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Ghost Fleet is a movie starring Tun Lin and Patima Tungpuchayakul. Ghost Fleet follows a small group of activists who risk their lives on remote Indonesian islands to find justice and freedom for the enslaved fishermen who feed the...

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Esclavos de la pesca
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1 hours 30 minutes
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Jeffrey Waldron, Shannon Service
Patima Tungpuchayakul, Tun Lin
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Ghost Fleet follows a small group of activists who risk their lives on remote Indonesian islands to find justice and freedom for the enslaved fishermen who feed the world's insatiable appetite for seafood. Bangkok-based Patima Tungpuchayakul, a Thai abolitionist, has committed her life to helping these "lost" men return home. Facing illness, death threats, corruption, and complacency, Patima's fearless determination for justice inspires her nation and the world.

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Sharon Gomez photo
Sharon Gomez

My interpretation of the movie was that the captain and the other officers were portraying the generals who were supposedly at the helm. In reality, the captains, with the exception of the one, were not. The captain was an adult, the second officer was an adult, and the fourth officer was a young adult. The third officer was a teenager, the youngest officer was in his early 20's. All of the other officers were old, except for the captain. I thought that the movie was accurate in portraying the behavior of the four senior officers. I also thought that it was good to have the character who was a civilian, but actually served in the Navy. I thought the movie was based on the facts as they were as they were at the time. In reality, the "unofficial" decisions were not made at all, and the Navy had done no planning at all. The commanders were told what to do by someone else. I think that the Navy was acting in a way that was most in keeping with the actual case. I was expecting a much more serious film. I was very disappointed. However, it was a good movie.

Lisa Rios photo
Lisa Rios

As a student of Fictional Mass Media (FMM), I think I understand the difference between the two genres. I'm familiar with the writing and storytelling of Fiction, but I've never actually experienced the storytelling of Fiction as much as I do as a student of Film. Therefore, for me, this documentary wasn't about Fictional Mass Media, but rather about Fictional Mass Media. This documentary tries to "explain" the use of Fictional Mass Media in fiction as a storytelling tool to explain how fiction writers write and what works and doesn't work. It's a common, but troubling, fact that the main criteria for use of Fictional Mass Media is the use of the plot and the character, rather than the the character as a writing device. The film does a great job of trying to argue the point that Fictional Mass Media is not a bad thing. It's not like what critics are saying, but it's something that's been seen in fiction since the beginning of time. I'm glad to see that filmmakers are starting to take this in and see that it is a problem. The director tries to explain why this is happening, but it doesn't go deep enough. The writer tries to explain how this is happening, but it's too short and not enough for this point to be made. Also, I'm sure that a director would have more of an understanding of what this problem is. But, I do hope that a director with more knowledge of the idea of Fiction Mass Media will make a film about it. Fictional Mass Media is a very specific genre of film. If you look at a lot of fiction films, you can tell that the directors aren't using the plot or the character to create a film. I would love to see more directors doing this. This is something that filmmakers should be taking more of. Fictional Mass Media should be taught to students as a way to understand how to use a plot in fiction.

Mary Russell photo
Mary Russell

I do not have any choice to be biased with the so called "American truth" (even though I am from USA) because that's the end of the story, the myth. I am not saying that all Americans are or should be uneducated. But if we are true-to-life, I do not think we will ever appreciate the strength of patriotism that is always present in our hearts. The courage and indomitable will of the US Army forces we to face an alien invasion in the most dangerous war on the face of the earth. To see a documentary with a really good character analysis is very encouraging. The character of the greatest generals of the American army was also shown in the film. The main message is that the American people are not always as strong as the movie portrayed, that is something that we all can see. If we can see it in ourselves, and for the future of our country, it would be a nice addition.

