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Wszystkie nieprzespane noce

Wszystkie nieprzespane noce is a movie starring Krzysztof Baginski, Michal Huszcza, and Eva Lebuef. A new era is coming, and Warsaw stands uncomfortably at its edge. Art school classmates Christopher and Michal, on the precipice of...

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Running Time
1 hours 40 minutes
480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Documentary, Drama
Michal Marczak
Michal Marczak, Katarzyna Szczerba
Natalia Atmanska, Michal Huszcza, Eva Lebuef, Krzysztof Baginski
UK, Poland
Audio Languages
English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
日本語, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

A new era is coming, and Warsaw stands uncomfortably at its edge. Art school classmates Christopher and Michal, on the precipice of their own coming of age, restlessly roam their city's streets in search of living forever inside the beautiful moment. Never content with answers, they push each experience to its breaking point, testing what it might mean to be truly awake in a world that seems satisfied to be asleep.

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Emily photo

One of the most beautiful and impressive documentaries I have ever seen. The quality of the film is incredible and the footage is incredible. I would have liked to see more of the type of interviews they did with the people who were involved in the film and I thought the information they had about it was really interesting. I would have loved to see more interviews with the other people involved in the film, such as the lawyer, the writer and the filmmaker. It's incredible how well the film captures the people and the atmosphere. The most impressive aspect of the film was the way they managed to get all these people to agree to be in the film. It's like they had each other in their minds and the film was a reflection of that. The directors and the actors did a great job. The director of the film was also a very good director. I would have liked to see more of the interviews with the other people involved in the film. Overall, I would recommend this film to everyone and I would definitely go to see it again.

John C. photo
John C.

I was first drawn to this film by the very presence of its writer and director, the late Agata Kulesza. At the end of her life, she received the Order of the Knights of St. John of Jerusalem, for her contribution to Polish cinema. I was not aware of her contributions to Polish cinema until I read about her in the reviews for the film. It was with this that I was moved to write a review for this film. The viewer will not be able to predict the message in this film. It is a very personal view of life and death that moves you. I don't agree with the views of many reviewers that the film was a "reaction" to what was happening in Poland in the 70s and 80s. I believe that it is in the viewers' hearts and minds that we can discern the reality. I am pleased that it has been shown in Poland and that the Polish people are beginning to see and hear what we are being told to see and hear. This film will have an effect on the Polish people that will not be known by most Westerners. I believe that this film will be released in North America by Afton - Foote and Brown in the near future. I can assure that there will be many Americans who will be moved by this film.

Albert photo

If you don't have an interest in WWII, don't watch this film. It's more a statement about the Holocaust than it is a documentary on the Nazis. The film is well directed and beautifully made. It's well acted by the entire cast and the production design is masterful. The film is well worth seeing.

Betty photo

This film is an excellent historical document of the Warsaw Uprising and the new Poland. It is a story about how a group of people can change the course of history and how their actions can change the lives of millions of people. It is an inspirational film with an unforgettable story. The movie is very well done. It has a slow pace, but it never drags. The acting is good, and the historical accuracy is so well done that it is hard to believe it is all fiction. It is a film for the viewers of all ages. If you have seen a documentary or any documentary, you will find it well worth watching. If you are not interested in the history of the Warsaw Uprising, you may still find the film to be worth watching. The film is based on real events. The director uses real footage to create a sense of reality. It has a slow pace but it never drags. This film is about a small group of people who took action against the government and their people. It is a powerful story that will touch you emotionally. This is a must see film. It will teach you about history and it will make you think. It is a story that should be seen by everyone. It will make you think.

Michelle photo

This is a great documentary for people who have ever thought about the tragic events that happened in the end of the 20th century in Poland. I hope to see more documentaries about the period, and even more in the future. The film shows the disaster of the Pilsudski Accords, the mass starvation, the so-called "suicides" of the starving Polish people, the war in WW2, the destruction of Polish countryside, the destruction of Jewish communities, and many other details. If you have a Polish background, it is a must to see this documentary.

Megan Kelly photo
Megan Kelly

This documentary is a must see. It shows the life of two brothers, Alex and Leo, who were separated at the age of six and not speaking. It shows the amount of support that they were given by their parents, the church, and the people they met. It shows their friendship, their love for each other, and the importance of friendship. It is a very moving documentary, and I would recommend it to anyone.

Donald photo

I am so happy that you have been able to watch this film, without any commercials. The only thing you will get from this film is the message, of peace, and that it is all the responsibility of the individual to be responsible in their own mind. I am a fan of the human race, and I have been watching this film on the television for over 5 years. This film has touched my heart, and I hope it will touch your heart as well.

Keith Brooks photo
Keith Brooks

A few weeks ago, I was in Poland, visiting some friends. I didn't know anything about the documentary, but I decided to watch it. It was one of the most important documentaries I have ever watched. I couldn't stop thinking about it for a long time. The film tells us the story of the rise and fall of communism in Poland, and how it affected all of its citizens. It is a story of a family, and how it was affected by the fall of communism. I can't imagine a better way to see it, but the movie has been shown in a few theaters in Poland. I recommend it to everyone. The story is great, the acting is great, the music is great, the editing is great, the direction is great, everything is great. It is a very important movie, and one of the best documentaries I've ever seen.

