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L'étudiante et Monsieur Henri

L'étudiante et Monsieur Henri is a movie starring Claude Brasseur, Guillaume de Tonquédec, and Noémie Schmidt. An elderly curmudgeon lets out a room in his large apartment rent-free to a young student - on condition that she does...

Other Titles
The Student and Mister Henri, Studenten och monsieur Henri, ムッシュ・アンリと私の秘密, Frühstück bei Monsieur Henri, El sr. Henri comparte piso, Opiskelijatar ja herra Henri, La estudiante y el sr. Henri, A Estudante e o Senhor Henri
Running Time
1 hours 38 minutes
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Drama, Comedy
Ivan Calbérac
Ivan Calbérac, Ivan Calbérac, Ivan Calbérac
Frédérique Bel, Noémie Schmidt, Claude Brasseur, Guillaume de Tonquédec
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English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
日本語, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

An elderly curmudgeon lets out a room in his large apartment rent-free to a young student - on condition that she does everything in her power to ruin his son's marriage.

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Carol photo

Omar Sharif's first feature length film is quite the surprise. The film was originally set to be released in 2011 as an R1 movie, but due to the extreme amount of delays, I was able to view it at a special screening in Dusseldorf, Germany. The film is a very impressive work. The storyline revolves around a retired detective, and his attempts to find his ex-wife. The only problem is that he is quite a bit older than she is. The lead character, Omar Sharif, is a man in his early 40's, with his father still in the picture. The father was a well known police officer, and he was also the one who gave his daughter away to a mental institution. After much searching, the father comes to find his daughter has somehow found her way back into the good graces of the father, and he has become a better person. Omar Sharif is at the core of the film. His character is just like the father, and we also get to see the mother, who is also struggling to find her way back into society, also being a detective, and as the father, her life is not the easiest, but she is still a loving and caring mother. The two lead characters have great chemistry and respect each other, and this is one of the great elements of the film. The acting is superb. The leading actors do a superb job at portraying their characters. Even though this film was made before the internet, there are still a lot of moments where you can see that the actors are standing there doing their own talking. This is done by using what is called "computer voice-overs", which has been done by many actors and actresses, including Mel Gibson, the main character in Braveheart, or Michael Douglas in The Visitation. These days, this is a pretty common practice for movies. However, the computer voice-over technique is used in a very effective way, and you can actually see the actor and the actress communicating with each other in a way that is impossible with a traditional speaking technique. The final point that I would like to make is that this film is very realistic, and it is a very realistic view of the French police force. This film is far from the typical "big name" Hollywood film that all of the Hollywood studios make. This is the first real police film that I have seen, and I can say that this film is far more realistic and realistic than the typical Hollywood police films. The police of France are not a bunch of buffoons or crazy gangsters, they are the real deal. Even though I did not like the film, I can say that this film was a great example of how to make a good independent film. I think that this is the first independent film that I have seen that I am very satisfied with. The film is very well directed and the actors are great. I give this film a 9 out of 10.

Deborah photo

I've watched this film a few times and I was entranced by it. The first time I watched it, I was already a fan of Jean-Jacques Annaud, I've seen all of his films and for the most part, I loved them. This time, I did not like the film so much, but I could not get out of the film. The subject of the film is the life of Henri Delors, the founder of the Swiss bank UBS, a story about money and the human desire to have a comfortable life. While Delors is portrayed as a selfish person who lies and deceives his staff and clients, his human side is revealed. We get to see Henri as a loving husband, father and a good friend. He did not have to lie to his wife, or to his clients, or to the Swiss government, because he had a right to have everything he wanted, and to live like the rich man he was. Henri was a hypocrite, but in a good way, and so were his wife and his family. The first time I saw the film, I was more impressed with the father who had lost his son than with the son himself. The film changed my mind. The second time I watched the film, I appreciated the love and the father-son relationship even more. It was different from the first viewing, but I liked it more the second time I watched the film. The film is about the choices we make, about how to choose between love and greed. It's about making decisions that are wrong, and about the desire to keep the status quo. The film is about the right to be wealthy, but it also teaches us that there is nothing wrong with being rich. Henri Delors is shown as a rich man who has his son and daughter around him, while he is at the same time an honest person who is not greedy. He is a good man who loves his wife and his family. And if I could, I would say that the film should have been called 'The Rich Man's Son'. I think the film would have been much better with this title.

