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Liyana is a movie starring Gcina Mhlophe. Five children in Swaziland dive into their imaginations to create an original African tale about a girl on a dangerous quest.

Running Time
1 hours 17 minutes
480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Animation, Documentary
Amanda Kopp, Aaron Kopp
Gcina Mhlophe
USA, Qatar, Swaziland
Audio Languages
English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
日本語, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

Five children in Swaziland dive into their imaginations to create an original African tale about a girl on a dangerous quest.

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Donald H. photo
Donald H.

A very nice documentary, I think, about the relationship between the two women, who have a bond in which they have tried to give to each other a better life in a dangerous world. It is very interesting to see how they deal with life's problems. This documentary is an absolute must to watch.

Joshua P. photo
Joshua P.

I loved this movie. This documentary was interesting and thought provoking. As a scientist, I learned about some of the best ideas and inventions from the past and how they were developed. However, I think the "morals" of this movie were way off. There are no questions asked by any of the scientists that were interviewed. It was all about how to get the greatest amount of money possible. It was like an advertisement for Monsanto and other GMO companies. There was no discussion of the pros and cons of GMOs. This movie should have been more about what the research is actually telling us. The idea that science is done by a search for truth and that it should be about the truth. And the idea that GMO foods are actually harmful to people and the environment. This documentary just makes me think that there are people who are trying to manipulate the world around us.

Alice Harrison photo
Alice Harrison

Won't get a more clear, refreshing, and beautifully presented presentation of the conflict and importance of the great transition of a nation to democracy, by anyone than Dr. Robert Kagan, an esteemed member of the American Foreign Policy community. This documentary is absolutely mind-blowing in its depth, depth of analysis, and its focus on the key issues, issues that are in fact the issue of the day. The best part of this documentary is that you don't need to be a "big" expert on any of the issues that are covered in this film, to understand what is being discussed. However, you need to be open-minded, with the knowledge of the history of our country, and a willingness to listen and learn. This film will make you realize that we are all part of the same family, and that is what makes this country great. The film is a must see for anyone who is interested in the changing of our country, and how much more "human" and "emotionally" sensitive we are, and how far we have come, since our founding, and the decisions we have to make now to make this country great again. And the film is very educational, since it has some very important facts and figures that are very much out of date. Dr. Kagan's research is absolutely fascinating, and shows us, at least to some degree, how our country has changed, and what the future holds. This documentary is definitely a must see for everyone who wants to know more about the current and past history of the United States, and the key issues that are important for our country. The film will make you appreciate your country, and appreciate the importance of freedom, and the will and ability to make it happen. Dr. Kagan, and the entire team at The Heritage Foundation, are the realists, the real leaders, and the real decision makers in this country. This documentary is a great way to understand how the future of our country is, and what the power of our country, and our government is. And it's going to make you want to start voting for your "right" to vote, and also understand that the government is not going to be able to "protect" you, and is going to be ineffective in any way possible. Thank you for being so open-minded and understanding, Dr. Kagan. We need more of you in the halls of power, and to think of the responsibility we have to our country, and what we can do, and how we can make our country great again.

Jean Bradley photo
Jean Bradley

This is one of the best documentaries I have ever seen. It really shines on the characters, the life, and the music. It shows that music and music culture are a part of life in the U.S. I can't recommend it highly enough. My mother is an avid music fan and I can tell you she has seen this movie multiple times and I can tell you it's a must-see for any music fan.

Anna C. photo
Anna C.

I was very moved by the film and was overwhelmed by the thoughtfulness of the filmmakers. This is a must see documentary. A must see documentary.

Jessica Guzman photo
Jessica Guzman

This is one of the best documentaries I have ever seen. It is really something that must be watched. I love that one about the famous tattoo artist who "cursed" people with the idea of being tattooed and tortured them, until he got the tattooed. I was mesmerized and fascinated by the whole thing. It is a fantastic film. I recommend it to everyone who loves documentaries. It is really worth it. This is a must see for everyone.

