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Postcards from London

Postcards from London is a movie starring Harris Dickinson, Jonah Hauer-King, and Alessandro Cimadamore. A stylish, sexy film about a young man's journey into an unusual form of escort work, set in an imaginary vision of London's...

Other Titles
Pohledy z Londýna, Pocztówki z Londynu
Running Time
1 hours 30 minutes
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Steve McLean
Steve McLean
Leonardo Salerni, Harris Dickinson, Jonah Hauer-King, Alessandro Cimadamore
Audio Languages
English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
日本語, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

A stylish, sexy film about a young man's journey into an unusual form of escort work, set in an imaginary vision of London's Soho.

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Diana R. photo
Diana R.

I saw this movie last night. I am so happy that I saw it. I am a student in English. I thought that this movie was good because it really shows how the students act on a daily basis. It shows the how some of them feel about life. The cast did a great job. It shows that there is more to life than money. Also, the movie shows how hard it is to get money for school and college. The director did a great job. The whole cast was amazing. This movie really shows how difficult it is to be in England. I highly recommend this movie to everyone.

David Pearson photo
David Pearson

This movie was my introduction to the Jim Carrey's career and I'm still curious to see what he will do next. It was good but I wouldn't say it was as good as "The Truman Show". I'm glad he chose to work with what he was given instead of going to big productions. I loved the fact that it was a TV movie because it gave the characters more depth and also made them more likable. The story itself was good but it wasn't as good as it could have been. I wouldn't say this movie was great but I would say it was a good movie to see.

Anthony Gray photo
Anthony Gray

i have seen many movies in my life, but never before has i seen a movie so wonderfully entertaining, and so entertainingly, beautifully, beautifully filmed, as this movie is. it has the most unique music, the most creative and original stories, and the most beautiful pictures. it is like a fairy tale for adults, a movie for the whole family to enjoy. if you are a movie fan you have to see this movie. you won't regret it. if you are not a movie fan, you have to see this movie. it is a film that should not be missed.

Diane W. photo
Diane W.

This movie really is a good one. For the most part it's very authentic and authentic for the era. The film starts off with an argument between a little boy and his father about whether or not his dad has a job. In this case, the father says he doesn't know how many jobs he's had. The little boy goes back home to see his mom and father, and after a few moments of hesitation he decides to go with him. They go to a house where the father is cleaning, and the little boy's mother is there cleaning the house. After a while they both leave, but he has a letter from his dad telling him he's going to work for the government. This sets up the movie's theme, as he becomes more and more disillusioned and ends up doing what he was going to do anyway. The movie is set in England, but the story is realistic and not made up. The movie's only problem is that it is a little too slow at times, but it is a good movie.

Albert W. photo
Albert W.

For some reason, this movie was not nominated for any Oscars. It should have been. This movie is one of the best things to come out in the last few years. There are not many movies that can be so well made that you would not know how to watch it if it was not on TV. The performances of the two leads are perfect. They are both a delight to watch. In my opinion, this movie is a must see.

Diane Schmidt photo
Diane Schmidt

The movie was very good, but it is not a "classic". There are parts that are repetitive. However, it was an enjoyable movie. The actors were all excellent, and the film looked like a genuine documentary. Overall, I would recommend this movie. The beginning is quite boring, but it gets better as it progresses. I would definitely watch it again.

Jesse photo

I was very much looking forward to seeing this film. I've seen the trailer and thought that it looked like a pretty good film, but I was very disappointed by the end. The only real positive is that it had some very interesting cinematography. As I've said, the cinematography is very well done and the pacing was good. Unfortunately, the story doesn't hold up to that. It's very disjointed and I think that was the point. There is a lot of internal conflict in the characters and the story seems to drift from one scene to the next, and it's very hard to follow the plot because of that. There are some really great moments in the film, but the problem is that the characters don't seem to care about any of them. I really liked the idea of seeing the East End in a different light. The film has a really interesting atmosphere that is difficult to pull off, but it doesn't seem to work. It's hard to follow, and it's not very interesting.

Kevin photo

When I first saw this movie, I had no idea what it was about, but I was so moved by it that I went back and watched it again. I thought it was a great movie and it just shows that you should always be happy and you should never be afraid to cry. I think this movie is very inspirational to anyone who is struggling with their personal life or even if they are just thinking about their family or friends.

