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This Changes Everything

This Changes Everything is a movie starring Reese Witherspoon, Mira Nair, and Shonda Rhimes. An investigative look and analysis of gender disparity in Hollywood, featuring accounts from well-known actors, executives and artists in...

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Hollywood: A Caminho da Igualdade, Tout peut changer, et si les femmes comptaient à Hollywood?, To zmienia wszystko, Por la igualdad en Hollywood, Gender in Hollywood
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1 hours 36 minutes
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Tom Donahue
Tracee Ellis Ross, Reese Witherspoon, Shonda Rhimes, Mira Nair
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An investigative look and analysis of gender disparity in Hollywood, featuring accounts from well-known actors, executives and artists in the Industry.

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Gerald photo

The movie 'The new politics of Australia' is both a commentary and indictment of the new style of politics in Australia. It is a brilliant film that shows how Canberra has taken over from the states, and how they have been corrupt and are being called on to step up to the mark. It is also a great insight into the confusion and unfairness that has resulted in the current government. The film's message is that the current government, and especially the prime minister and opposition leader have lost touch with the common man, and have lost touch with the people. The film shows the changes that have been made to the Australian electoral process. It is even more damning of the current Australian federal election and all the corruption that has been brought to the fore in that election. It shows how people have been systematically voting for parties that they know are corrupt and that only care about money and party politics. The film has also shown how the media has been corrupted and have done everything they can to help the two major parties and their agendas. The film is thought provoking and shocking. It also highlights how a sense of democracy has been lost. This is a film to watch. A warning to the public: the government is planning to introduce a system of registration of voters that will see voters, their names and details linked to the names on voter rolls. This will mean that this is a "first" system that will be mandatory. This is another big step for our democracy. Australia is rapidly moving towards a system that will be the norm, and not the exception. If you watch this film, I recommend that you watch it in the dark. This film will give you a sense of what is happening in our country, and what is happening to our democracy.

Beverly Ellis photo
Beverly Ellis

This is the documentary that all people who watched it will be talking about. The film is extremely powerful and you really have to think about it. The director is amazing and the film is very thought provoking. It is a very powerful film and the information it delivers is absolutely relevant. The film is extremely well made and it is well worth watching. It is a very powerful film that will be remembered and not forgotten. The subject is important and should be highlighted and the film does that very well.

Patricia photo

This film took me by surprise, especially because I hadn't heard of it. The overall message and tone of the film are both very positive, although the documentary does have some negative things that it wants to point out. I find it very interesting that despite the many accusations of this film being biased, the director (who's a woman) is not afraid to let some of the information come from the source. The film also had some issues with the production, including shaky cameras and expensive recording equipment. I'm not sure if the cameraman, who had a good work ethic, but he could have made better decisions about the quality of the video. In fact, I know that the footage from the phone calls is shaky. However, it was a big disappointment that the majority of the footage was taken by the people who they wanted to be interviewed. It also surprised me that the director didn't mention the content that he was interviewing, although I'm sure that many people from the interviewers' communities would have had something to say about the topic. In the end, I really enjoyed this film, although I wish it would have been longer. I found it to be interesting, and thought the direction was good, but I would have liked to have seen more information about the people who were involved with the production.

Emma Bates photo
Emma Bates

This documentary is a must see. The director and editor, had a brilliant way of telling the story and made the viewer feel as if they were in the room with the characters. The only problem was that there were a lot of scenes where they had to cut away from the main subject to tell another story. This is definitely a film you should see, but I'm sure you will have to skip through a lot of scenes to make it through.

Ryan Carlson photo
Ryan Carlson

This is an excellent documentary, that I think all Americans need to see. If you don't know that this changes everything, then you aren't paying attention. The fact that a documentary like this exists, and does what it says it will, means that a lot of people don't care about the politicians and the media. This is the kind of film that needs to be watched over and over again. It brings to light the hypocrisy and the corruption of both the Bush and Clinton's administrations. The documentary also raises a lot of questions that we need to think about and more importantly, it lays out a clear path for us to take. I think the most important thing that the documentary does is inform us of the corruption that is going on with the current administration. It is not good for our country, not good for the world, and not good for the planet. The way we got there is due to the greed of the corporations. That is what this film wants to show. It is definitely a must see film, and the fact that it is not biased at all is a big plus for it.

