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The Kind Words

The Kind Words is a movie starring Rotem Zissman-Cohen, Rassabn Abes, and Roy Assaf. Follows three siblings who are going to discover the greatest secret of their late mother. This trip is going to change their lives.

Other Titles
De douces paroles, Les mots justes, Ha'milim ha'tovot
Running Time
1 hours 58 minutes
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Shemi Zarhin
Shemi Zarhin
Magi Azarzar, Rassabn Abes, Rotem Zissman-Cohen, Roy Assaf
Canada, Israel
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English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
日本語, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

Follows three siblings who are going to discover the greatest secret of their late mother. This trip is going to change their lives.

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Christopher photo

I've seen many films recently.and this one ranks among my favorites. It's not as good as the book, but that's not saying much. This film is about an actor and a writer who make an unusual pact to help each other out. The film's storyline is simple and quite entertaining. Although the film is more of a drama, it is very interesting. I saw this film when it first came out and loved it.and I've seen it many times since. I think this is one of those films that, if you love it, you'll be hooked to it forever. The characters are so memorable that you can't help but become a part of the story. I've been a fan of Brian's for a long time, and this film certainly shows that. The film is quite a masterpiece. I highly recommend won't be disappointed. It's worth the money. I give it a 10/10.

Jean H. photo
Jean H.

The story of a quiet family and how they handle the struggles of a life in front of a camera. This film was written and directed by the mother of the film, Rian Johnson. There are very few stories like this. The whole family was simply amazing and I loved the way the director handled the way they interacted with each other. This was a real life story that wasn't just a film. The way they captured each part of the story with the camera and the way they shot the film, it was very inspiring. I have seen the film twice now and am very glad I did. I will always be a fan of this family and what they have achieved.

Nicholas photo

This film is a must see for anyone who likes good movies. I must say that the movie is great, beautiful, and inspirational. The acting is superb. For the most part, all of the actors are very good. Jodie Foster is exceptional, and Billy Crudup is incredible. Tilda Swinton is a great actress, and her performance is as good as any of the actors. Amy Adams is also excellent. I have seen this movie 5 times, and I still love it!

Linda photo

I had the honor of seeing this film at the Sundance Film Festival. I had heard a lot of bad things about it and never really bothered to go. But when I heard the critics hated it, I went. I was blown away. The screenplay is top-notch, the cinematography is great, and the actors are incredible. It was clear that director Xavier Nady, who was at Sundance, was having a blast making this film. I also found out that a number of the actors in this film were in the film of the same title, The Kind Words. In fact, a lot of the cast in The Kind Words are in The Kind Words. In summary, this is a great movie, if you love what I like to call "pagan-ish" films. The ending is beautiful and the film itself is truly magical.

Paul photo

I saw this movie at a screening at the film festival in Sweden, and was quite shocked by the violence in the film. I understand that it was for "artistic reasons" (which I think is a shame) but there are some scenes that are pretty graphic and some scenes that are just too graphic to show to people that may not be too "sensitive" to violence in films. But I must say that I absolutely loved this movie. It is well-acted, and the acting was very real, the characters are interesting, and the dialogue is brilliant. It has an amazing story, and it has an amazing cast. It is a powerful film, and a must-see!

Bryan Campbell photo
Bryan Campbell

I saw this movie years ago and still remember the intense feeling of sadness and anger that I felt. This is probably one of the best movies ever made. The director did a good job with the film and the actors did a good job with their roles. The music was perfect and just fit the movie well. The message of the movie is not just about drug addiction but also about relationships. This is a movie about relationship and how it should be. I highly recommend this movie to anyone who is looking for a good, emotional movie.

