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Three Identical Strangers

Three Identical Strangers is a movie starring Robert Shafran, Michael Domnitz, and Howard Schneider. In 1980 New York, three young men who were all adopted meet each other and find out they're triplets who were separated at birth....

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Três Estranhos Idênticos, Tres idénticos desconocidos, Shlosha Za'rim Zehim, Üç Tanidik Yabanci, Trys nepazistami broliai, Tři blízcí neznámí, まったく同じ3人の他人, Bliscy nieznajomi, Három egyforma idegen, 三個一模一樣的陌生人
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1 hours 36 minutes
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History, Documentary, Biography, Drama, Mystery
Tim Wardle
Grace Hughes-Hallett
Ellen Cervone, Robert Shafran, Howard Schneider, Michael Domnitz
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Identical triplet brothers Robert Shafran, Eddy Galland and David Kellman didn't meet each other, let alone know about each other, until they were nineteen years old in 1980, when both Bobby and Eddy coincidentally attended Sullivan County College one year apart and students at the college who knew Eddy saw the obvious physical resemblance when Bobby arrived on campus. David was reunited with his biological brothers soon after when Bobby and Eddy's meeting hit the media which included their photographs. While Bobby, Eddy, and David, in those early years, were solely focusing on doing the media circuit and spending time with each other after all these years, with much of their beings being so similar, their respective adoptive parents - three sets who came from an upper middle class, middle class and working class backgrounds, respectively - had questions for the adoption agency, Louise Wise, the largest adoption agency specializing in Jewish families. None of the parents were told that the boys they were adopting were within a set of triplets who were going to be separated. That meeting with Louise Wise administrators yielded little "spoken" information to the parents. It wasn't until problems started to emerge with the brothers, which included a falling out over a joint business venture that yielded them millions, that the brothers themselves began to think more about the reasons behind why they were separated. Their quest for the complete truth, which to this day is not fully known and probably cannot be, led them in the direction that much of what shaped their growing up environment was not by accident where they and other twins and triplets were used as scientific guinea pigs.

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Robert photo

I saw this movie last night at a screening of the Sundance film festival. I was very impressed by the documentary style and the way it was presented. The movie is about a group of Jewish family members who were all born in the same year and grew up together. I really liked the way the movie was structured. I thought that the story was really interesting and very personal. I thought that the people in the movie were very interesting and that they were all very different in many ways. They all had different personalities and their own thoughts on life. I really enjoyed this movie and I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in this topic.

Donna photo

In the mid-1960s, a young German couple was able to elude the Nazis. Their story is told in a series of interviews that follow. The couple was Adolf Hitler's first wife and Eva Braun, his second wife. Their story is told with great insight. This is a great movie that's worth watching. It's a great documentary about the couple and their lives, and the people who followed them. The director did an excellent job of creating a believable, intimate portrait of these people. The interviews are well done and the film is a good, solid documentary.

Patrick photo

I remember watching this film when I was a kid and loved it. I've never been able to find it on DVD so I decided to give it a shot again. I enjoyed it as much as I did when I was a kid. It's a good film, a very good film. The film is about a couple who travel to America from France to try to get married. They end up meeting a young woman named Sophie and she asks them to be her parents. The film is about the couple and their relationship. It's about how the couple adapt to the new country and find their own way. The film has a good pace, it's not too long and it never gets boring. The film is also very funny. I liked how the film was done in black and white, it made it more realistic. I also liked how the film was set in France and it also had some great shots of the city of Paris. The film has some great photography and the cinematography is very good. The film is a little slow at times but it's still a good film and I would recommend it to anyone.

Alexander Palmer photo
Alexander Palmer

I have never seen a documentary about the Holocaust, so I don't know what the point of this film was. I have seen a few documentaries on the Holocaust and it is interesting to see how they talk about it, but I did not really get a lot of information on the Holocaust from this film. This film did not talk about the actual events of the Holocaust, but rather the people who were involved in it. I have read some of the reviews here and I see that a lot of people are upset about this film. I think that the film was well done and did not show the entire story of the Holocaust. I think that it is important to show the events of the Holocaust, but it is not necessary to show the whole story. The people involved in the Holocaust did not know what was going to happen, but they did know that they were going to be killed, so they did what they could to stop the Holocaust. I think that the film is worth watching because it is interesting and is about the people who were involved in the Holocaust.

Ryan Morgan photo
Ryan Morgan

I saw this film last night at a screening in my town. It was one of the most powerful films I have seen in a long time. The characters are very well developed, the story is gripping and true, and the actors are superb. The film is made up of an interview with the actors and a question and answer session with the director. The director is played by Peter Weir, a true American director who also directed a wonderful documentary on the CIA called "Inside the CIA". I highly recommend this film for all those who enjoy documentaries, documentaries about the CIA, and documentaries about the CIA. My vote is eight. Title (Brazil): "A Filme de Amor" ("The Story of a Man")

Shirley H. photo
Shirley H.

