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Roger Waters: Us + Them

Roger Waters: Us + Them is a movie starring Rufat Aliyev, Farshid Azizi, and Nikoo Bafti. A look at Roger Waters' 2017-2018 concert tour.

Other Titles
Roger Waters - Us + Them, Roger Waters. Us + Them, Roger Waters Us + Them
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2 hours 15 minutes
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Documentary, Music
Sean Evans, Roger Waters
Azzurra Caccetta, Rufat Aliyev, Farshid Azizi, Nikoo Bafti
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English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
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A look at Roger Waters' 2017-2018 concert tour.

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Jerry B. photo
Jerry B.

This is an interesting look at the political situation in Israel today. It has a lot of insight and it gets you thinking about your own political beliefs. It also makes you realize that the Israeli government is not all bad. Waters takes some shots at the religious right and other Israeli groups. He also talks to Palestinian leaders and people on both sides of the divide. He interviews people who are very anti-Israeli and people who are pro-Israel. The interviewer is seen shaking Waters after he is done. He then goes on to say that people in the Israeli government have every right to say they don't like it but they will be more careful about it next time.

Samuel A. photo
Samuel A.

I wanted to watch this film but knew it would be "too depressing", and I was right. However, I was surprised by the film. The film was not "banned" by the U.S. government because it does not discuss the actions of the U.S. military in Iraq, but rather focuses on the psychological effects of being part of the U.S. military. I believe that the film did a good job in covering the emotional side of the war and how the soldiers reacted to the devastation that was caused by the war. I also think that this film was a great example of how many people were thinking, saying and doing that caused the "we will get it right" mentality. I was very impressed by the subjects of the film. It was almost as if the film was made by people who knew the war well and felt that it was their duty to tell the story of the war. This film was extremely powerful, and the subject matter was not something that would have been easily covered by a movie. It was amazing to see how the lives of people involved in the war affected people on both sides of the conflict. This is the type of film that will help people see the war for what it is and the consequences that were caused. This film is definitely not for those who are easily upset, as it is definitely not a film for those who are easily affected by war. But for those that do not want to watch a film that will make them angry, I would suggest that you do not watch this film.

Jason Brown photo
Jason Brown

I have never seen a documentary about the music industry as much as this. I'm not sure if this is a documentary about the music industry or the music industry. If it's the latter, then I have to admit that the documentary is pretty damn good. But if it's the former, then it's a bit on the dull side. It has a really good flow and it seems like the documentary is going at a good pace. But it is at least half an hour too long. It has a lot of scenes that are really interesting, but it is just not enough to make up for the time lost. I mean, I could watch this documentary a couple times in one day, but I can't. It's a good documentary, but not great. It's worth watching, but it's not a great documentary.

Jacqueline Gordon photo
Jacqueline Gordon

I love "The Clash" (and so did my dad, so I have it on tape) and while I enjoy the group's music, the documentary is a great commentary on their differences, and how the music is the greatest. Many of the subjects are interviewed and their stories are very compelling. This is one of the better documentaries I've seen about the Clash, and it's well worth watching.

Roy F. photo
Roy F.

This film is about the conflict between the band and the establishment of the genre. It is the second of three Waters documentaries. The first one is the documentary "Pink Floyd: The Wall" (which I watched) and the third is "Us + Them". I really liked this film. It is an interesting look into the world of Pink Floyd. It is a good example of how people look at the band and how they perceive them. The film is full of interesting facts and people who worked for Pink Floyd. They really know their stuff. The interviewees were all very knowledgeable and were very open about their experiences and thoughts. They also explained how the band evolved and what made them what they are today. I was very impressed with this film. It was very entertaining and interesting. The music itself was also very interesting. It is very well done. It was very artistic and it was very well shot. The director did a great job. I enjoyed this film. It was a very interesting look into the world of Pink Floyd.

Louis photo

I recently saw this documentary for the first time and it was both shocking and interesting. I thought that this would be a doc that would be all about the music and how much he has influenced the world, but it was much more than that. It was more about his personal life and how much his wife and kids have suffered because of him. It was a very personal film and it was very sad. This documentary is very hard to watch because of the way that he is portrayed and how he is portrayed. I found this documentary to be very insightful and very moving.

