the music is very good. Finally, this movie is a must see for all genre fans of cinema.