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Demon is a movie starring Itay Tiran, Agnieszka Zulewska, and Andrzej Grabowski. A bridegroom is possessed by an unquiet spirit in the midst of his own wedding celebration, in this clever take on the Jewish legend of the dybbuk.

Other Titles
Démon, Dibbuk - Eine Hochzeit in Polen, Ha'dibouk, İblis
Running Time
1 hours 34 minutes
480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Horror, Fantasy, Thriller, Drama
Marcin Wrona
Pawel Maslona, Marcin Wrona
Tomasz Schuchardt, Andrzej Grabowski, Agnieszka Zulewska, Itay Tiran
Poland, Israel
Audio Languages
English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
日本語, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

A bridegroom is possessed by an unquiet spirit in the midst of his own wedding celebration, in this clever take on the Jewish legend of the dybbuk.

Comments about horror «Demon» (22)

Randy Hall photo
Randy Hall

I saw this film in a late night cinema and was not expecting much but I was pleasantly surprised. I was very surprised at the amount of creepy atmosphere in this film and it really made me feel like I was really there. There are two stories intertwined together but it's really not clear if they are linked or not. The first story is about a woman who finds her dead husband's secret diary. Her daughter and her husband who is looking after the house, tell her she should investigate the diary and find out what it says. So she goes to the woods and tries to find out what is in the diary. As she goes along she sees things that are very disturbing and she tries to find out what is happening to her. The second story is about a man who is being tortured by a man that is in the forest and he finds a diary in the woods. So he goes and finds out what is in the diary. I think the acting in this film was very good. The cinematography was good and the plot was very good. I think this film is worth seeing and I would recommend it to anyone who likes horror films. I give it a 7 out of 10.

Dylan L. photo
Dylan L.

What makes this movie so special is the fact that it combines the elements of horror, mystery, suspense, and comedy, into one cinematic experience. The story is told in a way that makes it easy to follow, and the actors do a good job in conveying the emotions that the characters are experiencing. The mystery is kept up for the whole movie, and the ending is a bit unexpected. The cast is excellent, with the exception of the "Chameleon" character. The makeup on the Chameleon is not exactly convincing, but I was happy to see him in the movie. Overall, a very enjoyable movie. It is very difficult to find a movie that combines these elements, but this movie does it very well.

Jean photo

This movie really surprised me. I had never seen a horror movie that was even remotely scary until I saw this. It was an interesting film that really pushed my limits. I really liked the psychological aspect of the movie. It was really good. I really enjoyed the acting and the movie. I think that people who enjoy horror should see this movie. I think that people who enjoy psychological thrillers should see this movie.

Samantha Ward photo
Samantha Ward

I have seen a number of movies with this title in it, but this one is my favourite. The movie was based on a book by Clive Barker, and the plot is very interesting. If you have read the book, you will love this movie. I am not a huge fan of the movie, but I did like it. I do not understand why people hate this movie. It is very good!

Louis R. photo
Louis R.

I have not seen this film since I was in school and it is something that I have always wanted to see on screen. I was able to see it at the cinemas recently and it was a great experience. It was very scary and it was well done and all of the actors did a great job. I would definitely recommend this film to anyone.

Doris photo

Loved the movie, loved the characters. It had the potential to be a great movie. The film makers could have given it more time to develop the characters, but it was so very well done. The "dream world" was not as well done as the "real world" in the movie. I thought it was better than the first. There were a few things in the movie that did not make sense, but I think that is what the movie was about. It was a good story, but I think they could have made it better. The characters were very well written. I think that there were a few things in the movie that could have been better. I do not think it was a movie that I would go out of my way to see again.

Janet Wallace photo
Janet Wallace

It's a pretty good movie. It's a bit slow at times, and at times I would think it would've been better if it was longer. However, it's well worth watching. I think it's a good adaptation of the books, and I think it's a good movie overall. I do think it's a bit slow, but it's still pretty entertaining and I don't think it's bad. I liked it.

