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Hai Phuong

Hai Phuong is a movie starring Van Veronica Ngo, Mai Cát Vi, and Thanh Nhien Phan. Veronica Ngo stars as an ex-gangster who is lying low in the countryside after becoming a mother, but she can't escape her violent past when her...

Other Titles
Furia, Fúria Feminina, Hai Phượng, Οργισμένη, Furie
Running Time
1 hours 38 minutes
480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Drama, Thriller, Crime, Action
Van Kiet Le, Le-Van Kiet
Kay Nguyen
Mai Cát Vi, Thanh Nhien Phan, Van Veronica Ngo, Pham Anh Khoa
Audio Languages
English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
日本語, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

Veronica Ngo stars as an ex-gangster who is lying low in the countryside after becoming a mother, but she can't escape her violent past when her daughter is kidnapped.

Comments about drama «Hai Phuong» (14)

Karen Reid photo
Karen Reid

The action in this film is very good and the acting is also very good. The plot is a bit different from other action films, but the story is very interesting and entertaining. The story is about a retired cop who is still trying to find his wife and daughter who were kidnapped and killed in a car crash. He is a retired cop who has to go back to his hometown to find his family and find out what happened to his wife and daughter. He has to find out who is behind the kidnapping and killing of his wife and daughter. The film is very entertaining and exciting and it is a good film to watch. The film is very well made, it has great action, the film has good acting, and it is a good film to watch.

Laura photo

I saw this movie in a theater. I was expecting a boring, boring movie. I wasn't expecting a movie that made me laugh, and make me cry. I saw it in a theater, and it made me laugh, and cry. It was a good movie, and it was good for a good movie. It is one of the best Thai movies I have seen, and I have seen quite a few Thai movies. It is not the best Thai movie ever, but it is not the worst. I have seen a lot of Thai movies, and this movie is not the worst one. It is the one that made me laugh, and made me cry. I would recommend this movie to anyone who likes Thai movies.

Christian E. photo
Christian E.

If you want to see an action movie, this is it. The action is well executed and the movie is more than enjoyable. The story is a bit simple, but it is enjoyable. It is about a corrupt cop who is caught stealing money from a bank. He is sentenced to death. After his execution, he is picked up by the police and is asked to help them catch a man who is responsible for the theft of a truck. The cop is forced to use his skills to help them. The action is great and the movie is fun to watch. The movie is not boring and is full of action. If you want to see a good action movie, I recommend this one.

Terry D. photo
Terry D.

I was going to watch this movie, but I could not resist the temptation to watch it again. The movie starts out very good, but then it gets really boring. The movie is about a drug-dealer who is on the run from the police, and he meets a mysterious girl who tells him that he can take her to Hong Kong, where he is wanted. The movie ends when he finds out that she is already there. The movie has some good scenes, but the story is boring. The movie is not the best movie I have ever seen, but it is good enough to watch once.

Howard S. photo
Howard S.

This is one of the best action movies I have ever seen. It is a good movie. I have seen this movie several times and I still love it. The story is about a guy named Tony Phuong (Danny Lee) who has to deal with the killing of his father and brother by the mafia. He has to go to the underworld to get his brother back. The movie is very good. The acting is great and the story is very good. The action is great. The movie is very good and I recommend it to all. I give it 7/10.

Rebecca K. photo
Rebecca K.

While this is not a particularly good film, it is very entertaining. I am a fan of Jackie Chan and I thought the acting was quite good. The fight scenes were good and the action was well done. The story is fairly simple. A retired cop (Chan) goes on the run and eventually finds himself at a small Vietnamese island where his former partner (Sawyer) is living. He has an idea for a criminal organization and the old cop has to try and take them down. The film is very fast paced and the plot twists are not predictable. The film is very well shot. The film was edited well and the editing was good. The film has some great special effects and the film is not a very long film. The film was not too long and it did not drag on for too long. Overall, this is a very good film. I give it an 8/10.

Louis photo

I have to say I was very surprised with this movie. It was so well written, acted, and directed. The plot was excellent and the acting was so well done. The movie was beautifully shot and the cinematography was very well done. I am also very surprised with the movie. It was very well written, the actors were so well casted, and the plot was so well written. I really enjoyed the movie and I am going to see it again!

Robert photo

I thought the movie was really good. It was different from other Thai movies I've seen. The story was different from other Thai movies. I loved the movie, but I think the story could have been better. The story is about a gangster who kills people and steals money. He's got a big gang, and they're going to get the money. Then, the gangster and his girlfriend get together and start a relationship. But then he starts killing people again and she's getting pregnant. The movie is about the gangster's girlfriend, and the gangster's girlfriend. I think the story could have been better, but I really liked the movie. It's a good movie, but it's not really good. The acting was good, and the action was good, but it's not really good.

Brandon photo

I enjoyed this movie a lot. It has a good story line and is not boring at all. The acting is good, the plot is good, and the ending is good. The movie is very realistic. It is very realistic. The only thing that i would have changed would be the action scenes, they are not very good. But I would have liked to see the Thai gangsters fight the Thai gangsters. The fight scenes are very good. I think it is worth watching.

Rachel photo

This movie is the best Thai movie I've seen. The story is very nice and the acting is great. This movie is very real and real. It shows how Thai people live in the countryside. It's a very interesting movie. I recommend you to watch this movie.

Phillip Vasquez photo
Phillip Vasquez

This is the first film of the director S. Phan, who had already done "Hai Phuong" and "The Pillow Book". It is also the first film in the "Thai-Hollywood" alliance. I really like this film because of its great characters and excellent story. The movie is very entertaining and entertaining. The story is very interesting, and it has many twists and turns. The movie is very well made and the characters are very good. The acting is great. The story is good. The music is good. The director S. Phan is a very talented person. I recommend this movie to everyone.

Nicole Black photo
Nicole Black

I'm not really a fan of the Thai film industry. It's all about the money. The Thai film industry is mostly made up of people who want to make money. And that's what it is. So what if it is a little bit more violent than a lot of other Thai films? I mean, it's a Thai film, so what? I'm not a fan of the Thai film industry. I think they're just too corrupt to be honest. But I think this movie was really good. I think the acting was good, the cinematography was great, and the plot was good. I think that if you're not a fan of Thai films, you might not like this movie. But if you are, you should definitely watch it.

Judith photo

I really liked this movie, it is very entertaining, well-written and has a great cast. The story is about a good cop, the bad cop, and a group of bad guys. The bad guys are very well-done, and the good guys are just there to look cool. The actors are all good, especially James Cheung, and there is a lot of action in this movie. The story is very interesting and entertaining, and the cast is great. I would recommend this movie to everyone.

Tammy P. photo
Tammy P.

I was not expecting much from this film, as I am not a fan of gangster movies. But I have to admit that I enjoyed it. The story is good and the acting is good. I think the movie is a little bit too long but the film is worth watching. The acting is good and the film is a good story. I think this is the best gangster movie I have seen in a while. I hope the director gets more work and makes more good movies.