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The Etruscan Smile

The Etruscan Smile is a movie starring Thora Birch, Rosanna Arquette, and Tim Matheson. Rory MacNeil, a rugged old Scotsman, travels to San Francisco to seek medical treatment. He moves in with his estranged son Rory, as he sees his...

Other Titles
Das Etruskische Lächeln, Rory's Way, Uśmiech Etruska, Das etruskische Lächeln, Ha'Khiyoukh Ha'Etrousky, La sonrisa etrusca
Running Time
1 hours 47 minutes
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Oded Binnun, Mihal Brezis
Michal Lali Kagan, Shuki Ben-Naim, Sarah Bellwood, Michael McGowan, Jose Luis Sampedro, Amital Stern
Rosanna Arquette, Tim Matheson, Brian Cox, Thora Birch
Audio Languages
English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
日本語, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

Rory MacNeil, a rugged old Scotsman, travels to San Francisco to seek medical treatment. He moves in with his estranged son Rory, as he sees his life getting transformed through a newfound bond with his baby grandson.

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Bruce Weaver photo
Bruce Weaver

In the summer of 1944, the Allied forces finally drove the Germans from Italy. This film, made in the early days of the war, tells of the experiences of a group of American, British, and French soldiers who volunteered to go over to Sicily to help the Italians in their fight against the Germans. The film is very well made and has a great look to it. The acting is superb, the camera work is crisp, the dialog is well written, and the action is fast-paced and exciting. The story is great, but the script leaves a bit to be desired. For example, we never really learn how the Americans and the British came to Italy, and the Germans didn't show up until late in the film. I would recommend this film to anyone interested in World War II history. It is a great story, and a great look at the Italian war. I give this film a "7" for the acting, the cinematography, the writing, and the action.

Joyce Franklin photo
Joyce Franklin

I loved this movie and found it very interesting. It's a very realistic look at a society in which the young are taken for granted. The movie doesn't have any sex, violence or drug scenes. The lead character is a 16 year old boy with a very tough exterior and a hard-headed, very caring heart. He is driven to do his homework and doesn't have time for girls. He even cuts the hair of a girl who calls him fat. His mother is a strong woman who takes her son's life in stride. She is not afraid to get rid of the delinquent kid, who has no one to turn to for help. Her son is a typical son. She is ready to be a mother, to take care of him and to forgive him. He is very lucky to have a mother like this. The lead actor was very good in his role. I think he should have been nominated for an Academy Award for this movie. I also thought that he was very convincing in the role. I liked the scene where he and the girl are walking back to his house. It is a real scene and very moving. It is a real look at a world that the movie is trying to portray. I also think it was very effective to show that the Etruscans were very close to nature, and that they were very protective of their environment. I think this movie is very realistic. I think this is a great movie, and I recommend it to anyone who enjoys movies about the Etruscans. 7/10

Danielle Morales photo
Danielle Morales

I had the pleasure of seeing this film when it was shown on TV in the early 80's. I was impressed with the acting and direction and the acting was superb. The story is very good. The music is wonderful. The pacing is very good. The camera work is excellent. The characters are very well developed. The actors are very good and fit the roles well. The story is told in a way that keeps the viewer interested. The ending is very good. The film is about a famous Etruscan prince and his lover. There is a lot of romance. I would recommend this film to anyone. It is a very good movie. I think it is better than the films I have seen from Hellenistic Greece.

Alexander photo

The ending of the movie is one of the most important parts of the film. This is because it shows the protagonist's end of a relationship. The protagonist is a young Italian male who is a member of a sport club. He has a beautiful girlfriend. The story is about his daughter, who has a secret, which she does not tell. The relationship between father and daughter is one of the most important parts of the movie. In fact, the relationship between father and daughter is the main plot of the movie. The acting is good, but the character of the protagonist is not convincing. This is why the ending of the movie is not good. I think it is not a good movie.

Theresa photo

The Etruscan Smile (2008) is a comedy/drama film that is about a woman (Megan McArdle) who gets lost on a beach and ends up living with a man (Chris O'Dowd) and his family. One night when she was supposed to be sleeping she wakes up and finds out that she has been stuck on the beach for a long time and the man has just moved in next door. She finds that she has been robbed and she is trying to figure out what to do next. The film is directed by Jane Campion and written by John Cameron Mitchell. It is a drama/comedy film. It has a great cast and the performances are great. There are several funny moments and there are some serious moments. It is a good film that I would recommend to everyone.

Mary photo

Liam Neeson and Jennifer Lopez play two British bounty hunters who arrive in Sicily in search of a slave girl who was taken to England. After catching the girl, they are forced to use their skills to escape, but they soon run into a new slave owner, played by the always reliable Viola Davis, who has adopted the daughter of one of the men they just killed. Soon, the pair are confronted by a man who is clearly a Sicilian, and who is being held against his will. The rest of the film is basically the story of these two men, as they try to get the girl back, and in the process, they begin to love each other. Neeson plays the self-centred but romantic lead, Lopez plays the snivelling wife, and Davis does the decent-ish role of the nasty boss. The film is certainly entertaining, and has a pretty great ending, which is good to see, but it is not one of the greatest films of the year. It is certainly worth a watch, but it is definitely not one of the best films of the year.