Jesse photo

I just came back from the theater from seeing "The Kind Words" and I just got this huge, amazing sense of awesomeness from this movie. This movie is not a drama. It's not a comedy. It's not a horror movie. It's not a western. It's not even a romance movie. It's a movie that you need to see more than once because it's not a movie you can watch just once. Every time I go to see it, I see something new and different. I think you need to see this movie again and again and again because the emotions that you get from it are just incredible. This movie is about a man named Sebastian (Jude Law) who's been an orphan for years. When he was a young man, he was the only one in his village that looked like him. He was just too ugly, and was looked down on. He was picked on all the time by people and he didn't know what to do. At that point, he was like a man with no family. But one day, he runs into a girl named Lizzy (Scarlett Johansson) who doesn't want to be picked on and decides to help him and his family. After that, Sebastian starts to get better and eventually learns how to be more than what his looks are. The plot in this movie is amazing and I love that it's based on true events. I think it's so important for these movies to be based on true events because it makes you feel like you're living in the time period of that time period and you can relate to them. And this movie is a perfect example of that. The music in this movie is amazing and it makes the movie so much better. The songs in this movie are just amazing. Every time you hear the song that plays in the background, it makes the movie that much better. I don't know how many times I've listened to that song. Every time I listen to that song, I just think of what I want to do when I was Sebastian. I want to be in a place where I can be able to look at my family and not look at them. I want to be able to have a family because I'm not the only one who has a family. I want to be able to make them proud of me and be able to be able to stand up for them. The characters in this movie are amazing and I love that they're not just girls and boys. The characters in this movie are made up of people from different backgrounds, and they're not just all like in the same gender. They're not all the same gender, they're all different. The actors are amazing and I love how they're made up of different genders, but it's still really easy to relate to these people. They're all real people. I really think that all the people in this movie, they're all really real people. It's really hard to not feel real when you're watching this movie because it's so different. It's like the movie is just playing out in front of you and it's just happening. I don't think there's any actors in this movie who are really famous. This movie is a movie that I would recommend to everyone. This is a movie that's going to stay with you for a long time. If you don't like it, then it's your fault. But if you like it, then you're a really cool person. I think everyone should watch this movie because I think it's a great movie.

Jack M. photo
Jack M.

The kind words is a wonderful movie that should be viewed by all. It has something to say about relationships, and about family. As a family member of a man who had a mental illness, I was impressed at how honest and true the director was. His story is that of many. I have seen the movie over a dozen times, and will continue to watch it every time I have time. The dialog and the performances are great. The characters are well drawn and you see the struggle, as well as the support and understanding they have for one another. The direction is sharp, and the cinematography captures the period, the quality of the film. I highly recommend this movie. It is an important movie for families and all people to watch.

Crystal Fernandez photo
Crystal Fernandez

I loved the movie and i was crying during the whole movie.But the actress who played Anne is so beautiful.I really wish i would see her in the future.I really recommend this movie to everyone.It's a beautiful story.There are so many things that make it really worth watching.Thank you so much.

Donald photo

This is the story of a mother, her two children, and her husband who, on a lark, decide to become a married couple, as per the custom of that time. The book is 100 pages long, but this film was reduced to 90 minutes. The result is that the book was read much more than it needed to be, and the film missed its mark. I think this is the first film I have ever seen in which the director, Terry Gilliam, is credited as the writer, as he also wrote the screenplay. It also shows that even when a writer does not have a script, the director can still make a film. (I thought the screenplay in this film was very good.) This film is also the story of an elderly man who takes care of his family and does not want them to suffer. He takes on a new job, and it is his responsibility to keep his wife and children alive. This is a very good film, but as it is, it is not perfect. I think that the best thing about this film is that the children are wonderful, and the acting is brilliant. The film makers did a great job in giving the children the same personality as the adult actors. The mother and the children are both excellent, and there is not a single actor that I would not want to have on my list of favorite actors. But there are some flaws in this film. The film makers use the camera to an extreme extent, and the only way that I could see any of the children doing things that they did was through the camera. This would make the film a little hard to watch at times, but this film is much better than this. This film would have been much better with a shorter screenplay. I also think that the mother should have died in the book, because it was more about the family than about the mother. But there were no deaths in the book. And it is hard to see how this film could have been made, when you have a woman who is basically deaf, and a boy who is mute. The fact that this film was so good is the fact that it was made well. And I think that I am going to buy the book and read it.

Aaron Peters photo
Aaron Peters

This movie is so perfect. I was surprised by the quality of the acting. All of the cast were great. This is one of those movies that I would recommend to anyone.

Howard B. photo
Howard B.

I don't have any complaints. The kind words is a magnificent work of art and is one of the most profound cinema I've ever seen. I'm sure a lot of people don't like this film because it isn't like the usual Hollywood melodramas, but that's the point. This is not a typical movie, in fact it's not a typical American movie at all. The kind words is something we need to pay attention to and not to dismiss it just because it is not what you expect. In a way it's a kind of white knight, a hero who saves a life or at least shows some sense of justice and just trying to do good. I don't understand how a movie can be so emotionally charged yet still be so realistic and well shot. The actors are wonderful, the direction is excellent, the plot is great and so is the acting. I can't understand why people have so much issues with this movie, because it is simply great.