Ethan D. photo
Ethan D.

this movie is amazing! i watched it on the radio and i got inspired. i love it! i hope they make a sequel to this movie, cause it's awesome. i have not had any negative experiences with this movie. it's a really powerful and good movie. i really recommend it.

Jesse S. photo
Jesse S.

I have watched every single day of this documentary and it has made me re-evaluate the way I look at life and life choices. The most refreshing aspect is that it does not take the side of those who are left behind and those who are not "left behind". It is possible to have a great life without being left behind. If we look at this documentary with a critical eye we find that there are no winners in the grand scheme of things. No one has a life that is worth living, or a life that they have created in their minds. The documentary will make you think about all of those who have chosen to ignore their own needs and desires, and have instead chosen to live their lives in a completely selfish fashion. This documentary will have you wanting to talk with your friends about this documentary, and perhaps even talk to them about it.

Carl photo

I think that this film is very important to show how one feels inside a prison cell. Even though many people think that this film is about one person who is being held for a crime, it is not. It is about the loneliness of those who are trapped inside the walls of their own country. And how difficult it is to have a friend outside the prison walls. I feel that many prisoners in Poland have to live their lives outside the prison walls and those who have escaped do not. That is why I feel that this film is very important.

Lori Patel photo
Lori Patel

You are the best. I was so touched by the people who helped me. I could never imagine what it is to be sick or to be homeless. I was honored to be in the film. It was a journey of self discovery for me. I am so proud of the documentary. I love how the documentary reflects on the people in the neighborhood and how it affects the people who live there. The documentary was very well done. The graphics and the camera work are beautiful. The movie was so well made. It is a very emotional movie. The story of this man is so powerful. I am so glad to be a part of this. I have seen so many documentaries and this one is by far the best. I hope people will watch it and learn a lesson. The filmmakers have done an incredible job. I was honored to be a part of the film. Thank you. It was a very important movie to me. I hope people will see it.

David C. photo
David C.

This is a powerful film. I had to watch it 3 times before I could fully absorb it. I thought it was very powerful and painful to watch. I don't believe in big business and big business is very corrupt, so this documentary is very important to understand that. Also, the way of life of the Jewish people was different from the rest of Europe and they were not allowed to sell, have many businesses, they could only be a craftsman or a carpenter. It was not easy for them to survive, but they survived and it was very important to be in the way they lived. This is what happened in Poland during the war and I think it is very important to understand. I don't know if this film is factual, but if it is, it is very powerful.

Janet W. photo
Janet W.

It is a film that is one of the best documentaries ever made. I have watched it many times. I even had to go back and re-watch it because the film just keeps getting better and better. The documentary focuses on the Polish-Jewish question. The film shows what happened during the Second World War and how people were affected. It also shows the response of the Polish government. The film shows how the Nazis exploited the Jews and how the Poles tried to protect them. The film also shows how the people in Poland became determined to help the Jews. This is a film that you should see because it shows the world what was going on in Poland during that time.

Shirley photo

The film chronicles the real life story of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising of 1944. It is the story of a small group of Jewish boys and girls who had been separated from their families and forced into the Warsaw Ghetto in Poland. They were kept in the ghetto and were forced to work on the factory in which they were working. They were often bullied and treated harshly by their fellow workers. The film has no hero or villain, instead it focuses on the character of the survivors, showing them as they came to realize that they were part of something bigger and that their lives were never going to be the same. The only way out for them was to start over and try to rebuild their lives and find a new life in a new country. The film is also a great testament to the Polish people as they went through a difficult time and it is an amazing testament to their people that they survived. The film is beautifully shot and has a wonderful music score. The film was a big success and became an international sensation. It was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize and a Golden Globe Award. I think the movie deserves all of these awards because it is an important and important film. The film is a great film because it shows the reality of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising and it shows the power of one people against a powerful empire and it shows that the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising was the first resistance to the Nazis. I give the film a 10 out of 10 and I hope you watch it. I think you will be inspired and you will learn something about history. I hope you watch this film.

Hannah Johnson photo
Hannah Johnson

This is one of the best documentaries I've ever seen. I believe that the makers did their research and watched the true story of the Shoah. They were very successful in bringing the Holocaust to life in a compelling way. The events are so detailed and all the details are well organized. The end result is a very compelling movie. The movie was so effective that I can't believe it's rated "PG" by the MPAA. This is truly a masterpiece. I'm very glad that this movie has been released and it deserves to be seen. It's amazing what a great movie can accomplish. A movie like this is a great testament to the power of art.

Kimberly Hayes photo
Kimberly Hayes

There is a lot to talk about in this film. You could watch this film over and over again, and it never gets old. The film is about a group of people that have no money, no choice but to get drunk, and sell sex. The film follows them, and they tell their stories. The film also takes a look at the Polish underground sex industry, and how they have survived for so many years. The film is very interesting, and I would recommend watching it. There is a lot of great information in the film, and I highly recommend it.

