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Dark Phoenix

Dark Phoenix is a movie starring James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, and Jennifer Lawrence. Jean Grey begins to develop incredible powers that corrupt and turn her into a Dark Phoenix, causing the X-Men to decide if her life is worth...

Other Titles
X-Men; Dark Phoenix, Iksmenai: Tamsusis Feniksas, X-Men: Sötét Főnix, X-Men: Fénix Negra, X-Men: Dark Phoenix, X-Men: Mračni Feniks, X-Men: Fênix Negra, X-Men: Phượng Hoàng Bóng Tối, X-Men - Phénix noir, X-Men: Čierny Fénix, X-Men: Fénix Oscura, X-cilvēki: Tumšais Fēnikss, X-Men: Mroczna Phoenix, X-MEN:ダーク・フェニックス, X戰警:黑鳳凰, X-Men: Ο μαύρος Φοίνικας, X-Mehed: Tume Fööniks, Μαύρος Φοίνικας, X-Men: Ha'Phoenix Ha'Af'ela
Running Time
1 hours 53 minutes
480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Adventure, Sci-Fi, Action
Simon Kinberg
Simon Kinberg
Nicholas Hoult, Michael Fassbender, James McAvoy, Jennifer Lawrence
USA, Canada
Audio Languages
English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
日本語, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

The X-Men. Protectors of peace. Jean Grey is one of the most beloved X-Men. But when a mission goes wrong, Jean is exposed to a dark and ancient power. This power has destroyed everything it comes in contact with, until her. Now that this power is becoming unstable, she releases it with destruction and anger. Now that this foreign power is consuming her, and the world is threatened, the X-Men have to face an important truth: they must save either the world, or their friend who threatens it.

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Raymond photo

This movie is a sci-fi action movie with action scenes. There are no boring moments and there is some humor which is amusing. The visual effects are great and the story is different from most sci-fi movies, but still, I think it's good and interesting. There are many good things in this movie, but it could have been better if there were more action scenes, and a little more humor. I liked the romance between Phoenix and Dopfeifer, and the main plot of the movie is great. The ending is also good, but I think the writer should have had a little more time for that.

Amanda R. photo
Amanda R.

I have seen the movie and I'm still surprised. I'm still wondering what I expected. I've seen the trailers, I saw the movie poster and I knew the movie was going to be really good. After seeing the movie I am very impressed. I also thought the characters were really well made and the acting was really good. It wasn't a story like "Chronicle". It was more like "Bumblebee". The story was more deep and in the end it is really surprising. I hope the next movie will be better. "Gravity" was a good movie but I have seen better. The next one I'm really looking forward to.

Austin R. photo
Austin R.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars (2003) Was in the same vein of the original movie as Jedi, but it was a little bit more with the more fighting action in between the space battles. There were some other funny moments but this movie was kinda lacking for the comedy. I don't think I would recommend this movie to people who are not Star Wars fans but I would say it's a good watch for the movie fans. If you are a Star Wars fan then this movie is a must watch!

Christine G. photo
Christine G.

In a universe with aliens, why not a planet with aliens? I would have liked to have seen a bigger part of this movie with the aliens. So what did you expect from a movie with aliens? This movie was good and I have to say that I was expecting something special. The action was decent, and they were good looking aliens. They even looked like they were a little like the aliens from the X-Men. The plot was good and there were some funny moments. It was also good for kids, since they were very scared at some of the scenes. Overall, it was a good movie, if you like the X-Men movie, you will like this movie.