Denise Green photo
Denise Green

I've read some reviews for this film, some of which said the cinematography was too dark. Well, it was supposed to be, but there are some moments where I don't think I could have handled, so I would say it wasn't too dark. The film is shot very, very well. This film should be considered a masterpiece. The music is wonderful, as is the acting. Every single one of the actors did a wonderful job. I give it an A+.

Janet photo

I found this movie to be very interesting and interesting to watch. It took me by surprise at some points and kept me interested in what was going on. I enjoyed it and found myself cheering for the characters throughout. It is definitely a movie that I would like to watch again. I think that if you don't know the story beforehand you will probably not enjoy the movie as much as I did. The movie is based on a short story by Nathaniel Philbrick which was written to be a film. The movie itself is very well done and well acted. I really enjoyed it and would definitely recommend it to anyone who enjoys a good drama.

Donald Jensen photo
Donald Jensen

Not that much in the way of historical significance, but a good movie. Set in a remote area of Scotland in the 1950s, the film follows a young man who arrives at the home of his elderly aunt and uncle and finds himself involved in an important historical event. The acting is good, especially from Ben Chaplin and Harry Andrews. But it's all done with a light touch, and you don't really care about what happens to anyone. The story is not complex, but the film is interesting enough. The most surprising thing is that this was the last film made by the Coen brothers. I have not seen many of their other films, but they have always been very good.

Juan photo

I saw this movie when it was originally released, and I still think it is an underrated movie. I also saw this movie on a dvd transfer from the 1970's, and it's better than the original version. It's not a perfect movie, but it's very entertaining and I recommend it. The acting is good and the story is very interesting. The movie is very different from the first one, and I think this one is better because it is darker and has more suspense. The best part of the movie is that it doesn't have any hero or villain. The movie doesn't go for the usual action-packed movie, instead it focuses on the characters and their lives. It's really a movie about friendship and loneliness, and this movie does a great job of showing this. It also has a great ending. It is a great movie, and I give it an 8 out of 10.

Ronald C. photo
Ronald C.

This is the story of a 12 year old boy, born in 1936, who goes to London, London, London, London, London. Not knowing what to expect, he meets an older woman, a social worker, who brings him to the English country house where his father was a leader of the American Nazi Party, the only one to survive. He is brought up in a society of smiles and smiles, a world of sound and fury, where dreams and fantasies can be realized. The son learns to be tolerant of the world he is in. He learns to think, to have doubts, to express himself and be himself. The world of the country house is a world of silence, but of love and loyalty, and of being loved by someone you cannot help but be. He learns to do his own thing, to have a mind of his own. He learns to dream. And to dream about himself, to do his own thing. He learns to dream, to dream about the world he lives in, to make his own life, to have a life. To be himself. In the end, he finds his identity and his place in the world. He learns that there is a way out. There is a way to go home, and he has made his own way to get there. To go home, to his own world. I liked this film very much. It has everything. It is a love story, it is a love story with a great moral message. It is a great movie with great characters. I highly recommend this film.

James Williamson photo
James Williamson

This movie is about a young man named Steve (played by Ben Mendelsohn), who goes to London to get his old job back. He meets a woman named Diana (played by Helen Mirren) who is going to be married soon. He does not want to see his sister's wedding. He is very protective of his sister and wants to see her in the wedding. However, he cannot go to the wedding and Diana's parents don't want him to go. This leads him to a lot of confusion. He tries to get her to the wedding, but is not allowed. When he gets to the wedding, he meets his sister's fiancee, and he meets the beautiful Connie (played by Amanda Seyfried). She is the woman that he wants to see in the wedding. She is very attractive and gives him the courage to go to the wedding. After the wedding, he goes back to London to find his old job. He tries to get the job back, but is not allowed. He goes to the work and he finds out that his old job is being transferred to a new man. The new man has a different job. Steve then learns that his job is going to be transferred back to his old boss. This leads to a lot of confusion. The movie is a good film. It is a love story, but it is not a love story between Steve and Diana. It is about Steve and Connie, the young woman that he loves. They are in love, but she is not in love with him. It is a good movie and I think that it is one of the best movies that I have seen in a long time. I do not want to say much more about the movie because it is not that important. It is a good movie.