Emma A. photo
Emma A.

I saw this movie last night. I have always been a big fan of Sergio Leone, and I was really excited about seeing this film. I really enjoyed it. It was really intense and very interesting to watch. I would give this movie 9 out of 10 stars.

Thomas D. photo
Thomas D.

This film is very interesting, even though the last 20 minutes are a bit much. The film has the tone of a low-budget indie movie, and that's a good thing. This is also why the final 20 minutes are a bit "less than I wanted." There is a great deal of sentimentality, and the contrast between the characters is great. The characters are likeable, and they have great chemistry. I was also impressed with the use of music in the film, especially the song at the end. The songs are as beautiful as the film, and the composition of them was simply beautiful. There are no great surprises, which is good, because the film is more character-driven than most. The first half of the film is the most engaging, and it is the best part. The second half of the film is great, but the first half is where the story really gets interesting. The film is extremely well-made, and I would love to see more films of this type. This is an underrated movie, and I'm sure that more people would enjoy it if they watched it. I highly recommend it.

Donna photo

I really don't know what to say about this movie. It's a very different story but I liked it. It's a nice story about a couple of people who are having problems, and what they do to solve them. It's a little bit about romance and friendship but it's not a love story at all. I guess the main thing is that they are two people who can't make a decision on what to do, and they are stuck between two options. It's a good story about two people and the problems they have and the choices they have to make. It's a little bit of a philosophical story but I guess it's a nice story. It's not a typical love story. I'm not sure if I like it or not. I like it a lot, but I guess I'm not one of those people who really love this movie. I don't really think it's a great movie. It's just a good story about two people who are stuck. It's a good movie but it's not a great movie.

Sara photo

I am a fan of many French directors, I am aware that they often say that they don't want to do American or American film. But this is a film for us, and for many others, especially for the general public, it is a film about courage, about being a good person and for those who feel and want to be good. There are many people, even within the French army, who think that they are not good people. I have met many soldiers who think that they are good people, and this film shows us that in a different way. I was shocked, because I was expecting more of the usual way, that one person says that he is not good, and it turns out that he is. But this film is a first step in a new way, to be kind, to be a good person, and to say that we all are a little bit of a good person, not just about the army. I highly recommend this film.

Rachel D. photo
Rachel D.

This movie has a long and intriguing history and you can see how it can be viewed from a different point of view. It deals with the interaction of an immigrant family in Paris, Henri (Dominique Pinon), his wife Charlotte (Cecile de France), their son Jules (L'Argenteuil), and their daughter Françoise (Francoise Huppert). The film has some unusual social conventions: Henri is the first Frenchman to get a job, Charlotte is in love with the boss, Henri wants to get into the French aristocracy, and Henri is involved in the politics of the whole region. In the end, Henri and Charlotte leave France for Paris, and the rest of the movie shows Henri and his family in various social situations. I've seen the movie at the age of 13 and I have to say that I was shocked by how mature and mature-like the movie is. If you are at that age, you have to be prepared for some dark humor, some strange situations and situations that you can't quite understand. The movie can be considered too serious for a 13-year-old, but as I've said, it is a mature work. It is a good, mature movie with a lot of humor and deep emotional parts, but it is not a movie for kids.

Sharon R. photo
Sharon R.

Although Jean-Pierre Jeunet's 'The Wrestler' was a very entertaining film, I feel that this is the most understated and sincere of all his films. I've watched it several times and each time I am left wanting more. Jean-Pierre's dialogue is so natural and sensitive that it seems almost like he had no choice but to have the actors speak in their natural language. His direction is superb. The camera-work is the best of any film I've seen. The editing is fantastic, capturing the essence of the story. The acting is terrific. The main character (the wrestler) is brilliantly portrayed by Xavier Dolan, who is one of my favorite actors. Jean-Pierre has done it again! The ending is tragic, but not a sad ending at all. It's not a happy ending, it's not the opposite of the opposite, it's just a sad ending. This film is the most real and honest of all of his films. It's not sad, it's not happy, it's just. well, it's really hard to say. It's a beautifully written story, beautifully acted and brilliantly directed. I have a feeling this is the film that will go down in film history. It's a magnificent, wonderful film that will stand the test of time. It is a masterpiece, and one of the best films of all time.

