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Lamb is a movie starring Ross Partridge, Oona Laurence, and Jess Weixler. When a man meets a young girl in a parking lot he attempts to help her avoid a bleak destiny by initiating her into the beauty of the outside world. The...

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Ross Partridge
Ross Partridge, Bonnie Nadzam, Ross Partridge
Tom Bower, Oona Laurence, Ross Partridge, Jess Weixler
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Lamb, based on the novel by Bonnie Nadzam, traces the self-discovery of David Lamb in the weeks following the disintegration of his marriage and the death of his father. Hoping to regain some faith in his own goodness, he turns his attention to Tommie, an awkward and unpopular eleven-year-old girl. Lamb is convinced that he can help her avoid a destiny of apathy and emptiness, and takes Tommie for a road trip from Chicago to the Rockies, planning to initiate her into the beauty of the mountain wilderness. The journey shakes them in ways neither expects.

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Patrick photo

A refreshing, if somewhat pessimistic, look at the life of a young man who has just been released from prison. As with all of his films, he has a distinct style that fits the material. I particularly liked the way that he had a lot of small, intimate shots of the characters. This is not a film for everyone, but it is worth seeing.

Andrew Estrada photo
Andrew Estrada

Saw this film at the "AFI Docs" festival in Chicago, IL. It is a "must see" film. It is a very realistic and very moving film about a woman who went through a difficult time in her life. She was a girl, a child, a young woman, and now a woman. The film is well-acted, with a very strong performance by Meryl Streep. I thought it was very well-done. The ending was very powerful. The film is very good, very well-made. I highly recommend it.

Amanda Hall photo
Amanda Hall

A story of a black family living in a white neighborhood in the 1950s. It is a story of racial tensions, poverty and the frustrations of a family. I would recommend this film to anyone who is interested in the complexities of race relations in America. I would recommend this film to anyone who wants to learn about the problems of racial tension in America.

Evelyn photo

This is a very well made film about a young man who is going through a difficult time in his life. He has been rejected by his girlfriend and his father is angry that he has been drinking and smoking. The film is told from his point of view. It is a drama and it is very well done. The characters are well developed. I think that the film is worth seeing.

Jeffrey Fields photo
Jeffrey Fields

This film has a powerful message about the importance of love and the responsibility of taking care of those you love. I loved the story, the characters and the way it was shot. I can't imagine anyone not liking this movie.

Edward George photo
Edward George

I was looking forward to seeing this movie, I loved the book and loved the first movie, but I think I may have missed something in the second one. I don't know if it was just the story, or the acting, or the directing. I am a big fan of Stephen Sondheim, but he seemed to be struggling a bit with the acting in this movie. I thought the characters were so well written and the characters were so well played, that I really didn't notice that much. I thought that Amy was very believable as a mother, and that the acting was just right. I thought the cinematography was great, and the costumes were fabulous. I would recommend this movie to anyone who loves Stephen Sondheim or theatre, or just a good story.

Megan G. photo
Megan G.

It's the year 1877. The middle class is on the verge of collapse. An influx of immigrants, predominantly Irish, is bringing the middle class to the verge of bankruptcy. The government has declared war on the Irish, which has led to the Irish being treated as second-class citizens in the United States. In the middle of all this, a young woman named Laura, played by Amanda Plummer, who's a member of the middle class, finds out that her brother, an American soldier, has been killed by the Irish. Laura begins to investigate the Irish connection, but she also begins to fall in love with a man who's not Irish. The film is a very good drama, that is very well made. It's well acted, and the movie is very well directed. I have to say, that the movie is a little slow at times, but I'm sure that there are a lot of people who will enjoy this movie. It's a good drama, that's worth seeing. I give this movie a B+.

Patricia H. photo
Patricia H.

The movie itself is a good one, the acting is good, and the story is very good. It's a very good movie, and it's a great movie, I think it's very underrated. I think it deserves a 7.8/10.

Doris W. photo
Doris W.

I saw this movie last night and I'm so glad I did. This movie is about a man who is a deeply religious man who feels that he's doing the right thing by helping a woman who is dying of cancer. He doesn't think he's doing anything wrong, but he's going to do it anyway. This is a movie that doesn't take itself too seriously. I like that about it. The movie is very uplifting and makes you feel good. It's one of those movies that I really recommend to anyone who is in the mood for a good, uplifting movie. I also like that the movie has a very positive message. It makes you feel good about yourself, and it makes you feel good about the world. This movie is very good. It's definitely one of my favorite movies of all time. I definitely recommend this movie to anyone.

Benjamin N. photo
Benjamin N.

