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Figlia mia

Figlia mia is a movie starring Valeria Golino, Alba Rohrwacher, and Sara Casu. A daughter torn between two mothers, one who raised her with love and her biological mother, who instinctively claims her back.

Other Titles
Daughter of Mine, 私の娘よ, Az én lányom, Moja córka, Minha Filha, Meine Tochter, Meine Tochter - Figlia Mia, Ma fille
Running Time
1 hours 37 minutes
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Laura Bispuri
A.M. Homes, Laura Bispuri, Francesca Manieri
Alba Rohrwacher, Sara Casu, Valeria Golino, Udo Kier
Germany, Italy, Switzerland
Audio Languages
English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
日本語, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

A daughter torn between two mothers, one who raised her with love and her biological mother, who instinctively claims her back.

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Karen photo

I am not a fan of Woody Allen but I was thoroughly impressed by this film. Woody Allen's style is as much about what he does as what he says. The script is superb. It is a kind of a "Passion of the Christ" without the religious aspects. It's a wonderful film and a good follow-up to his earlier film "A Raisin in the Sun".

Jordan photo

The movie is based on the true story of a young girl named Christine Collins. In the early 80s, when Christine was only 15 years old, she was brutally raped and murdered by her neighbor. Her family, and the police, were unable to find the killer. It was only after Christine's death that her killer was finally arrested and sentenced to life in prison. This is the story of the struggle for justice in the court of law. This is the story of a family that is torn apart by tragedy, and the people who are trying to do their best to do the right thing. It is a beautiful story, and one that we can all relate to. It is a story about justice, and about the power of forgiveness. The movie is a good representation of the battle for justice in our society. The acting is great, and the story is very well done. I highly recommend this movie. It is a must see.

Virginia Grant photo
Virginia Grant

This film is a beautiful piece of art. The scenery is beautiful and the story is beautiful. I loved it so much and I watched it over and over again. The acting is amazing and the story is beautiful. I can't wait for the next film and I hope it is as good as this one.

Michael photo

The movie is a lot better than it looks. The way the story was told, and the way it was told was really good. I recommend it to everyone. This movie is great. It really shows how women can make a difference in the world. I really liked the movie and it is great.

Roger G. photo
Roger G.

I saw this movie at the Seattle International Film Festival, and it was quite a surprise. I expected it to be a typical "romantic comedy", with a bit of drama thrown in. I was totally wrong. This is a story about friendship, love, and loss. I was completely absorbed in the story, and didn't even realize I was watching a movie. The movie is not a comedy. It is a tragic, yet beautiful movie. I recommend it to anyone who wants to see a beautiful movie with a deep message.

Emma photo

The movie is about a woman named Carol who is a star actress in Italy. She is in the midst of a divorce and her husband is out of the picture. Carol is constantly fighting with her husband and her daughter has been removed from her life. She tries to maintain her career but has to do it in the most brutal way. This is a very sad and horrible movie that shows the dark side of the human race. It's a must see for everyone.

Justin M. photo
Justin M.

This is a very interesting film. It's very hard to explain, but it's about a woman who has been diagnosed with schizophrenia and is in the process of being institutionalized. It's very sad, but very powerful. I saw this film at the festival in New York. The director was very interested in the subject matter. I think the film is very good, but it's hard to explain. The film is not a documentary. The director has never done a documentary before. I think this is a very important film for people who are interested in mental illness. It's very difficult to explain, but it's very important.

Jessica photo

There is something to be said for a movie about the hard times in Italy during the 70s. The movie is based on a real event, the murder of a young girl by her stepfather in 1974. The movie is about the horrible event and how the young girl became a victim of it. The movie is very well done, the acting is great, the cinematography is very good, the music is excellent, the direction is excellent, the photography is great, the film is well edited and the picture quality is very good. The movie is very well done, it's a great movie. I recommend it to anyone.

Janice photo

I am not a fan of the "flawless" films, I prefer films that have been criticized by critics or have been the subject of some kind of controversy. I am also not a fan of the Hollywood formula, I prefer films that have been praised by critics or have been the subject of some kind of controversy. However, I must say that I found "Viva la revolución" to be a very good film. It is very well made, the acting is good, the story is original and the cinematography is very good. The only thing that is missing is the use of the "flawless" technique. However, I must say that I enjoyed this film very much. I think that it is a very good film. The only thing that I would have changed is that I would have preferred to see more of the female characters, they were not very well developed. I am glad that I saw this film, it was very good and I would recommend it to anyone who is a fan of the "flawless" films.

