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Whitney is a movie starring Whitney Houston, Ellen White, and Michael Houston. An in-depth look at the life and music of Whitney Houston.

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Kevin Macdonald
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An in-depth look at the life and music of Whitney Houston.

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Megan photo

If you've ever been on a holiday, you've seen the attitude of a hostess or the way a hostess acts towards the guests. Some hosts are better than others. Whitney Houston is a very different kind of hostess. Her attitude is very different to the rest of the hostesses on the island. She's incredibly rude. She treats the guests like dirt. When she gets to the island, she shows the guests how to be treated by being rude and treating them like dirt. The guests don't like this, and they don't like Whitney Houston. They have to find a way to get past her. They have to make her feel good. Whitney Houston isn't happy, and she isn't happy about it. This is a very personal and emotional film about Whitney Houston and her attitude towards the guests. It's an extremely interesting film. It's not boring, and it's not predictable. It's very difficult to tell whether or not the film is going to be a success. It is a very personal and emotional film about Whitney Houston. It's very interesting, and it's very important. I highly recommend it.

Sandra A. photo
Sandra A.

I was so looking forward to seeing this documentary and was so disappointed with it. The narration was very boring and the story was not very well told. The camera work was very shaky and in some parts the color was very yellowish. The documentary did not follow the music, it was very rushed and the camera was moving very fast. The interviewees were very strange and it was hard to understand what they were saying. Some of the interviews were so bizarre that you can't really understand what they were saying. The interviewees were also very rude and rude. If you want to see a documentary about the music industry, this is not it. If you want to see a documentary about the music industry, go to a documentary.

Roger P. photo
Roger P.

The documentary "The Devil Wears Prada" is based on the book by the same name, which was written by Paris Hilton. It follows the rise and fall of the famous fashion designer, Paris Hilton. The film starts with a very funny and funny segment about the history of Paris Hilton, but it doesn't go in any way to show how she became a success. This is because the movie is mostly about how she got famous. Then we are introduced to her husband, Tom Cruise. He is a very successful and successful businessman. He is not a very good husband, but he is a very good businessman. After Tom Cruise leaves Paris, Paris starts to lose her temper and starts to get angry. This gets her kicked out of the house, and that's when she starts to become famous. After she starts to become famous, she starts to become more and more jealous of Tom Cruise, because Tom Cruise is getting more and more successful. Tom Cruise then tries to get her back, but he cannot because Paris isn't going to let him. Tom Cruise then tries to stop her from becoming famous, and he becomes very famous. This is one of the reasons why this documentary is called "The Devil Wears Prada". Because the movie is mainly about Paris. There are a lot of funny segments about her, but it isn't that funny. They talk about her anger and jealousy, but not enough to make the movie really funny. The documentary is very good, but it is not that funny. It is a very good documentary, but it is not that funny.

Benjamin D. photo
Benjamin D.

The only reason this film isn't 10 is because it's not really as good as it should be. The thing that made this film great was that it had the lead singer, Whitney Houston, as a person who was an inspiration. And her life and her work is a testament to that. The same goes for the director, Catherine Breillat, who made this documentary. She was able to make it real. Her editing was also spot on. It was clear that she was not in the film for the sake of making a documentary. Her style is to look at things with an eye and a hand. It was obvious that this was not just an interview. It was a real-time documentary of the kind that she did for her bestseller "I Will Always Love You" in the early '80s. She also made "You'll Never Walk Alone", a documentary about the lives of teenage girls in Ireland. It's a very unique style, and a great way to make a film. Also, the documentary was made with the kind of dignity and respect that is normally reserved for things like the Olympics, or the Oscars. It was just a doc that was made by a woman and for a woman. It was not made for the sake of a man. All the performances were great, but the real surprise is that this is not the best film of the year. This was the best documentary of the year. It's the best film of the year.

Lisa E. photo
Lisa E.

As a film student I was extremely excited to see this film. However, as I sat through it I was not as excited. The film seemed like a documentary and I felt like I was watching a lecture. The film is actually quite entertaining and I definitely recommend it. The documentary style that it takes is interesting and is similar to documentaries such as the HBO documentary "Shawshank Redemption" and the Oscar-nominated film "Shakespeare in Love". The film shows a story of a famous person who had a lot of success, but the negative things that he did in his life is what gave him his downfall. One of the things that I really enjoyed about the documentary was that it shows a lot of the people that the famous person had to deal with, and the difficulties that they had. The documentary was very interesting and I recommend it.

Zachary Bates photo
Zachary Bates

This documentary is a wonderful look at one of the most influential musicians of all time. The documentary looks at the impact he had on the music industry, both before and after his career in the early 70's. The film shows how he was able to have a massive impact on popular music. The documentary also talks about how he was able to make a lot of money by selling his music on tape. The documentary also discusses his love for his family and the love he had for his fans. In addition, the documentary talks about his relationship with his wife who he married in 1968. He also discusses his relationship with his mother who passed away in 1974. The documentary ends on a very good note as it shows how his music helped the people he helped in his life. Overall, this documentary is a very interesting look at a very important musician.