Victoria Jensen photo
Victoria Jensen

The premise is a pretty good one, and the characters are pretty solid. I also like the overall look of the film. The bad thing is that the film is extremely thin. The story is just a bunch of small pieces, and even those pieces are not all that strong. The story is pretty good, but the execution of it is not great. As a result, the film ends up being just a few notches above average, and the first hour of the film is pretty strong. However, once the story gets going, the film quickly falls apart. It's not that the film doesn't have any good ideas or ideas that are innovative or original. It's just that they're not really executed well. The last third of the film is a disaster. There are too many plot elements that are poorly executed. Things like the dog, the mental war, and the final fight between Phoenix and the bad guy just don't work. It's not that the characters aren't interesting. They're just not all that interesting. The acting is not terrible. Rachael Taylor is actually okay as Phoenix. Gary Oldman and Tom Felton are decent, and Samuel L. Jackson has the least terrible performance of the cast. Finally, the special effects are OK. The CGI is decent, although it is obviously reused from other films. The CGI is decent, although it is obviously reused from other films. The plot is a bit weak, and the story gets a little convoluted. Overall, the film is decent, but the execution is very weak. The movie is more of a rental, but I would still recommend it.

Teresa Jacobs photo
Teresa Jacobs

This movie, however, is a reminder that the same thing could happen again. It's a sign that Hollywood and studios are still not prepared to make the movie that the fans want. Maybe the original Star Wars movie was not as good as some of the movies of today, but it was still great. And that's all we need in a movie. It's not the story, not the action, not the special effects. It's the movies themselves. There's a scene in the movie where Darth Vader's mask is off and we see a girl and Darth Vader have a conversation. It's beautiful. The acting is great, the special effects are amazing, but the story is there. The acting was great. The story was there. And the story was there. We need more of the same. The only thing I didn't like was the ending. It felt like it was rushed and there were a few more scenes that weren't needed. I was glad to see Luke again, but it was not necessary. I would have liked to see him die. I understand that he had to do something, but why did he have to die? He had a life, he had a family, he had a job. It was a bit weird. And I was very disappointed that they didn't finish off the story. They could have ended the movie the way it needed to be done. There was no reason for Darth Vader to kill Luke and Leia. It was just a little too convenient. So, I'm a big Star Wars fan, but I didn't like this movie. I felt the ending was a bit rushed and rushed some more. I also liked the fact that it showed us the real Darth Vader, not the animated one. But, it's not a movie I'd watch again. I know it was great and all, but it's not the same thing that we're used to seeing. It's a reminder that if Hollywood doesn't learn how to make a good movie, Star Wars fans will continue to be disappointed.

Lisa Hayes photo
Lisa Hayes

OK, so the beginning of this movie was sort of slow. I was hoping it would pick up some pace, but it just seemed like it was dragging and I was wondering when it was going to pick up. When it did pick up, it was good. I'm glad it was an original idea and not the last chapter of the same story. The story was so much better than the last one and I really enjoyed it. I would recommend this movie to anyone who liked the previous movie. I think everyone should at least see it once.

Charles photo

I was very surprised to find this on DVD at a used store. After reading the plot I figured the movie would be like any other Transformers movie, but I was surprised to find it was good. I had no idea what the movie was about until I saw the poster. The movie was about a young girl named Phoenix (Jena Malone) who lives in the future and has been turned into a Transformer. She goes to Earth to see her father, but he isn't there and she is sent to a secret Transformer base. This place is a cold prison where people are kept on death row. One of the people there is Maximus (John Turturro) who is a prisoner and is being hunted by Optimus Prime. Phoenix is sent to rescue him. The problem is that when she goes to rescue him, she is turned into a Transformer so she must be stopped. I really liked this movie. The action is intense and exciting. The story is interesting and the special effects are pretty good. The acting is decent. I have to say that Jena Malone is the best. I don't think I have seen a better acting job in a Transformers movie. John Turturro was good. I liked his accent. I also liked his character and the way he acted. I thought he was good. He also looks like a cool character. The only problem is that this movie is only for kids. I think adults would enjoy it more. I like that this movie is different from the others in that it is a young adult movie. I also like that they didn't use the popular Transformers movie type of action. There is no robot explosion or fast-moving cars. I like that this movie is a different type of movie. Overall, it was a good movie. My rating for this movie is 7/10.