Dylan photo

No matter how many times I see this movie, I still cry every time. I don't want to give too much away, so I won't. This movie has given me so many different emotions that I can't describe. It gave me hope, and it gave me a sense of hope for the future. It has also helped me open up to all of the people who have helped me through this journey. It has given me hope for all of the people who have never had the opportunity to have a chance to be where I am. This movie has helped me find my purpose in life and how important it is to always believe in yourself, and be the best you can be. When I watch this movie, I just want to see it again, and again. It has given me so much to think about. I would recommend this movie to anyone.

Edward P. photo
Edward P.

I was impressed by the way the film broke down the disparate experiences of black and white, rich and poor, male and female, male and female, and developed the idea that our feelings are not universal. I was particularly impressed with the way they went into the intimate details of an interracial marriage, particularly the conflict between the father's love for his daughter and his conservative values. I was surprised by the idea that we are not so different as a species but that we still have the same feelings for each other. I think that it is very interesting that the father has decided that his daughters will always be close with each other, but that he is a different person from when he was married. In my opinion, that is very profound and has a deep meaning to the film.

Helen O. photo
Helen O.

The film is produced by Michael Moore and, like his previous "In Trump We Trust" episode, it focuses on one topic and it is about the water crisis in Flint, Michigan. The film starts by describing what happened to the city's water after the switch from Detroit water to Flint's water and why they switched. The water that was being used in the city was the old Detroit water and, although Flint was producing more than 95% of its own water, the city had stopped sending the water to the city until they got a new supply of water. Flint residents were also affected by the water crisis because the water is supposed to come from the Detroit water plant, but it didn't. Since the city stopped sending water to the city, the water quickly began to go into the river, which led to the devastating river black death. Moore's film is a must see for all. It's depressing, yet informative. It explains everything, from why they switched the water source, the ways they changed the water in the city, to what caused the deadly river black death. The footage is extremely moving and it'll make you want to stay in the city even after the crisis is over.

Jessica Schneider photo
Jessica Schneider

The best thing about this film is the interviews with people who didn't seem to have a clue. We've all seen or heard the story of climate change before. This documentary does a great job of showing how the facts surrounding this phenomenon are interwoven in our daily lives. The interviews are so well done, and even when you think you know a few, the film gets you back into the process of learning about this issue and its impact on people's lives. The fact that the interviewees are people who are completely normal people doing normal things speaks volumes about what this issue is about. A lot of people are scared. People are afraid. People are freaking out. People are getting sick. People are dying. People are pissed off. We should all be more fearful, because the climate is changing. I am not going to mention any details, because the movie itself is so powerful. When I saw this film I was so amazed by it. It is a must-see. This is a movie that deserves all the attention it gets.

Barbara May photo
Barbara May

I was asked to watch this film by a family member of mine, who was told it was an "important film". They wanted me to watch this film because they needed to raise money to send their son to school. Now, after seeing the film, I feel that they should have known this film was nothing but a "feel good" film, because it did not go anywhere but "feel good". What this film tried to do, and did, was to "get people to "show up" and actually do something. The film didn't show any "action", and it was obvious that the director was trying to make this film seem "important", when it did not. The only people in the theatre were the ones in the theater and the family that had asked me to watch the film. After watching the film, I felt like I had not been at a "movie" but had actually been in the middle of a war. I really believe that the film would have done a better job at making people "feel good", had the people actually shown up and actually made the effort to make this film a success. Overall, this film was a waste of time. I believe this film was simply an "A" film that "made money". In my opinion, the only people who should see this film are people who were asked to watch it, and therefor, this film should not be shown to anyone else.

Louis photo

The film opens with the last days of the SDS, the Black Panthers. The film focuses on the role of the SDS in the Vietnam war, the attempts of the US to silence the Black Panthers, and the Black Panthers' internal struggle against the US government. As the film progresses we learn of the personal struggles of the Panthers. The film is very powerful and informative. It is difficult to watch but is very educational. I am a part of the SDS and have been for over thirty years. This film will change your life and make you think. I recommend this film for anyone interested in the history of the Black Panther Party. My grade: A