Megan photo

I didn't expect this film to be as powerful as it is, but it was. The film is an insight into the power of music. It is a look at the musicians that have influenced the music of today. The film shows how music is used to represent emotions and the feelings of people today. It shows how music can be used to express and express people's emotions. The film was a good movie. It was interesting, but I don't think it was very powerful. It was a very good documentary and I recommend watching it.

Crystal Aguilar photo
Crystal Aguilar

I was pleasantly surprised with the opening of the documentary, "Us + Them". It was a well crafted, interesting, and entertaining film that has some great insights into the current state of rock and roll, from a critical perspective. I can't say that the film is perfect. Some of the interviews were a bit too sappy and too preachy, but I think that the film could have done without the 'rock and roll is dead' propaganda. I think that this film was made to show what people want to see, and it did a very good job of that. It's a bit slow at times, but it's not a bad film. It's very well made, and it gives a good look at the current state of rock and roll, and the general attitude towards it. I think that it's a good documentary to watch on a rainy day, when you want to relax and just watch a film. It's definitely worth watching.

Wayne photo

I had heard about this documentary a while back but never really bothered to see it. I finally did some research and found out that it was a TV special from 1994 and that it was actually directed by former Pink Floyd guitarist Nick Mason and that it's basically a collection of songs from the band's career as well as their music video. The documentary is extremely well done and very informative as well. It's not an extra-long featurette like you'll find in a music video or a mix tape. It's a one-hour documentary and there is some information on the band's history. It doesn't paint any picture of their music or what their biggest hits were like, but it's an interesting look at their life, career and personal life. The interviews are very good, mostly from current and former members of the band and some of their friends. There are some interviews with members of the band, family members and fans that include members of their backing bands who also spoke at the event. The footage is all very good, very entertaining and very well produced. There are some other interviews from various people that include the band members themselves. The documentary is not a documentary about the band and their music, but about the men who played the instruments. It's a great and informative look at the band and how they created what would eventually become the best rock 'n roll band ever. It's one of the most enjoyable documentaries I've seen about Pink Floyd. It's one of the best documentaries I've seen about music and it's well worth the time to watch. It's a must-watch for everyone who is a fan of Pink Floyd and also for anyone who wants to see the band for themselves. I rate it 8/10. My rate: 8/10

Christopher photo

After the huge success of his previous film, THE LIVING DAYLIGHTS, David Fincher's latest, Us + Them, is a much more accessible film. This one is very much a family movie, and the one with the most of the characters is the most interesting. The film is about a group of young musicians who are a part of the influential New York rock band that has a lot of fame. They are trying to do their best with what they have to work with, and they are trying to make it big in the industry. It's also about the state of New York, and the people that live there. The film is very well made, and I'm glad that it was directed by Fincher. I would say it's one of his best films. It's a very good film, and I recommend it to everyone who is interested in the music industry.

Amy photo

I really enjoyed this documentary. It was a treat to see him in person. I found his music extremely touching. The film gave a very real and relatable view of the situation in the Palestinian territories. I found the music to be very powerful. I think that the best part of the film is that it really shows the struggle that Palestinians have faced in the past and how difficult it can be. It's very hard to watch these horrible atrocities and still enjoy the music. The film is a great reminder to us that we are not the only people in the world and that there are many people around the world that also want peace. There are some really great songs in this film that give me the chills and a feeling of loss and frustration. I highly recommend this film to anyone who wants to see some real insight into the plight of Palestinians in the Middle East. I have enjoyed every minute of this film.

Gary Wells photo
Gary Wells

Although the film is somewhat of a anti-war film, it is not meant to be taken as a political statement. It is meant to be viewed from a "childish" point of view, which is exactly what the film was intended to be, and it is wonderful. The movie is somewhat of a coming of age, and the lead character is very reminiscent of my own childhood. The acting is not Oscar worthy, but it is excellent. The main theme of the movie is the importance of love and family. The only thing that made me feel uncomfortable was the "insulting" portrayal of people with disabilities. The child actor playing the voice of the blind man was also very close to the mark, but I did feel that the other actors played their roles very well. The movie is a true "childlike" movie, and a good one to make children watch.