Patricia Welch photo
Patricia Welch

It's wonderful to see a film that keeps the story line consistent. The story lines in this film are great, the acting is great, the direction is great, and the music is great. It's wonderful to see a film that is kept in the same exact time frame, as the main character, that is made up of four different stories and still somehow manages to end on a consistent level. I do have a complaint. One of the most important characters in the film is the "nosey" guy. He's great, but he just wasn't fleshed out enough. The four stories he's in are very interesting, and I'm glad that they aren't just shoe-horned in. The cinematography is very beautiful. The acting is fantastic. I'm glad that these three things, plus the story line, were all made into a film. I recommend this film to anyone. It's very good.

Alice photo

This is an impressive film. The performances of both Jean-Louis Trintignant and Denis Alain on top of that is superb. Both of them bring a real emotion and sincerity to their roles. I don't want to give away the ending, but the film definitely leaves you with a sense of hope. A refreshing film for people who do not like movies where everything is reversed. I highly recommend this film to everyone who likes to be amazed.

Kenneth photo

L'Etoile and Monsieur Henri is an excellent example of French Cinema at its best. The movie was directed by Michel Piccoli and written by Bertrand Bonello. It is a hilarious, sometimes heartbreaking, often funny movie that is worth watching. The characters are well developed and likable, the dialog is always believable and the actors are not at all overacting. Michel Piccoli is probably best known for directing the cult film The Blood of Angels, which is one of the best examples of the French New Wave and was also nominated for an Oscar. L'Etoile is the same, and it is far better. I highly recommend this movie for anyone who is a fan of French Cinema or would like to see a good comedy, both of which are highly praised by this film. 9/10

Nicholas Schneider photo
Nicholas Schneider

Auteuil is the son of the murdered aristocrat, who is the subject of an accidental avalanche. He is haunted by the memory of his father's murder, and sets out to find the man who killed him. Auteuil is a little hard to swallow at first, because he has never really lived with the father he has now. I think the son is rather more interesting, but the mother of the murdered man is just as compelling. There are two other important things to note about this film. The first is the beauty of the shots. I love the camera angles. There are several shots in the movie that are one-take sequences. They are beautifully shot and the attention to detail is incredible. The second is the soundtrack. The music is completely out of place, but it doesn't matter. The music has no place in the movie, and is used to great effect. I recommend this movie to any movie fan, because I think it is a really great film.

Samantha Turner photo
Samantha Turner

It's good to know that the human spirit and moral fiber are still alive in the French. I can't think of any other country who could say the same, or give us a better example. We have to remember that the country we live in is a country where religion is all but dead. The social-political situation is very precarious, and is on the brink of total breakdown. But if we want to understand that, we must remember that France is, among other things, a country that doesn't know when to stop, where everyone does what they want to do and doesn't think about the consequences. French film-makers often quote from famous French authors (Maxime Bordelon in the "Viva la France" and Leopold in the "Les Miserables"), and we can see the French way of handling things. There's no need to remember the last hour of "Les Miserables". We can just imagine how the last hour of a French film would be, if the film-makers had been following the French way. I'm sure the Frenchman's motto is "L'exploitation d'autres", but this "L'exploitation d'autres" has a lot of other meaning. Yes, this is a film about exploitation of women, of men, of children, of animals, of the poor. But you don't have to be a Frenchman to understand that it's also a film about love and attraction, about courage and heroism. It's about humanity. And of course, it's a film about nothing. What is exploited in the film are the various physical forms of prostitution (so-called sex-cafes) and the various forms of prostitution (so-called bars and clubs), but in the end the most important thing is the desire to be loved. And you have to love the director. He is really a person, an exceptional person who loves cinema and the human spirit. I wish that more films like this one are made in France.

Kathryn G. photo
Kathryn G.