Dennis Little photo
Dennis Little

I have been a fan of Paul Thomas Anderson since I first saw his debut feature, "Boogie Nights." The following year, he directed "Magnolia," which was the best movie of the decade. He then directed the Oscar-winning film "The Master," which is my favorite film of all time. The only problem I have with his films is that he tends to make a lot of movies, and then just sort of stops. This is not the case with "Magnolia." It is a film that is so full of life and emotions that I felt like I was watching a documentary on the same subject matter. The story is very interesting, the acting is superb, and the direction is just as good. The film is set in the late 1950s, in a small town in Maine. The town is run by a man named Joe (Bill Murray), who is a very wealthy and well-connected man. Joe has a son named Paul (Brad Pitt), who is a lawyer. Paul is trying to make a name for himself in the legal field, but has to deal with a lot of problems. The town is full of shady characters, and Joe is dealing with the fallout of them. When Joe's wife dies, Joe tries to take control of the town and he tries to make a name for himself. He takes Paul with him, and the two of them move to the town of Magnolia. Paul is given the title "John Doe" and is a prisoner in the jail. Joe has a lot of trouble trying to keep the town running, and he is constantly fighting with the townspeople. Joe becomes more and more desperate as time goes on, and he gets caught in a web of corruption. The film is very entertaining and I would recommend it to anyone who likes drama and has an interest in the subject of corruption. I gave it a 9 out of 10, and I think you should too.

David photo

I saw the film on the big screen in New York, and it is one of the most powerful films I've seen in a very long time. It's about the problems of the poor in the world. The film tells us the story of a man named Oscar. Oscar is a kid in a bad neighborhood. He lives with his sister, who is a prostitute. He has a hard life and he can't make money. He has a girlfriend, who is a prostitute. He doesn't have money, but he's going to do his best to make money. The director, who is a very good director, tells us the story of Oscar. He says that he's just like the rest of us, but he's a very special one. He has a dream and he wants to make it happen. He has dreams and he wants to get in the way of the corrupt system. The director shows us that everything is not what it seems. It's not all about money, it's not all about being the best. It's about what's best for us. The director shows us that money is not everything. We have to work hard to get what we want, and it's about fighting for it. I think that this is a very powerful film. I saw it twice in New York. I saw it twice in the United States and I saw it in Mexico. It was so powerful that I want to see it again. It's really a powerful film. I think that this film is going to be a really important film in the future. I think that it's going to be a very important film in the future. I'm really interested in seeing it again.

Mildred photo

I just watched this film and I am surprised that it has received so many negative reviews. It is a very touching story about a young woman who wants to be an artist. She has a good heart and is very talented. The young actress playing the young woman was really great, she reminded me of the little girl in "The Crying Game" with a great voice. I also liked the music. The music is so soothing and soothing. The music is also very beautiful and fits the story perfectly. The film is very well-made and well-acted. I hope that the director of this film does more films like this one. I give it 9/10.

Dylan Boyd photo
Dylan Boyd

The film "L'Uomo diable" is a film about a man named Leonardo (played by Jude Law) who is a very wealthy man and the man who is in charge of his money. But he is losing it and decides to get rid of all of his money and the man who he is dealing with. But that doesn't stop him from trying to find a way to get the money back. The film is beautifully shot, with a great sense of realism. And the acting is also very good. Jude Law does a great job as the rich man who is trying to find a way to get his money back. The two main characters are also very good. But I have to give credit to the second character, who is played by Giancarlo Giannini. He is a man who is obsessed with finding the money. But he is also very good at what he is doing. The film is very good. I recommend it to anyone who is into Italian films. 9/10

Sara Warren photo
Sara Warren

One of the most touching and moving films I have ever seen. It has a very strong message about the importance of love and acceptance of others. It has a strong message about life and its various stages. It also has a strong message about the importance of a strong and strong will to accomplish your dreams. The actors are all amazing, especially the two young boys, who have such a great presence and are so real and real. The story is simple and very realistic. The film is not over-the-top or overly dramatic. It is very well done, and it is one of the best films I have ever seen. The music is fantastic, and it has a very great and beautiful ending that makes you cry. I highly recommend this film to everyone.

Patricia Fuller photo
Patricia Fuller

I thought this was an excellent film. I'm a fan of Mia Farrow, and I think she is a great actress. She plays the role of the aging mother of two kids perfectly. I think she is also very talented, and I hope that she is able to continue to find roles in films. I found the music to be very moving, and it made the film very realistic. I highly recommend this film to everyone. I think it's a very important film, and I hope that it will be a huge success. I think everyone should see it.