Donna photo

If you love Roger Waters and/or Pink Floyd, you should definitely see this. It's a documentary-style movie about the musician's life. It features many interesting anecdotes about the musician, such as how he got involved with the band, how he ended up in prison, and how he was abused by his band mates. As well, it's basically a full-on interview, with many key people from the band and from Waters' life. There are also some clips from his music, including the classic album "Piggy in the Nose" and the later songs "The Wall", "Comfortably Numb" and "The Wall (Live)". I thought that it was quite interesting that he was interviewed by musicians who played with him, as well as some famous rock critics. I think that the overall flow was good and it was also nice to see Waters' actual life, rather than some interview clips. Of course, this is a documentary and there were some parts of the film that were quite confusing, so don't expect some sort of straight-forward documentary. However, I think that it's worth seeing as it's quite a unique look at a very unique person and a musician's life.

Bobby Carr photo
Bobby Carr

The most interesting aspect of this documentary is that it is the most fun you'll ever have watching a documentary about one of the most bizarre and controversial music genres. I say this not because of the music, or even the subject matter, but because the documentary itself is really good. It's not trying to be the ultimate documentary, but it's actually fun to watch it. The documentary is actually a real treat, and I don't think I have ever seen a documentary that is so entertaining and fun. It's funny, touching, and in the end, it makes you laugh. It's also a great documentary about the music, and about the culture. I recommend this documentary to anyone who loves to watch documentaries.

Wayne E. photo
Wayne E.

One of the things that is always about a Waters documentary is that it has a different, unique perspective on the artist. His films are about the impact of this sort of music on people and society. In this one, it is about the impact that the music had on a small rural town. Not the sort of thing that the Rolling Stones would do, but still quite the same, nevertheless. The thing that is so amazing about this film is that Waters has captured the reaction of the people who live in the town and has done it with a great, honest documentary style. Not the usual documentaries where the director is trying to make a point about something but just being the person who got there. This is how a documentary should be made. And the results are quite awesome. It is a brilliant film and it makes me want to see more of Waters and the people who came from the town. I just hope that he has some more great documentaries in the pipeline.

Tammy photo

This documentary, which is about one of the greatest rock bands of all time, is actually very entertaining, with its presentation of the story of Pink Floyd. One of the most important aspects of the film is its depiction of the music, which is often compared to the best of pop, but is actually very different from most pop music. It is very heavy on the lyrics, which are very deep and often times very cryptic. The music is not heavy on melody, but rather on the contrast between heavy rhythms and the melodic elements. The contrast is very important to the story of the band, and it works very well, since it makes the music the focal point of the documentary. The audience is not just listening to the music, but watching it, and seeing the difference between heavy and light music. This is because of the way the camera is used, and the way the music is combined with the footage, that can create a very powerful effect on the audience. The combination of music and film is very powerful, and the film does an excellent job of presenting the music, as well as the effects of the music on the audience. The music is very powerful, but the film does an even better job of combining the music and the film. I highly recommend this documentary, and its music. The film is very good in its presentation, and very interesting. If you are interested in this band, and its music, then you will probably enjoy this documentary.

Judith Riley photo
Judith Riley

When I saw this on VHS in 1992 I thought it was an interesting film and I was surprised to find out it was almost five years later when it came on DVD. I was looking forward to seeing this movie as I am a fan of Waters. I also knew Waters was an artist. I am a big fan of his music, so I knew I had to see this. It was a good movie and I thought it was an interesting look at the history of the hippies. The movie also takes you on a journey of the music and the people involved in it. I am not a huge fan of Waters, but this film is worth seeing. There are some things I liked about it, but I don't think it is for everyone. I would recommend this film to people who are fans of Waters, or if you are a fan of artists in general. This film shows a look at the hippies in America and their impact on popular music. I think the most important thing to me was the film was very well done and well made. I give this film a 7 out of 10.

Evelyn King photo
Evelyn King

This is a documentary that features Waters and members of his band Black Moth Super Rainbow performing in various settings and rehearsing songs they had been working on for years. The entire movie is a tribute to the man and the music he has created and performed over the years. For a few years it was more or less a documentary about him and his band Black Moth Super Rainbow but after a time it became more of a retrospective of their career as well as about the director, the bands that played and the time in which they were all together. As well as a very emotional tribute to his mother, played by Mary Gatt. There is an interesting song on this film that Waters is playing called "Are We There Yet" and it is also about his mother, played by Elizabeth Boreanaz. It's a very emotional song and I would recommend seeing this film if you have not already seen it. If you have seen it and liked it, then you will most likely like it again. I'm a huge fan of Pink Floyd and especially Waters and have been since I was about 8. I loved this film and would recommend it to anyone who is a fan of his. This is a very emotional film and it is one of those documentaries that stays with you after you see it. I love this film and would recommend it to anyone who wants to know what a great musician and an amazing artist Mr. Waters is. I rate this film 8/10.