The title of the movie says it all. It tells you that this is a story about a French taxi driver who is caught by the Paris police on a red light and gets punished. What follows next is a journey into a world filled with characters and problems, situations and problems. While all of the people who lived are given a voice and the story isn't interrupted. Instead we see the life of a taxi driver who is the main character. There is also a female driver who is a part of the taxi driver and a boyfriend of the female driver. There is also a French judge who lives in Paris and was the driver of Henri. The judge is given the role of an observer and Henri tells the judge the story. There is also a restaurant owner who does not like the way the taxi driver eats and he makes a set of rules that says that no one is allowed to eat when they are being punished. The restaurant owner even has a special dish he calls a patisserie which is a dish that consists of his own dead body, no blood, no meat, nothing, nothing. The judge realizes that if he doesn't follow the rules of the restaurant owner he will be punished and so the judge asks Henri what he thinks about that. The judge then gets a job to be a waiter. Henri decides to be a waiter and the waiter begins to become a good friend of the judge. Henri also starts to do the work the waiter does and he helps the judge with his work. There are also problems with the restaurant owner and the judge as well. All of the people involved in the story have to deal with the situations and the problems they have to face. There is also the problem with Henri and his wife as they have to deal with the problems of being in a relationship. All of the things that happen in the movie is explained and explained well. It tells the story in a way that makes it understandable. The viewer understands that the situation is the same for everyone. Each of the characters is different and has their own issues. The movie ends with a comment on life and the consequences of things that happen. It is a very good movie.

Patricia photo

As far as I can tell this movie is a critical eye view of life in a posh Italian suburb. With a few exceptions, the residents are mostly middle class - with a couple of exceptions, rich and poor. Although they all seem to be pretty much what their neighbors are like, they are all rather different from one another. And there is no obvious moral difference between them. The title comes from a novel by Alfred, Flaubert, in which a young man meets an old man and the old man loses his memory. The young man returns home with a man who apparently is completely without memory. But he learns that the old man is a former member of his family. The old man is told he must wait a year and see if he can remember anything about himself, and if he can, he must live with his son, and if he cannot remember anything, he must stay with his wife. The young man and his friend are really starting to like the old man. They become a family and a happy one. But the old man has to wait for another year and then he must return home to start his life anew. The young man has to move out of the neighborhood, but he is unable to find a job. He has to work as a bookkeeper, but he can't stand it. Finally, he is forced to become a full-time taxi driver. The movie is not that explicit in its description of the things that happen to the characters. In fact, I found it very difficult to follow the main plot. But the movie does a good job in conveying the main points, especially when the actors talk about the things they saw or had to do. There are only a few actors that I could remember, but everyone was very good. I think this movie would make a great date movie for people in their 20s or 30s. I think this is a movie that would be very popular among teens and college students. There are plenty of people in this movie who are just getting out of their teen years and are still looking for someone to talk to.

Jeffrey S. photo
Jeffrey S.

A very good, intelligent, subtle, sad and interesting movie. It's hard to say what the movie is about, but it's a story of two people. Henri, who is a kind and decent man who has lost a son, and Pierre, who is a kind man who is being ruined by Henri's work. Henri and Pierre's love is not mutual. A very moving, funny, charming and very intimate movie. A great movie. It is so powerful and so intimate, that it could be a movie about real love, or love for a person. It is really hard to find a word to describe the movie. It's like a musical, or a love story. It's a very beautiful movie. So many movies can be described in such a way. The movie is not so long, but the emotions are so strong and so real that you can't take your eyes off of it. I hope to see it again and again. It's a movie that's worth to see and to own. It's an excellent movie.

Jonathan C. photo
Jonathan C.

Not having seen the movie, I have no comment on the plot. The movie deals with a young man, aged 17, who becomes the Prime Minister of France and later on the leader of the French Government. He is the son of a petty thief, who has been out of prison for ten years. He's got a reputation for being a violent boy who beats up his own father, and does not want to have anything to do with his mother. This is enough for the young man to rebel and take the form of a boy. He has a great talent for sports, but at the same time he is afraid of his father. He is good at baseball, football, tennis, and soccer, and does not want to play with his father. He is going to go to a private school, but in the end the father takes his son back to the home of the old family. Henri finds the freedom to play sports in the streets and shows that he has talent. The father who was always responsible for his son loses his control and lets him go back to his father. He learns that the boy's father is not the real father, but the son's real father. The boy then wants to become the father of his father's girlfriend, but can't because the boy is too young. This is the basic story of the movie. I think that it is very interesting, and that the story is very real. I would recommend this movie to everyone. I gave it 9 out of 10.

