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Mia et le lion blanc

Mia et le lion blanc is a movie starring Daniah De Villiers, Mélanie Laurent, and Langley Kirkwood. A young girl from London moves to Africa with her parents where she befriends a lion cub.

Other Titles
Mi mascota es un león, Mia och det vita lejonet, Mia and the White Lion, Mia a Bílý Lev, Mia og den hvite løven, Vahşi Dostum, Mia i biały lew, Mia és a fehér oroszlán, Mia Ve'Ha'Arieh Ha'Lavan, Mia y el león blanco, Mia un baltā lauva, Mia e o Leão Branco, Mija ir baltasis liutas, La Mia i el Lleó Blanc, Mia und der weiße Löwe, Mi Mascota es un León, Mia si Leul Alb, Mia e il leone bianco, A Menina e o Leão, Mia i bijeli lav, Mia in Beli Lev, Mia ja valkoinen leijona, Το Κορίτσι και το Λιοντάρι
Running Time
1 hours 38 minutes
480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Adventure, Drama, Family
Gilles de Maistre
Prune de Maistre, Prune de Maistre, Gilles de Maistre, William Davies, Jean-Paul Husson
Ryan Mac Lennan, Langley Kirkwood, Mélanie Laurent, Daniah De Villiers
Germany, South Africa, France
Audio Languages
English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
日本語, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

A young girl from London moves to Africa with her parents where she befriends a lion cub.

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Wayne G. photo
Wayne G.

I am a big fan of nature documentaries and the director did an excellent job. This movie shows us that even though nature has its own rules, some of them can be broken. This movie is more about survival than anything else. The animal parts were so realistic that I could not stop staring at them. The storyline is excellent, and it makes me want to go back to the woods and live in the woods. I am going to watch this movie again. I think the cast did an excellent job. I am glad I went to see it.

Vincent C. photo
Vincent C.

I was expecting a comedy like "Gone With the Wind" or "The Greatest Showman" and it turned out to be a fairy tale. I have to admit that I'm not a fan of fairy tales, but this one really is different. I think that the protagonist is very realistic, and she's more of a romantic than usual. I think it's because she's more young and idealistic, and in the movie she falls in love with the father of the land and then he turns out to be a cruel tyrant. So it's not easy to fall in love with her, and she has to struggle to win the heart of her father. The movie is really good and I don't think it's a movie to be watched only once. It is a very long movie and I think that it's more about the characters and their feelings than about the story itself. I think that it's a very good movie and I recommend it to everyone. It's a good film, I think.

Jerry Ford photo
Jerry Ford

The movie is simply awesome. The story line is simply great. The scenery and scenery alone is worth the money you spent on the movie ticket. I hope this movie will be on the top 100. I watched the movie and I'm glad it was the first. I will definitely watch the movie again. I don't know how many times I'll watch this movie, but I'll certainly watch it again.

Doris Dunn photo
Doris Dunn

I saw this film at the theater, and I loved it. I have watched it a few times and am very glad that I have. It's an amazing film, full of emotion and love. I recommend this film to anyone who is in need of a good story and a wonderful cast. I have watched it a few times, and every time I get a different feeling when watching it. I love the movie so much that I bought it on DVD, and I plan to watch it again and again. I love the actors, the scenery, the scenery, the story. Everything about this film is amazing. This is my favorite film, and I hope you will love it as much as I do.

Roy photo

A great movie for families to watch. It teaches that family is the foundation of happiness. As a child, my mom was always telling me to be grateful and to take care of my family. My mom was never a stick in the mud, and she always gave me the choice of doing what I wanted to do. So, the movie is great because of that. It also teaches that you can never go back and make things better. I love the family scenes. My dad was my stepdad and he never did much to make me feel bad. He was a happy person, but he was always there for me. I'm glad he was there for me in the movie.