Kimberly M. photo
Kimberly M.

I am not sure if anyone has mentioned this film before, but the music in this film is by the great Jimi Hendrix. I was not aware of the man until the first time I heard "Purple Haze" and I loved the song. It was that catchy. He was a great singer, but also a great musician. The two I love most are "Let It Be" and "Purple Haze" with the latter being more of a rock song than a pop song. I think that's the way the Hendrix songs were put together. The other great Hendrix song was "Live and Let Die" and it was also a rock song. The other Hendrix songs were "Don't Be Cruel" and "All Along the Watchtower". I love the first one, but "Live and Let Die" is my favorite Hendrix song. I like the fact that it's a rock song that the other Hendrix songs are not. "Purple Haze" is a pop song and "Let It Be" is a rock song. I think the rock songs are the main reason that this is a great movie. I thought it was well made and well acted. I would recommend this film to anybody who is a fan of Jimi Hendrix.

Andrea photo

In the tradition of his fellow Saved by the Bell alumni, the late and great Jimmy "Hollywood" Fallon, I saw this movie on the big screen. I was very pleasantly surprised, and was blown away by the intimate, and real, performances of many of the cast. But, what made this film so special to me was the story. The story of how the story of Saved By the Bell was turned into a movie was amazing. I would have never thought that this would ever happen, but it did. You will see some amazing performances, including one of my favorite children's actors. I also thought that the story of Saved By the Bell was so entertaining, and so entertaining, that you will laugh so hard. And the movie is even better when you watch it with family. But, I thought that the story was very important and that it was very moving. And I would like to see this movie on the big screen again.

Alexander Knight photo
Alexander Knight

This documentary was a surprise for me. The reviews I read about it were not favorable, but I was pleasantly surprised. I thought the documentary was mostly interesting and well-made, with a lot of great information. The highlight of the documentary was when they show the front of the building that was demolished. It was cool to see the building that was demolished that was demolished for so many years and still looked pretty much the same. The doc also showed the connections between the buildings and the other buildings in the area. Some of the buildings that were demolished and were not demolished were the New Wave Cinema and the Mockingbird Theater. The documentary also showed some of the buildings that were demolished during the construction of the Brooklyn Bridge. I also liked the fact that they showed the St. Paul's Lutheran Church. I am not sure why they showed the church, but it was interesting to see what was happening there. Overall, I liked the documentary and thought it was well-made. I would definitely recommend this documentary to anyone.

Theresa photo

I am really surprised to see so many negative reviews for this movie. It's not a 'rockumentary' as some reviewers have said, but a movie that is about rock music and what it means to be a rocker. It's a great story of what makes a rock 'star', and how it shapes a person's life. It's not a 'life' documentary as some reviewers have said, but a film about rock music and the people who make it what it is. It's a great movie for a special occasion and a great movie for the people who like rock music.

Janet O. photo
Janet O.

Let me start by saying that the first half of this documentary is excellent. I like that the director, Joel Rose, keeps the focus on the athletes in the early years, focusing more on the struggles of those who grew up with a disability and who made a living off their talent. It's an excellent story, especially for an independent film. I also liked the style of the film. It's very slow, almost like the slow, quiet, documentary style of The New Yorker. It's a little too long, but the second half of the film is much better. In the second half, there are a few more athletes talking about their experiences, and the director takes advantage of that to tell a more-personal story about how these men came to play for the U.S. team. I also liked the look of the film. It's very interesting, and very different from the typical sports documentary. Overall, I liked this film. It's not really a "must see", but it's very interesting, and it's worth watching.

Dennis Hansen photo
Dennis Hansen

This is an excellent documentary, I can't see how it can be rated so low. It is a great documentary about the life and career of Whitney Houston. I believe that everyone should see it. I agree that the documentary is not for everyone, but if you are willing to look at it and analyze it, you will enjoy it. The interviews are great and really help to get you into the world of Whitney Houston. I also liked the music. The interviews with friends, family and managers were great. There were many interesting things to say about Whitney Houston. I also liked the idea that Whitney Houston was so famous for being an only child. She was a young child when her father was killed in a car accident and her mother had to leave the family to look for work. This was a major struggle for Whitney. I also liked the idea that Whitney was an only child and her mother had to go to work. She was only a child when her father died. I think that this was the main theme of the documentary. I would recommend this documentary to everyone who is interested in Whitney Houston and her career.