Sarah photo

I think the film is great, but I'm not sure about the amount of high praise that's been bestowed on it. I would have given it a 7, if only for its originality. I've seen the original film many times and enjoyed it, but I think this remake is better. It's not as clever as the original, and doesn't even do anything that the original didn't do. But it's still a great film, and I really enjoyed it. I'm not saying that it's a masterpiece, but it's definitely a film that I would recommend. But I don't think it's as good as the original.

Emma H. photo
Emma H.

If you like superhero movies, you'll love this one. The story, with all its twists and turns, is nothing new, but the way it's told is great. The special effects are awesome, and they were quite stunning, especially in the second half. The acting is also good, although I'm not sure how much of the movie is Oscar worthy, but it's quite good. And I love the music, which is very cinematic, and fits the tone of the movie very well. The story is good, but I think the movie would have been better with a shorter running time and a more dramatic and dark tone. If you liked Spider-Man 2, you'll probably like this one, too. I don't think it's as good as Spider-Man 3, but it's not the worst movie I've seen, either.

Tyler photo

I liked this movie. It was fun to watch. It has some cool special effects, and it's a pretty good action movie. I recommend it to anyone looking for a fun and action-packed movie.

Kelly photo

This movie is one of the best Marvel movies I have ever seen. The special effects were good and the acting was not bad. You really had to love the characters in this movie, because they were all so funny and interesting. It has some bad parts, but other than that it was great. Go see it, it's one of the best movies I have ever seen.

Teresa H. photo
Teresa H.

This is what I have seen in the reviews for this movie. Everyone says that it is boring, boring, boring. So I am going to write about what I thought. To me, it is a brilliant movie, with great performances from everyone, especially Channing Tatum. His performance is definitely the best of the movie. I thought that he was the best actor in the movie, besides Storm Shadow, because he was the only one who could carry the movie with his acting, with his acting alone. The supporting actors, including Jean Reno, were also good, but they weren't as good as Storm Shadow. So, it is a good movie, but if you don't like Channing Tatum, don't watch it.

Jennifer photo

Not to diss this movie, it is great entertainment. I've watched it many times. I think it is one of those movies you have to watch, but you know you want to. Its definitely a movie that keeps you on the edge of your seat and a lot of times you can't wait for the next part of the movie. I would say its one of those movies you have to watch at least once a year.

Martha R. photo
Martha R.

I recently watched the DVD of Phoenix: First Strike. It's a first-time directorial effort for the director of Ghostrider (2006). The film is more action-oriented than Ghostrider, with more action. The plot is more laid out and has a much more detailed structure, making it feel a little less like a video game than a typical big-budget Hollywood film. The film has more action, action-wise, and with more character development. The film also has more humor and romance. Overall, it is a fun film. The acting is very good, as expected. The action is great, and the romance is very interesting. It is also better than Ghostrider. Phoenix: First Strike is an action-packed film that will entertain you. I recommend Phoenix: First Strike.

Kathleen M. photo
Kathleen M.

The sequel to the 1979 original, "The Dark Phoenix" sees Phoenix (Katee Sackhoff) following the trail of the infamous Phoenix Five who were killed in the first film. After a chance encounter with a mysterious young woman named Lucinda (Emily Browning), Phoenix begins to investigate the disappearances of her friends. After finding the location of the mysterious girl's parents, Phoenix follows her into the forest and finds a wrecked ship. The ship and the mother and father are not who they appear to be and Phoenix is forced to work with the crew to get them back. As Phoenix and her crew uncover more and more of the secrets behind the mysterious ship, they begin to realize that there is more to the ship than they could ever have imagined. This sequel, despite its low budget, is a very good film. It is surprisingly well-done and I was surprised that it was not completely over-the-top with its violence. The violence was not too much, and the scenes of Phoenix being tortured and mutilated were done with the appropriate level of intensity. The acting in the movie was not very strong and the characters were not very interesting. The plot was weak and the movie was not very well-paced. The characters are poorly developed and the movie is too long for its own good. The movie is well-made, the special effects are very good, and the acting is good. If you like action movies, this movie is not for you. If you like movies with a good story, this is for you. If you like a good story, I would recommend "The Dark Phoenix" for you.