Randy photo

It is a truly amazing film. This film is so powerful and so honest and it is a MUST SEE for every Polish-American. Every word in this film is important, it gives a sense of what life was like for the Polish-Americans in America, and it shows how important the movie is and that you can still find Poles and Polish-Americans that you've never met before in America. I am sure that the film will give people a great appreciation for Polish-Americans and they will know that they have a part of American history that they did not know about. It is a very powerful film and I can't wait for the DVD release. It is one of the most important films I have seen. It is a true story and it is about an amazing man that will be missed by the Polish-American community in America. It is a great movie and I recommend everyone to see it.

Robert B. photo
Robert B.

Polish cinema is a treasure of extraordinary cinematography and dramatic scenes. In this documentary film, I have discovered that Polish cinema has many different kinds of films that are similar. The main idea of the film is that each film has its own different meaning. They are all based on a common theme. The story is about the conflict between communism and freedom of the press. In this conflict, a man named Jaroslaw Kuklowski is a great figure of the struggle between communism and freedom of the press. The name "Jaroslaw Kuklowski" is given by the Polish people because he is one of the Polish heroes who fought against the communist regime. The film shows the last moments of Jaroslaw Kuklowski and his struggle against communism. It also shows the need of freedom of the press and the freedom of the press to inform the public about things that they do not know. This film tells us that we do not have to die for the freedom of the press, we can live and fight for it. It is a fantastic documentary that gives us the real history of Jaroslaw Kuklowski and his struggle against communism.

Louis Rivera photo
Louis Rivera

As a Polish filmmaker, i am deeply grateful for this film. The cinematography and the editing were really great. The film was well shot, the actors really acted. I think it's a great film to get a fresh view on life, on the human spirit. I feel very sad for the young men that spent the night in jail. I feel really bad for them. I don't think that the system is fair, and there is a big injustice here. But there are also good things, there is freedom for everyone, and people can live in peace, just like they did before. This is what we are asking for, and what is just. Thanks a lot to this movie, and to the actors. And thanks to the Polish government for making this film and allowing to see it. Thank you.

Peter J. photo
Peter J.

The Beloved is a wonderful and moving story about a man who is broken and damaged, but who is also able to make the most of his life, even though he is not completely happy with his life. The movie is able to convey how it is to be a broken man, and how difficult it is to deal with that. The narrator, Sam, was really able to convey this through the story, and it is easy to relate to this film. The story is very unique, and I was surprised at how the camera was able to keep us from getting bored. The story is able to show the drama and the pain of losing someone you love. The camera movement also was amazing, it was just amazing to watch. The cinematography was amazing, and made the movie even more beautiful. I think this is a really great film. The acting was also amazing. There is a really great story to be told here, and it was able to capture this. The acting was great, and they did an amazing job. The two main characters, Sam and Anna, were really believable, and really acted really well. The only reason I didn't give it 10/10, is because I wanted to give it more, but I think they did a pretty good job. I also think it could have been a little bit longer, but I am okay with that. This is a really good movie, and I recommend it to everyone.

Richard photo

I was interested in seeing this film for years, but could never find it at my local library. I was thrilled to find it on Netflix and the soundtrack was excellent. I really enjoyed the documentary and the "death of art" message. I was not familiar with Theodor Adorno and was amazed to see his insights. The documentary was fascinating and seemed to be telling the story in a way that was more realistic than you would find in the "art for art's sake" crowd. I have never been so moved by a documentary about a person, but I can only hope that I never feel this way about anything again.

Megan K. photo
Megan K.

I have never written a comment for a movie before but I felt that this film needed one. The world needs to see this movie to take the blame off of the USA for the deaths that are being done in their name. I'm not a leftist but I am an American. I was raised in the 80's and I grew up in the US. I am still a US citizen and I remember the USA being the greatest country in the world. We were the only country that had the opportunity to go to the moon and we won. I feel we should not be judged by the death of these innocent people. America is the greatest country in the world and I feel we should be able to say that!

Randy W. photo
Randy W.

After watching this film, I found myself asking a lot of questions about myself, and my friends, and their friends, and what it means to be human. My life is a complicated and conflicted mess, but I have found it through this film that I can find some peace. This film is not perfect, but it is a very good film. I have seen this film twice, and I plan on seeing it a third time, and a fourth time, and a fifth time, and a sixth time. I hope this film is able to open my eyes and open the hearts of people around the world, and inspire them to change the world for the better. This film is a must see.

Jacob Bailey photo
Jacob Bailey

It was a good movie, but there was a lot of unnecessary scenes. One scene where a drunk guy was in a hospital, and the nurse told him to come out, and then he did, and then another scene where he was in a hospital and the nurse told him to go to the bathroom, and then he did. That was the most unnecessary scene. If you don't mind watching some scenes that are pointless, then this movie is for you.