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Ismach Hatani

Ismach Hatani is a movie starring Evelin Hagoel, Igal Naor, and Orna Banai. A bar mitzvah mishap causes a major rift in a devout Orthodox community in Jerusalem.

Other Titles
Nõi karzat, The Women's Balcony, Zenská galéria, El balcón de las mujeres
Running Time
1 hours 36 minutes
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Comedy, Drama
Emil Ben-Shimon
Shlomit Nehama
Orna Banai, Einat Saruf, Igal Naor, Evelin Hagoel
Audio Languages
English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
日本語, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

A bar mitzvah mishap causes a major rift in a devout Orthodox community in Jerusalem.

Comments about comedy «Ismach Hatani» (19)

Brittany photo

The film is shot in an extremely candid way and the fact that the camera stays in the house for the entire film, while many of the shots are from the outside, is quite a bold move. The characters are so real that they almost feel like they are real people. The characters in the film are all very different and they all have their own personality. The actors are all good and all have very good chemistry. I would recommend this film to anyone who is looking for a funny, well-acted film with a lot of heart. The film will make you laugh, cry and think a lot.

Maria Little photo
Maria Little

Some of the more popular films of the past few years have been forgettable. A Tale of Two Sisters was a disaster. Boy Meets World was a farce. Boy Meets World 2 was even worse. But, I'm here to say, it is refreshing to see something that is actually funny. This film is funny, with a great cast, and a simple plot. It was not at all predictable. The director, who is the guy who made the awful Jack and Jill movie, is not afraid to play with the audience's mind. This is one of the few movies I could watch a second time and not get bored. I'm glad that this film is a success. Hopefully, we can see more films like this.

Lawrence Porter photo
Lawrence Porter

I was expecting this movie to be nothing more than a bunch of funny jokes and the like. Boy, was I wrong. The first few minutes of the movie was nothing but awkward, nervous laughs. Then, when it became clear that the movie would be about kids and the world they live in, I was shocked. It was an amazing, very touching story about the journey of a boy who came from a very small town in Israel and a boy who had to face the world's weirdest people and the hardships they had to go through. I felt that the movie could have gone a lot more deep and at times, I thought the movie had become a bit of a soap opera, but it ended right after that. I really liked it and I recommend it to anyone who has ever been or will ever be in a small town and wants to know what it's like.

Elizabeth Morris photo
Elizabeth Morris

This film is not a typical action film. The characters are quite well defined, but that doesn't mean that it is any less engaging. The film moves slowly, but the characters keep the viewer's interest, and I found myself thinking about the film through the whole thing. There are some very funny moments, and some dark moments, but this is not a movie for everyone. I'm a little worried about the stereotyping of Arabs and Muslims, but I guess that's what the director wanted. If you can take it, this is a very interesting film.

Lauren photo

For those who haven't seen this movie yet, I'd recommend that you watch this movie. I'm not going to tell you what the movie is about, because it's very difficult to tell what a movie is about when you don't have any idea what it is about. So if you're new to this, I'd suggest that you watch it, and see for yourself what I mean. As for me, I thought the movie was a little bit slow, but not too slow. It was a bit long, but I think it's worth it. As for the end of the movie, it was really good. I didn't expect it, but I was very surprised, and very happy. I hope to see it again, and I hope that everyone who has seen this movie also likes it. The movie is about a man who is unable to find happiness in his life, and is looking for a way to find it. This movie is very good for people who are looking for a new way to find happiness. And for those who have already seen it, I'm very sure that you will agree.

Shirley C. photo
Shirley C.