I am a die-hard fan of John Cusack, and this movie is a great example of why. John Cusack plays an elderly man who is blind, and lives in a nursing home. He has an idea for a new game that would make the nursing home look better. He convinces the residents to come out and play the game, and he is given a card. He wants the card back, and he does everything he can to get it. One resident who plays the game is an alcoholic who lives next door. John Cusack convinces him to play the game. The residents then go on a mission to make the nursing home look better, and they do it by changing the lighting, decorating the house, and even changing the names of the residents. They are also able to create a story about the residents playing a game that they have never played before. The residents are great actors, and they make the movie a great movie. The movie was very good, and I enjoyed it very much. John Cusack and the residents are great, and I recommend it.

Frank Thomas photo
Frank Thomas

I watched this movie for the first time yesterday, and I was amazed. I was just sitting in the theater with my friend and we were both completely absorbed by the film. The story is told in a very simple way, yet it's very touching. The actors are brilliant, and it's a very realistic story. I don't know why I didn't find it more than great, but it was a very good movie. I'm looking forward to watching it again. I think it's worth watching, it's a good movie and I definitely recommend it.

Ethan photo

I can't help but feel that it's difficult to find good films about the dark side of Christianity. A lot of them are just too melodramatic and preachy, and the result is that you can't really feel for the characters. The new film, Lamb, is a great example of a film that doesn't preach, and yet does it in a realistic, believable way. The film takes place in the Roman Catholic Church, and the church is portrayed as an institution that is largely secretive, and deeply religious. It's a world where the faithful can be considered hypocrites. There's a great scene where a priest tells his congregation that they have to believe in Jesus Christ to be saved, and the congregation reacts with disbelief. There's a scene where a man is accused of blasphemy, and the congregation doesn't believe him. The man was a Christian, and he is a great example of how the church should be portrayed. The film's greatest strength is that it doesn't preach, and it's not a film that is overly religious. The characters are likable, and the performances are good. There are also some really great supporting characters, such as the priest and the bishop. The film is also a great example of how a Christian film should be. The film is not preachy, and it shows the true nature of the church. It's a great film, and I recommend it highly.

Harold Austin photo
Harold Austin

Saw this movie at the Sundance Film Festival, and was not disappointed. I found the movie very thoughtful and compelling, and very emotional. I was really moved by the ending, and it was really great to see an Irish movie that did not have a typical happy ending. I loved the way the movie showed the problems that are associated with the life of a young Irish boy, and how he was trying to figure out who he is. I also liked the part where he and his friend were going to a new school, and the fact that he was trying to figure out what it was that he wanted to do. The music was very well done, and I would recommend this movie to anyone who is interested in Irish culture.

Emily Jenkins photo
Emily Jenkins

I am not a big fan of melodramas, and I usually avoid them like the plague, but this film managed to pull me in, even though it was not my type of film. The story is of a young woman, who is a prostitute, and is on her way to a new life. She meets a man who is a gardener, and the two fall in love. I was very impressed with the cinematography, especially the scenes with the gardener, who seems to be a lot older than the rest of the cast. The film was not a typical melodrama, and the cinematography was very interesting, I was impressed by it. The only thing that I did not like was the way the story was told. I felt that the film was told in a very disjointed way, and I did not understand the point of the story. I am not sure if the film was intended to be a comedy, but I did not find it funny. The acting was good, and I was very impressed with the acting of the actors, especially the young girl who played the main character, and the gardener, who was very convincing in his role. Overall, I liked the film, and I recommend it to anyone who likes melodramas. 7/10

Brenda J. photo
Brenda J.

I saw this movie for the first time in the theaters. It is one of the most disturbing movies I have ever seen. I am a very sensitive person. The fact that the parents of the child are involved in the murder is absolutely disgusting. I think it is very hard to watch. The fact that the child is murdered is not an excuse for the parents to do anything they want. I am very angry with the parents for not standing up for their child. I think they should have taken action immediately. I think that the movie was very important to show that a child is a very important person. The movie is very upsetting. I am very sad that this movie was made. I think that it is very important to show that a child is important.

Lisa photo

This is a really well-done film. The cast is very good, and the characters are very well-drawn. There is a lot of violence, but it is not graphic, and the violence is mostly kept to a minimum. There are no sex scenes, and the violence is not gratuitous. It is more of a subtle piece of art, with a more subtle and less extreme approach to the violence than many other films. I think the movie is good because it shows how the violence is not used as a way to make a point, but it is used in the context of a story. The story is about a man who has a very violent past, and the movie is about the relationship between a man and his son, and how the violence is used to make that relationship work. This is a great film.