Samuel photo

While I felt the filmmaker did an excellent job capturing a powerful and authentic portrayal of the long struggle to bring the reform of the Church, I was disappointed with how the film was perceived by the public at large. In my opinion, the film's subject matter should have been used to advance and motivate the public and lay people of the church to take action. But, no. Instead the filmmaker focused on the struggle and progress of a few in the Church, mainly Elder Oaks and Elder B. Todd McMurphy, and used the "myth" of the "Six Strikes" policy to attract the public's attention to the film. I think that was the wrong focus. There were no consequences for these six individual clergymen who were presented in the film, and it is understandable that the public and many lay people felt that the film would be a cautionary tale about the Church's commitment to fighting against abuse. But, in fact, Elder Oaks and Elder McMurphy became famous and had a great deal of power and influence that the public and lay people should have received. I think the film could have had a greater impact by showing what really happened to these six individuals and their families after this scandal. Instead, the film just presented the spotlight on the powerful personalities of these six individuals and presented the "myth" that the Church was actually committed to fighting against abuse. In my opinion, the focus should have been on the Church's commitment to fighting against abuse. We have no idea what the Church actually did, what really happened to them and how the Church reacted to the scandal. This is a great film, but it is not the "Truth About Abuse" that the Church has been claiming.

Steven Sims photo
Steven Sims

I just saw this movie in Denver last night. It was great. One of the best documentaries I have seen in a long time. Well done.

Ralph W. photo
Ralph W.

These are amazing images that are only available on the internet. For those who like the arts of photography, they're amazing. Also, as we all know, photography is also an important part of the history of history. We should learn from the history of photography and how many things that are part of our daily life. We should be responsible about how we use our time and what is important to us and learn from history. The film also has many historical references and photographs that are used in the film. The film is very well done and I'm very pleased to see it get such a great deal of praise. I hope that this film will be seen by as many people as possible and it should be seen by as many people as possible. This is an important film that will have an impact on the history of photography and I hope that we all learn from this film. 9/10

Jordan Gibson photo
Jordan Gibson

It's amazing that this film is being overshadowed by the Oscar nomination of "Argo", which, while being a great film, doesn't really compare to the true story. I think this is because the two films don't have the same impact on the audience. "Argo" is a fantastic film, but it's not "AFC" I believe. I don't think "AFC" is the best film of the year, but it's not the worst. It's one of the better films I've seen in a while. The acting in this film is phenomenal, the cinematography is incredible, and the performances are spot on. You get the sense that the actors are really trying to get their part right, and they do a fantastic job. "AFC" is just another story about a family that gets caught up in a situation that they didn't expect, and their struggle to make it out alive. I'm not going to give away the end of the film, but the ending will be a surprise to anyone who doesn't know the true story. I highly recommend "AFC" to everyone, but be prepared for an emotional experience.

Carolyn G. photo
Carolyn G.

I've been a fan of Michael Moore since I first saw him on "All In The Family." So when I found out he had a new movie I was excited. When I sat down to watch this I was expecting a documentary that would tell the story of how black communities have been attacked in the past and how it had a big effect on the world today. What I got was a pretty good documentary about how the main driver for this film was our greed, but what it's going to accomplish is much more than that. The first thing that stood out was the economic theories behind the film. I had read in a review of this movie that it was to "deny the American Dream." While this may be true in the case of the current economic situation we've been through it isn't true at all in the past. One of the things that made our country great was our ability to control our own economy. When the government did what it could to make money we were able to build great infrastructure and gadgets. When it came to the stock market, well there was a time where we were able to invest in our own homes, create our own businesses, and save our money. These are just a few examples of what we were able to do, not even the capitalists in this country could do all that back then. It was thanks to the government that the vast majority of the wealth in this country was distributed to the many. We were able to be the single biggest provider of things we take for granted now. Michael Moore has always been a critic of the government and of the government's motives. In this film he completely exposes the problems in this country, but he does it in such a way that it doesn't make him out to be a fascist, he just wants to see what we can do to fix things. He doesn't want to see us being ruled by dictators, he just wants us to start making money ourselves. In the film he calls for the removal of the military, he wants to see the free market to take over, but he also wants to see people controlling their own destiny. He says that what they're doing to the black community today is to their detriment and they can't go back and change it, they need to help us to start making money. He's not advocating that they should be killed, he just wants to help us start our own companies, to be more independent, and not depend on the government to take care of our needs. I think the best part of the film is when he asks if we should move to Cuba. We all know that if you move to a country with a strong economy you'll have a much better life. We don't need to move to Cuba because we'll have a better life than in the US. We just need to get started. The movie itself is very well written and the subject matter is something that the average person can relate to. It doesn't take a lot of knowledge in economics to understand the facts and it's not too long, just enough to get it across. This is one of the most entertaining films I've ever seen and it's not very long. I think it's a lot more entertaining to see this documentary than to watch the actual film, it's just a lot more entertaining.