Ruth photo

It is clear to me that the documentary does not even know what it wants to be. It is a piece of work which speaks about the state of production, art and music. The ending, after everything that has been said and done, left me with the feeling that the director was giving a second and a third ending, but this is not what I want. I am a little disappointed, because I always have the feeling that I have to get out of the way in order to get something. Not only that, but I found that there are some points which I felt weren't really explained, like the development of the music, or the connections between the various elements. I was also a little confused, because the last part of the film, after everything has been explained, there is no explanation as to why something was called "Space Junk", as well as the meaning behind the name "Space Fleet". All in all, I must say that this is a good documentary, and worth watching, but I think it should have been a bit more. It's not the worst documentary I have ever seen, but it's definitely not the best.

Craig photo

I've never had the privilege of watching a documentary so clearly articulated and concise. Everyone involved in the documentary is extremely knowledgeable about the people and events that were depicted. The crew was on top of their game, and the stories, as related by the subjects, are well documented. I would be interested in having someone analyze this documentary for me, so I could see exactly how the subjects view the event and the people involved. I would love to see this documentary as a part of a class, as a course, or for a book club.

Keith photo

The story of a group of aging WWII veteran sailors returning home. The movie tells of the creation of an award for each veteran, which was held annually in their hometown of Detroit. The film provides insight into the cultural and personal meaning of the award, with interviews with the crew of the ship, and an interview with a former WWII Navy major who would have received the award had the crew not been "frozen in time". After viewing this movie, one thing is for sure: this group is an inspiration to many of us.

Christian Green photo
Christian Green

Just came back from a preview showing of this documentary and was completely and utterly shocked. It was incredibly disturbing to hear people from all over the world in one room discussing how they feel and what is going on. This is just one example of how the dark side of humanity is so widespread that it is difficult to even comprehend. I was a refugee from Ukraine in 1990's and this was a shock to me. But now I am an international human rights lawyer in Washington and I have worked on several human rights cases, some of which were settled in my office. I've met with UN officials and political leaders in Germany and Germany is not helping. This is something that has to change. There is much to be done. The UN and USA needs to do more to counter the human rights abuses occurring throughout the world and I urge the UN to use its influence in the United Nations Security Council to begin the process of uniting and strengthening the UN's Human Rights mechanisms to combat these abuses. There is still a long way to go and I for one will keep fighting for the rights of the Syrian people and I am praying that our nation will be able to do so soon.

Bryan Hill photo
Bryan Hill

This is one of the best documentaries I have seen this year, and if you haven't seen it yet, see it now! I was very impressed by the performances of this film. They are all very well-rounded. The interviewees are all real people and if they didn't have the talent of actors they would be really uncomfortable and not 100% believable. The actors all look like they are actually afraid for the lives of the people they interview. In a way, it feels like being in the middle of the World War 2, where people have to die for this country. The interviews are very important because you can relate to the person and see what their experience is like. The music in the film is not the usual, kind of contemporary American pop music, but it is what the people would hear if they were to go to that war-time. It's a very interesting subject, and I think the director did an excellent job of exposing the serious subject matter. I really enjoyed this film and think it should have been at the top of my must-see films list. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to see a good documentary.

Michelle photo

This movie is truly a great eye opener for anyone who thinks they don't know anything about the role of the U.S. in the middle east. A must see for anyone who thinks the U.S. is all about the economy, and yes that's just what the media says, but think about the role of the U.S. in the Middle East and you'll see what I mean. Those who are pro-American are very naive and have missed the message of the movie. Those who are pro-Israeli are an even bigger fool than those who claim to be pro-American. This movie should have been called "A Love Story", because there is no way that a love story is complete without the story of a man who was a victim of injustice and hardship, but his love for his country and love for the people of the middle east was a beacon of hope for him. In a way, that's what the U.S.A. is all about. I can't believe how many people have got their heads screwed on to the wall and are never going to learn from history. The fact that the U.S. played such a pivotal role in the life of this man is a tragic irony. I believe this movie is a great insight for anyone who wants to see that the U.S. played such a vital role in the lives of those in the middle east.

Christian K. photo
Christian K.