Bobby photo

The music is great, the director is a genius and the film is simply a masterpiece of film making. The message is clear, to help the earth, to help the world. It's not easy to put the finger on a single event in history but this film does it. I saw this film on the 8th of November in Berlin and I am speechless by the experience. I never expected to be able to say this, but I am speechless by the experience. The music is perfect and the music is the main thing in the film. The message is great and the message is the main thing. It's a must see film. I just hope that we can get more people to see this film. It is a wonderful film. It's a great film.

Joe photo

On the first day of filming, I was very surprised when the two veteran musicians of our generation came out to the opening night showing. At first, I thought it was just a fluke but then we got to the opening night and even more surprised when we found out that they were actually playing. The documentary starts off with an interview with Dave Grohl, who plays drums for Foo Fighters, and discusses his involvement with the band, including the time when he was reluctant to join. He then discusses the band's beginnings and his relationship with the members, including former drummer Taylor Hawkins. This is the first of many interviews that will follow. The interviews cover the band's history as well as some of their recent music, such as their album "Cobra Starship", their concerts, and a message for the world from the Foo Fighters. The group also discusses their current recording sessions, including their upcoming album and their current tour, which will last for a month. This documentary is great for fans of the band, especially fans who have never been exposed to them, or those who have been and are trying to decide if the band is still a good fit. Fans of the band should definitely check this out. If you are not familiar with the band or haven't been exposed to them, you will be greatly surprised at the excellent interviews. They discuss everything from what the band is about, the problems they have had with certain members, and how they have dealt with the many controversies that have been spawned from the band. I am sure that any fans of the band will enjoy this documentary. I also believe that anyone who has been exposed to the band will also enjoy the interviews.

Frank T. photo
Frank T.

As a fan of Waters, I loved this documentary, a look at his history as a musician and what he went through to become the legend he is today. If you are a Waters fan, this is a must see, the music is amazing, and the story is a lot of fun. I feel like the story was a little one sided, but I feel like the majority of the film was really great. I really can't think of anything negative to say about this film, I love it!

Jerry photo

Truly a great documentary, you feel like you are a part of it all. You feel the tension between the people, the frustration between the bands, the love and respect between the bands. You see the real, raw reality of the music scene. Not the silly, commercial image the bands paint of themselves. A great look at how bands come together in the mid 70's. It shows how the people who are in these bands actually want to make music and not just play music. A great insight into the world of music.

Justin P. photo
Justin P.

Very little is known about Pink Floyd, but the fans will know that they are on their way to greatness. I've always liked Waters and I've always loved The Wall. So I knew that I wanted to see this documentary. This is an incredibly interesting documentary. It really makes you think about the music and the time period that Waters was in. The subjects are all people that were associated with the band. You really learn a lot about what it was like for a band that had such a high profile. The film does a great job of capturing the raw energy and vision of a band that has a legend in the making. The film really goes into detail about each subject and the time period in which they were in. It's very entertaining and thought provoking. It's a very interesting look into a time period and an entire culture. It's a really great documentary and a really fun one. I think this is the best documentary about the band. It really gives a lot of insight and a lot of good information about them.

Jean C. photo
Jean C.

Having been a regular fan of Waters since the mid 1970s, I was quite prepared to enjoy this documentary on him, being that I am a fan of his music, but was also quite curious about his personal life. I am happy to say that I was not disappointed. The subject of the film is of course the music of Waters, but I think it is quite interesting to see his personal life also, not just the music. It's fascinating to see how he develops his own style over time and the process of his creating his music, both professionally and personally. This film is not an attempt to tell a complete story of Waters, but rather to give an overall idea of his life and career. You can't help but get sucked into the music of Waters, as it has a real impact on you. The interviews are great, the production is very good, the style of the music is incredible. You can really get involved with the music and understand what he is trying to get across to you. It's all very inspirational. I don't think I've ever seen such a personal story on an artist as I have here. It's hard to describe, but this film does it incredibly well. It's easy to tell that there are many people that have been influenced by Waters. It's almost as if you're watching his music for the first time and it's like "Wow. I really like that music." I'm not going to tell you what the music is about, but it is a personal story that you are very much involved with. It is also a great insight into the personal life of a man who, for me, is very much a great artist, but is also very much a human being and a man, too. I would highly recommend this film to anyone. The music is really good and the interviews are very interesting. I would say this is a very enjoyable film. It really is very inspirational. You can tell that there are many people who have been influenced by Waters and I think it's very good that the music gets even more attention. I highly recommend this film.