William J. photo
William J.

This is an amazing film. First, I just want to tell everyone that my husband and I enjoyed this movie. It was a good film, and we were able to watch it two times. The movie is about the 60's and the relationship between Martin Luther King Jr. and the Ku Klux Klan. Martin Luther King was a peaceful person who wanted to teach and build bridges between races, but he also became a true radical with the Klan. The movie is an important film to everyone who is interested in historical and social topics. We were surprised that the film was so true to the truth. I would also like to say that I saw this movie in two parts. The first part was about Martin Luther King Jr. and the KKK. Then, I saw the second part which was about the 1963 March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom. This movie was very important to me, and I would like to thank the director, producer, and all the cast and crew for a wonderful, wonderful, wonderful film.

Louis Y. photo
Louis Y.

All you need to know about why we have a problem with criminal justice and how it impacts on our ability to care for each other. Couldn't have said it better. Yet again, the director, Anthony Pollo, has shown that he's a hero to me. I only hope that his next film will help to inspire change and improve our law enforcement. I've seen some of his other work, such as Body of Evidence, which I am sure is a great film. Also I enjoyed his documentary, which was very informative about what is really going on in our communities. Now I will wait for his next film.

Virginia photo

This is a must see for those who are looking for a new and different approach to documentaries on climate change. This is a work of art that the world needs to see. We need to see that this issue needs to be addressed. However, we have the responsibility to speak out, and to hold our governments to their promises. We need to be heard. We need to be allowed to determine our own fate and future. What happens if we are not heard? It is so important that we start the conversation. And we must not allow the bad actors and the greed of our leaders to overshadow this effort. We need to take the lead. This will not be the last film on climate change. There will be many more. We have to go on the offensive. I urge everyone to go to The Huxley Foundation website and sign this petition. We need to get involved. If we all get involved, we can create a legacy that will inspire the next generation to take action. It is imperative that this is the case. The film is beautiful, informative, and inspiring. We are all in this together. We must not give up.

Nathan Ruiz photo
Nathan Ruiz

I did not know what to expect when I heard about this documentary, and came out of the theater with an emotion-laden smile on my face. This was definitely one of the best documentaries I have ever seen. The story of this civil rights movement was so eloquently written, yet so fresh and touching, that it was a must see. Every character in this film was portrayed in such a perfect way. Every time I hear people discussing the civil rights movement, I can't help but think back to this documentary. I felt compelled to see it multiple times, so I know I didn't miss anything. You could see the impact the movie had on the people that watched it, as they knew exactly how this had affected their lives. I felt a personal connection to the film, and I think the film really left a good feeling of peace, that these men and women of the civil rights movement were able to achieve so much in the form of these incredible goals. This is definitely a film to be watched over and over again.

Jordan Scott photo
Jordan Scott

I am a great believer in global warming and it is quite frustrating that the U.S. is the only major country in the world not to have any climate change legislation. This movie is a must see for all to see why it is such a crisis. A movie can only be good if it is true and this movie was very truthful in telling the truth. I hope that you find this movie informative and entertaining. Also this is a movie I will want to see again and again. My Rating : 9/10

Cheryl B. photo
Cheryl B.

I think this documentary is great. It is not like the other documentaries that come out about the Iraq war, but it is a very good documentary. This documentary covers all the questions that have been raised about the Iraq war. The reason why the war in Iraq is so controversial is because of the fact that many people have no clue what the war was about. It is not like the other documentaries that try to show the real reasons of the war in Iraq, because the reasons are very simple and easy to understand. This documentary does not try to show the reasons of the war in Iraq. This documentary is about the people who have no clue what the war was about, the people who live in fear, and the people who have lost loved ones. This documentary is a must see.

Frances photo

What's shocking about this movie is that, even in 2015, most of the major players still used to be working at that level, all the time. That's so wrong. Those who were working with poor writing, poor direction, poor production and poor quality have to be really worried about their jobs. But that is, for me, one of the most important aspects of a film's impact and impact on the audience. This movie is the best example I know of. But the way it shows us that is not a bad thing, because it actually means that we are better able to understand what's going on. It's hard to see in any other way, but I think the movie will help to a lot of people who do not know any more about issues related to the language barrier and the inequality. As a person who speaks Latin I have to say that this movie is very good for me. I saw this in the cinema, and it was very satisfying. It really looks like a movie made for people who want to see something really, really interesting and who do not really care about the language barrier.