Gary Butler photo
Gary Butler

This is one of the few films I have seen that has brought back some of my childhood memories. I have not seen the first one, but I have seen this one. It was very interesting and it had some really great lines. I have never seen a film that has really affected me like this one has. It made me think about what it was like to be a kid. I am a lot older now, but I still think about how it felt like when I was younger. This film is really a really good film. It really got me thinking about what it was like to be a kid. It was really interesting and it made me think. It was really interesting and it was really good. I think that it is really good.

Carolyn photo

When I first saw this movie, I was not expecting much. I thought it would be another dull comedy about a guy trying to get a girlfriend. However, I was wrong. The movie has a great story, and it is actually very well acted. The story is about a young man, who has lost his girlfriend, and he decides to kill her to avenge her death. The movie is very violent, and it is very violent, but the movie is actually very good. I would recommend this movie to people who like to see a good movie.

Adam May photo
Adam May

This film is a good example of how to tell a story with little dialogue. The story is simple, and the acting is excellent. The characters are well-defined, and the film is beautifully shot. The actors are clearly enjoying themselves, and the film has a very clean, uncomplicated feel to it. The film is also very accessible, and has a great message. This film is one of the best movies I have ever seen.

Billy photo

The best thing about this movie is the fact that it was written by the same person who did "The Omen" and "The Sixth Sense". I know that the second is a classic, but "The Sixth Sense" is still the best movie that I have ever seen. I will watch this movie again and again, and I will see it again and again. The acting is good, the story is good, and the characters are well developed. This is the first movie that I have seen that I felt like I had watched it a thousand times before. If you liked "The Sixth Sense", then you will like this movie. I think this movie is a classic and I would give it a 9/10.

Steven photo

I thought this movie was very good. The characters were interesting and the story line was very interesting. The movie was a little slow at the beginning but once the story started moving I found myself engrossed in the movie. The movie is very well made. The cinematography was great. I really liked the acting. I thought the actors did a great job in this movie. The story line was very interesting. I liked the twist in the end of the movie. I was surprised at the ending. I thought the movie was a great movie. I would recommend this movie to anyone who is into mystery and thriller movies. I would also recommend this movie to anyone who likes the movie "Saw" which is the movie "Lamb".

David photo

There is a scene in "Chinatown" when the main character, Jack Torrance (Al Pacino), is talking to his friend (Robert De Niro) about his life and the importance of it. He says, "I think life is a collection of stories." In this movie, there is a great deal of "story" in the story of Michael and the family he has built. Michael has a wife (Karen Black), a daughter (Jill Schoelen), a son (Lambert Wilson), and a grandchild (Alexander Ludwig). All of them are in a constant struggle to keep their lives together. Michael is the owner of a successful restaurant and is very proud of his restaurant. However, Michael is very poor and has no means to pay his bills. He is also a very lonely man. The movie is not really about Michael, it is about his family and the way they live. The movie is very slow in the beginning and the acting is very good. However, it is very boring and you want to turn off the movie. However, I will give the movie a 7 because I do not think it is a great movie, but I do think it is a good movie.

Betty Morrison photo
Betty Morrison

I think the main reason why I like this movie so much is because of the superb acting by all the actors. Especially, Chris Evans as the cynical, but kind hearted and selfless Dr. Logan. Also, the plot is very well developed and I was so engaged with it. The cinematography is also excellent, and the music is very fitting. Overall, this movie is worth watching and I'm really looking forward to the sequel.

Sharon photo

I just got back from the film. I was expecting something of a cinematic equivalent to "A Clockwork Orange," but I got something else. This is a very dark, but also very funny film. The two main characters, played by the incredible Harry Enfield and the wonderful John Hurt, are not very likable, but that is the point. The film is about a young man, Michael, who is a college student and is being sent to Vietnam. The film is about how he is in Vietnam, and what he experiences there. It is very well acted, with great performances from all the cast. I think that most of the film is not a comedy, but a drama, with the humor coming from the situations that Michael is put in. I liked the film a lot, but I also think that the film is a little too dark. It is not a film that I would recommend to anyone, but I did like it a lot. I think that most people will enjoy this film, but I think that it is a film that most people should see. I think that most people will enjoy the film, but I think that the film is too dark, and it should have been a little lighter. The film is worth seeing, but I think that it is a film that most people should not see.

Kimberly photo

It was a nice story with a good story. But it was too long. It was too long for what it was trying to do. The movie would have been better if it had been shorter. I didn't like the ending. It was a bit too abrupt. I didn't like the way the movie ended. I would have liked to see the movie end with a little more mystery. Overall, it was a good movie. I liked the movie.