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The Last Film Festival

The Last Film Festival is a movie starring Dennis Hopper, Chris Kattan, and Jacqueline Bisset. There are 4,000 film festivals around the world. Where would you go if your film was turned down by 3,999 of them?. What happens when an...

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1 hours 30 minutes
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Linda Yellen
Michael Leeds, Linda Yellen
Donnell Rawlings, Dennis Hopper, Chris Kattan, Jacqueline Bisset
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English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
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Dennis Hopper plays Nick Twain, a Hollywood Producer whose latest film is rejected by every film festival in the world except one- in Ohio. Nick will do anything to get his film distributed, including manipulating his dysfunctional cast into attending the festival. Hollywood egos and small town politics inevitably collide.

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Kathleen photo

I'm not sure why this film has been so poorly received by the critics. It was very funny, and a lot of people seem to think it's an over-the-top movie. It's not. It's a very funny movie, but it's not a comedy. It's a movie about the art of film-making, and how it's not as easy as you think it is. It's a very nice film, and I recommend it. I think it's a very good film, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to laugh and have a good time.

Samantha Curtis photo
Samantha Curtis

In a way, the "Last Film Festival" is a bit of a spoof of film festivals, but it's actually a very good film. The film is a very funny look at the festival circuit and how it can go horribly wrong. The festival is the main focus of the film, but the jokes are more than enough to keep it afloat. The film has a good sense of pacing and the jokes are not too hard to pull off. The film is very funny and is very much worth seeing. It's a great comedy that is definitely worth a look. 8/10

Harold photo

It's a funny movie about a man who wants to make a film and then he gets involved with an old friend who makes him a film. It's a pretty funny film and I found it to be very entertaining. I thought the cast was great and the story was good. It's a good film that I would recommend. It's worth seeing.

Angela W. photo
Angela W.

This is a film that is a great introduction to the world of independent film. The film is shot in black and white and is very reminiscent of the black and white films of the late 60's and early 70's. The characters are interesting and the story is very engaging. It's a great film to see if you're a fan of independent films and/or black and white films. It's very much worth seeing.

Dennis photo

I went to this film with a big fan of the film, but I didn't know it was about to be shown on TV. I was hoping to see the film for free. I was so glad I didn't pay for this film, I was so impressed by it. It's funny, it's sad, it's touching. I really enjoyed it. I would definitely recommend it to anyone.

Joshua Daniels photo
Joshua Daniels

I have seen some of the reviews here and I must say that I was really surprised. This film is really not for everyone. It is not the most original, it is not the most artistic, but it is definitely one of the funniest films I have seen in a long time. I was expecting a comedy from this film, and I was not disappointed. It is not for everyone, but if you are a fan of the genre you will definitely enjoy this film. The film is also about the rise of the indie film industry in Los Angeles, and the struggles of the people who are trying to get into the industry. The film also follows the rise of a young man who is trying to get into the film industry and what happens when he finally gets into the industry. I really enjoyed this film. It was a great comedy that I would recommend to anyone.

Elizabeth Schmidt photo
Elizabeth Schmidt

I saw this film at the Toronto Film Festival and it was so much fun. I am a huge fan of the last film festival and it was a blast seeing the film again. It is a very funny film that is very lighthearted. The cast is awesome and the film is very good. It has some really good laughs and is very enjoyable. I really enjoyed this film and I am glad that I got to see it at the festival. I really enjoyed it and I am looking forward to seeing it again. The cast is great and I am glad to see that there are more films like this coming out in the future. I recommend this film to anyone who likes comedies or just has a good time. I give it an 8/10.

Michelle W. photo
Michelle W.

I was very excited to see this movie, as I had never seen the original. The story is very unique and original, and the movie is very entertaining. I was very surprised that it was not the typical Hollywood Hollywood movie, and it was very refreshing to see a movie that was not a typical Hollywood movie. The movie had a great story, and was very entertaining. I think this is a movie that is worth seeing, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who likes a good story. I was very impressed with the story and the movie. I would highly recommend this movie to anyone.

Samantha photo

I was invited to the premiere of this film at the New York Film Festival. It was a very interesting film, and I was very impressed with the technical aspects of it. The story, the acting, and the editing are all very good. The director and the actors have done a great job. The film is very interesting and very well done. The technical aspects of the film are very good, the acting is very good. The story, the editing, and the technical aspects are all very good. I think that this film is very good, and I would recommend it to anyone who likes a good film.

Jack photo

This film was just brilliant. I can't believe how much I enjoyed this film. It was so refreshing to see a film that wasn't full of swearing and sexual references. I'm not a huge fan of music videos but I have to admit that I was amazed at how well they were done. The best part of the film is the music. It was really well done. I was especially impressed with the use of the 'Emo' song. The characters are just so believable. I couldn't have imagined anyone being as perfect as they were. They were all so fun and I really enjoyed watching them interact. The actors were just so good. I'm surprised at how well they did with such a small budget. I can't wait to see what they do next. This film is definitely a keeper.

Juan W. photo
Juan W.

I didn't really expect much from this film, but I really enjoyed it. I thought the acting was great, the writing was great, and the production was great. I would recommend this to anyone who is into movies. This is a good film to watch with friends, or to watch on your own. I also recommend the DVD, because it has a lot of extras that aren't on the regular DVD. It has interviews with the actors, the director, the cinematographer, and the writer. I would recommend this to anyone who is into movies, or if you want to see a really good film. I would give this a 10/10.

Gary E. photo
Gary E.

I think this movie is great and I think it deserves the Oscar. I think the acting is really good, the story is really good, and the direction is really good. The movie is about a guy who is a little bit weird but he has a really good heart. I think this is the kind of movie that people who like comedy and drama should see. It is funny and it is sad, and it is good. This movie is really good.

Frances photo

This is one of the best films I have seen in a long time. It's a shame that the filmmakers have to work so hard to make a film with so little money. They put in a lot of work to make this film. The acting is good, the script is good, the direction is good. There is a lot of humor and the story is not predictable. If you're a fan of comedy, this is a must-see. If you're not a fan of comedy, you'll probably like it a lot. This film has a lot of great moments, and it's funny throughout. It's a good film for people who are not into comedy. I'm not a fan of comedy, but I like this film a lot. It's a good movie to see in the theater. I would recommend it to anyone.

Jose Snyder photo
Jose Snyder

This movie is a wonderful tribute to the great films of the past. The film is a tribute to films like 'The Seventh Seal' and 'The Ten Commandments.' The film also has some great performances from the cast and the movie is very funny. I loved this film and recommend it to anyone who loves films. The story is a little different from most movies. But it is very well done and is a great tribute to the films of the past.