Lori photo

I thought this was a great movie. I thought it was better than "The Mist" and it was the best thing I have seen in a while. I think the book was better, but that's just me. The movie has a good plot, a good cast, good acting, and it's nice to see things from the book come to life. I don't know what people are complaining about. I loved it. I think everyone should see it at least once. My rating: 7/10 Rated R for strong language, gore, and nudity

Jesse Morgan photo
Jesse Morgan

I really don't know how to say this, but this movie was pretty good. I'm not sure if the two lead actors were the best, but they did a good job. I also liked the chemistry between the characters and how they got along. The two main characters were a bit better than the lead actress. I think she would have been more annoying than likable. She was probably the most annoying character in the movie. The other characters were also pretty good. I really don't have a problem with the movie. There were some parts I would have liked to see explored more. The movie was good and I would definitely recommend watching it.

Bryan N. photo
Bryan N.

The opening scene is a great example of how a movie can be good if it is well executed and has an effective set-up. It is just one of those movies that starts out with an interesting premise and then just falls apart in the middle. The scenes in the forest are good but the movie as a whole doesn't really make a great case for why the residents of the forest would be trapped in the forest and not in a real environment. The rest of the movie just falls apart. The ending is a good example of why the director just can't pull off a great film. If you are going to make a movie, make it great. It seems that the director is trying to make a movie about a person who becomes possessed by a demon and then does some evil stuff to the humans. It just doesn't work. The movie is just an excuse for the director to show off his talent, and he doesn't have a lot of it.

Judith C. photo
Judith C.

I really enjoyed this movie. I didn't read the book and I didn't see the movie in a theater. I was in the mood for something different, so I went to the movies. It was my first time seeing a vampire movie and I enjoyed it. I was entertained for the entire movie and that's what I expect from a vampire movie. It was not as graphic as I thought it would be and the ending was predictable. The acting was good, the dialogue was good, and the characters were well developed. I would recommend this movie to anyone who is interested in a different vampire movie. It's not the type of movie I would have watched on my own but it was a good movie nonetheless. I would recommend this movie to anyone who likes a different movie to watch and they don't mind a little violence and blood.

Jacqueline Sanchez photo
Jacqueline Sanchez

Director Kevin Grevioux's debut feature film, "The Devil's Door" (originally titled "The Devil's Door: The Final Days of the Devil") is a dark, eerie and occasionally spooky tale of a "witch doctor" who is possessed by the devil and his minions. This is a very well-made film. I've read some of the reviews that have taken the film as a horror film, and while I think that's not necessarily true, I'm sure I've read the reviews that have taken it as a ghost story. The film has a very creepy atmosphere and is nicely shot, and some of the actors do a good job. The story of the devil, though, is really the only thing that's really interesting about this film. This film does have some real creepiness and it's definitely an excellent film that is worth watching. The acting is also very good, and the directing is also very good. The film is also very well-written, and while the script doesn't have a lot of twists or surprises, it's still a pretty decent script. If you're a fan of horror films, this is definitely a movie worth checking out.

Henry H. photo
Henry H.

This movie was one of the first to feature the new CGI effects, which really made me a fan. This movie has a good story line and a good ending. The story was very believable, as I have seen in other movies. I like the movie because it has a good plot, but some of the movies are made with CGI and so the CGI is not very realistic. I would recommend this movie to anyone who likes a good plot and a good story line. Also, I would recommend this movie to anyone who likes horror movies because it has a good plot. I give this movie a 7 out of 10. I recommend this movie to all people who like a good plot and a good story line.

James B. photo
James B.

I enjoyed this movie a lot. I think that there is a lot of potential in it. I think that there is an element of fun, a bit of a horror, but the most intense part of the movie is when the character of the demon is trying to talk to the family. It is a good movie. It is dark, it is strange, it is a little bit scary, but it is a good movie. The special effects were good. I also liked the ending. Overall, I think that this movie is worth watching. I recommend it to anyone.