Theresa Garza photo
Theresa Garza

I was really surprised to hear about this documentary and I have to say, it really rocked! Not only does it talk about the importance of marijuana, but it also touches on the subject of HIV, which is often overlooked in this world. I am a person who feels as though I have a strong connection to marijuana, so I found this documentary to be really informative and it definitely touched my heart. I recommend this documentary to anyone who is considering smoking weed, as it does not only talk about the plant but also talks about the plant's importance in our lives.

Joan E. photo
Joan E.

As a 21-year-old recent college graduate, I was at the epicenter of a fascinating debate between the science community and the 'I'm-so-good-I'm-good-it's-really-an-epic-debate' crowd. What makes this film so fascinating is that it did not really settle on a side. It may have been good for some people, but for the rest of us, it was a bit of a letdown. I think this film showed a major trend in the world of movies, and it showed how the scientific community and the public can be at odds with one another. So much has been made about the Oscars, and how they are just biased. The Oscars are simply not biased. The Oscar nominations are a reflection of who is doing better at the time, not a reflection of the quality of the movie. There are many more awards than nominations. One of the things that really struck me is how many of the people involved in the film really had an honest and open-minded attitude. It was clear that the people involved with the film were not biased, and that they were actually doing their job. I think it is important that everyone knows how important the Oscar nominations are. There is no way that someone can get nominated for an award that does not reflect the quality of their work. This is why it is so important for movies to be produced and distributed, and not based on an idea. A lot of the people involved in this film were just trying to make a good movie, and it was clear that they wanted to be true to their passion, not to get an Oscar. I think this film is going to have a positive effect on the Oscars, and will create more balance and diversity in the Oscars. In the end, this film is a lesson in the power of science, and how it can be used for good. As the documentary goes on, it is clear that some of the people in the documentary had no intention of actually doing the research that was necessary. It was obvious that they were just trying to make a movie. The scientists, however, were not really trying to make a movie, but were telling the truth. I highly recommend this film.

Danielle photo

This is a short but powerful film about the AIDS crisis in America, and the efforts of activists to protect people from the disease. I found this film to be exceptionally well-made, and moving in many ways. It takes a long time to get going, but the film is compelling and informative. The use of long shots and close ups to dramatize the subjects of the films gives the viewer a real sense of the human experience. This film is not just about AIDS, but also about the efforts of AIDS activists and advocates, and how they are being denied the support they need to fight the epidemic. This is a story of the tragic consequences of the politics of fear and repression, which have left many people in the AIDS community vulnerable to the spread of the virus. This film has a strong moral component, which I found to be compelling and moving. I also think that the film is well-produced, and I am looking forward to seeing it again.

Ronald Rivera photo
Ronald Rivera

Well, after watching this documentary on Youtube I was able to see a documentary that was not only inspirational and full of emotions, but also with interesting facts and figures. And also, I must say that the documentary is quite different from what I expected, I wasn't expecting a documentary about the latest punk and metal bands that have disappeared from the scene. I was expecting a documentary about the social effects of the music, and also about the effects that the music had on people. The documentary did a great job at this, showing that people are affected by music, but also how the music affected people's lives, both on the band's and in their personal life. The main person that made this documentary a success was Johnnie Curtis, who made it possible to get this documentary, because he went to several live concerts and had the opportunity to interview bands, so he did a great job at it. The documentary also shows the effect that the music has on people, including how musicians get together, how they show their musical abilities to their fans, how they deal with the sudden fame of fame, and how they deal with the money that they get from it. This documentary shows how much musicians can change the lives of people, and how people can find joy and happiness from this music. And also, there is also a documentary about the band that was famous at the time, "The Pogues", and how the band is now, how they have turned from being the main band in the UK to being the biggest band in the world. And also, the documentary shows how important the band is in the UK, even when they were only a band. This documentary is great, it shows how important bands are to music, how people can find happiness from the music, and how they can change the lives of people. If you like documentaries, you should watch this documentary. 10/10