A very enjoyable film that, despite its length, is not at all boring. I was also impressed with the amount of information that was being presented on the film. I think the film could have been a little longer, and more information was given on a few of the topics that were raised. But it was still an interesting and informative film.

Billy Schneider photo
Billy Schneider

This documentary is not an endorsement of the work of the two scientists, but rather an observation of how the media and the scientific community treat the topic of DNA evidence. The documentary takes a deep dive into the history of DNA evidence, and then examines how scientists have reacted to DNA evidence. It's clear that the media has a bias against the idea of DNA evidence, and that the scientific community has a bias toward DNA evidence. The documentary also shows how the scientific community has been reticent to use DNA evidence, even when it's presented in a scientific journal. It also shows how the media has been reluctant to cover the story, and how the scientific community has been reluctant to talk about DNA evidence. The documentary is certainly worth seeing, but it is not a balanced view of the issue.

Douglas Banks photo
Douglas Banks

I thought the movie was great. I was looking forward to seeing this movie and I was not disappointed. I felt like I was there, the actors were just as real as the real people. I thought the documentary style was great, it was more about the actual people than the celebrity. I would definitely recommend this movie to anyone. I was disappointed that they didn't go into the actual events of the murders but I guess that is a small price to pay to see a true story. I don't think they should have had a narrator, the movie was too emotional for that. I also think the movie could have been a little longer. I would give it an 8 or 9 but I think the movie did a good job of showing the real people that were involved in the murders.

Roger photo

The other day I watched this film on the PBS channel and I was not expecting much. The film is set in the mid-1970s, a time when the government was trying to re-educate the public about the evils of the Vietnam War. The film follows three people who were sent to prison for their part in the assassination of President Kennedy. They have been in prison for thirty years. The documentary was shot in a very realistic manner and the way the film was edited made it more interesting than I had expected. The film was made by the director of the film, Edward Zwick. I think Edward Zwick is one of the most underrated directors out there. He has made some very good films like "The English Patient" and "The Ninth Gate". I thought the film was very well done and I was very interested in the subject matter. The film is worth seeing.

Teresa photo

I was lucky enough to attend the screening of this film in New York. The film is a documentary that follows a group of siblings from the ages of 6 to 18. The film follows the journey of the children as they try to figure out who they are. This is a journey that they are sure to share with the viewers. The film is a journey of exploration and discovery. The children are able to talk about their experiences and share their insights with the audience. The film is a testament to the life of the average American family. The children are able to share their experiences and show the audience the effects that their experiences had on their families. I highly recommend the film.

Billy Ruiz photo
Billy Ruiz

This film is well-made and worth watching. But I feel it's a bit too long and the documentary style makes it feel like a long feature-length documentary. I do not recommend this film to people who are not already familiar with the case. There is a lot of information about the case that is not shown in this film. It is important to know that this case was an extremely difficult one, and it would be very easy for a true-blue American to be confused. I think the best way to describe this film is to say it's about a man who was wrongly accused of killing his wife and then trying to get his life back on track. The film is very accurate in depicting the case, but it does not give a complete picture of the case. I think the film should have shown more of the evidence, more of the testimony, and more of the actual trial. The documentary style makes it feel like a long feature-length documentary, but it does not. I recommend this film to people who are interested in the case. It is a good documentary, but it is a bit too long and it should have been shorter.

Andrew photo

After a long time I saw the movie "The Men Who Stare at Goats". I really liked the movie because it gave an insight about the kind of people who make a difference in the world. The documentary showed a real life story about a man named Robert Redford. He is the director of "The Deer Hunter" and the "Cast Away". I think he is an amazing person and he is a very good director. The documentary show some interesting facts about the life of Robert Redford. I recommend to everyone to see this movie. It's an interesting movie about a real life story.

Carol Jackson photo
Carol Jackson

I've watched this film several times, and each time I've enjoyed it more and more. It's about a family who is united by their love of music, and their desire to spread the music throughout the world. The film tells the story of the family's journey to bring music to the world, and how they managed to do so. The film is filled with interviews with musicians, musicians' families, and music lovers, and it's all very interesting. The music is amazing, and the subjects are interesting. The film shows the struggle of music to be heard, and to be understood, and it also shows the struggle of musicians to get their music heard. The film is a powerful and moving documentary about the family, and about music and how it affects people. It is a very interesting film, and it's worth watching.