I have the privilege of meeting some very amazing people in my life and many of these are unknown to me. Having watched this documentary, I would like to share that I have always had a passion for music, which led to me studying music composition, and also learning how to play guitar and other instruments. Through all of these things, I have had a great passion for music, which I have managed to take all the way to college, and even do well on college entrance exams, and have played in a local band. I am a one-note player, but this documentary was great for showing my music and even letting me talk about how I learned my instrument. I think that it was very informative and I have to give it 8 stars because of that. It was very exciting to see this documentary, and I hope that all people who have a passion for music will see it, and also learn how to play it. It would be nice if more documentaries like this were made, to share with people. Maybe they would also learn a little bit of the history and culture of the area where the band was formed.

Billy Pena photo
Billy Pena

This documentary does an excellent job at giving a detailed analysis of the different types of modern U.S. military operations in which Marines are involved. It is based on a variety of official documents and interviews with Marines and other military personnel. It is also based on interviews with members of Congress and former military personnel. The primary topic of the documentary is the future of U.S. troops in Iraq. The only real difference between this documentary and the Army's new Battleplan, is that Battleplan makes Iraq a one-to-one battle that the U.S. forces must win, whereas this documentary shows what will happen if we don't win. It is interesting to see how much more time is devoted to the Marine Corps operations in Iraq than in Afghanistan. The film does a very good job of showing what is being done by the Marines on the ground and the effect it has on Marines and others who are involved in the combat. There is no real conflict between this documentary and the battle plans, but it is interesting to see the Marine Corps continuing to operate with limited resources, while others try to get all of the resources in the air, and also using small numbers of Marines in the battlefield. There are also a number of questions that the Marine Corps is asking Congress and other interested parties, such as how many of the 1,800 Marines and Navy personnel will be able to get to a deployment in about two months, and also how many will have to be there by a certain date. It is a good thing that the Marines will not need to leave their Marines at home for long periods of time. It is also a good thing that the Marines have not found it necessary to make any guarantees about the time it takes to get back to base in the States. The Marines have to rely on their own resources to get back home, and if the Marines cannot get there by then, the Congress and the public will be disappointed. It is not all that difficult to understand that they will need to do this as the major point of the documentary is to provide a detailed analysis of U.S. military operations in Iraq. The documentary does a very good job of showing the combat operations and the specific problems of the Marines as well as other troops in Iraq, and also providing a realistic picture of the political issues of the military and the rest of the nation. It is important that the Marines keep up the pressure, and show the rest of the nation that the Marines are not to be shirked.

Jason photo

It was a difficult decision to sit through one of the most irritating and ignorant segments in the history of cinema. Here we have a bunch of white dudes shooting at random with a WWII-era weapon. For no apparent reason, these men are led by a guy in a helicopter. I did not get the sense that any of the folks in the movie were "based on actual people." And, the "evidence" used to support this nonsense was used to drive home an anti-communist agenda. It was like having the guy from the NRA argue that a bunch of hippies were "peaceful and nonviolent." I'm surprised that in real life the Vietnam Veterans Association would stand for any of this. Unfortunately, this film is now very, very popular and will continue to be popular for a long, long time. And so it will continue to be popular, in an environment where this stuff is repeated ad nauseam. The only conclusion I can draw is that this is a cult of sorts. It would be interesting to know how many other films like this have been produced over the years, to see if the numbers are similar to this. I wouldn't want to offend anybody who has ever worked with these guys, but I will tell you that it is like watching a bunch of college students get drunk and shout stuff at each other.

