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Take Me to the River

Take Me to the River is a movie starring Logan Miller, Robin Weigert, and Josh Hamilton. A Californian teenager's plan to come out at his Nebraskan family reunion gets derailed when a bloodstain on his young cousin's dress makes him...

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Zabierz mnie nad rzekę, Explosion
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1 hours 24 minutes
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Matt Sobel
Matt Sobel
Logan Miller, Josh Hamilton, Richard Schiff, Robin Weigert
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A Californian teenager's plan to come out at his Nebraskan family reunion gets derailed when a bloodstain on his young cousin's dress makes him the unwitting suspect of abuse.

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Mary Rodriguez photo
Mary Rodriguez

I'm a big fan of the Jason Bourne trilogy, so I saw this film with the expectation of seeing the next movie. Unfortunately I saw this film first. In a way, this film reminded me of a low budget version of the Bourne films. And then, very quickly, a movie was developed about Bourne and Miranda. In the end, you really don't care about Bourne and Miranda at all. Miranda is totally underdeveloped and seems like a joke at times. Jason Bourne is far more complicated and you want to know him and see more of him. But this movie is disappointing and incomplete.

Margaret L. photo
Margaret L.

By far my favorite movie of all time. An emotional story about something that many people are afraid to discuss. I felt lost as it was a great story of courage and truth. I feel that every single person should be able to see this film. To be honest, I didn't think it would be made in the USA, but they did, and it should have a worldwide release. It really shows what a great thing this is. Great film, but go out and see it, it will show you a different side of your town and a great family that you don't see everyday. I am looking forward to a future release.

Zachary Carpenter photo
Zachary Carpenter

I love this movie and the story itself, and this is one of my all time favorites. I am 28 and I still cry when I watch this movie. I am so sorry that our planet is being destroyed and I wish that we had never started the industrial revolution in England and the West at the time. But I always feel so sorry for the poor girls in the story. I feel so sorry for the poor people of the story. I remember that it was very expensive to build the mills in the town and in the country. And there is a lot of waste. I remember a lot of waste and I cry every time that I see the photos of the young girls in the movie and I wish I had never watched it.

Alexander Rogers photo
Alexander Rogers

This film provides a powerful counter to what a typical American family would expect to see in their preteen-childhood-spent-in-church-education-school. The moral of the film is that when you are hit hard enough, you don't forget it. Everything that happened was beautiful and the bond between this family and those who inspired them is so strong, it was hard to watch. This film will not be easy to watch for some, and for the most part it will be less obvious than others, but for me, it was so powerful that I was so moved, and so relieved that I was not, like so many of my friends, part of the population who will, to a fault, attempt to interpret their "lost/ lost-in-the-most-harsh" parents' work from a societal position of, at the end of the day, what one should have or never would have been expected to have received in our society.

Jessica Ramirez photo
Jessica Ramirez

I just got back from the two movies which premiered this weekend at San Diego Comic Con, and I must say, the response to this was amazing. I saw the previews and I was interested in the film and it wasn't until I watched the trailer that I really got into the movie. I went to Comic Con for more than 1 year, and every single day I was there I was seeing this movie. Everyone loved it, and after seeing it again, I felt really proud for all the hard work that the cast, crew, and crew put in to bring this movie to life. The characters in the movie are very deep and complex. They show that there is a lot of humanity in the world out there. It's heartbreaking to see that people who are trying to make a living and wanting to make it, feel that they are being abandoned, and all of a sudden there is no future for them. The movie is extremely strong on the characters and the development of them. They are all strong and human, without the CG, and without one person saying, "I'm going to leave." In the movie, every character talks to everyone else through their own way, which I think is beautiful. All the characters are very dynamic and you feel like you are in the movie with them, and they have no one else to relate to. The only thing that I found disappointing is that they cut out the part that I think would have been really good, a little scene where Pearl says to Ethan that "he's the best son" to give him confidence to do more with his life. It was an important moment in the movie, and it was in a part that was just barely included in the film. Overall, I loved the movie and it was a huge hit at the Comic Con.

Julia H. photo
Julia H.

The role of the nurse is completely misunderstood. The star of the movie is not the nurse but the character. The stars are different. But the stars are the same. The nurse is the character. When I went to see this movie, I had no idea that it was based on real events. The people who wrote the script were lucky to find this opportunity to do something with their life. When the nurse is on the screen, I know that I am not watching a movie but a real life situation. When the nurse does not believe that her patient is a real life situation, she becomes a person who does not want to go back to that reality. I do not know what is more precious than love and compassion for our fellow human beings. So when people take action to help others, I salute them. But I do not want to see this movie without the Nurse.