Dorothy Estrada photo
Dorothy Estrada

I just watched this movie for the first time and it was great! It's very similar to The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe (2003), except that this one was actually made in Haiti and was released by a Haitian company. It is more than just a movie, it is a reminder of the Haitian Revolution and the memory of the many people who lost their lives in the liberation of Haiti. It also reminded me of the courage of our friends and family in Haiti and in the U.S. who fought to free their country. This movie shows that Haiti was never in the way of the American dream, it was always a part of the American dream, and it was a part of our past. It also reminded me of the courage and perseverance of the people in Haiti who fought against the UN, the US government, and the French and British Empire. This movie was made in Haiti, but it also shows that Haiti is still a country of freedom and hope. This movie was made by a Haitian company, but it was also produced by the American government. It was made with all the funds that the Haitian government had to offer, and it was done with great care and attention to detail. I would recommend this movie to anyone who wants to learn more about Haiti. I hope that this movie will be available on DVD soon.

Beverly photo

This is a children's movie. I know this because I've never watched a movie with kids. But I was hooked on this movie. It is a touching movie, and there is a great message about family and friendship. It is well done, the special effects are wonderful, the music is a joy to listen to, and the acting is great. I don't understand why this movie isn't as well known as other Disney movies. It is just a wonderful movie, and I recommend it to anyone who wants to be entertained.

Justin photo

I saw this film last night in a film festival in Florida, and it is a great story. The whole cast is wonderful, and the story is fascinating and touching. There are many sad and happy moments, and I thought the ending was really nice. I was reminded of My Life as a Dog when watching this film. I have seen this film twice, and the second time I watched it with my wife, and it has also touched my heart. I will buy this film when it is released in Australia, and I would recommend it to anyone who likes a good story.

Lauren P. photo
Lauren P.

I love this movie. I have never seen the French version, but the German one was so much better. The story was not the same, but the animation and sound effects were very beautiful. I hope that the English language version will be available. I hope it will be released on DVD. If it does, I will buy it. If it is not, I will buy it. I don't care if it is a good movie or not. I only care that the movie will be available in the DVD store.

Ronald C. photo
Ronald C.

This film is absolutely wonderful. It is a must-see for every animal lover, from the little ones to the old. This movie will take you to the heart of the life of animals, the loneliness of the family, the joys and sorrows of the family. You will be surprised and touched by this story. You will cry with them and you will laugh with them. You will feel the joy of their life and you will be moved by it. You will be touched by the story and you will leave the cinema thinking. This movie will be the best film you will ever see. Please don't miss it. It is a must-see. 10/10

Mary G. photo
Mary G.

I love this movie and I think it is really a great story. My husband and I, as kids, read it at the library and I was so sad when it was over. My son, now a teenager, has read it and we read it together. He has cried so much when he read it and he cries whenever he talks about it. He is 13 and I am 36 and I still love the movie and I watch it now and then. The sound track is great and the story is just amazing. I think that it would be a great movie for little kids. It has good language but not too much. I think the story is too important for kids to watch and I think that the story needs to be taught to kids. I think that it is really a great movie and I have watched it so many times. I recommend it to everyone. It is a great movie.

Rachel Wood photo
Rachel Wood

Avalanche Children is a great film, and I will be watching it again soon. I know that this movie is a cult favorite, but the idea is great. And that's what makes it such a great movie. The animation is really good, the characters are well-drawn, and the plot is quite interesting. But what I really liked the most was the story. It's not like any other Disney-animation movie. There is a lot of depth to the story, and the message of this film is something that children will find interesting. I hope that the movie is released on DVD soon. I wish that they make a movie for the whole family. I'm going to see it again!

Jennifer Hayes photo
Jennifer Hayes

In "Le Lion Blanc", the "little" tiger cubs show they are capable of thinking, talking, and communicating with their adult counterparts. I've always loved watching the cubs learn. I always think the animals are smart. It's hard to believe they are only babies. I can't wait for "Le Lion Blanc" to come out on DVD. It's been a long time since I've seen a movie about the creatures, and the personalities they exhibit. I look forward to the sequel.

Randy photo

It is not a new subject to watch a great story told with a small budget, but this film is just fantastic. The story is simple, but very powerful. The child actor is fantastic and very expressive, and the music is just perfect for this film. The costumes and the forest, just gorgeous, and the music just make you feel like a real hero!

Gary F. photo
Gary F.