I'm very surprised how well this movie was received by the audience at the Berlinale. I can only guess that the political aspect of the movie is not widely known in Germany. But it is definitely the most realistic and realistic portrayal of the character I have seen so far. The ending was also unexpected, I don't know why that was. It was actually not the worst ending I've ever seen. However, it was quite predictable. Maybe that was the intention of the director, who knows what he is doing. The movie is a very emotional movie. There are lots of moving scenes, but there are also some scenes that are funny, and those are the best scenes. I really liked the last scene in the cinema where we see the empty seats. It's a very beautiful scene. I can't understand why the German public didn't like this movie. I think that they have only seen the story of the movie, they didn't see the character development, which is the real strength of this movie. The actors were great, especially Sacha Baron Cohen, and I'm really happy to see him in a movie again. The cinematography was also excellent, and I really liked the music by Steve Reich, and it is very typical for a Cohen movie. All in all, I recommend this movie to anyone, and I think it's one of the best movies of the year. 8/10

Hannah Price photo
Hannah Price

An extremely amusing story of a Jewish mother who creates a YouTube channel to provide answers to people who are searching for answers to their questions and to also be a source for the answers. Her YouTube channel has grown into a very popular destination for people to find answers to their questions and have them answered to their satisfaction. The main problem with this movie is that the answers are not provided in a very witty manner. The viewer has to work hard to find out the answers and come up with their own answers. The movie has a couple of moments where it shows the person who created the YouTube channel for help in finding the answers. However, these are few and far between and the viewer will not be asked for help. It is a very hard film to watch because of the answers provided. It is very funny and can be enjoyed by everyone but if you are looking for a clever, witty film, you will not find it here.

Harry S. photo
Harry S.

I don't have much to say about this movie, so I'll keep this short. I love this movie, it is one of my favorite movies ever. I love the comedy and the story. It is a story about a man who has a personal problem, he can't find love, and he doesn't want to be alone, he wants to meet someone and make a new life. He meets a girl at a coffee shop, she is in love with him, but she doesn't know him. The story goes on, and in the end, he falls in love with her, and he can finally find love. I really liked this movie, it was a great movie, I hope you'll like it too.

James W. photo
James W.

I was pleasantly surprised with this movie. It was very different from what I expected. The characters were well developed and the movie kept me interested throughout the whole thing. The two main characters had great chemistry and it was a pleasant surprise to see them together. The movie also had some pretty disturbing scenes, but it wasn't like I was shocked that they were in the movie, I was just shocked that they were in the movie. The acting was good, especially the main character, who is also a very good actor. I liked the movie overall. It was different, but also had a good plot and good characters.

Amy Bell photo
Amy Bell

The movie is a little bit slow in some places, but it's a beautiful movie, full of music and beautiful moments. The actors were great, the director did a great job. This is a movie that can be watched many times, and you will be surprised by the end.

Dorothy Harvey photo
Dorothy Harvey

I didn't know that M. Ghulam Nabi Azad could play an actor, but he has done a wonderful job. He is a very funny character who has played the part very well. He has acted with conviction, and has conveyed the essence of the character perfectly. His character has also made me laugh a lot. He has done a very good job in the comedy department as well. Akshay is also good, but has done a decent job. I can't say that I enjoyed watching this movie as much as I enjoyed watching Akshay Kumar's movies. I found his acting to be quite bland, but he has done a decent job. All the characters in this movie are good, but Ghulam Nabi Azad is one of the best. Ghulam Nabi Azad has also done a very good job. I hope he can do more movies like this one. This movie is definitely worth watching. I hope that he continues to do movies like this one.

Scott Taylor photo
Scott Taylor

I have not seen a movie like this since I was a teenager,and I do not recall a movie that made me feel so uncomfortable.It is not a movie you would want to watch more than once.This movie shows the plight of a young man from a middle class background who is taken advantage of by his rich father who exploits him and his friend,and who feels like a parasite.The movie was very good and very well done,though there were some parts that were a little unrealistic.I liked the actor who played the boy's friend who was abused by his father and the director of the movie did a wonderful job directing the movie.The scene in the car with the boy and his friend,in the dark, is so real and that is why I liked it so much.The music was also very good and the acting was very good.I would give it a 10 out of 10.

