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Point Break

Point Break is a movie starring Edgar Ramírez, Luke Bracey, and Ray Winstone. A young FBI agent infiltrates an extraordinary team of extreme sports athletes he suspects of masterminding a string of unprecedented, sophisticated...

Other Titles
Lūzuma punkts, Pakleni val, Point Break - Caçadores de Emoções, X-ミッション, Caçadores de Emoção: Além do Limite, X-Mission, La limita extrema, Point Break - Na fali, Nekoudat pritza, Punto de quiebre, Bod zlomu, Extrême limite, Point Break (Sin límites), Holtpont, Σπάσε τα όρια σου, Zločin na talasima, Lužio taškas
Running Time
1 hours 54 minutes
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Crime, Sport, Action, Thriller
Ericson Core
W. Peter Iliff, W. Peter Iliff, Kurt Wimmer, Rick King, Rick King, Kurt Wimmer, W. Peter Iliff
Teresa Palmer, Edgar Ramírez, Ray Winstone, Luke Bracey
Italy, USA, Austria, China, Germany, Canada
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English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
日本語, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

A former extreme sports athlete, Johnny Utah, joins the FBI. While not even a full agent, he is sent to infiltrate a gang of extreme sports athletes who are attempting a series of death-defying challenges called the Ozaki 8. They use the challenges as a front to pull off daring robberies and are lead by the charismatic, fearless Bodhi.

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Keith Lane photo
Keith Lane

This movie wasn't as bad as many others made it out to be. It was entertaining, it had a few fun action scenes and it had some good acting. I do think it would've been better had it been set in the 1980's, but it was enjoyable for what it was. I give it a 7 out of 10.

Melissa photo

This movie is directed by David Ayer and stars Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. This movie takes place in 2000 and the protagonists are played by Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie and Chris O'Donnell. The movie follows the main characters as they get to know each other through work and various activities. Brad Pitt is the protagonist and the main protagonist of the movie and he does a good job of portraying his character. The way he portrays his character is very unique and brings out his best in the role. The character of Angelina Jolie is another stand out of the movie and she is the secondary protagonist of the movie. She plays her role very well and she brings out her best in the role. She also adds some humor to the movie. The movie also has some humorous moments as well. Overall, the movie is a good movie with a good story and great acting. It also has a good story to it and the storyline in the movie is interesting and fun. The movie also has a great cast. Overall, this movie is a good movie to watch with friends and family.

Peter V. photo
Peter V.

I have to admit that I'm not a fan of the Michael Douglas' movies. Sure, they are pretty cool, but, they are also not very entertaining. This is one of the rare exceptions. I actually enjoyed this movie. It was a great action movie with some good scenes and a great cast. Not much, but enough. I don't know how many people saw the movie, but it probably didn't sell very well. I think that there were many good reasons why this movie didn't do very well. I know it was a bit short, but it still wasn't too long. The story was really good, I liked the way they showed how the drug was used, and I liked the way they showed how the drug became a thing to protect people. The movie really showed how they became the problem and how they used their powers. There were some really good action scenes, but, they were not that great. I think that they were just good, but not really good. But, I liked the way the drug became a big thing and how the people became the problem. I also liked how they showed how they were being controlled by the drug. They did a really good job. This movie was a great movie. I liked it. I recommend it. I rate this movie a 7/10.

Judith Jones photo
Judith Jones

The actors are good, the story is good, the photography is good, the pace is good. But I'm having a hard time liking this movie. There are some scenes that are very funny, but the rest of the time the movie is boring. The ending, which I think is supposed to be the most dramatic moment in the movie, is just stupid. If I'm being honest, I could have been laughing a lot more, but instead I felt sad. In the end, I don't really understand why the movie has such a high rating. I didn't like it. I'll probably watch it again. I'm not sure I'll be watching it again. Maybe I'll enjoy it more than I thought I would. I think I'm going to skip this one. If you're a fan of action movies, like me, you might enjoy this one. Otherwise, I'm sorry. If you like movies that are based on real life situations, you might like it. If you're into a very strange story, like me, you might enjoy it. If you're not a fan of movies based on real life situations, you might not enjoy it.