Denise Burton photo
Denise Burton

I was not really too excited about this movie at all. I mean, it had been about a year since I had seen the first "Star Wars" movie and I was really ready to forget about it, but it seemed like there was a new "Star Wars" movie coming out and I wanted to see it. So I decided to see it. And I was pleasantly surprised! I thought that it was a very good movie, and I was pleasantly surprised to find out that the original trilogy are not the only Star Wars movies. Even though the movie was directed by George Lucas, it was much better than the prequels! I am not going to tell you the plot, because you will already know it, but I will tell you that the movie is full of action, but it is not over-the-top action, and it has a very good story to back it up. If you have seen the "Star Wars" movies, then you will recognize that it is a sequel, but it is not as good as the original trilogy. Although I would not say that the movie is better than the original trilogy, I would say that the movie is just as good as the prequels!

Walter photo

Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens is a bold attempt to bring back the old stories of the Star Wars series. The new movie is a fantastic film, but it is far from being perfect. It is a bit different and it is very different from the previous movies. I mean, I'm sure everyone was expecting the new story to be a little bit different, but it's not. We are going to see Rey (Daisy Ridley) as a very young Jedi. And the new character of Kylo Ren is in his own class. But, the biggest difference is the movie is very very different. When I first saw the trailer I was very surprised with the action scenes. There was one fight scene in the movie where I thought that it would be a bit boring but it was really something different. Also, the new characters have great story. I'm not going to spoil the story, but the new characters are very different from the old ones. Kylo Ren is an evil villain, but he is also very strong and is very unpredictable. Finn (John Boyega) is a very smart young man who has great powers and is very strong. I love the character of Rey because she is a very good young woman who is still a young Jedi. She has great powers and is a great fighter. But, I think, I don't like the movie that much because it's not very different. It's very much like a lot of other Star Wars movies. I also like how the movie brings back a lot of the old characters from the past. But, the story is pretty different. There is no real main character in the movie. It's all about Rey. The story is different and the movie is not as good as it could be. The story is not as good as I would like and I don't like the story. Overall, I think the new Star Wars movie is really great. It is a lot different than the previous Star Wars movies, and I think it is a great movie, but it isn't perfect.

Donna Lawson photo
Donna Lawson

We recently watched "The Phoenix" and it was a very fun film. The story has a group of people who are trying to protect a location from a government agency. The story moves along and is very entertaining. It's not very violent or scary but there is some gore. I liked the special effects, special effects are a big part of a film like this. In the end the story is also very entertaining and enjoyable. It has some suspense and there is some humor in the film. The acting is very good. The bad acting is not that bad. The good acting is very good. I recommend this film to people who like sci-fi films.

Philip photo

I'm not a huge fan of the Star Wars movies but this one was good. It is a bit different and I had fun watching it. It is very well put together and well shot and well acted. I enjoyed the story and I thought the special effects were great. I think it would have been better with more action and less focus on the story and more action. I found it difficult to get into the story and find my way to the end of the movie. It was a good movie and worth watching. I recommend it to anyone who has not seen it yet.

Sharon Turner photo
Sharon Turner

The movie starts off as a simple plot.A girl is being chased by the government who want to find her hidden super powers.She manages to get the girl and her father to safety,but then she runs into the super powers of the White Man.She goes into an alternate dimension where she can try out all the powers on her own.There she meets the boy she had a crush on.The boy joins her.The movie then goes to the last part where they try to bring the White Man back and find the girl.This movie has a lot of funny moments.I think that this movie was a great success at the box office.This is a movie that everyone should see.

Ronald photo

I am not a fan of the original movie, but I like this one much better. This movie has the story of a lost planet that is discovered by the mining corporation. The mining corporation wants to colonize the planet, but the natives are using their religion to oppose their plans. The natives are called the "the strange ones". After a long time the mining corporation go to the planet to get information about the strange ones. There are several interesting twists and turns in the story. It is a good movie to watch on a rainy day. It is also entertaining.