Theresa Hansen photo
Theresa Hansen

If you are a fan of Michael Winterbottom you'll love this film. It is a brilliantly written and directed film that follows a character who is being evicted from his apartment and turns to a relationship that has not been explored before. The story, of how a film is made by a director who has just released a brilliant film, is very different from a film made by an unknown director, and it is a brilliant story that I don't think has been told before. The acting is superb. The writing is brilliant. The directing is brilliant. The production design is brilliant. The photography is brilliant. The casting is brilliant. And the performances. They are all brilliant. This film is wonderful. And I strongly recommend it.

Victoria Perkins photo
Victoria Perkins

I watched this film when it was shown on TV recently and have always thought it was great, the story of a young man and his dog. The relationship between the two was fantastic, I found it wonderful, it was realistic, and really sweet. The father, who played the role of the father figure, was a great actor and his ability to play the role of a man who was completely over the top and still loved his dog was very well done. The mother was a little to be expected but still very good, she played the part of the woman who was truly sad and it was very effective in showing the tragedy that this family had gone through. The young boy and the dog played a key part in the whole film, I found the character of the young boy very well done, I felt sad for him, I felt the same way about the dog, and when I saw him you could tell he had a good heart. All of the characters in this film were great, especially the dog. The dog was not one of the dogs that I can remember from many years ago, but I thought that he was great, the way he looked, the way he moved and the way he talked was very realistic and very funny. I really liked this film, I would recommend this film to anyone who enjoys real life, and if you do like real life watch this film, you will not be disappointed. 10/10

James Brown photo
James Brown

This is a very powerful movie. The performances of the actors were just as powerful as the main story. The story was about how life is like with a criminal background. How people treat the criminal like a dog with a leash, or like a dead fish. The acting was also very strong. I don't know why this movie is rated so low. People are usually very sensitive about the content of movies, and I think this movie really gave the public a taste of what a bad life is. This movie is very effective because of the way the director uses sound and lighting to portray the atmosphere. This movie is very strong, and a must see.

Heather Garza photo
Heather Garza

The best film I have ever seen. I love it and I'll watch it over and over again.

Alice Schultz photo
Alice Schultz

I first saw this movie a few months ago and immediately fell in love with it. Since then, I have watched it several times and will most likely watch it again soon. The movie is about an American doctor and his Asian wife who is searching for a Chinese doctor. She starts to learn about Chinese culture and things that she would never have known about if she were not a Chinese. She finds out that it was her father who was a doctor in China. They work on their relationship, and they start to bond. The last scene between them is so heartwarming and so sweet. The music is very beautiful. The cast is great. The story is not really something that we would normally see in this type of movie. But this movie will be remembered for sure.

Beverly N. photo
Beverly N.

This movie is absolutely brilliant and it is a true testament to what Hollywood is capable of. The best part about it is that the movie is so true and realistic. The movie is about an alcoholic named Bob and how his life has spiraled out of control after his wife left him for another man. He was on his deathbed and when he finally died his mother called him and offered him a chance to die a life of sobriety. Bob accepted and agreed. Unfortunately after a couple of days of sobriety Bob went on a drinking binge and ended up dead. Now his mother was going to take his ashes back to her house. This is when a new neighbor comes and introduces himself to Bob and his mother and introduces himself as Bob's friend. Bob meets this person and instantly falls in love with him. The next day the man is driving by and Bob stops him and starts talking to him. The next day his mother is getting married and the next day her brother dies. The next day the man from the apartment comes over and they become friends and later become lovers. Soon the man's mother finds out that her brother is not the father of her son and she is upset. Bob says that she should accept her brother's death and accept her own son's death as well. Soon the man's mother finds out that Bob and her son are gay and goes on a killing spree. The movie is a real tear jerker. The main actor is fantastic. The main actress is very talented and has a really interesting character. The movie is beautifully shot and the story is so real that it makes you feel as though you are really there. I love this movie and I recommend it to everyone. A must see.

Cheryl photo

This film is one of the best films ever made. It has no doubt been the most talked about film in Australia for over two decades. Not only that, but it has been an enormous success in America. I have not seen the film in cinemas but I would certainly recommend it. The film has everything - the characters are outstanding, the story is gripping, the music is beautiful and the performances are superb. The cast also includes Rosamund Pike, whose performance is perfect. It is hard to choose one performance because they are all outstanding. I also want to praise the cinematography and directing. I have never seen a film that has been so visually beautiful. The cinematography and direction are both excellent. In short, this film is the best Australian film I have ever seen.

Christine C. photo
Christine C.

The Kind Words is a little known movie that I would recommend to anyone with a good sense of humor. The performances were excellent by all. The story is funny, but the characters are likable. I loved the dance numbers and the way the film was shot. It is one of those movies that you will be talking about for years to come.