Harold Fowler photo
Harold Fowler

Just saw this movie at the Orpheum Theatre in Los Angeles, and am most glad that I did. The movie was absolutely moving and extremely moving, and was the best story I have ever seen told on film. That was really the main draw. The characters were great, and the chemistry between those who played them was unbelievable. I'm also so glad that the camera could stay with them, as the 3rd story was only partially shown on film. The casting was amazing, all the actors were great and did a wonderful job, especially the 4 main actors. I'm also so glad that the director did not just shoot the story as the camera would move, as it made the movie even more emotional, and that seemed to be the goal of the director. I think this was one of the most emotional movies I have ever seen, and it was very well done. I think that this movie will definitely win me over, and I can't wait to see it again and again.

Willie W. photo
Willie W.

This is the best movie I have ever seen. The more I think about it, the more it makes sense. It takes you in. But in a way it doesn't make sense. But then, what makes sense is what is left out. I would recommend this movie to anyone, but not for those that don't have a sense of humor.

Betty J. photo
Betty J.

The film is remarkable. It is about a family of three siblings and what is going on. The story is a heartbreaking story. The actors really went for it. I would recommend this movie for you to watch. My mom loves the movie. She says the actors all did a very good job. The picture is beautiful. I have a single mother and she liked the movie. I've seen it a couple times. I really like the movie and I think everybody should watch it. I really think they did a great job. I'm giving it an 8 out of 10. It is a very sad story but the acting was great.

Timothy Parker photo
Timothy Parker

This movie is a must-see for everybody! It depicts the basic idea of the justice system, making a good case for the one who deserves it. It is a great movie about all the problems in the life of all people, who are facing injustices or being not even slightly responsible, they all want to be judged and to find their identity again, and this movie is the true story about the life of that Michael Fisher. And by the way I love how Mr. Fisher will decide in his trial, how he can confess, or defend his innocence, this movie has a very strong meaning, and it shows all the mistakes of the justice system, how it is unfair and cruel and how you need to go with the verdict you have been told to. The best is that the movie shows the flaws of the people of Los Angeles, how they are not giving a chance to innocent people and how they are not protecting themselves, they are not sure how to handle the trial, and this movie will show that their is so much to keep and why we have to fight for the case we got, to be alive and to live, this movie is a great movie, and one of the best I have ever seen!

Austin photo

This is one of those films that I believe will live long and will be remembered. The message is clear, and even today, the message has not been communicated by the leaders of the world, at least to their own people. Having met many of the main actors, I was grateful to see them accept the award. I hope that the filmmakers and actors continue to make films that will help us understand, and show us to understand, that there is much more to us than what we see on television. I hope that this film will be able to bring them the message that is needed in the world today. Having watched this film, I see a great deal of human responsibility that each of us can take to help in our own lives. A lesson that I would recommend to all of us.

Samuel L. photo
Samuel L.

It's a short story. But it's so so powerful. I love it! I think I'll read it again. I think this is the best written story that I've ever read. This is the best-written story I've ever seen. I've never seen a short story, like this one, before. And I'm still waiting for the next. Great story. This is the best writing in the last 20 years. What's the best part? - It's the end of the story. The story ends at the end of the story. I loved it. - It's a great script. Really. (And I don't know what all the buzz is about this story's being a 'great' script. I thought it was good, and I love it. But it's not the best story I've ever read.) - The story is about a girl in the late seventies, trying to make her mother move to her grandmother's house in a nursing home. She has no other place to go, and she's on her own. (And even if she had, her grandmother would probably be long gone, and she would have no place to go. Not the best script, really.) - The best thing about this movie is the direction. It's really good, very good. Very exciting, and a bit dark. I'm so tired of all these teen-action movies, with a ton of CGI. (It was really very hard for me to see that CGI here, when it's almost always better, and better used. But still, great movie.) - The movie is beautiful, in both sound and visual effects. I love how it shows the snow in the winter, and the ice in the summers. It's really a beautiful movie. (And it's not the most beautiful movie I've ever seen, but I loved it, anyway.) - This is the best story ever written. I've never read a story like this before. This is the best. (There's a short story I've seen of the same story that's more like it. But it's so very sad. This is a great short story, and I haven't even read it yet.) It's really. Best.

Robert W. photo
Robert W.

A MUST SEE film. This film did wonders for my husband, a Catholic Man. It was a great way to give him a good laugh at the end of a very hard day. Great acting and storyline. Need to see more movies like this. The Pope is the best part of the film. His presence can make you laugh, cry, and sometimes tremble with fear. I give it a 9.5 and recommend this to anyone who needs a good laugh. You won't be disappointed. Oh, and forget that. The films title is Don't Go Near It.