I'm a little biased, but I think this is one of the best animated films I've ever seen. There are so many things in this film that are beautifully done. The animation, the plot, the characters, everything is amazing. I think this is the best animated film of all time. The film also has a very peaceful feel to it, with very few times of violence or violence against humans. There's also a lot of emotional content, with some very heart touching scenes. The film also has a great message, which is that if you love animals, you should always treat them with respect and never make them feel like animals. Overall, I highly recommend this film to anyone who loves animals or just anyone who wants to see a beautiful animated film.

George Davidson photo
George Davidson

This movie is a fantastic one, it's so special, and just like how the story of La Force de la Musique and Tintin are not just about that one movie but the entire way they are told. What I liked most is the way they portray the magic of life in general, and what it's really like for a family. The family is a very important part in the movie, and it's really hard to describe in words. There's something to be said about a family, it's the most important part of the movie, and the story tells you about it. The child actors were really good and believable, and the family dynamic is the one that has the most impact on the viewer. The actors and actresses were very professional and believable, and I loved that they chose to make the story about the family the main part of the movie, instead of just the protagonist. The two characters in the movie, the Lion and the boy, both played by David Thewlis and Charlie Day, are both amazing, they were very believable and so different from each other. I love that they made the lion just so cute and lovable, and it makes you feel like you are watching a children's story, and I loved the contrast between him and the boy. This movie was so different from the rest of the movies that I have seen, and I love that, I feel like I have seen a story I haven't seen before. I feel like I've seen a different movie, a story that I've never seen before, and it's a really great one. I would recommend this movie to everyone. This movie was so amazing, it had me thinking about it for a long time after I watched it, and it really made me think about it for a long time, so thank you to everyone who made this movie, and I hope you get the chance to see it!

Susan photo

I don't know why this movie gets such a bad reputation. It is quite beautiful, well-acted and a very good story. The main character is so good-looking and so lovable that you are so into her that you will always be grateful to her. And the music is a wonderful mix of classical and modern classical music. It is one of the best movies I have seen this year. I would recommend this movie to everyone, not only for the beautiful story, but also for the music and music performances.

Roger M. photo
Roger M.

A word of caution: watch the trailer for this film. It's not for the squeamish. If you don't mind being caught in a country where a child must be rescued by the film's protagonist, you may be pleasantly surprised. I first saw this film when it was released in the late 80s, and have been fascinated ever since. The camera work is incredibly beautiful, and the story is one of the best I've ever seen. The music is haunting, and the performances of the leads are nothing short of amazing. As the story unfolds, you learn more about the relationship between this man and his pet lion, and how the other inhabitants of the village react to the pet. The pacing is excellent, and the ending is uplifting and beautifully touching. If you haven't seen this film, I strongly suggest you do so.

Sean photo

There are so many things to admire in this movie. The acting, the cinematography, the soundtrack, the cinematography. This movie is truly beautiful. The entire movie is beautiful. The music is haunting. It just helps bring out the emotion. I thought the music was great, especially the score for the blacksmith scene. I loved the cinematography. I thought it was very creative. The camera work is so good. It gives the movie a wonderful visual quality. I think the film is visually beautiful. I think the characters are very unique and interesting. It's a really nice film. The scenery is very beautiful. The characters are very interesting. It's a great movie. I loved it.

Catherine photo

I remember seeing this movie at a very young age. I found it very heart warming and I can relate to most of the characters. I am very grateful to have a younger sister and to have this movie as a reminder of what family is all about. My sister has told me she is now watching this movie when she is older. I have seen the movie three times and I still love it.

Jacob M. photo
Jacob M.

I had the pleasure of seeing this movie on a rainy afternoon, and I'm still in awe of it. I was surprised at how real it felt, how even small things were so evident, how everyone seemed so close to each other. It was like a character study. I never get tired of it. This is one of the best movies I've seen in a long time, and one of the best movies of all time.

Michael T. photo
Michael T.

This is a great movie, and if you are an animal lover, it's worth seeing. It's a must see movie, because the concept is interesting. It has the basics of a movie about animals and their lives. It is a children's movie, but it's not a kid's movie. I recommend this movie to everyone, because it's great, and I think it's worth seeing.