Eugene photo

A movie that explores the complexities of female sexuality and its relationship to men and its own power and powerlessness. Filmmaker Arielle Cagle gives us a human story about the modern day issue of sexual abuse, which often goes unreported in society. It is a story of a girl who has been sexually abused by a religious leader and his wife, which she describes in graphic detail. The film is truly inspirational and it will bring tears to the eyes of anyone who has experienced sexual abuse. The film is truly about telling the truth, and exposing the truth. It is a story of a young girl who is almost raped by a religious leader, and who tells her story in graphic detail. She goes on to tell us about her journey to find the truth about the abuse she suffered at the hands of this religious leader. She tells us that she was an adopted child and that her birth mother was the primary person that her father was interested in. The story of her journey to find the truth about her abuse is told with a message that is true, and that is to not let the truth destroy you, because truth is the only way to take care of yourself and your community. This film will help us all to grow as human beings.

Raymond Kelly photo
Raymond Kelly

There's nothing more depressing than being a child in the Soviet Union. "The Road to Lost Voices" is a compelling, poignant, and provocative documentary that goes deep into the life of a small child in the Soviet Union and the complicated, uncertain, and sometimes unbearable relationship with his mother. This film focuses on the ten year old Liyana and her mother Vyacheslav. In addition to the child, the film also looks at the mother, the reasons for the separation, the child's career aspirations, and the impact of the loss of the child on her own life. As a mother of a child that is deaf, I found this film to be an incredibly moving piece of filmmaking. The scene where the mother watches the child at work is truly moving and speaks to the fragility of the relationship between mother and child. I also found the film to be very realistic, showing a woman who has to deal with the loss of a child and the stress that comes with it. I also found the film to be a fascinating look into a culture that is almost extinct today. In addition to the documentary elements, the film also has a wonderful soundtrack, including some great music by Leonard Cohen. If you are a parent of a child with special needs, you should definitely take the time to watch this film. The film is truly an eye-opening and powerful look into the lives of the people who have been devastated by the Soviet system. If you are a parent, you should also take the time to watch this film.

Jerry H. photo
Jerry H.

This is the first documentary I have seen about the Aids epidemic. I have always been fascinated with the topic of Aids, but this documentary really touched me. A man who was heavily in pain and losing the ability to walk is being treated in a special ward at a hospital in Cape Town. The patients are all in pain, and none of them have AIDS. We see their everyday life, the constant pain and the sadness. We get to hear the voices of all of them, and we are reminded that they are still with us. The staff of the hospital are amazing, and I think this is the best documentary of this kind that I have seen. The director, Virgil Hennessey, is also a good documentary director. It is interesting to see what people say about him. If you are interested in the topic of Aids, I recommend this documentary.

Angela photo

This is a must see documentary that will bring tears to your eyes. The entire documentary was beautifully shot and edited. You can feel the weight of the power being carried. It's a shame this documentary was overlooked. It's the best documentary I have seen in a long time. I recommend it to everyone, but especially people who have no children.

Donna photo

I was recently invited to be a part of a round table discussion of the state of Kogi with the head coach of the top New York City team, Ray Allen, and the head coach of the top team, Raul Del Grasso. This documentary provided a lot of great insight into the culture of the sport and the team itself, especially their pride and their experience of winning the World Cup. After watching this movie, I decided to join the ranks of the fans of the New York City team, and a few friends and family members of the team. I hope that the rest of the world will be able to appreciate the passion and dedication that the team members show for the game of soccer. The film provides a great insight into the heart and soul of the team, and I hope that all the other soccer fanatics will be able to see and appreciate the dedication and love that the team has for the game. Also, I wish that the movie would have gone on for a bit longer, because it really could have been more entertaining. But, it does provide a great insight into the culture of the team, and it is very interesting. Thank you, and I look forward to seeing more of these documentaries with the New York City team.

Megan Patterson photo
Megan Patterson

I first watched this movie, back in 2002, and I loved it. I loved it so much that I watched it again, when I was about 7 years old, and I liked it even more the second time. But I still don't get why it didn't make it to the big screen. It was amazing. I thought that the way the story was told was very realistic and I loved the way the characters were portrayed. When I watch this movie, I really want to see it again. I think it was a very good movie and I would recommend this movie to anyone. It's the first time I've seen the movie and I liked it so much that I rewatched it, and I liked it even more, and I think it deserves a little bit more recognition.