Scott Porter photo
Scott Porter

I'll be honest, I did not expect a whole lot from this film. The film does not present anything that will blow you away. It is more of a meditation on death, loss and the meaning of life. I think the film does a good job of making you feel as though you have been transported into another time and place. The film is a meditation on the idea that life is not a dream, it is real and can be experienced. The characters in the film are not as over-the-top as they should be. They are not the stereotypical "hero" or "villain". The film does not have a "bad guy" or "bad girl". It has a "good guy" and a "bad guy". I thought the acting in the film was very well done. The characters are not over-the-top but rather realistic and relatable. I felt that the characters were portrayed in a very believable way. The actors were given all the information they needed to convey their emotions and were able to convey it with ease. I thought the film was well-written, although it could have been better. The film could have been longer and more detailed. The ending was not quite as powerful as it could have been. Overall, I think this film is an interesting meditation on the meaning of life and death. It is a little bit different than I had anticipated, but I did not expect much from it. I really enjoyed this film and would recommend it to anyone who is looking for something different. 7/10

Jessica Tucker photo
Jessica Tucker

Taken from a woman's point of view, this is a well-crafted piece of work. However, the concept and presentation is so contrived that it defies any interpretation. The movie is a set of scenes which consist of a man's (R.W.Wilson) point of view of events in a small village. He is a doctor, and he is dealing with a very complex case, where a local priest is dying and he needs a new body. He goes into the town to hire a body, and meets many locals and people he knows, and the day is coming when he must make a decision. After a while he decides to leave the village and go to another village, where he will be working in a doctor's office. He decides to go to the village of the priest, and he goes there, and he decides to stay, but he knows that he will have to leave the priest's body, which will be taken to another town to be buried. In the meantime, he meets a woman who is in a very difficult situation, and she also decides to leave the village and go to the other town to get a new body. She decides to stay there, and she stays there, and the day is coming when she has to leave the body. And so on. It's all contrived and overblown. The movie is not a complete failure, but it's a complete failure. It's not a complete failure because it has some moments which are worth watching, but the overall presentation is not good. I can't recommend it.

Brenda F. photo
Brenda F.

A story of a man, who lives in a beautiful house with his lovely wife and daughter. But there is something about the house, which brings him to his own sense of self. He is a strange, who goes to the library to find the meaning of life, while the other people are bored, waiting for his wife to arrive. When she does, they all start to talk about their lives, what it means to be alive, and how they can get out of it. Some things are revealed to the viewer, which, one after another, make him remember what the house means to him. But the film is very slow, and the plot does not give us much insight into the situation of the people. Nevertheless, the movie is very interesting, and it is worth seeing.

Nathan A. photo
Nathan A.

I'm glad that this movie was made. I loved the music, the cinematography and the costumes. There are lots of bad reviews about this movie, but I don't think that it's that bad. I think it's the best of all the Italian movies of the 70s. It was a shame that they didn't make more of it, because it was a great movie. You can see that the director knew what he was doing. It's not the best of Italian movies, but it's good and worth watching.

Pamela Dixon photo
Pamela Dixon

I watched this film with my English-speaking daughter on her 15th birthday, so we were able to catch up on some of the nuances of the language. The film opens in the mid-eighties with a group of young men, all of whom have been involved in the drug trade. One of them has recently been released from prison and is working on a farm. The film follows him as he helps his wife raise her son and his son's girlfriend. The film does an excellent job of showing how the "good old days" have been lost, as well as how the old ways have been reclaimed. The film is interesting and well-made, and I enjoyed it immensely.

Zachary photo

While I admit that I am not a major fan of Roman Polanski, I must admit that I thought that this film was one of the best in the series. I have always liked the cast, as well as the director. This film was very good in every respect. It is very well directed, and the actors are well chosen. The characters are well developed, and the dialog is perfectly written. The most important aspect of this film is that it shows that even in the best of times, the feelings of the people still exist, and can be remembered for a long time. I was very surprised at how this film was able to capture the feelings of the characters, and show the state of the people's mind. The actors and the director are very well matched. It's a good movie, and I think that it should be rated very highly. I recommend it to all Roman Polanski fans, and also to all other viewers.

Sharon S. photo
Sharon S.