Craig Gibson photo
Craig Gibson

When this film was released in 1985, it was a commercial success, in large part because of the lead actor, Gerard Depardieu, who was one of the first actors to show such an image. Since then, he has gone on to become one of the most popular and successful actors in French cinema. The character in this film is "The Godfather" of France. He is a man of tremendous power, and he has done what he has to do to insure the continuation of his dynasty. Although he is married to a second wife, he is not completely satisfied with his family and he feels that his family should be a part of his and his legacy. He realizes that he needs to make his family more influential and he starts to get more involved with it. He manipulates the French police and works in every aspect of the police business, but he is frustrated because he feels that his wife and daughter are not what he wants. The film is quite a long one, but it is very exciting and the ending is quite spectacular. I think that it is worth watching.

Walter photo

A lot of us have a hard time getting over a romantic relationship breakup, we tend to be bitter and resentful towards the person we think is responsible for the breakup. This movie is about a young woman (Amber Heard) who is married to a man (Alex Pettyfer) and the two of them have a daughter together. The daughter is actually Amber's father (Matt Dillon) and he is a man who has his own set of problems. The movie follows the ups and downs of these two characters throughout their marriage and at their daughters' school. We see the ups and downs of Amber's life and the struggles of her father, while at the same time Amber is also going through her own set of problems. She is getting older and not so happy in the marriage. I do not know if I would call this a love story, but it is about a relationship and that is what I found most interesting about the movie. There is a lot of tears in the movie, and I loved the way the movie was filmed and edited. There was a lot of dialogue in this movie, but not a lot of the dialogue was in a romantic way. The dialogue is almost non-stop and the movie is a bit slow, but the movie was about relationships. In the movie, the relationship between the father and the daughter was good, but the relationship between Amber Heard and Matt Dillon was not as good. There was not much time spent on Matt Dillon's problem with the daughter, and that was probably a bit disappointing. Overall, this was a good movie, but not the best.

Ruth Murphy photo
Ruth Murphy

As the opening sequence of this movie shows, some feel that the film's protagonist is a rather weak character. However, the protagonist is not weak. Her conduct is directed by her need for beauty. She seeks to fulfil her desires with the approval of others. In the end, she succeeds. A better character would be one who has his own needs to fulfil, and who tries to fulfil them in order to live a happy life. She is not a weak person, but she is a beautiful person. This is the only message that comes through in this movie. The use of metaphor is perhaps a little hard to understand, but that's to be expected when the main character is so beautiful. The final message of the movie is that beauty is just a mask. We can't always be happy with our physical appearance. You can't always see your beauty in others, or at least you can't always see yourself in them. The beauty of the woman is the key to the whole film. I believe that it was that the director did this well.

Jerry photo

As a man who has had a minor (an ex-girlfriend, my mother's ex) divorce myself, I enjoyed this film very much. And I do not think I will ever see a film that I will not like, however I would have to be a very, very good person to appreciate it. The story is not necessarily a new one, but it is adapted well to fit the screenplay. It is a story about the depth of love, how love can go so far to betray a person's trust, and how love can change lives. Jean Reno, having played the role of a man who is both a liar and a rapist, still has a lot to show us. He gives us a great performance and a very, very great job in his last film, "A Woman's Story", a little film about a woman who was raped and is now involved in a murder investigation. We can not see any reaction from the viewer, but we can see the feelings of the victim. This is a very good movie and I recommend it to everyone who enjoys a good drama, a good script and a great performance. 10/10

Dylan Soto photo
Dylan Soto

The film is about a divorce and the way they are divided and how the children are affected. The kids (including a 12-year-old who is pretty good) all see their parents divided. Some want the money, some want the house, some want the father to leave, and some want him to stay. You can imagine the difficulties of the children, when they feel their parents have split, but never can predict the outcome of the case. This movie is about being in the middle of the argument, because you want the best and the worst, and you have to stand by your side. I think that it is a real drama, which makes you feel in a difficult position, and you might be rooting for the divorce or against it. I recommend it.