Dennis photo

The film is not about the relationship between the two women, but rather about how they relate to each other, how they relate to their respective husbands, and how they relate to their children. I think the film captures the essence of the relationship perfectly, and does a great job of showing how a woman and a woman's relationship can be so different. The film was very well made, and I really appreciated the fact that it was filmed on a low budget. The images are vivid and they are well chosen. It was nice to see a documentary about the importance of a woman's relationship, and the struggle that goes along with that relationship. I would definitely recommend this film to anyone who wants to see a great documentary on the subject.

Harold Collins photo
Harold Collins

I love this documentary. It's a must-see for every one who loves music. You will be amazed at what a true "fan" can experience. This documentary does a great job of showcasing the people that make up the music industry and how the labels are just a cog in a very complex machine. The documentary is written by a group of musicians that have been involved in the music industry for over 15 years. The story revolves around the label and how it functions. It shows how these labels use the music as a source of revenue and what the artists are actually paying them. The people interviewed in the documentary are some of the biggest names in music. They include The Shins, Beck, Tom Petty, David Bowie, Metallica, Coldplay, Tool, Modest Mouse, Weezer, and of course The Beatles. This documentary is a must-see for anyone who loves music, especially those who like The Beatles. I highly recommend this documentary to anyone who loves music.

Edward photo

I'm a mom of two girls and they are 4 and 6. Both girls love animals and they also love all kinds of music and arts. I don't know how these two young ladies could possibly watch and be so upset at the "faux-documentary" about this film. To me, it was like they wanted to be judged and just wanted to get back to the party. All I could say was, I have never been in a situation like this. I'm just glad that my kids are old enough to understand what it's like to be a teenager. To me, it was like it was just another movie that was put out to make money. I think that the "documentary" was a load of crap, it was just a bunch of clips from this film that were put together and this was supposed to be a documentary. They should have just put it on the TV to get people to go to see the movie. If you want to see a movie that is good, see Gone Girl. If you want to see a documentary, watch Life, Animated. It's amazing how people are still making movies about real life events and their lives. I really enjoyed the film but it was very disappointing. I'm just glad that my children are old enough to understand that it's really not the same.

Kevin Morrison photo
Kevin Morrison

I am a huge fan of PBS and have been since I was 5 years old. When I found out that PBS would be making a film on the L'Oreal scandal, I was excited. I went to see the film, and I was so shocked. It was a very sad film, and very sad that people would do this. I was upset that people were willing to lie and manipulate and cause so much harm to so many innocent people. It was hard to watch. I was sad, but also hopeful that there would be more people to come forward and expose these abuses. I'm still so shocked that there is a film on this, and so angry that it is being censored. It is absolutely horrible that this is being censored. I hope that more people will watch this film and come forward with their stories. I will definitely be watching it again, and hopefully the filmmakers will be able to get it released on DVD. I think the public deserves to know the truth.

Jordan Munoz photo
Jordan Munoz

I can't express how much I enjoyed this film. It was an excellent piece of work that had me both fascinated and entertained. It was a well written and directed film. I am a fan of the artist and have loved his work for a long time. I am not a big fan of the politics of this film, but the main theme was very relevant. The animation was superb. The story was very well thought out. The characters were well developed and the animation was great. I highly recommend this film to anyone who likes to be challenged. I give it 10 stars.

Tammy photo

I really enjoyed this movie. I had heard that it was about a woman who was accused of murder. I was really surprised to find out that it wasn't about her. It was about the journalist who was in love with a man. It was very well done. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to see a really good documentary. It was really interesting to see how she used all of the evidence and how she tried to convince the judge that she was innocent. I really hope that this film is made available to everyone.

Peter Wong photo
Peter Wong

In a strange way, this film was very much like a documentary. It was, however, very much a film about one man's life. I found it fascinating. His life, the music, the pictures, the stories, the words, the memories. It was all very interesting. I wish I had known more about his life. It was quite a feat. This is a must-see. It's a film I'm sure I'll want to see again. It's one of those films that you watch over and over again, and you get to know more and more about it, and it becomes more and more interesting. This is a film that will have a profound effect on you. It's the story of a man who has been made a national hero by the government, and is now living a very quiet, lonely life. This is a very strange film, but very very fascinating.