Brandon V. photo
Brandon V.

It's been a while since I've seen a movie that puts me to sleep for so long, especially after the first 10 minutes. It's as if I was hallucinating and then waking up from a coma. I think that's what it was. The story is not too bad, it just keeps you guessing as to what's going to happen next. You keep thinking "What the hell is going on? What did he do? What did he say?" And the guy who plays Brad, and his character, are so damn bad, I'm not even gonna go into detail about what they did to him, because I can't even. Just watch the movie, and you'll know what I'm talking about.

Edward Reid photo
Edward Reid

Gerald Butler's movie "The Nice Guys" takes place in an all-star cast of older actors: Robert De Niro, Russell Crowe, Chris Hemsworth, and Nick Nolte. The plot is simple: five men from different backgrounds and socioeconomic backgrounds, who are all trying to survive a poker tournament. Each of the five men have their own personal reason for being in this tournament, and the story focuses on their motivations and their ability to overcome the obstacles they face. The theme of the movie is whether or not each of the five men are truly good or bad, and the entire plot revolves around their personal battles with one another. The acting in this movie is superb. Robert De Niro is at his best as a multi-millionaire with no remorse. Chris Hemsworth is excellent as a troubled, neurotic, anti-hero. Russell Crowe is really good as a "guy's man" who does things for money. Nick Nolte plays the role of a good-hearted but often unsophisticated character well. The biggest surprise in the movie is that Robert De Niro, the king of action heroes, actually gets a chance to act! This movie really is a movie about two good guys, and this is a great contrast to other action movies where the characters are usually super villains. I really liked the scene where Nick Nolte's character challenges Robert De Niro's character to a fight. The scenes are short, and I don't think it was ever expected that they would be cut so short. There are many other great scenes, including the one where Robert De Niro's character throws himself into a violent fight in an empty mall. The dialogue is really great, and I was surprised by the amount of actors that they got for this movie. This movie is definitely worth seeing.

Jacqueline Estrada photo
Jacqueline Estrada

Ralph Fiennes is so good as a tough, one-armed cop, but it is Ben Affleck who is the standout in this action flick. A romantic comedy with a tough guy theme, "The Town" was given an Oscar nod, which is appropriate. The movie is a great action movie, with an unexpected twist at the end. For an action flick, there is a lot of explosions and gun battles. For a romantic comedy, there is a bit of drama and romance. In this film, the main characters are a female cop and an undercover agent. Both characters are good. The movie is set in LA, but most of the scenes take place in New York. The ending is unexpected, but a fun ending. I really like this movie. It's good. I recommend this movie.

Laura P. photo
Laura P.

Like many other reviewers here I was skeptical about seeing this movie. I heard it was bad and not that good. However, after seeing it, I really liked it. The movie is about a mixed martial arts fighter named Rico (Diego Luna) who is trained by his uncle (Iko Uwais) and trainer (Lorenzo Lamas) to become a professional fighter. While working as a mechanic, Rico's uncle brings him to Las Vegas and teaches him how to become a fighter. The only problem is he is kidnapped by a drug lord (who is also Rico's uncle) and left for dead. It is then up to Rico to get back his uncle and defeat the drug lord. After seeing this movie, I was really impressed. The film is well-written and has a good flow to it. The story was not one that I have seen before. The characters were really well-developed and acted very well. The fights in the film are intense and I really liked the fighting in the film. The action is very well-done, the acting was great and the script was very well written. The movie had a great ending. I did not feel like there was a "finish" that was overly dramatic or excessive. The movie had great action and the characters were all developed very well. It was a great film and I would recommend it to anyone.