Julie photo

The history of the Moth's are the history of naval history, and they have long been known as a very cunning and lethal group of fly-fighters. It's interesting that it has taken so long for this movie to get made. The movie has some strong points, the most important being its focus on a small group of the Moth's, but it also does a poor job of explaining the history of the Moth's, their military history, and the circumstances that led to their current status. This is not to say that the movie does not do any of the necessary historical background, it just doesn't go into the detail necessary to really tell the history of the Moth's. If you are looking for a military history lesson, you may want to look elsewhere. The movie also has a very weak and unrealistic ending. In the real world, the end of World War II ended in defeat for Japan, and Japan would have been taken by the Americans into the Pacific War. The United States would have had to declare war on Japan to get them out of the Pacific, and Japan would have been declared the aggressor in the Pacific. There was no chance of this happening, and this is what really upsets the movie, as they have to make a very "what if" ending for the movie. If they had not done this ending, the movie would not be a 10. The acting of the Moth's is very good, they give the movie a nice American flair, and I think it works very well. The sound track is very good, especially the music that plays over the Moth's in combat, which is really good. The cinematography of the movie is excellent, showing the fighter planes and battles as they are flying in real time. The direction of the movie is also good, as the movie has a very strong sense of realism. The movie has a pretty good feel, with a few problems, but overall it is a very good movie. It is not a great movie, but it is still a good movie.

Linda S. photo
Linda S.

This film takes us to the port of Hamburg. We meet the young and gay sailors. They make their story public. They do their bit in helping to raise money for German war veterans. They tell their story with tears in their eyes. This film was made by gay people for gay people. It is brave and it should be respected. People from all walks of life should be exposed to the struggle for liberation in Europe. This film is a true story and it should be watched.

Juan Young photo
Juan Young

Over the last decade, the world has seen the rise of a new "ice age" era. We know that the world will soon be ice-free, so naturally a fleet of ships from around the world will be sent to protect the Earth. But what about Antarctica? How do we go about protecting that frozen land? It's a difficult issue to cover. What if one of the ships was damaged by an iceberg? What about a leak in a nearby supply? What if the crew is under attack from a hostile foreign nation? All these situations can happen quickly and catastrophically, or at the very least, cause a minor inconvenience for the crew. In this documentary, the crew of a single icebreaker struggles with all these things. When a leak in a supply system turns out to be the cause of an iceberg, the crew are forced to abandon ship and turn around. But they are so close to the iceberg that they would not have time to turn around and even a partial loss of power would be fatal. That is a tough decision to make. The film is highly rated, but it doesn't make it easy to see the icebreakers in action. I think that the actors are well cast and well-performed. They are focused, calm, and confident. This documentary is highly recommended.

William Coleman photo
William Coleman

Not the best documentary. It's like a trailer for a really good film. A lot of boring stuff but with a great cinematography. You'll be entertained throughout. The main thing is to know what is happening in this space. Its a thing that has happened and it is very tense and sad. The main character makes it clear what it is like. You'll understand and feel. The thing that will make it more enjoyable is the narrator. Its very funny, its even a little melancholy. He is really good and adds to the emotions of the movie. The biggest thing in my opinion is the camera. Its great because you can see things and the tension in it. It is something that most documentaries lack. I hope that you will not judge this documentary too harshly. I believe that if you watch it, you'll enjoy it and you won't regret it.

Katherine S. photo
Katherine S.

Very insightful documentary. Unfortunately the title seems to imply that this is a documentary about the crews of the new Shuttle and Delta. While that is the case, it is primarily a film about the crews of the Saturn V and Apollo spacecrafts. For anyone who is interested in the history of space exploration and the Space Shuttle, this documentary is very good. There is lots of technical information about what the Apollo spacecraft did and the Shuttle was designed for, but the program is not the focus of the film. The focus is on the engineering. The technical aspects are important, but a good part of the film was focused on what Apollo and the Shuttle were designed to do, and the film did a great job at that. The crew members of the Apollo and the Shuttle are both very good actors, and both are very convincing in their roles. The director has made a very good documentary that is very well done and a great exploration of a very important subject.

Kenneth F. photo
Kenneth F.