Bobby Castillo photo
Bobby Castillo

I saw this film as a surprise as I had not heard about it and had seen the trailer. I must say that the film was very good and well worth the wait. I must say that I have not seen the film before, but I have seen the trailer and liked the film. It was very entertaining and fun and I can't wait to see it again. It was not a comedy but it was a comedy in a way. I thought the acting was very good and very funny. I thought the chemistry between the characters was very good and I think that the director did a great job with the screenplay. This is a very good film. I give this film an 8 out of 10.

Jessica photo

When I saw that I had a chance to see this movie, I decided to do it. I had read a review from a friend of mine, who gave it a good review. I did not know what to expect. I have never seen a movie before. The movie has an "original" theme. It is a story about what people do to a girl, what the other person does to her, and what they say about it. It is a funny, dark and sad story. There are some really funny scenes and some really sad ones. I think this is a movie for the whole family. It is a must see movie.

Raymond photo

This is a very funny movie and I think that the director has done a very good job in making a comedy and it's a very good one too. The story is very simple and very well put together and the way it's done is very well done. The way the director uses the story and the way the characters are presented in the movie is very good. I don't like the way the movie ends and it's just too abrupt. It's a shame because it's a very good movie. It's a good movie to see. I recommend you to watch it. It's a very good movie. You'll like it. 8/10

Arthur H. photo
Arthur H.

A true story is a story of people, especially of the people in the most dire of circumstances. This movie focuses on a man in the middle of a divorce who is desperate to leave his ex-wife. He is a very cynical man, so he and his two sons have little or no trust in each other. He is very distant from his kids, and their mother, and has a serious problem with alcohol. He is an alcoholic, and if he does not drink, he doesn't go to a party. He can not do this without a reason. His wife has spent most of her time at work, and even though he has her son's friend to stay with, he doesn't like the fact that he can't get her to work. The movie is filmed in a very realistic way, as if you were there, watching the events unfold. There is no music in the movie, except for one very important scene. It was very nice to see some music in a movie like this. This is a very moving and a very real movie.

Bryan T. photo
Bryan T.

This is a very underrated film, I think it deserves to be seen and be made. It's very clever, funny, and very moving. I've seen it twice now, and I recommend it to anyone who likes true-to-life stories, and the odd little black comedy.

Gloria photo

This is a movie that I enjoyed a lot. It's funny, it's sad, it's heartwarming. I found it to be an excellent depiction of a Jewish family. I liked the way that they lived their lives and the way they treated each other. I thought it was very authentic. It wasn't corny or over the top, and it wasn't hokey. The acting was all right, and it was easy to believe that the parents were actually doing it. I thought it was well written and the characters were realistic. I also thought that the ending was realistic and believable. I think that it was very well done, and it was well-written. I enjoyed the movie, and I think it was well-done. I don't think that it's the best movie, but it was very good.

Crystal photo

It is hard to tell what is right and what is wrong when it comes to watching this film. I found the film to be quite different to most others in that it was not a straightforward character study, it was not a love story and it was not a tragic story. Rather, it was a mixture of elements from all three and all were fine in their own way. But I believe that it is the unique qualities of the characters that made this film so interesting to me. The story centers around the life of an alcoholic young man named Mohamed (Mustafa Dokku) who is trying to go straight. His mother (Ankita Shah) is very proud of him and his father (Tareq Chughtai) is very unhappy about it. He also feels that he has failed in his life and has not been able to achieve anything in his life. So when he hears about a nice young man named Mohamed (Mustafa Dokku) who lives in the same town as him, he decides to take him under his wing and let him help him out of his current difficulties. And so begins a journey of self-discovery for Mohamed and his journey of self-discovery is what makes this film so unique and very interesting. It was a little bit boring at times but I think that the film would be so much better if it were a little more interesting. The film does have its humorous moments but I feel that the film could have been much more interesting if it was a little more serious. The film is pretty emotional at times, but I felt that the film was way too dark and serious in some parts. But the film is overall very interesting and I would definitely recommend it.