Julia Reed photo
Julia Reed

This movie is fun and a lot of fun. I loved this movie, I thought it was funny. I loved the cinematography and the cast. I also thought that the plot was very interesting and original. I loved the whole story and I liked the characters. I thought the plot was a little weak and I think that they could have gone a little further with the plot. I liked the action and the action sequences and I loved the cinematography. I think the cinematography is very beautiful and I like the music. The action was also really well done and it was very entertaining. The acting was very good, I thought that the cast was great. I think that it was a good movie and I would definitely recommend it to all my friends. I think that the movie was entertaining and I enjoyed it. I also think that it is a great movie. I liked the movie. I think that it was good and I think that it is a good movie.

Denise photo

If you have not seen this movie and have a bad day, why not go see it! I usually hate action movies, but this one was fun! You have to like a lot of things to like this movie. The music is a little overbearing at times, but it's not terrible. The special effects were good, and the acting was good. The main thing is that it is a very fun movie. I give it a 7 out of 10.

Janice W. photo
Janice W.

When I first saw the trailers for this film, I was very skeptical. It looked to me like a parody of the high school film, "Fast and Furious". I didn't see the danger. It didn't look like a film I would want to see. But it didn't take long for me to see that this was a fun, action packed film. It is definitely better than "Fast and Furious", but I still can't see it as a film I would want to see more than once. The action is fast, the acting is good, and the writing is solid. I think the film is a lot better than the original "Fast and Furious". I also think this film is better than the second "Fast and Furious". I like the way it turned out, and I think that it could be great. There are a few problems, and I would call this film a "7" in my personal ratings. The first problem is that I don't see any real reason for the gunfight to happen. It just looks like the director wants us to think that they are in danger. The second problem is that they want us to think that this was a way for Patrick to find his brother. It doesn't make any sense to me. We just don't know why Patrick wanted to find his brother. Finally, the third problem is that we just don't care about any of the characters in this film. They are just there to have some action and some sex. We don't really care about the characters. They just come in and die. They are not interesting. I'm not sure what to make of this film. It is a fun action film, and I really think it is better than the original "Fast and Furious". I think this film is better than the second "Fast and Furious". It has good writing and good action. I recommend this film.

Rachel H. photo
Rachel H.

No one should really take this film seriously. It's about three guys, all completely unprofessional. At one point they meet up with a hooker (Adrianne Palicki) and all three immediately start to do their best to get her to let them go. I think it's the fact that this film is set in Hawaii that makes it so interesting. The surf and surfers and Hawaii's beaches. The film was a lot of fun, and I thought it was one of the better films of 2006.

Patricia R. photo
Patricia R.

No spoilers. This movie is great. The cast is great, the plot is great, and the acting is great. The only thing that bothers me is that there are a few characters that are only in the movie for about 10 seconds. Otherwise, it's an awesome movie.

Sandra Stewart photo
Sandra Stewart

I just saw the new film "Deadpool" and it's a great film. As a fan of the X-Men, it's one of the best films I have seen. I really enjoyed this film and I really enjoyed all the different actors. But it was really fun to see Domhnall Gleeson playing a character that isn't one of the classic characters. It was also a great idea to make Deadpool a bad guy, instead of the typical superhero movie hero. You don't really see that many movies that have a superhero in the cast that is bad. If you have seen X-Men 2, you will know what I mean. But I thought that this film had a good plot and the cast was great. I would definitely recommend seeing this film, it is a good film and is a great superhero film. I definitely would recommend watching it.

Christopher photo

The first time I watched it, I thought it was a really bad movie. I thought that the story was stupid, and the action sequences were lame. The reason I watched it again is because of the rating it got in IMDb. After watching it, I decided to give it a chance, because I heard that it's one of the most underrated movies of all time. I watched it a second time, and I was surprised at how good the movie was. The first time I watched it, I didn't even recognize any of the actors. They're all good, but the actors in this movie really stand out. I don't know how they managed to bring in the actors for this movie, but they did. And they worked really well together. I was surprised how good the movie was. The acting in the movie was really good. Everyone played their part perfectly. All of them. I was impressed. The story in the movie was very interesting. I never thought that it could be so interesting. The movie is very good. The action sequences were pretty good. The story was interesting, and it kept me on the edge of my seat. The only problem I had with the movie was the ending. It was pretty predictable. It felt like it was going to end pretty quickly, but it didn't. The movie ended way too quickly, which made me think that it was going to be another action movie that was going to end soon. The only reason I gave it a 7/10 is because the story was really good. This is one of those movies that you have to see several times to get the full effect of the movie. And it definitely was worth it. This is a good movie. This is one of those movies that you should definitely see more than once. I give it a 7/10.