Roy photo

I feel like I missed the boat when I first saw this film. I went in with expectations from the film to be funny and not have a storyline. It was funny, the narration was funny, the documentary was funny and the dialogue was funny. I have to say that the first half of this film, where I was laughing, was the funniest half. It seemed like the narration was going to be a whole different film, but I was really taken by the dialog. It was so funny and I got really caught up in the story. I have to say that I was in tears the second half of the film. It's not that the story was bad, it was just the direction. It was really weird to be honest. I mean, you're supposed to be filming this for 10 minutes. But when you see the trailer, you can tell that the movie is going to be short and you're supposed to film this in ten minutes. It didn't seem to work. I was just so disappointed. The story itself is really well done. It was told really well. The characters are very well done. I really enjoyed them. I like that the movie is real. It's just not fake. I would definitely recommend this film to anyone. It's a great film to watch with your friends and family. I think that this is one of the best documentaries I've ever seen. It's funny and I think that it was well done.

Debra photo

this movie was pretty good. the music was good, and i think that this was the best thing about it. the director did an excellent job and the music was really great. i just got home from seeing it and it is the best movie i have ever seen. it had it all, action, drama, music, and even the message. it was just amazing. the director did a great job and i think that it was really awesome. the only bad thing about it was that it was a bit slow in the beginning, but overall i thought that it was really cool. i give it an 8 out of 10. -fever -a jeanne

Shirley Alvarado photo
Shirley Alvarado

This was the first film that I have seen since being a "punk" that grew up with punk rock and then went on to make music. This film follows the growing career of Brian Eno, his involvement in punk music, his relationship with his mother, his love for his father and his relationship with his ex-girlfriend. It also covers his relationship with his ex-girlfriend and his relationship with his mother, which includes him explaining his feelings for his ex-girlfriend in front of her and his mother at the same time. The music in this film is extremely important to this film, as well as the scene that it is filmed in. This film was well shot, well written, and well edited. It is great to see the real life of the man that many people are making today.

Virginia Davis photo
Virginia Davis

Ripped the soundtrack off a cd and looked forward to seeing the movie, and was extremely disappointed when the movie was over. The first part of the movie was great, the second part was very disappointing. I really enjoyed watching the performance of each of the musicians. The musicians are known for their classical singing and live performances and I liked the live version of "Hammer Of The Gods", they were great. They were all amazing, but I couldn't believe the last part of the movie. It was just painful to watch. I think the director wanted to make a movie for the masses. He could have made a great movie, but instead made a great movie for the masses. I was so disappointed and now I'm going to have to see the band's concert when they play. It's very expensive and I have no intention to go to a concert.

Philip Garcia photo
Philip Garcia

This documentary about the making of "Us + Them" (2002) is very well-made. It is fascinating to see how Waters and his team worked on the project, and how the music was made, but the documentary itself is not the best of its kind. In fact, it seems like the first half of the documentary focuses on the film's critics, and the second half is devoted to the music. This is just the way it was done, and it seems very forced. If you are looking for a documentary about the making of a film, this isn't it. But if you are a fan of Waters, or just a fan of music, you will enjoy this documentary. It is very well-made, and I think it should be watched by any music fan.

Amy photo

I was a bit disappointed by this film, but it was still interesting and worth watching. I was drawn into this film because of a few of the interviews with the band members and their manager. I was also drawn into the "us and them" aspect because I am a musician myself and I can relate to the comments made by the band members. The film was a bit "too long" and a little to slow. I felt like I was waiting for something to happen and I was waiting for a song to start and then it would just end. The film did have a few good points but it was also pretty cliche and boring. It was also a little too short for my liking. I think if you are a musician and you have some background on the band members then you would find some interesting things. I think the "us and them" aspect is something that would be interesting to see and I think that it is something that can be explored by someone who is not a musician. Overall, I would say that this film was interesting but it was also a little cliche and boring. I would recommend it to anyone who is a musician or someone who is a musician and interested in this band.