Lisa photo

I'm a fan of the vampire genre and have seen some really cool movies from that genre. I didn't know what to expect from this film, but I was pleasantly surprised. I liked the way they handled the vampire mythology, as well as the supernatural aspect of the story. I also liked the visual effects. The movie is definitely not for everyone, but if you're a fan of the vampire genre, I'd definitely recommend checking it out. I'd give this a 7/10.

Sara photo

I haven't seen this movie for some time, but I can still remember the scene in the locker room, when we were told the secret, that the janitor had locked the locker. I don't recall the rest of the story, but it seemed pretty scary to me. When I was a kid, I read the book that this movie was based on, and I remember it was scary. I thought that this movie was pretty cool, because it didn't have any of the usual horror elements that we see in horror movies. I think that this movie was made for teenagers and kids, but I'm not sure if it was made for adults. It's really scary, and I think that it's a good movie. I recommend this movie to anyone who likes a good scary movie, and I think that it is a good movie for a group of people to watch. I think that this movie is very underrated, and that it's really scary, and it is a good movie to watch. I think that you should see this movie, because I think that it's really scary, and I like it.

Rebecca photo

A man is found dead in a town. He has committed suicide, but the townspeople believe he is still alive. They search for the man and discover he was a murderer who killed his wife and children. One of the members of the town is a psychic and tries to find out who the murderer is. But as the investigation gets underway, it becomes more and more clear that the townspeople are wrong. The psychic finds out that the murderer is someone that the townspeople do not know. She realizes that she is the one who is the murderer. This movie is not for everyone, but it is worth watching. The movie has a good story line, but there is no real acting in this movie. It is just a movie, so if you are looking for a movie that is action packed, then this movie is not for you. If you are looking for a good story and a good ending then this movie is worth watching.

Wayne M. photo
Wayne M.

The movie is not for everyone, but if you like horror films with lots of blood and gore, then I think you will like this movie. I thought the movie was pretty good. I think that the actors did a great job, and the movie kept my attention the entire time. The movie had a lot of blood, and the movie does have some really scary parts. The movie is definitely worth watching. I give this movie a 7/10.

Martha photo

I recently saw "The Mothman Prophecies" on TV and after that I read the book. I was not really sure what to expect from this movie, but I was not disappointed. First, I should point out that I am not a fan of Christian Bale, but I did find his performance convincing. The supporting cast was also quite good. I thought they did a great job with their roles. The movie also has a good flow, although there are a few points where the story could have been cut down a bit. I thought the movie was very well made, and I felt that it would be great to see a sequel.

Willie S. photo
Willie S.

When I went to the theater to see this film, I wasn't expecting much. I figured that if it had been done by the same person who made the "Psycho" remake, then it would have been horrible. Well, I was proved wrong. The story is similar to "Psycho", but there is more to it than that. This is a film that keeps you on the edge of your seat, which is good. It's well paced and has a good flow. There are several different subplots that keep the film going, and keep the viewer on their toes. I liked the ending better than I thought I would. I had to think of a reason for it, but it kept me guessing until the very end. This is one of the better films I have seen this year. It keeps you on the edge of your seat and makes you think about it long after the film is over. It also has some really cool scenes and really cool acting. I can't wait to see what this director will do next.

Kathryn photo

This film is a very strong thriller with a good storyline, great performances, and an outstanding script. I recommend it highly to people who like a good thriller. It is a very strong, intelligent film, with an outstanding ending. The story is very well written. The acting is fantastic. It is a very good film.

Ronald O. photo
Ronald O.

When I first saw this film, I was very skeptical. The film starts out with an over-the-top hallucination that makes me very uncomfortable, but it has a very beautiful, poetic quality to it. The story is very dark and very disturbing, but at the same time, it has a kind of poetic beauty to it. I think the acting was great, it was also very well-written and acted. I would recommend this film to anyone who likes a dark, violent movie with a little bit of a poetic quality to it. 7.2/10