I recently watched this movie on cable. I had never heard of it, and I'm glad I did. It's a beautiful story, and it's done with such style. It's a beautiful movie, but not without flaws. The movie's starting point is that Etruscans and Romans were the same people, but not the same people. The same person, but not the same time period. I thought this was a good point to start the movie. The main character's name is "Gabriele", a man who would go on to become a famous author of history. He has a son named "Marco", and a daughter named "Katarina". They are very similar, both are very pretty, both are successful writers of history. However, Marco has a disease called "schizoaffective disorder", and Gabriele has schizophrenia. The disease takes a hold of Marco, and he's not able to communicate with his wife and children. I found this to be a good point to start the movie. The acting is great, but the story is really good. The movie is set in the time of the Roman Empire, and the disease is like a metaphor of how society was changing. It's a good story, and it's done with style. It's a movie that I can recommend to anyone, especially if they are interested in the history of Etruria. I can't say it's a perfect movie, but I can say that I enjoyed it, and I would recommend it to anyone. 7/10

Diane photo

I have not seen the TV version, so I will not comment on that. I found this movie to be a "love story" between two characters. The two characters have very different lives. They meet and fall in love, and then they have a series of events that takes them into different places and time periods. The movie is a bit slow in some parts. There is a lot of dialogue, but I think it was good because the movie makers used it to show the characters' growth and development. The main character was a bit awkward, but that is what made the movie so interesting. The movie is not a movie about the Etruscan people, but about a relationship between two people. I think the main character should have been the main character, and that is why I like this movie. The movie was about the relationship between a man and a woman. The two main characters' lives are not the same. The movie was very realistic, but the movie was not very good. I found the movie to be a bit boring, and the ending was not very good. I recommend this movie for people who want to see a movie about the Etruscans.

Debra Palmer photo
Debra Palmer

I recently watched this film on the History channel. I was hoping to see some actual footage, but I was happy to see the director talking about his passion for the Etruscan culture and his own personal journey of discovering this culture. I was also surprised to see a couple of actors from the film, including Mr. Depp and Ms. Burton. I also thought they did a great job playing the characters, and I had a good time watching the film. It was a lot of fun to see the acting, as well as some beautiful landscapes in the film. The film is worth watching and is an interesting look at the Etruscan people. I highly recommend it.

Craig Lawson photo
Craig Lawson

This is a rare example of a real historical event that has been distorted in a number of ways to make it seem like a more interesting story. The movie depicts a real event in Etruria, not a historical event. The movie is a must see for anyone who is interested in the events surrounding the event, or anyone who just wants to see a historical event on the big screen. If you are just curious, it is a good movie.

Patrick photo

I don't know how to describe this film. There are moments of beauty, and moments of sadness. But all in all, I feel like I just watched a movie with a great story, and no real plot. The story is the story, and the film is a movie, but the story is more important. The film is so beautiful, it's like watching a painting, but not painting, it's just the paint. It's just a story. And it's just a story. It's just a beautiful story. And that's why I think that it's good that I didn't know how to describe it, because there isn't really a way to explain it. If you watch it, you will understand.

Jason Munoz photo
Jason Munoz

I was at the Canadian Screen Festival and saw a screening of the film, and as the credits rolled I got a lot of laughs and really enjoyed the film. The script was decent and well-written, but I feel the director tried too hard to be a star in his own right, and the ending was a bit of a let down. I have to say I would like to see another director do this film. This is one of those movies that can appeal to a wide audience. Some of the stories are a bit silly but I think this is a movie that should appeal to a wider audience than just the people who like to watch a comedy. I think a lot of the actors in the film did a good job and I would definitely recommend this film to anyone who likes a good comedy. This is a movie that anyone can watch and enjoy. My Rating 7/10.

Evelyn Harvey photo
Evelyn Harvey

I saw this movie with a friend, and he said that it was the most boring movie he has ever seen. I really disagree. The story is interesting, but not for everyone. The characters are interesting, but not for everyone. I would recommend this movie to people who enjoy a good story with a good cast, and a good plot. I would also recommend this movie to people who like action, and want to see a good action movie. This movie has a good plot, but the acting is so bad that it is hard to tell what is going on. I give this movie a 7/10.

Denise Beck photo
Denise Beck

I was watching this movie for a class assignment on the Etruscan civilization. I am not a historian, but I enjoyed the movie. It is a classic example of the story of a people on the verge of extinction and how they try to preserve their culture and language. The movie is not really a historical documentary as there is no mention of the Etruscan civilization. I really liked the movie because it was real life, the actors were good, and I liked the way the movie went through the history of the civilization. I hope to see more movies like this.

Joan Rivera photo
Joan Rivera

The world may have been, or once was, ruled by the Etruscans. This movie was made by Lucio Fulci, and he was also one of the stars. It's very likely that many of the people in this movie were Etruscan, and it's likely that many of them, though, were Greeks. I'm not one of them, but I enjoyed the movie. Fulci has a real way of making a movie that is both beautiful and dark. You're never sure what's going to happen next, and the people are always being a little selfish. There's a lot of sex, too. The camera-work is very good, and the acting is very good. The score is also good. The special effects are pretty good, too. It's a great movie.