Ryan photo

I saw this movie last night, and I can't help but feel a bit disturbed by it. It's a superhero movie. It is for sure. And it has good acting. I like Keanu. He's good in everything. But he's nowhere near the heart of this movie. For me, the story is confusing and unnecessary. There is no point to this movie. There is no reason to be watching it. The only reason I gave it a seven is because it's the best action movie I've seen in a while. And that's not saying much.

Larry Cruz photo
Larry Cruz

Just got back from the movie, and I think it is still entertaining. But i think that it is quite possibly the best action film of the year so far. (other than the first half hour of Bumblebee, but that is different) I also think that it is the best film to come out of Hollywood in a while. This is an excellent blend of action, comedy, romance, and drama. I think that this film will go down in history as the best film of the year. The way they combined these elements is simply genius. For a action film, there are a few moments that are over the top, but that is just a small part of the film. The film is very well-paced, and really makes you feel as if you are in the same situation as the characters. The dialogue is really great, the film is very well-acted, and the film never gets boring. It keeps you hooked the entire time. If you liked the first movie, you will probably like this one. (I would rate it slightly higher, but not by much) Overall, I think that this is one of the best action films of the year, and one of the best films of the year overall.

Cheryl Herrera photo
Cheryl Herrera

If you like some action movie, you might like this movie, otherwise I would not recommend this movie. This movie is good for action movie fans. They will not understand it because it is an action movie. I would say the acting of the characters is good. But the storyline is not as good as the other action movies. It is a decent movie but I would not recommend it to the action movie fans.

Philip Barrett photo
Philip Barrett

It's tough to rate this movie, because the concept is actually good, the acting is solid, and the story line is good. But the execution is so bad that you feel like you just watched a second-rate John Wick movie, because the characters are so idiotic and the story is so bad. The only thing that makes this movie watchable is the setting. The setting is so ridiculously cheap that it almost makes you forget that the movie is supposed to be a serious crime thriller. And when it's done in a city with very little police presence, you just have to laugh at how crappy it looks. But the only reason this movie is watchable is because of its setting. And that's the only thing I'll be watching it for. The rest is just lame.

Jason photo

This film has been sitting on my shelf for a while. I have no idea why. I just thought it would be fun to watch. The trailer looked interesting and the cast looked like they could do good work. I was right. But then the plot got in the way of the action and, well, this film isn't about action. I didn't really like the ending. I did like how this film was all about character development. It wasn't really about the action or anything like that. I didn't know who the lead character was or what her problem was until the end. So, it wasn't about the action, but I liked how the character development of the lead character was put on the back burner. It was cool that this movie wasn't all about action. It was about character development. I also liked how the film got so dark, but it didn't take away from the action. There was a lot of action and some good dialogue. I also liked the fact that this film didn't focus on what the lead character was going through. It was actually about the actual person and the problems she was facing. This is what makes the film watchable. I know it's not like watching something like I.D. or Rush Hour, but I liked how they went for realism in the action. I also thought the chemistry between the lead characters was great. I think that everyone in the cast did a good job, but there was just something about the chemistry between the leads that just made it work. It was a fun film. I just wish I knew what the problem was.

Billy Carter photo
Billy Carter

I'm not sure what the big fuss is all about. I liked the movie. It was entertaining, with plenty of action. However, there are a few problems. The story was not entirely plausible. I mean, the main characters are so easy to spot. However, the acting was solid and believable. I felt like the movie was a little predictable, but the last few minutes were excellent. The soundtrack was well done. Overall, I thought the movie was very entertaining and I would watch it again. If you're a big action movie fan, you'll probably enjoy this movie.