Theresa photo

I didn't know that this movie existed. I just watched it on HBO, which I thought was a great idea. This is a great film about the history of rock and roll and the way it affected people. There is a lot of great music in it, and it really has a lot of touching moments. I really enjoyed this film, and I'm a fan of the music that it is about. I'm not sure how many of you know about this movie, but if you do, you should watch it. It's one of those movies you watch when you want to relax and just listen to music.

Hannah photo

I saw the screening at the Philadelphia Film Festival and the audience was mostly older people. I was one of the youngest in attendance and, as a film student, this film was very moving. As a person who was deeply involved in the punk scene in the 60s, I felt that the documentary brought out so many of the things that I had always loved about punk music. The music, the culture, the politics, the politics, the politics. It was the best documentary I have ever seen about the 60s punk movement. I believe that the music and the music's politics, and the politics of the music and the music's politics, should be studied and studied and studied. In my opinion, the film is very important for both the music and for the history of the punk movement.

Diane photo

I have seen this film twice now and enjoyed it each time. I really enjoyed it more each time I saw it. I think the film is very funny and informative. It is about the music industry and how it is very misunderstood by many people. It is a great film to see if you are a musician. I think it is very interesting to watch and see how some of the artists are dealing with their music and their careers. It is really interesting to see how much success and money a musician can have and how much they have to live on. I think the film is really interesting and it is a very funny film to watch. I give it a 9 out of 10. I think it is a very good film.

Ethan G. photo
Ethan G.

There is not much to say about this film. The most important thing is that it is a visual testament to the life of Whitney Houston. The film follows her life from her early years, through her marriage, through her death. The film also contains interviews with her family, friends, and many of her family members. The film is very moving and I can't imagine anyone not feeling affected by it. It is quite a powerful film. The music in the film is very moving. It is the soundtrack for Whitney's life and it is the soundtrack that you can only hear in her films. The film is extremely well done and I highly recommend it. I rate it 8/10.

Richard O. photo
Richard O.

I loved the documentary. The filmmaker shows how the punk scene in NYC changed and became the scene it is today. It is also very informative and it shows the diversity of the music and the people that live in the scene. As a documentary, it is very well made. I liked how the director showed the life of the bands and the musicians. I also enjoyed the way that the documentary showed the different types of people who live in the punk scene and the history of the scene. The director did a great job showing how the punk scene was started and how it is changing. The director did a great job showing how the punk scene changed and became what it is today.

Jordan photo

This documentary is a great look at one of the greatest bands of all time, the Beatles. I watched it because I am a huge Beatles fan and I wanted to see how they were doing. I'm not a big fan of the band, but I do love the music and I would watch this documentary. It was very informative, very interesting and very well done. It was very touching, and I didn't have a single complaint about it. There were a few things that I didn't understand, but I think the Beatles themselves would have been the first to know about it. It's great to see how they were, and it's great to see how they are. It's like a documentary you can't see anything bad about it. It's great to watch it, and I would recommend it to everyone.

Nicholas photo

Pitch Black and Cloverfield (two movies that are in no way related to one another) are very different in terms of both narrative and technical production. In the case of Pitch Black, the film is basically a story about a man's love affair with a woman (played by Mia Wasikowska). It is also a fairly quiet film. The only other thing that could be considered a problem with the film is the fact that it does not show a lot of the actors, and that is a shame because there are quite a few people in the film that I thought were very good. In this film, however, the story is told by one of the main characters, a very young man named Billy (played by Joe Morton), who is played by Will Smith. Billy is the son of a criminal who, in a way, was a pioneer of the gangster genre, but at the same time, was a victim of the gangster genre. He was the son of a gangster who had to escape from his gang. Billy was very young when he met this woman, but he quickly realized that she was the daughter of a gangster. As a result, he began to date her. It's quite difficult to watch the film because, at first, you don't know what to think of the film. It's as if you are expecting to see a story about a man's love affair with a woman. The story that is told in the film is a story about two men who, in the end, were not very successful in their endeavors to be successful in their business and are ultimately left with their respective debts. The film ends with the man (played by Smith) committing suicide, and the woman (played by Mia) is left with the debt she had to pay to the gangster (played by Johnny Depp). The film was very good, but it's also very different from what I expected. I would recommend the film to people who are interested in gangster films, but the film was not very good.

Tammy photo

I don't know how to classify this documentary. I saw it as a documentary, and I loved it. I'm not a big fan of rock music. But the music in this documentary is great. I think the music is really nice. I'm a big fan of Bruce Springsteen, but I didn't know anything about this documentary. The movie starts off with a interview with Springsteen. He is a really great guy, and he was really nice. This interview is really funny, and I really liked it. The music is great, but the interview with Bruce Springsteen was really interesting. It is funny, but I didn't really know much about Bruce Springsteen. I'm really glad I saw this documentary. I also think it's very important that people know what they are listening to. I recommend this documentary to everyone. It's really great. I really liked it, and I hope you do too.