Anna J. photo
Anna J.

I have seen this documentary a couple of times and it is a very interesting and touching look at a very difficult subject. The subject is the relationship between the first gay couple in the US and the state of California. The documentary is a very entertaining look at the couple, the state, and the culture. I would recommend this documentary to anyone who is interested in gay and lesbian issues. It is very well done and is a very interesting look at the first gay couple in the US. It is very emotional and is very well done. It is a great documentary and is definitely worth seeing.

Jean photo

The video has been showing in some local theaters for months. I just got the chance to see it. I was impressed with the way the video played out, the format, the production values, and the emotional impact it had on me. The best part is that I can't wait to see it again, I can't wait to see more of this movie. The video is so powerful that I can't even tell you how much I enjoyed it. I know I can't be the only one who appreciates this documentary. It is such a powerful film. I have never felt this strongly about a film before. I recommend it to everyone who wants to learn about the oppression of women and the personal stories of those who have been affected by it.

Zachary F. photo
Zachary F.

This documentary shows the daily life of a young girl who lives with her mother in a refugee camp in the middle of the Sahara desert. In her home she has an aunt who helps her to cope with her situation and to have a future. The film is about how the people of the camp, and of the region, have to live in the desert and how they deal with the harsh conditions. The film shows the events that take place and also the struggles they face. This film is a must see for everyone who wants to know what life in the camp is like and for those who want to see the great efforts of the people of the camp to survive. A must see!

Joyce photo

I didn't think I could stomach this movie until I saw it. I am a writer, but this movie was not for me. It is not an attack on the United States. It is just a little bit about the problems that exist in Africa. It is not meant to be a movie that I will be making or buying. But it was a great insight into a continent that is often forgotten. It's sad that so many people are fighting to bring hope and life to that continent. I don't understand why so many people are in this world that we can't find peace and happiness.

Kelly Butler photo
Kelly Butler

I was fortunate enough to see this documentary at the SXSW film festival last week. The director, Tom Swarbrick, has a wealth of knowledge and experience to draw from. He is also a very articulate man. I found myself in awe of him, and for some reason it felt very good to be a part of this experience. I am grateful to him for sharing his story with us. I felt his willingness to be a part of this project was very inspiring. I am very interested in making films in the future, and I can see how this documentary will allow me to be more confident in my decision to make it. I think this is an important story, and I hope that others will also enjoy it. Thank you to all involved for sharing this film with us.

Joe photo

I have never seen a more powerful documentary. It's a must watch for anyone who is interested in the health effects of smoking and the public health awareness. What makes this documentary stand out from the rest is the characters. It is incredibly informative and I recommend that you watch this documentary. You will not be disappointed.

Margaret photo

I have been a fan of Kshama Sawant since her first election, and this documentary is a must see for all supporters of Socialist Seattle's Green Party. It is a stark reminder that we live in a climate of despair and despair is not something to be taken lightly, especially when it's so prevalent. I believe that everyone should see this film, and I know I am going to buy it on DVD. I don't think Kshama has ever been more inspiring, and I believe she will go far in her life and in the world. It is my hope that other people will view this film and look to other voices that have the courage to be their own, instead of relying on corporate funded politicians to carry out their agenda.

Julia Contreras photo
Julia Contreras

A must see for anyone who has a great love for science and has the stomach to watch documentaries. I found it to be one of the most informative documentaries I've seen in a long time. It's filled with facts and information about various topics and is extremely well researched. The information presented is fascinating, not just for the general audience, but for the general science community. It's well worth your time and money.

Christian photo

I found this film extremely disturbing. It showed me a very different side of my mother and her family. The pain and suffering they endured during the war was shown to me. The film has a lot of amazing details. It was very moving and it made me realize how hard it was for the people to survive. The film showed the life of a family and how hard it was for them to survive. The film was very sad and it made me realize that a lot of people don't have a lot of hope. I found the film very disturbing and I think it's very important to watch.