Andrea Porter photo
Andrea Porter

I remember watching this movie as a teenager in the mid 80's. My best friend, the girl who made me watch this movie, had also recommended it. I loved the movie and still do to this day. The whole point of this movie is that all of us have a part to play in life. Sometimes that role is to be the hero or the villain. It's also a reminder that when things aren't going the way we want them to, we still have the ability to do the right thing. As the film concludes, the guy is in the hospital, a month from death. The girl gets a letter that she needs to come and visit him. She gets a hotel and goes to visit him. They sit on the porch of his hospital room and talk. He gives her a present. She takes it and says "Thank you." She then takes the picture and goes into the hospital. She watches him die and the girl waits outside to see what he's going to do. This is all a little bit far-fetched but it's a good movie nonetheless.

Howard C. photo
Howard C.

I don't know about you, but I would love to get out of my flat and wander around the city. This movie does exactly that. I was really impressed with the way the movie was shot and edited, and the camera work was well done. I would definitely recommend it. The only thing that bothered me was that some of the "scene" shots were way too long, and I would have preferred shorter, but hey, they're movies, not "documentaries" that are meant to tell a story. I was impressed with the casting and performance, and I think the whole movie will make you think.

Linda D. photo
Linda D.

I loved this movie, so many of the scenes were so beautiful. I think they tried to make the movie realistic. I think it was very realistic. I liked the music, I liked the script, I liked the acting, I like the camera work, I like the story. I think it was very realistic, and it did not go too far. It was very well done. I think it is very underrated. I think it deserves more than 2.5 stars. It is a good movie, I think it is one of the best movies I have ever seen.

Judy Mitchell photo
Judy Mitchell

I have read some of the reviews on here, and this one in particular, of 4/10. I will admit that I am a bit of a fan of this movie, so I was looking forward to seeing it. Unfortunately, I didn't like it. It didn't have the wow factor I expected, and I didn't find the main character very likable, which is pretty common for these kinds of movies. But, I still think it's worth a look, and I can see why people would enjoy it. Overall, I enjoyed it, but I didn't really enjoy it as much as I expected. It's a good movie, but I don't think it's as good as I expected. 6/10

James Hudson photo
James Hudson

The early 90's saw a number of big budget action films and this was a pretty good one. This was based on the book "In a Lonely Place" by James LeGros and is a story of a journalist, who comes across a lost child in a subway station. He decides to help her. The story is very good and the performances were really good. The ending was also good and I also liked the ending. I recommend this movie to anyone who wants to watch a good movie. 8/10

Helen W. photo
Helen W.

The film opens with an argument between a teacher and a student. In the next scene, the teacher is discussing with a student who was present during the arguments. We see the teacher and student arguing, and then the teacher says to the student "I think that you're the smartest student I've ever had." The student replies, "I was the smartest student at school." Then the teacher asks the student if he had any advice for him. He replies, "You're the smartest kid I know." He then says, "It's a compliment." This is a good way to start a film. We see the teacher and the student arguing and then see the teacher telling the student that he is the smartest student he knows. There is no pretense or double talk here. This is a simple and straightforward film about an adult conversation with an adult, where the adult is the teacher. It doesn't try to change the subject or pretend that the subject isn't important. This is a very good example of how you can tell a film from an ad. This is a good film because it shows how good the acting is, and the writing is excellent. We don't see this in many films. The writing is also quite good. The movie ends with a question. We see that the question is not an ad for the film, but the film is in the audience. This is the perfect way to end a film. There are a couple of things that bother me about the film. One is that the character of the teacher is really short. He is not a child, and the same goes for the student. Another thing is that the ending was very sudden. There was no buildup. I understand that this was an old film, but I felt like the film would have been better had the movie been longer. The film was an interesting one, but I think it would have been better if the film was longer. This is a great film that should be seen. This is a good film, but it doesn't get a perfect score.

Joshua L. photo
Joshua L.

Marlon Brando and Josephine Baker are amazing in this brilliant comedy. This movie is definitely one of the most entertaining movies of the 90's. A tale about two different people who are in love with each other and their relationship. Martin Scorsese has given us some of the best movies of the last 20 years and this is definitely one of them. If you haven't seen it yet, I recommend you to go and see it right away. 9 out of 10

Daniel V. photo
Daniel V.

I watched this movie, having not heard much about it, and was pleasantly surprised. It was a lot more about London than I had expected, and the characters were well-developed. The scene in which they meet each other is pretty funny. And the ending, although somewhat abrupt, was very satisfying. I am giving this movie an 8, only because I think the rating should have been higher. The film has many similarities with "Paris, Texas", and in my opinion this film is slightly better, because it focuses more on the characters and their relationships. I recommend this movie to anyone who is looking for a good story.