Vincent M. photo
Vincent M.

Paul Schrader's films (in chronological order) are fascinating for their anti-intellectualism and open-mindedness. There's a lot of talk about social and environmental problems, and Schrader usually ends up arguing that we can solve them. That makes them very interesting, but the reason I wanted to watch this documentary was because it was made with an incredibly large budget, and because I've been curious about Paul Schrader's work for years. If you're an avid student of American History or want to find out more about the philosophical/political ideology of America's Founding Fathers, then this is a good documentary to watch. It gives you a very well-rounded picture of one of the most important and influential American thinkers in American history.

Virginia photo

This change-over is really for me, because this movie made me rethink my view of marriage. My partner and I just finished the wedding of our third child. We sat and listened to a lot of stories from our extended family of relatives, and we realized, for the first time, that there are people out there who live and breathe family. And they're good people, too. This movie was so enlightening and satisfying to watch. I left the theater with a sense of hope and a strong faith that things can change, that love can flourish, that our communities can adapt and succeed. It was truly a powerful movie, and I thank the filmmakers and the writers for their courage in telling this story.

Barbara Sandoval photo
Barbara Sandoval

I went to see this at a public screening in Denver. There was only 5 or 6 people in the audience. Most of them were people who hadn't seen the film before. The film covers a very important issue in our country today. It is what happened in Kansas that allowed this situation to happen. It was also the fact that an extremely conservative, fundamentalist group called the Council of Conservative Citizens held a rally in front of the White House in the fall of 2008 and wanted to impose their will on the country. This film is highly accurate in telling the truth about the great people and communities who changed the course of history for all of us. It is a must see for all Americans, especially those who have not lived through this kind of discrimination.

Albert Coleman photo
Albert Coleman

I thought this was a very good documentary about the day the human race reached the point where they thought it was going to collapse. I don't think people in the United States really understood what it was like. I thought the information was very well presented and made me think about what I have seen on TV. I thought the information was very important to have. I thought the movie was very well done and the information was very well presented. I really hope this film gets made and everyone understands what is going on. I think people should see it because it really makes you think.

Dylan photo

As an Englishman, I was moved by this documentary. But I am also a movie critic. I'm a fan of the genre. There is no reason why this film should not be the best film of the year. The only reason why this movie could not have been better is that it did not appeal to the audience. It was not funny, it was not smart, it was not clever, it was not exciting. It was not beautiful. It was not captivating. It was not interesting. It was not poignant. It was not creative. It was not inspirational. It was not anything. It was just a movie. It was a movie. The people who made this film had a lot of passion and a lot of love for their subject. I hope that they will make a sequel to this movie. It should be a movie that will be talked about and loved by a generation that will be made up of people who love movies. This movie should be the best film of the year.

Louis M. photo
Louis M.

After seeing this film I have to say that it is the most powerful documentary I have ever seen. There is no doubt that it is a must see for all those who are looking for an accurate portrayal of the US economy. It is also an eye opening story about the people who have the power to make or break a nation. I would highly recommend this film to anyone interested in this subject. It is a must see for anyone who is looking for a good documentary.

Henry P. photo
Henry P.

This film is a very important film to see. It shows the toll that the Vietnam war took on the lives of the US soldiers involved. It is a film that tells the story of a US soldier named Frank Jackson who has been fighting the war for 13 years. The film is about the effects that the war has had on him. The film is a very important film that should be viewed by all Americans. It is a film that tells the story of how the war has affected the lives of the people involved. This film should be viewed by everyone who is able to see it.

Jean Mitchell photo
Jean Mitchell

This film is the best film I have seen in a long time. I am currently in the process of writing a thesis on the nature of the media. I had thought that documentaries were supposed to be unbiased. I have seen numerous documentaries in my life, and I am not sure what the focus is on a documentary. This film shows how the media works, and how it affects the people that watch it. I am not a journalist, but I can tell you that the media is a very important part of our society. I think that the media has been very successful in getting the government to act against what they want, and this has been very beneficial to the society. I have been watching documentaries for a long time, and I am quite familiar with the subject matter. I think that this film is a great starting point for the thesis. I would recommend it to anyone who has an interest in the media.