A film for the kind of people who have spent a long time developing and pondering the English language. This is what makes it great. The idea of exposing the lives of those people involved in producing it is just the kind of thing that makes you think about it again and again. The film is rich in its story, although sometimes it is hard to follow. The non-English speakers who make up the team are portrayed as being at the mercy of the English as they try to make it. Although the movie is not an attempt to explain the English language, it does convey the feeling that the English are utterly afraid of it. The whole idea of English as a foreign language, is never understood by the English, so it seems. They might as well be spoken by someone else. So why is it important that we see the lives of the people involved? Because that's what the English are afraid of.

Gerald K. photo
Gerald K.

This is a pretty good documentary about the work of the "fleet". The documentary focuses on the stuff you wouldn't think about, but could use. It includes interviews with people involved in the group, their families, and people in the surrounding areas, and the various facets of the community that are involved with the fleet. It's all very well done, and it really shows what kind of energy and fun these people have when they're out on the water. They give many reasons why they do what they do, and you can see why they feel that way. However, it's also quite obvious that some of the people involved in the community aren't happy with what the community has become. I have to say that I was really impressed by this documentary, and really like the way it was put together. It gives a good idea of what the group is like and how it operates. There's also a lot of interesting interviews with people who weren't involved with the fleet. One interview that really stood out to me was with a woman who was involved in the community, and was actually a historian, and she said that the community was really quite closed off. She said that they all had to meet in a particular group and that you weren't allowed to talk about the things that happened in the community. In the documentary, there's a part where she talks about a meeting where the community heard that a local historian had come up with a list of people that had been involved with the fleet, and that list got pretty wild. There was a lot of laughter, and you could see that she was just really excited. There were lots of people in the community that were in the community to get the documentary, and many of them were in attendance at the end of the film. However, I would have liked to have seen a little bit more of a look at what they're doing, how they're doing it, and why they're doing it. However, all in all, it's a good documentary, and it should be given a chance, especially because it's a bit off the beaten path, but it's still worth seeing.

Doris Montgomery photo
Doris Montgomery

What a great film to watch with the family. I never thought I would say this about a John W. Campbell Memorial Award winner, but I was wrong. The film is basically the same thing that The Last King of Scotland was, but it's so much better. This movie is well done and completely brings the audience into the area. It is definitely worth the $8.99 it cost to rent and buy it, and it's well worth the $9.99 I paid to see it. If you don't believe me, rent it and watch it again and you'll be convinced.

Catherine Medina photo
Catherine Medina

Before I began my dive into the world of former Navy Seals, I wanted to see if they could give me a fair assessment. What I found was that the way they presented their view of the nature of the military was not the way it was portrayed in the media. By focusing more on the insecurities of the men they spoke with, the more we begin to understand how the Navy has changed from its origins. The men in this movie were not "hollywood whiners." What I found is that while they weren't as well known, they were not known as well. In fact, their stories are only available to those who wanted to learn more about them. If the Navy had allowed the stories to be shared and included them in this movie, I think many more people would have learned more about the men who serve today. I would be willing to bet that there are thousands of other men who have gone through the same problems as these men. If you don't know about these men, it is your own fault.

Katherine photo

I had heard a lot about this movie but I was hesitant to watch it because I am a huge fan of Andrew Niccol's work. But after seeing this, I had to check it out. I liked it. The documentary style of the film made it easy to follow and what was shown was never in doubt. This is one of the best documentaries I have seen. It may be one of the best documentaries about a special scientific or government project. I thought that there were many other documentaries that were better but this is certainly not one of them. It is a must see for everyone. The subject of the story is the work of the underwater USGS deep sea operation, known as the Submarine Topography Mission (STM) from 1974 to 1977. It was a major effort in the name of government to have the best available technology in order to get a clearer picture of the oceans and the effects of climate change. The people involved in the STM program were military, government and scientific. It was also a career step for Bruce Beresford. The documentary is compelling because the information and facts are straight forward. There are no fictional scenes. The information is straight forward and accurate. The people involved in the STM are not unknown. The people involved are all very credible and real. The documentary is not propaganda. I am surprised to read that many people did not like it. It's a must see for anyone with an interest in sea level rise and for anyone who is interested in the consequences of climate change.