Frances photo

Although I was in the theater with my friend, I could barely contain my laughter. It was a truly moving, hilarious story about an immigrant family torn apart by the world around them. The son, despite his father's constant promises, was too afraid to leave his relatives' residence. His father was afraid to let him go alone. The mother had no idea of the existence of a world beyond her bleak little town, even though she claimed to be an expert on the subject. The great thing about this movie is how it connects with a wide audience, especially when it's about immigrants, who are often forced to leave their countries or don't even know it. It's a great story of real drama, and I urge all of my friends to watch this movie.

Teresa W. photo
Teresa W.

There have been a lot of films about the Holocaust and there have also been a lot of films about the Holocaust. Most of the films tend to focus on the effects the Holocaust has on the people involved. There are also films about the reasons why the Nazis tried to exterminate the Jews. I feel like it is important to take a look at the true story of Anne Frank and her friends. I also believe that there should be films about how the Nazis tried to get Jews out of the city in concentration camps. One of the best films about this topic is "Lebensborn" which was made by Roman Polanski. I believe this film was a great success. It is definitely a movie worth seeing.

Ryan photo

I have just seen this movie. What an amazing experience. The story is so refreshing, not over the top or sentimental. The characters are just so real and natural and their love is so special. I can't wait for the next one!

Victoria W. photo
Victoria W.

The film focuses on a young boy named Danny, a boy that is trying to survive by stealing from his friend, being rescued from an abandoned building, and then trying to locate his dead grandmother. Danny finds a very interesting man named Oscar who is very helpful and gives him all sorts of advice about making a living. Danny falls in love with this woman named Beth, who's trying to get back on her feet, but of course, nothing is easy. I would definitely recommend this film. It is definitely worth watching.

Theresa photo

The movie itself is funny, it's funny for all ages, even kids. The characters are very well developed, and the story is very realistic. The acting is quite good, especially for a movie like this, with no actors really famous in that field. The music is very well done too, and it brings a bit of the soundtrack to the movie, very good. I love the soundtrack too, it really fits the story, and is very interesting for the film, it can be quite exciting when it is just a few months before a war. I'm really glad I saw this movie, and hope that it becomes a part of many families, it really could be a great movie. There is one little problem I have with this movie, it's that it kind of drags a bit, but I still enjoyed it. There's also a small thing about the old people, in the ending it does seem to drag a bit, but I think that could just be the whole of the movie and not just a few scenes. I think this movie is a nice comedy, it's funny for everybody. This is my first review I'm writing, and I hope it helps somebody, and it gets better.

Beverly W. photo
Beverly W.

I think this movie is one of the best movies I've seen. I've seen it about 15 times and it keeps getting better each time. When I first saw it, I was a bit hesitant because it was an expensive film, but now I feel the same way about the movie as I did when I first saw it. I hope that people who see it don't feel the same way that I do. It's a powerful movie, and the whole movie is really good. It really doesn't get better than this.

Patrick Kennedy photo
Patrick Kennedy

If you're an obsessive enough viewer, and want to experience the masterpiece that is the Oscar winner 'Jude' by David Lynch (the director of 'Barton Fink', 'Wild at Heart' and 'Eraserhead'), then you'll not want to miss this. 'Jude' was the first of Lynch's films to receive an Academy Award, and there have been several follow-ups with other directors. If you're going to be a Lynch fan, then you'll want to watch all his films, 'Mulholland Drive', 'Eraserhead' and 'Blue Velvet'. I feel as if this movie is as good, if not better than the first two. With its themes of suicide, love, and loss, it is one of Lynch's most important films. Perhaps the one that had the greatest effect on me, is that of losing a sister. Lynch uses this theme repeatedly throughout his films, yet this is something that he also uses in the themes of loss and a loss of innocence. The characters are very human, and it is very hard to not relate to them. Sean Penn plays the leading role of Bernie, a homosexual man with the main aim of taking revenge on those who had hurt him. Although Bernie is played to the death, he actually has an idea in his mind to take revenge, and this idea has been talked about since the death of his mother. When he accidentally overdoses on pills, his mind goes into a spiral of grief, sadness, and then hate. There is a great deal of suffering, death and loss in this film, and it has a very well written script. There are many scenes that are very poignant and very heart-breaking. This film is about loss, love and suffering. It can be hard to sit through these, and it can also be hard to watch those who cannot relate to these themes. However, the actors do a very good job, and the direction is masterful. Lynch himself writes the music, and the film looks great. Lynch himself directed most of the films, and it was this that made him who he is today. The style of 'Mulholland Drive', 'Eraserhead' and 'Blue Velvet' is all found in this film, and it is a huge difference from those films. Lynch has the luxury of making so many films, and it's thanks to him that we have a list of films like 'Harsh Times', 'Barton Fink', 'Eraserhead' and 'Lost Highway'. All the films are very fine, and this is Lynch's best work. It is very well worth watching.